Maci Bookout talks marriage problems and drinking in Teen Mom peeks


It’s time for another Thursday batch of Teen Mom OG sneak peeks!

For this round we’ve got Maci Bookout wondering if she and husband Taylor McKinney need marriage counseling, Amber Portwood concerned about everything Matt Baier does because she should be Gary Shirley’s move to the farm, and Nova with quite the surprise for mom.


Gary Shirley’s on the move and talks with Amber about his plans for a cowboy hat and all the chickens before they have a disagreement over Leah:


Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra welcome an adoption counselor when Nova finds quite the surprise ? at the most inopportune time:


Maci, who made a major reveal during last week’s episode when she opened up about what she felt was a life or death need for ex Ryan Edwards to go to rehab, chats up her friend Keelie about the struggles she and husband Taylor McKinney are facing:

Obviously having 3 kids is catching up to us. 85 percent of the time we’re good to go but the 15 percent is hell. It’s like all of our stress, emotion and everything we take it out on each other. When the cameras leave we’ll drink and freak out.

When Keelie asks if they’ve thought about going to counseling together, Maci just shakes her head no before acknowledging, “It’s not gonna go away.”

Maci’s never shied away from folks who’ve criticized her alcohol consumption in the past. We’re guessing this clip’s going to reignite that debate.


  • truckproductions

    alcohol heightens all emotions. maybe cool it on drinking and your flare ups could be worked out better.. the more you know..

  • Val

    Is she really holding a turd???

  • savannah

    I think therapy is a much better option than drinking, as drinking isn’t going to solve your problems but heighten the emotion surrounding them. Alcohol is a depressant, so if you’re already going through “stuff” its only going to magnify it. Hoping she’s able to get herself on track, hopefully Taylor is the kind of guy willing to seek help along side her. You can’t fix major issues alone, when you’re in a relationship, it just doesn’t work.

    And oh my, Nova sure is a cutie!

    Until Amber ditches Matt and gets her life back on track, I can see her and Gary fighting a LOT. I wouldn’t be wanting my daughter spending time with two people who can’t seem to get along, even in front of cameras, and with his admitted relapse I’d be wanting some treatment stipulations in place.

  • Ashley

    Uh, maybe Maci and Taylor should lay off the drinking if it contributes to their “freaking out?” Just a thought.

  • Original A

    Maverick and jayde are her way of keeping taylor.. Am I the only one who is noticing this pattern!?

    • Liz

      Well didn’t work for her before…

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Yea. She all but got on her knees and pleaded for this man to marry her. She wants that perfect life after her relationships with Rhine and Kow ended, like most women do. I don’t even sense real love. I sense being content. They come off as drinking buds who had sex and decided to stick it out forever. Taylor seems like a great guy. He loves Bentley like his own and it shows in how he treats him and his other kids. I can see Maci as being a total nag and a bitch that is never happy and always sour towards the men in her life.

  • Liz

    I think they needed Maci to have some drama in her life. She would have become way to boring like Chelsea already is..

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      I feel like if Chelsea wants to pick and choose what’s aired for her segments she shouldn’t be a part of the show anymore. She shouldn’t be paid a quarter mil a season just to say “Adam” “Child Support”, talk to Cole in a weird alien voice and eat peanut butter sandwiches with aubree. Im sorry but if it’s that invasive, leave the show.

      • Liz

        Yes! Most definitely. She didn’t want her wedding to be filmed, no arguments, no drama. Meh.

        • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

          I can understand wanting certain things off tv like your wedding, showers, doctor’s appointments, private things like that. But to just film doing nutty s7it like eating sandwiches, working out, not seeing your day to day life with your family is not okay, especially for what she is being paid.

          • Liz

            Exactly boring as fck

  • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

    So she is admitting alcohol plays a part and yet she will say in another breathe “I can have a beer on a Sunday night with my husband. Im an adult”. Maci is a huge drinker, always has been. Need we not forget her pulling a Hasselhoff with Kow years ago getting drunk, fighting, and eating off a hotel floor, yet Rhine got chewed out by her for going to get wings with his boys AFTER Bentley went to bed for the night.

    • Che

      That’s why her husband feel in love with her … because she can hold her beer.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    No Amber you missed your visit because you CHOSE to go to Puerto Rico not because you HAD to.

    Tyler and Cate I’m sure you would’ve found the turd eventually. However by the time you get around to cleaning your house it would probably be petrified.

    Maci and Taylor, lay off the drinking a little bit. It would probably help a ton.

    • Jojo

      ^^ “it would probably be petrified”

      Lol… I’m picturing it being like the times I go out in my yard and I find that one random dog turd that has escaped me for god knows how long, so it looks like a weird ashy fossil.

    • Nathan’s Former Gym Membership

      Nova finding a piece of s7it in their house only adds to their white trash reputation

  • Oscar Moto

    Well, I bet Gary will actually take decent care of his 90 chickens, unlike Amber and Matt who lock their 90 cats and dogs in the basement. It seems like she only wants Leah around when it is convenient for her.