Darcey Silva regrets doing Before the 90 Days, currently in Greece with Jesse

Before the 90 Days Darcey and Jesse together

On Tuesday we shared the very first preview trailer for TLC’s new 90 Day Fiance spin-off Before the 90 Days, which will track couples involved in international relationships who have yet to meet in person. The clip featured 42-year-old Darcey Silva from Middletown, Connecticut, and her 24-year-old significant other Jesse, a 24-year-old physical trainer from Amsterdam. Soon after TLC posted the video, Darcey shared it on her Facebook page and expressed remorse over her decision to appear on the show fearing that she will not be portrayed well.

“Wow!!! I’m so sad and lost for words!!!” Darcey captioned the link to the preview. “I’m already feeling not portrayed well here! Good luck to me!!!!” A commenter laughed at Darcey’s caption, but she was quick to point out that she was serious. “Not too funny to me!” she wrote. “Thank god they will love Jesse!!”

Darcey seems to have an army of supporters, and one of them assured her that TV viewers will love her too. “Not convinced hun!” was Darcey’s reply. “Sorry I feel like I just damaged my name and company! I should’ve kept our love private! Too many people judge and makes me look desperate and bad! Not good for my kids and family name either.”

Darcey then iterated that she thought Jesse was going to come out looking great, and not just “Calvin Klein briefs photo” great like in his photos. She reveals that Jesse is already getting contacted by women who have seen the clip — which is pretty impressive given that the clip did not reveal Jesse’s full name!

Jesse himself, whose full name is Jesse Meester, consoled Darcey. “Babe you look amazing and you will shine as always!!” he wrote. “I love you and don’t let anyone bring you down. I will always have your back!!! ♥”

“Of course you can say this!” replied Darcey. “Cause you look good in it! Sky the limit for you hun! I feel like it tarnished my name, family and company possibly.” She further lamented her decision by repeating her concerns about the reputation of her family and her business. “I should have kept our relationship private now I just screwed myself and everything that matters most here too! He’s the lucky one!!! He don’t seem or look desperate Like me! I’m f**ked I guess!”

The preview is just the beginning, too, according to Darcey. “I know and see how the drama will unfold from what we filmed,” she says, “I feel it’s not in my favor at all!!!…Just feeling sabotaged and just gonna be prob looking worse as it airs!”

The positive responses did eventually alleviate Darcey’s fears a little, however. “My heart is more at ease with all the positive comments. Yes It’s been a beautiful long journey so far with him and we will see how the rest unfolds production wise!”

And speaking of how it all unfolds… In case you haven’t deduced it already, the SPOILER ALERT for Darcey and Jesse is that they are still together and deeply in love! The two are currently on vacation together in Greece in what appears to be Darcey’s return visit to Europe. Judging from her social media timelines, her initial trip when she first met Jesse in person was back in February. The in-person meeting only heated up their love flames, and the two have been quite generous with the sexy PDA and banter.

Here are Darsse (that’s my celebrity couple name for the duo) looking hawt together for a recent photo shoot:

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Darcey and Jesse together

Just this week, while on vacation in Greece with Darcey, Jesse was asked on Facebook if he works out while on vacation. “Yes, I swim in the sea, mostly,” says Jesse, adding the ☀️? ? emoji. “Especially since I eat more calories than I would normally. It helps!”

Darcey responded to that with a little TMI: “Ohhhh Yes U do baby….thank heaven you and I get a different kinda workout too outside the sea too! A sexy workout!!! If you know what I mean! Lol!!! ???”

“Haha ♥!!” wrote Jesse. “Love swimming with you so much!! Loads of dips!!! ♥” It seems clear that these two have already surpassed Danielle and Mohamed in the consummation department!

According to her posts online, Darcey plans on moving to Los Angeles with her two daughters when she returns. It’s not known if — or perhaps more accurately, when — Jesse will follow.

If you’re wondering what Darcey’s business is that she is worried about the show tarnishing the reputation of, that would be The Silva Collection and House of Eleven fashion brands, which Darcey founded with her twin sister Stacey Silva. From the looks of things, it may be that Darcey and Jesse met via business connections because he too has a clothing line called MeesterPT. The promotional photo above is from a shoot promoting a partnership between House of Eleven and MeesterPT (I think). So, even if Darcey is not portrayed well on the show, at least it will be good exposure for their collaborative new line!

Darcey may regret deciding to do 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, but being on a reality show has apparently been a goal of hers for some time. Check out this preview trailer for her and her sister Stacey Silva’s proposed reality show Darcey & Stacey: Life In The Mirror:

Here’s the description of the video:

The highly anticipated Reality Drama, Darcey & Stacey: Life In The Mirror!

