Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer CMT Awards red carpet photos


Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer hit the CMT Music Awards Wednesday night and we’ve got the photographs for y’all!

The mother-of-three looked absolutely fantastic in a classic ensemble featuring a full length gown, pearl necklace, beaded clutch, and curled locks draped over her shoulders.

Leah was excited to have the opportunity to enjoy a night that featured a bevy of country music’s biggest names. She posted a pic of herself getting ready on Instagram, and captioned it “Eeeeekk, sooo excited!! Thank you so much @locksbyleslie [hair stylist] for everything!”


Leah got to take a snap with American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina, who won the evening’s Breakthrough Video of the Year award for her song “Road Less Traveled.” “Yaaaas!!! This gal seriously deserved to win!!! I LOVE YOU @laurenalaina !! You are so sweet!!! ???#cmtawards #cmtawards I’m so happy I came !!,” Leah proclaimed.


In a super rare moment for the Teen Momiverse, just about all the feedback has been in praise of Leah’s look. We couldn’t agree more. Well done ma’am!


  • FrontDoorMom

    I mean, she couldnt get a tailor?

  • Chewy

    She looks healthier than she has in the past.

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  • PerfectingPaula

    Love the way Leah looks these days! Healthy, good weight and clear eyes. She looks happy. So glad she’s doing well.

  • ann

    She looks great, however the dress is ill fitted.

    • TrashTV

      I have been looking at it and I think it is supposed to look like this or the fabric is too rigid. It does fit very well around her bust so she probably had it fitted.

  • twelfthnight

    I agree she looks way better than she used to, I hope she’s clean. But why was she invited? She has nothing to do with country music or CMT. If you’re any old Browning-wearing, beer can crushing hillbilly they invite you now, or what? (said as someone who loves country music!)

    • Bruja

      Hey! I love my Browning 1911-380 (I even got some beautiful custom grips for it from Etsy for it) and I never drink beer, but I can crush the shit out of a soda can! Also, I can’t stand country music. ?

      Yeah, I’m wondering why she was invited too.

    • LoLo

      She’s on tv, even if it’s not for the greatest of reasons & she’s a huge country music fan. I’m still not sure why she would be invited but I’ve seen the same for other events. She does look great & healthy.

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      You don’t have to be invited, anybody can buy a ticket. My husband and I looked into going this year but its stupid expensive!

      • Cait Sith

        Unless you can get a hookup to be a seat filler.

        My sister and I did that at the CMA Awards in like 2006- one of her friends used to work for the CMA and got us the spots. It was pretty cool. We wound up being fairly close to the stage (you can see my face during Josh Turner’s performance, but I won’t point out which one is me lol). Whoever had our seats never came back, either, so we got to stay in them for most of the show to the very end.

      • Katie

        Yes, in 2011 my friend and I bought pit tickets for the awards, then in 2013 we were chosen to be in the part of the red carpet, and we got free comp tickets afterwards once the show started.

        • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

          I’m so jealous. It’s something I’ve always wanted to go to.

  • Aussie cathie

    On the search for a new baby daddy……

  • FYO

    Inviting her to the CMT Awards makes about as much sense as ketchup on cereal but ok… At least she tried to make herself presentable.

  • savannah

    Nothing but props to Leah, looks like she’s working on herself finally…she doesn’t look like she’s falling apart anymore. Healthy, happy, being the Mom she should be to her kids. Amber – take notes.

  • Demona

    She looks clean/sober for the first time in a long time! Hope she is.