Farrah Abraham addresses giving her puppy Kandi to a neighbor

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham gives away her puppy Kandi to her neighbor Jean

In past episodes of Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant we have learned about the emotional difficulties associated with choosing adoption from the likes of Catelynn Lowell, Ashley Salazar and Lori Wickelhaus. But this week we got another lesson in adoption from none other than Farrah Abraham!

In Tuesday’s episode we saw Farrah make the difficult decision to give her puppy Kandi away to a loving neighbor in a slightly less emotional adoption scene than fans of the show are used to. Farrah was on the brink of relocating to Florida with her daughter and realized the timing just wasn’t right to take on the responsibility of raising a young dog. Plus, according to an interview with MomFinds.com little Kandi just wasn’t bonding too well with Farrah and Sophia:

I had to give Kandi away because I didn’t love the puppy and Sophia wasn’t playing with her much anymore. I didn’t want Kandi to suffer because Sophia and I weren’t bonding with her. My neighbor you saw in the episode truly loved Kandi and I saw that they had a wonderful bond. I knew she would have a better home there. By no means do I regret giving Kandi to my neighbor–I see them all the time playing and Kandi is happy there. And Sophia still sees Kandi. I just had to make a choice and I chose the right home.

It’s sad that they had to give the little pooch away, but it did appear as though Kandi found a loving home with Jean! I think we can learn a valuable lesson from how Farrah handled giving up her puppy. What’s the lesson? Never give Kandi to a stranger. 😉

Let’s all take a trip down memory lane and revisit Farrah’s rather unfortunate attempt at puppy potty training

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham tries to potty train her puppy Kandi

You take care Kandi! Perhaps you will get another shot at being a reality star someday. (Perhaps Dr. Drew will host a “Teen Mom Puppy Adoption Special?”)

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