VIDEOS YouTube pranksters DO5 and MO5 lose custody of two kids


Two parents who received backlash over videos they posted to their popular YouTube channels featuring vicious pranks against their own children have temporarily lost custody of two kids.

Michael and Heather Martin received hundreds of thousands of views for the videos posted to their YouTube channels “DaddyOFive” and “MommyOFive.” But things came undone quickly after Philip DeFranco, another popular Vlogger, shared a video highlighting some of the pair’s worse antics.

During one clip Michael is seen pushing Cody face first into a bookshelf.

In a separate clip from a since deleted post, Cody is filmed being viciously slammed on his head by his older step brother. The camera pans in as he cries out from the pain.


In another since deleted video, the father encourages his son to slap his sister and the child does so with a violent backswing. Once again, the father patiently films his daughter as she cries from being struck in the face.


The Martins would often verbally berate their kids in these so called “pranks.” In a recent video they placed invisible ink on the carpet and accused one of the kids, Cody, of making the mess. They scream at him at the top of their lungs with profanity and reckless abandon. Cody, who appears to receive the brunt of the “jokes” in the videos, breaks down weeping while he insists that he’s innocent.

The Martins, who appeared on Good Morning America last week and suggested that the videos were staged and that their children were merely acting, have now had two of the kids removed via an emergency order.

The Frederick County Maryland Sheriff’s Office has now confirmed to ABC News that Emma, 11, and Cody, 9, are now in the care of their biological mom, Rose Hall.

Hall posted a video alongside her attorney to YouTube in which they explained that she was given temporary custody of the two children. Hall thanked the people that had brought attention to the disturbing footage that featured her kids.

The Martins have followed up with a video in which they’ve attempted to apologize for all their actions that they’ve previously staunchly defended.

In light of all they’ve said and done up until this point, including stating that any harm done to their children was actually the fault of anyone who complained about what they posted, their apology comes across as hollow and insincere.

UPDATE: DaddyOFive and MommyOFive are coming back to YouTube

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  • Anne

    I saw some of these videos and was disgusted. The two kids taken away were the dad’s kids. They also took the brunt of the abuse. One recent one had all the kids being taken to Disney except Cody. He had been smearing feces, which show his mental state.

  • Jen

    This literally makes me sick to my stomach. Good thing they took the kids away but poor kids. Now they have to be raised by strangers. All bc their parents are jacka$$es who wanted 5 mins of fame instead of valuing their kids like they should.

    • Ali.P

      I read elsewhere their mom is the one who filed for emergency custody. I’m curious as to why it took her so long or if she didn’t know about the YouTube channel.

      • mentholdreams

        She knew and has said she filed last summer. However the state the children were living in deemed it “corporal punishment” and not abuse thus she was unable to get her children out of the situation until now.

        • Doll Parts

          So internet outrage did some good for once, maybe?

    • kate

      the 2 kids were given to their biological mom, so they won’t be raised by strangers

  • Ali.P

    I can’t bring myself to watch the videos. I started one and I was absolutely disgusted. I hope they lose the other children as well. Or at least genuinely use this as a wake up call and fix their disgusting selves.

    • kate

      I watched a video from another youtuber calling them out as abusive, and I couldn’t get through 5 minutes of that either. Thank god other people called attention to how terrible these people are–it blows my mind that they had so many fans and people defending them! People were actually enjoying those videos!

    • SammyG

      Unfortunately, you can’t change or fix child abusers. They are chronically warpped individuals much like pedophiles.

  • Queenie

    The bio mom doesn’t seem too with-it herself. Maybe just nervous being on video. I hope.

    • Eva

      As far as I have heard, she is very nervous and camera shy.

  • shirley_twizzletits

    How and why does anyone watch this shit on YouTube? My son watched HobbyKidsTV and I HATE it. It’s stupid shit. After 3 minutes I tell him to turn it off. How are these people making money???

    • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

      Ad revenue. Most children don’t know anything about Adblock and the YouTube channel makes a ton by the children watching the commercials featured on their channel. Also they feature many products and if kid’s parents buy the featured product through their link on their description they get some$$ for each purchase.

  • KoffeeKlatch

    Unbelievable. These two poor excuses for ‘parents’ advance the argument for sterilization and need to lose custody of ALL the minors. Child abuse plain and simple.

  • twelfthnight

    I feel nothing but sad for these kids. I’m not sure what went down with the bio-mom but it seems like there was trouble there too. I don’t care where these kids go as long as they’re happy, healthy and safe.

    These trailer trash pieces of crap should have ALL their kids taken away.

  • Regina

    I watched Phillip DeFranco’s video and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’m surprised their kids weren’t taken away earlier. Horrendous.

  • Mariane

    it’s like .. what’s worse? Doing those things, saying those things, filming those things to and of ANYONE, let alone your children, or getting your family to PRETEND they’re being abused, for cash, and allowing hundreds of thousands of idiot viewers think it’s TRUE and COOL and probably do their OWN VERSION OF THIS SHIT-SHOW. BOTH those scenarios equal HARD labour for these two and supervised parenting at ALL TIMES IF ANY.

  • Mariane

    YouTube is basically morality-free

  • FR

    The most abused were the “step children”. If you think kids are safe living with a non parent, you are seriously mistaken. The fact is that children who live with a non parent have a mortality rate hundreds of times higher than those who live with their bio family. They are also thousands of times more likely to suffer sexual and physical abuse, as seen here.