LITTLE WOMEN ATL Watch the reunion brawl fallout


The stars of Little Women: Atlanta got lit during the taping of the two-part reunion show hosted by Little Women: LA star Terra Jole.

At the conclusion of part one, Miss Minnie Ross instituted a slap down of guest Abira Greene. This wasn’t Abira’s first fist foray–the friend of LWA regular Tanya Scott got into it physically with Amanda and Andrea Salinas in an earlier episode from Season 3.

Miss Minnie tossed a fat stack of Washingtons at Greene and then gave her combatant some unsolicited life advice as to what she could do with said money. They bowed up and when Minnie went for the hair… IT. WAS. ON.

Part 2 of the reunion picked up last night right where the fight ended and Minnie went and chunked even more green at Greene! Abira was all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as she peered over at the cash and said, “Man, ho, your rent money down here.” Minnie suggested that perhaps Greene take care of her kids with the finances.

As Terra called for a commercial break the camera panned in on Ms. Juicy gettin’ a sip of the juice and taking it all in, as she instantly became all the viewers’ spirit animal:


Minnie headed backstage and was told to calm down by Momma Tammie. When Greene headed backstage too, an unfilmed ruckus occurred, in which Tammie tossed water at Greene and inadvertently got some H2O shrapnel on Monie!

At that point Greene and Tammie exited the facility and things calmed down. Terra summed the whole thing up succinctly when she said, “That’s intense. I feel like I need counseling after this.”

Counseling, or more Little Women: Atlanta perhaps. 😉