Teen Mom OG Ryan Edwards checks into rehab


Speculation regarding Ryan Edward’s alleged drug use has been swirling since last year after he appeared “bugged out” during episodes of Teen Mom OG. He denied the allegations, and his Teen Mom OG producer Jaala blamed Ryan’s quirky, on-camera behavior on “being tired.”

But now, E! News has now confirmed Ryan checked himself into rehab. According to their sources, he’s been in recovery for two weeks and is “doing well.”

Rumors of Ryan’s drug use gained strength after Maci, Amber, and Catelynn were filmed discussing their concerns over his behavior on the most recent episode of Teen Mom OG:

Catelynn: How’s Ryan doing now?
Maci: I mean… He’s okay.
Amber: Ryan’s fu**ed up. I watch it. I see it. I know it.
Catelynn: Can anyone talk to him about going to a treatment center?
Maci: He would do it. It’s everyone else around him that’s too afraid to admit it.

In a later scene, Maci tells Taylor, “I’m just going to be like, ‘You have to go to rehab.’ Right now is legitimately about saving his life. Most nights I’m crying in our bed talking to you about whether or not today is the day that he’s going to die or when I’m going to do something about it or how I should do something about it.”

As we noted previously, Maci never directly says that Ryan is abusing drugs – it’s just strongly implied.

After the episode aired, Ryan’s mom gave a brief statement to The Dirty, in which she explained, “All I can say at this time is yes, Larry and I have a story and it will be told but not at this time.”

Things in Ryan’s life seemed to be going well of late. He mended the strained relationship with his dad following their explosive falling out, and became engaged to Mackenzie Standifer.

We hope Ryan gets the help he needs, and we wish him nothing but the best during this time!


  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I hope he gets the help he needs.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Yea and how long before Maci starts berating him on camera again about how bad of a dad he is. That whole scene in PR made me sick.

      • Guest

        I second that.

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  • AshleyBlack

    I really hope he gets help and STAYS clean.

  • tina

    cannot stand his money hungry parents we have a story to tell just not now what not enough pay for it yet

    • Che

      It might be because they have contract with mtv. Maybe they are filming ryan intervention special ?

  • Guest

    Hopefully his family will support him in his recovery.

  • Che

    It’s been more than a year in regards to rumors of his drug use…when will maci follow behind him to rehab?

    • Cait Sith

      For what? Having a couple of beers? Maci doesn’t have a drinking problem. If she did, she’d be slurring her words and acting stupid on camera like Leah when she was on painkillers. There’s absolutely no possible way MTV wouldn’t catch something like that on camera- and it would FOR SURE be shown on t.v. . There would be articles about it, “inside sources” talking about it, etc.

      She’s one of the only 2 actual -good-, responsible, mature moms in the entire franchise, Chelsea being the other.

      I don’t get why people are so quick to judge and point fingers and assume Maci has a problem when she’s literally never been shown to be 3 sheets to the wind on the show. Yes. I know, editing and there’s a lot that doesn’t make it into the final cut of an episode. But, if she were to be intoxicated to the point where her kids are in danger, you best believe MTV producers would’ve kept it in… Just like they did with Leah that one time when she was nodding out while holding her brother’s baby and they had to take it away from her. But again, unlike practically every other Teen Mom: Jenelle, Amber, Leah, etc that have all been filmed while fvcked up, Maci hasn’t.

      As long as the kids are happy, safe, and well taken care of and she’s being responsible, there’s no problem and it shouldn’t matter.

      • Guest


        • Cait Sith

          Thank you. People seem to really really want something to be wrong with her since nearly every other cast member has been and are train wrecks. That’s literally the only thing they’ve got to pick at her over. And the “drinking while pregnant” thing is bullshit as well. Pregnant women can have up to 2 glasses of wine per week without the risk of hurting the baby.

          Beer typically has a much lower ABV percentage than wine- especially Bud Light (what Maci drinks from what I’ve seen), soooo yeah.

          When she starts waking up and having a beer first thing in the morning on a regular day, THEN it’ll be cause for some eyebrow raising and the “She needs rehab” comments maybe.

      • Che

        Functioning alcoholics exist

      • Guest

        A good mother wouldn’t slag off the child’s father in front of the child and ask the child things like “Do you wish your dad was more like Cole” etc. It’s manipulative and wrong!

        • Cait Sith

          Aubree says a lot of that stuff all on her own, actually. Adam brings alllll of that on himself. He’s a total POS dad – by far the worst out of all the dads.

  • shebee

    Great. I wish Ryan the best on his recovery. I am sure Maci is thrilled. Now when will she address her own drinking?

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  • ♠NoHIMnotHIM♠

    The only teen mom i ever watched. Hope he gets better. Crazy how the kids are now all like 6-7 years old lol

  • LoLo

    If I were Mackenzie, I would have waited until after rehab & he had a year behind him clean before marrying him. She has a child too. That’s child’s father could make it an issue.

    • FYO

      Yup, and honestly, that childs father _should_ make it an issue.

      • LoLo

        I agree. I don’t see the rush. His treatment & sobriety should have come before anything. You can be supportive & continue to date him but there should be boundaries set, especially since she has a child. When she first came on the show, I thought she was a bright girl. I’m not seeing that so much now.