VIDEO Jenelle Evans takes a pregnancy test during a live interview

Jenelle Evans pregnancy test

Rumors have been swirling that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is pregnant once again, so she decided to put the rumors to rest once and for all by taking a pregnancy test — during a live interview!

The Teen Momentous stick peeing went down during Jenelle’s conversation with Wetpaint Senior Editor Haley Longman as part of a Facebook Live interview. “We have a big surprise,” Haley reveals after introducing her guest, “we’re going to prove once and for all that she’s not pregnant.” She turns to Jenelle: “Tell us a little bit about why you want to do this.”

“I don’t know why, but rumors started circulating that I was pregnant with my fourth child,” Jenelle explains. “Number one, I’m on Mirena birth control, which is an IUD implant. And another reason they thought I was pregnant was because David posted a throwback picture of us in St. Thomas. Well, he put ‘V.I.’ and everyone thinks that means sick. It had nothing to do with that, it stands for Virgin Islands.”

Here’s the photo Jenelle is talking about:


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Jenelle continues: “I want to put the rumors to rest because now a new post came out today saying that ‘We know Jenelle’s in fact pregnant, and she…will be six months pregnant at her wedding.’ So they’re still sticking to that rumor, and I’m, like, ‘Alright, let’s do it! Let’s take the pregnancy test!’ And if it is positive, it’s the first time I would know. But, I have an IUD, so…”

Haley is everybody when she excitedly replies: “Wouldn’t that be a plot twist?!”

“Dude! I would probably freak out,” says Jenelle.

Here’s the video before I forget:

At this point, Haley gives Jenelle the pregnancy test and Jenelle leaves to do what you do when you take a pregnancy test. The live interview then gets beautifully awkward as it seems they didn’t really think it through that Jenelle would be leaving. Haley points out that David Eason is in the room and she asks if he wants to chat in the meantime.

“Do I have to?” you can hear David ask off screen.

“No, you don’t have to,” Haley says, as it’s obvious David has no desire to chat on camera. At this point I am REALLY feeling for Haley! LOL But, she quickly regains herself and shifts ever so slightly towards the center of the half empty couch before coming up with some filler talk on the fly.

I’m going to take a quick break here to share this moment of live interview existentialism:

Wetpaint Haley interview zen

(Haley’s Wetpaint pal Olivia bails her out after a bit by taking Jenelle’s place on the couch.)

Eventually Jenelle does come back, and she has placed her pregnancy test back in the box for the reveal later. She and Haley talk about the prevalence of pregnancy rumors surrounding her, and Jenelle admits that it probably has a lot to do with the fact that she tried to cover up her pregnancy with Ensley last year.

Jenelle then reveals that Ensley will be her last child. “I’m done having kids,” she says. “I am planning to get my tubes tied when I have enough time to get around to that.” Jenelle says that David had considered getting a vasectomy, but he was concerned because the sperm gets absorbed back into the body. Jenelle was sympathetic and told him “That doesn’t sound right. I’ll get my tubes tied.”

OK, time for the BIG REVEAL!!

Jenelle takes the pregnancy test back out and holds it in front of the camera. It’s the digital variety and it clearly reads “NOT PREGNANT.”

Jenelle Evans live pregnancy test interview

I would say that we can put the Jenelle pregnancy rumors to rest, but I know them hatters can get really creative when it comes to Jenelle conspiracy theories! You know they are going to point out that we didn’t actually see Jenelle pee on the test — she could have had someone else do it for her, or perhaps even snuck in another identical pregnancy test taken by someone else prior to the interview. So many possibilities!

As for this blogger, however, it’s time to put these most recent Jenelle pregnancy rumors to bed and focus on all the real Teen Mom drama going on. 🙂

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  • Frieda Claxton

    She is the epitome of class.

  • Shanaynay

    What are “hatters”? Lol

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Duhnelles version of haters.

  • twelfthnight

    What happens if you just run water over a pregnancy test? Wouldn’t it come back negative?

    • FR

      There was no legitimate test. We don’t know if she’s pregnant. She always says “I have an IUD I can’t be pregnant.”

  • FR

    Wait. She has absorbed how much sperm?! But she thinks it “doesn’t sound right” for David to absorb his own via a vasectomy. Ha. David is a bit sly. He’s not going to do that because he knows he’s not staying with her, so he’s got her locked down and now he gets her fixed (thank you, David!!!!!! Omg who knew we’d have to thank him for doing the world a major favor?!), then he’s free to make new babies after / or before he leaves her.

  • Mandy Farruggia

    I always hate these kinds of videos. We didn’t actually see her pee ON the stick. Anyone could have been in the bathroom. Anyone’s unpregnant pee cup could have been hiding in there for her to dip it in. I’m not saying that’s the case and I really do hope she never reproduces again but there’s always the doubt in my mind when I see these things.

  • Jen

    Oh I wish it showed the live feed from fans, I was there and it was bruuutal

  • Chrystal Poff

    Jenelle has said before that she and her baby daddies are ok creating a new life together but don’t want to get married because they don’t want to jump into anything too quickly. These people are way too self centered to be parents! Sadly, they probably learned it from their parents who didn’t sacrifice for them. Where the heck is Jenelle’s father? Now she has her own children who probably won’t know their fathers either. Same goes for Kaylin, going on her third baby daddy who she was never even in a serious relationship with.

    Jenelle will likely have another child with another guy after she and this one break up.