Lance Armstrong tweets photo lounging in front of Tour de France yellow jerseys

Lance Armstrong tweets photo lounging in front of his 7 Tour de France yellow jerseys

It appears that Lance Armstrong has himself a new mantra: Livesmug. The 41-year-old disgraced cyclist was recently stripped of his seven Tour de France victories because of doping, but being stripped of the titles apparently doesn’t mean Lance had to return his yellow jerseys because he posted the above photo taken at his home in Texas on Twitter over the weekend along with the tweet, “Back in Austin and just layin’ around…”

The picture features Armstrong lounging on a rather long couch in front of all seven of his Tour de France yellow jackets in frames on the wall.

Perhaps this will inspire an internet meme similar to planking in which people pose for cocky photos in front of things they got by questionable means. For example, Bernie Madoff could tweet a photo in front of a stack of money, Milli Vanilli could pose in front of their Best New Artist Grammy, and LeAnn Rimes could pose with Eddie Cibrian. (Hee hee!)

* Though I am on board the despicable Lance Armstrong hate train, I have to confess that just like his blood, Lance’s living room is dope!