In this short introductory trailer, follow the Silva Twins on their rise to Fame. Darcey & Stacey receives a phone call where they are invited to join Wendy Williams as she launches her Fox TV show. The twins also make their rounds to the 7th Annual UMA’s and run in face to face with a Hip Hop Pioneer and legend…The one and only KRS1! Life; drama; excitement is in the air, and you never know what these Twins will do NEXT!!!!

Welcome to our world, DARCEY & STACEY: LIFE IN THE MIRROR!

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to watch a 10+ minute supertrailer for The Twin Life, which includes Darcey, Stacey, and their families slathered in twincredibly delicious throwbacky goodness!

Getting back to the present and Darcey’s current reality show, she has apparently moved past her pessimism and regret and is focusing on the positive. Here are a couple of her most recent Facebook posts:

Affirmation: “I will work as hard as I can and let my creative energy come to light. I will not hide from my creative energy or be modest or bashful. I will let my light shine for the world to see and will be proud of my accomplishments. I will not worry that this will distance me from friends for my true friends want me to reach my full potential.”

Working on getting fit and trim again! It’s been a long journey but will continue my weight loss and fitness goals!!! Loving and envisioning a new fit and trim bod in my 40’s!!! Got to Keep it healthy and fit for life!!! ❤️?

That’s the spirit Darcey! And we will see you (and Jesse) on the small screen soon! 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, August 6th at 9/8c, after an all-new episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? at 8/7c.

UPDATE – It appears that Darcey and Jesse may have had some rocky traveling in their relationship and might have split. Neither say that specifically (probably because of their contract with show producers), but it’s not hard to read between the lines in these Facebook posts:

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Darcey Silva Jesse break up Before the 90 Days Jesse Amsterdam Facebook

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  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    If she’s 24, I’m 15.

    • Rie

      So I had to read it again. I think she’s 42, and he’s 24. But the way they wrote it says “24 yo ‘name’, a 24 yo”
      Typical starcasm “journalism”

      • Jojo

        Either way, 24 or 42, she must live in a crematorium cos girl looks CRISP

      • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

        I can believe 42!

        • Lorena

          Chelsea, if you keep having those surgeries you’ll look that same way. You were such a cute girl – but now you’ve gone and plasticized yourself. …(nose and lips)

          • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

            haha please don’t tell me you actually think I’m her.

  • FYO

    Darcey, it’s not like anyone tricked you into being filmed. You knew you were doing a tv show. If you don’t like the way you presented yourself, it’s your own fault.

  • Rob

    Ughhh boring. God so many awful fake reality shows. Every week is some new one. Lets make a new show called fake reality shows gone wild. God y people watch these is beyond me and honestly think they are legit. So sad. Frkn idiots

    • Gary Crush

      Got to agree there rob, these housewives shows are disgusting and these people are getting paid major bucks for having no talent what so ever, where would the Kardashians be without their father being o’js friend and married to Bruce Jenner a family with absolutely no talent and there all worth hundreds of millions for doing nothing while other people bust their ass working 2 @3 jobs just to survive!!

  • Yazmean

    Just saw Before The 90 Days… why did she mess with her face? Was a pretty girl.

    • Susan Burkett

      her twin sister is much prettier then Darcy. her face is all plastic and fake boobs

  • therealjanedoe

    Tacky af. I actually would feel sorry for someone who was portrayed in a less in a less than positive manner if it was truly not representative of who they actually were. This aging Instagram mother is all about social media. Who is she kidding? She may be 42 now, but when he’s a handsome 42 she’ll be 62. And looking at her obvious false eyelashes showing the glue, she is very vain. And so is he. If she thinks this will end any way other than bad, she is dense.

    • StLibertyLou

      Yep, she’s setting herself up for a big let down and big heartache. Not many 24 year olds are mature enough for a happy ever after!

  • Marie Raf

    In sure when he saw her in person he realized she looked way older than her pictures. Why do people do that??

    • Isthisreality

      They had to have video chatted. I’m sure he didn’t just see photos of her. After all, he did recognize her right away.

    • Baby

      She was also heavier.. I am NOT weight shamer her… but he is a Trainer and a Model ..

      She showed not only Younger pictures of herself but she was also a lot thinner..

  • sahali735

    EVERYONE, except Darcey apparently, can see this won’t end well. She is delusional if she thinks otherwise.

