PHOTOS Ryan Edwards out of rehab, goes after Maci with angry MLK ‘I Have A Dream’ meme?

Ryan Edwards out of rehab photos

It appears as though Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards is no longer in rehab, which he reportedly entered back in May after his secret marriage to Mackenzie Standifer on May 15. A friend posted a photo of Ryan was on a boat this weekend alongside Mackenzie.

Here’s the picture:

Teen Mom dad Ryan Edwards out of rehab

“Riverbend was live w/ y’all,” the couple’s friend captioned the photo, adding: “love these lake faves.” (The Riverbend Festival is an eight-day music festival in Chattanooga that wrapped up on Saturday.)

As numerous commenters pointed out, there are a few very odd things about the picture. Foremost among them: the sunglasses emoji seems to be hiding something. The most obvious explanation is that the emoji is hiding Ryan’s wedding band. (As you can tell from Mackenzie’s engagement ring in the foreground, the selfie image is flipped.) Fans of the show know all about the lengths the cast members have to go to to prevent spoiling a future episode, even when EVERYBODY knows the spoiler already — especially anyone that would be paying super close attention to social media photos.

Another odd thing about the photo is that Mackenzie appears to be fan girling as she points at Ryan in the background. Clearly, she could just be showing excitement about Ryan being out of rehab, but it does seem a bit unusual and awkward.

In addition to the gal pal’s snap, Ryan posted photos on his own Instagram account. One included Mackenzie sitting in a boat — which he later deleted.

And, in another photo, Ryan used Martin Luther King, Jr.’s image and his “I Have A Dream” speech to apparently lash out at his ex Maci McKinney:


Maci has been very open about Ryan’s drug issues on the show; presumably, this is what Ryan is referencing with the ill-advised MLK photo.

The current season of Teen Mom OG is still airing, and it is unclear just how up-to-date the series plans to go before the finale. I assume that they will not go past the Reunion taping date, which would mean viewers will get to see Ryan and Mackenzie’s marriage and his decision to enter rehab. To find out for sure, tune in for new Teen Mom OG episodes airing Monday nights at 9/8c on MTV.

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  • Beezow

    Except that meme is literally calling his baby a psycho. Bless his heart.

    • Angel

      HA! So I am NOT the only one that saw that!

  • MellyT

    Punctuation matters Ryan. You just called Bentley a psycho. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Gray Matter

      Punctuation. The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit. SMH!

    • YourMom

      Punctuation matters, Ryan. 😉

      • MellyT

        Whoops! 😝

  • sage41

    Apparently, tx wasn’t very successful if he’s focusing on past events; like what brought him into tx for addiction and not focusing on his current recovery needs. . . Maci isn’t his problem, and she certainly didn’t cause his addiction.

    • Guest

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Maya

      Just because Ryan is wrong, doesn’t mean Maci is right. It was completely inappropriate of her to broadcast Ryan’s addiction struggles on national television without his approval. Someone else’s struggle with addiction is NEVER your secret to share. Whether she is willing to accept it or not, her behavior hurts Bentley. Ryan’s addiction does as well, but these issues aren’t black and white. Ryan and Maci can both be in the wrong, and in this case that is precisely what happened. They are both equally wrong.

      • sage41

        I wasn’t defending Maci; I was under the impression that the topic we were discussing was Ryan…not Maci’s gossiping and general mayhem???

  • Yup, I said it

    Maci is trying to make ryans addiction, her storyline. She never talks about her issues like when she was $50,000 behind in taxes.

    • Sherri Scott

      She akways makes Ryan her storyline,I can’t stand it

      • Kel2707

        I don’t know how her husband can stand it. The nonstop talking about Ryan would drive me insane.

        • Sherri Scott

          I know,it would piss anyone off

  • Rice

    They should have left it private. Other than Bentleys safety and well being it’s not her call to announce it publicly. Ryan looks like he has a smoke possibly. Who knows.

  • Mrs Q

    My guess that emoji is covering up his track marks, just sayin…I’d be so happy wrong..the guy needs help, wtf is he doing out of rehab? Forget I asked that the answer is drugs…shame on you Mack but then again she’s a kid at 20 years old.

    • Mrs Q

      Either only one arm is sunburnt or he has cellulitis, an arm infection.

  • Alisson Leech

    No one thinks Maci is crazy, but we KNOW Ryan is. Lol

  • Angel

    I cannot be the only person that picked up on the massive grammar mistake here… Unless he meant to call his baby “psycho”….

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Ryan and Mackenzie seem just like Jen and Larry. Ryan runs the show just like Larry does and Mackenzie will just sit back and take whatever Ryan dishes out. I bet she’s pregnant already just like Jen was pregnant within months of meeting Larry.

    • FYO

      Apples don’t fall far from the their trees.

  • in my opinion

    Maybe the emoji is covering up a beer.

  • Baby Hooker

    Maci is using Ryan’s addiction as a storyline for herself this season. Why not discuss your and your husband’s epic fights and excessive drinking more? Ryan’s drug addiction shouldn’t be used as your storyline and certainly not on camera.

  • FYO

    Ryan is a douche but at the same time there’s a reason that meme is so popular.

  • LA79

    Do he and his family realize that everyone knew he was on drugs? Your eyes don’t bug out of your head and you age 30 years in 2-3 years just randomly without cause. Now Ryan can run to his mommy and his immature wife for validation that MACI is the actual problem not his drug addiction. And they will bend over backwards to say that yes baby Ryan she is so mean to bring up your blatant drug addiction where you’re constantly strung out on TV into the limelight.

    Honestly, it’s sad that this is what he posts after he gets out of rehab. Inspire others in a similar situation to take action and get help? Nah! Let me s**t on my baby momma who is speaking out about an issue that literally every person that watches the show already knew about. That is a great use of your public energy!

    If you don’t want to go through it on TV and you don’t want people to know, then A. don’t be on MTV, B. stop collecting those paychecks, and C. stop doing drugs.

    • Cait

      Thank you! I can’t believe everyone is bashing Maci over the fact that she wanted her child’s father to get help for drug addiction. She’s not perfect and she could’ve gone about dealing with the situation without talking about it on tv, but at the same time, it’s not like anyone who watches the show didn’t already know something was going on. And how much could rehab really have helped him if that’s the first thing he chooses to post about her? Like grow up. And for his wife, who I thought was a little more mature and understanding being that she has a child too, to not slap some sense into him is crazy. His parents are enablers and it seems like she is too. He needs to focus on not doing drugs and if he doesn’t want his dirty laundry aired out then stop collecting pay checks and leave the show.

      • LA79

        Yeah and everyone saying she’s making his drug addiction her storyline…uh..I’m pretty sure your child’s father being a hopeless drug addict that you’re worried might die would be a huge issue in anyone’s life. This is a reality TV show but people are offended that Maci is talking about her reality. If Ryan doesn’t want to be talked about, it’s easy…don’t do drugs or get off TV.

        Reality TV stars need to make peace with the fact that their private struggles are going to be talked about. As much as they may not like that, they like the dollar bills hitting their bank account when they get to claim to be “reality” tv stars.

  • REAL Sacramento Housewife

    Um…you don’t go on a REALITY show if you’re trying to keep major parts/issues of your life under wraps. So, yeah, not gonna fall for the let’s blame Maci business and how she shouldn’t publicize it. That’s what she’s paid to do and since she’s putting the roof over Bentley’s head, clothes on his back, and food in his mouth, I think she needs to continue to be good at her job and secure that paycheck/her son’s livelihood.

  • Dysfunction Junction

    Is he calling his baby “psycho”? lol