Pregnant Jill Dillard returns to US just in time for Joy-Anna’s wedding tomorrow

Pregnant Jill Dillard returns to US

It appears as though the report that Joy-Anna Duggar’s wedding will be tomorrow, May 20, was spot on as Joy-Anna’s sister Jill Dillard has just returned to the US with her husband Derick and son Israel from their most recent mission trip to El Salvador!

Derick revealed that prodigal fam was back from spreading the Duggar way waaaaay south of the border with the photo of himself, Jill, and Israel above. “Officially made it back to the good ‘ol US of A!!!” Derick captioned the picture, adding the #merica hash tag.

Jill, who is currently pregnant with her second child and due in July, has yet to post anything about returning to the States. However, she has posted about how you can help her and Derick out financially now that they’re back! You can head right over to The Dillard Family website and donate any amount you wish — and you can arrange it to donate monthly, yearly, or “just this once.” And your donation is tax deductible! According to the site: “Dillard Family Ministries is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that accepts tax-deductible donations.”

Meanwhile, back to Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth’s wedding — speaking of donating to the Duggars, you can can still show your love for the couple with gifts because Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding registry is still active on Amazon. Unfortunately, those gifts will not be tax deductible. I assume. 😉

As far as the ceremony, we don’t know any more details other than it is supposed to be tomorrow, May 20th, somewhere near the Duggar compound. Stay tuned!

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  • Alisson Leech

    Idiots somewhere are giving money to these people. Smh

    • Bruja

      I love you.

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  • Aussie cathie

    She has not an ounce of moral fibre!!! Dirty grifting religious prostitue

    • Bruja

      I also love you!

      • Aussie cathie

        Love and hugs from Australia (((?)))

    • Jojo

      “Grifting religious prostitute” is going to be added to my insult Rolodex and used as often as possible ???

      • Aussie cathie


  • DeeDeDee

    Basically they managed to buy themselves 501c status so they can go to other countries and force their religion on them in return for stuff. Then people donate to them because they’re-so-awesome-christians-omg and at the end of the day they don’t have to pay taxes on any of it. ???

  • tina

    great the free loaders are back asking for more money