  • FYO

    It’s really pathetic that Darcey’s world revolves around Facebook and other social media so much. At the end of the day, nobody gives a f**k about your endless selfies and using plastic surgery to pretend you’re not aging. Pretty much the worst thing a middle-aged woman can do.

  • Maryanne

    I am all for having fun at any age. Go ahead meet have a fun time, but marriage is crazy! ask anyone who marries a way older person.

    • Joyce Resnick

      she comes off as pathetic and needy, he can have anyone he wants

      • StLibertyLou

        Yes, he can get a beautiful young and natural girl w/o all the slap on her face! Those extensions she has are SO awful!! She’s got everything money can buy to try and make herself young looking but it’s not working and she only comes off as desperate. I think Jesse built up this image of a beautiful woman in his head and he thinks she fits that mold, until he seen her person and seen all that makeup on face, I’m sure he doesn’t know about the extensions, the Botox, the boobs, etc…

        • Joyce Resnick

          she is so “unnatural” and desperate. How will he feel in 10 years when she is in her 50s and not able to keep up the pretense that she is not young? He is too handsome for her. And she is wrong to leave her children for so long, and she is pushy as can be.

  • Pelin Kaya

    Omg yes you are desperate and look way older then 42. Looking at your botoxed face I would have guessed at least 49 to 50 to be honest. On another note jesse does not love you, he is not in love with you, he is in love with the opportunities the show will give him and open the doors for better and bigger things.. I am sure he is not happy dating a woman who looks as old as his mom, who is insecure and clingy…dont see this relationship lasting past the 2 years GC mark. Another couple who is in it for the wrong reasons..not for love

    • StLibertyLou

      She is VERY immature and very, very insecure and it will never work in the long run. She will drive him nuts with her insecurities. She’s all about materialism and looks.

  • Lady Karma

    If Jesse doesn’t tell Darcy to go home and ends up marrying her…..he’s as pathetic as she is. I have never seen a woman so obviously desperate and as much of a dingbat as her. I watch the show….simply waiting for Jesse to tell Darcy…..Ur a pathetic womb and I am in SEVERAL classes beyobd ur comprehension. Jess PLEASE…..tell her to go back home …..u are SOOOOO much more secure than her. If u marry that twit…..that doesn’t day much about u, hun. As ur stepfather said….TOTALLY different leagues. I’ve seen desperate but Darcy…Ur pathetic

    • StLibertyLou

      I agree, he needs to lose her quick! If they’re still together then we can pretty much say Jesse’s been brainwashed or is blind. He’d have to spend all his time placating her insecurities, that gets soooo tiring!

    • Gary Crush

      Why don’t you at least learn how to spell if your going to be judgemental about someone else, hey how good is your life going, bet your a joy to be with being you seem to present yourself as perfect!

  • StLibertyLou

    How can he be with someone who is so full of “fake”, that hair is fake A.F. as are the lips, who knows what else, oh the tatas for sure. Why does her hair set so far off her head? Jesse clearly stated he likes natural and not all that makeup and she loves the makeup honey and the 7 inch heels, which are ridiculous especially when you can’t even walk in them!! She would not stop about him not changing his FB status, are you kidding me, Darcy? Uhhh…that’s like Jr. High stuff sweet thang! Goddddaaahhh…good luck Jesse!

    • Joyce Resnick

      she cares about stupid things like her fb status, so at 24 he is surely more mature. And she wants to get married like now, uh, run Jessee

  • Rose

    If Darcy was a 42 year old man with a 24 year old woman, nobody would think anything about it. Not fair. How it is. I admire her bravery. I bet she looked fine and didn’t need the plastic surgery. That’s the difficult thing is that she looks so obviously operated on. It’s sad. He wanted the attention and to be on tv. I didn’t think he really cared about her. I dated a man 23 and I was 35. He didn’t care and neither did I. I looked good and normal…no surgery. He looked good. It was normal. So older women and younger men can work. ☺???❤???

    • Al

      Looks like it didn’t work for you too!

      • Baby

        when I read ” I dated a man..” Yep the past tense tells it all eh?

  • secksy

    Desparado Darcey…..OMG her needy clingy overbearing personality is pitiful to watch!! Has she even contacted her girls to check how they are? Or is she just focusing on getting chucked over the threshold?? She is an embarrassment to middle aged women!!

  • Janelle

    Darcy. World wind. No. Whirlwind. She did come across so desperate but she acts like that is just due to how she was edited. Don’t mention marriage every two seconds. And buying your own fake ring. Omg. She is desperate.

  • Ginalisa

    Darcey is not ugly, fake or beneath “Freak-a-Zoid” Jesse…

  • Baby

    Darcey..This is the 3rd reality show you’ve been on.. ( The first with twin, the second was Millionaire Matchmaker .. ( Didn’t get chosen)

    You say you are Independent. I see absolutely no independence in you. You are needy and you are like a chameleon. You attempted to change yourself to please him.

    He does NOT have your back. If a friend of my husband’s or a step father talked to me the way that they did to you and he didn’t step in for you..He never will.

    I am an older woman. Let’s say I am 50 ( I’m really 70 ) but say I’m 50 and fall in love with a 30 year old. Do you know how OLD I would feel lying next to him? OMG..

    He could never convince me that he wouldn’t want a younger lady. I would always feel insecure around his friends .. jealous of young beautiful women..

    Gurl you are 42 .. needy and insecure. It will only get worse. He is only happy when you do what he asks. Sounds like a fun life ahead.

  • joz molody

    She went out and got drunk because his mother said it would be good for them both not to rush into anything when she was desperate to get a proposal. She portrayed herself badly, period. A marriage has to be a mutual coming together of 2 people. you can’t rush someone because your clock is ticking. Ironically I get the feeling that if she backed off from the nagging about proposal and didn’t throw herself a drunk pity party, things probably would have gone differently

  • Christine Patterson

    She acted like she should have been playing the lead role in “How to loose a guy in ten seconds”. When they were eating and she asked him about his Facebook status!? Seriously!? How old is she??? Oh yah, that’s right, old enough to be his MOTHERS BFF. Lol. When does acting your age apply here? She claims that she doesn’t think that she is old. But she MUST be hiding the mirrors in her house. Because she is old. She acts old. She can’t even ride bikes without huffing and puffing. And she is constantly making reference to their relationship and being married and rings on her finger. And let’s get one thing strait sweetheart, your fake! Fake from the hair on your wrinkly head all the way down to the fake eyelashes that coincidentally points out the crows feet. To the forehead that your doctor obviously went crazy with the needle filled with Botox. All the way down to your designer jeans that you reattached the size label to read size 6 when it obviously is missing the 1 before the 6. Don’t be worried about how you are being portrayed because you really are THAT insecure. And it doesn’t matter how much weight you try to loose you can’t change the chemical imbalance that you call normal. Because everything about you screams insecure just as loud as your scale screams every time you step on it. Kisses Bitches???

  • Christine Patterson

    He is ridiculously insecure!!!! Which she should be considering she thinks that she can just harrasse a guy she just met about his dating status on Facebook. She definitely looks like she is 50 but with a 13 year old mindset. Pathiticly fake from her over injected helmet sized forehead filled with Botox to her fake lashes that she tries to hide her huge crows feet around her eyes. And just because you replaced the label on your jeans to read size 6 doesn’t mean that people actually believe that shit. Stop screaming like an insecure little bitch. It’s more annoying than the scale that screams bloody murder ever morning when you step on it. Sorry Boo your sad. Go ahead and start crying into your pillow because no one wants to hear your shit. Kisses Bitches.????????????????????

  • Sandyjeanie

    Darcey thinks she looks young for her age?? NOT!! All the 42 yr olds that I know, look way younger than Darcey!! Her face looks like stretched and pulled plastic. The 42 yr olds that I know have done nothing to their faces, and look like 30 yr olds. Plus, Darcey is a bit chunky, making her look matronly. She looks old enough to be Jesse’s mother, not girlfriend. Darcey is dreaming, and hate to say this but….she is in for a rude awakening.

  • ncwoman 91

    He looks more handsome with the facial hair, without it he looks like a teenager.

  • Suzanne Parvin

    I’m loving the comments section here thinking do you people realize this is television hahaha? Jesse is coming off as a twenty four year old know it all and Darcy is so thirsty it’s embarrassing.. I mean COME ON!!

  • Diane

    Jesse is a narcissist. Darcy is deluding herself… and they both should run in opposite directions!

  • Stacey Horrocks

    The saddest thing about this is that she is the example her daughters are seeing, and having to live with her choices. Whatever her personal demons are on her own, bringing in this guy, who is verbally abusive, controlling, and scary, its like watching a train wreck, that her young daughters are forced to watch, and deal with too. That is the worst part of her choices. Restraining order and a lifetime of therapy for those poor girls is what I see.

  • Cepillin1183

    Even if it not working or over, they have to pretend to keep promoting themselves. Like the gay guy from Barcelona, promoting his modeling career and calendar, pretending to like a woman.