Matt Baier abuse photos update, including Gary Shirley’s response

Matt Baier Corvette

Last night a series of graphic photos surfaced of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier with injuries to his face, but there was little information available about their origin or when they were taken. Today more information and an additional photo has surfaced, and Gary Shirley has responded to the pictures by referencing Amber’s history of domestic abuse against him.

UPDATE – Matt has finally responded to the photos officially with his usual perfectly good explanation.

We will start with a brief recap to get you caught up. Twitter user Smarty Jones posted the initial photos, which included one selfie of Matt with a black eye and another in which he appeared to have bloody scratches on his cheek. The pictures included text messages, reportedly from Matt, insinuating that the pictures were sent by Matt to a “side chick.” We reached out to Smarty for more information about where the photos came from, but she posted a screen cap of our request and let us and everyone know she didn’t want to confirm anything for our “bulls**t story.”

Smarty has since spoken with All About the Tea for their post about the pictures. “Matt sent the pictures to at least 3 girls,” Smarty says. “I got 4 of the same pics from 3 different girls.” She says that one of the girls has been in a relationship with Matt “since before he and Amber got together and this benefits both Matt and [the girl] financially.” Smarty goes on to reveal that there’s no indication Matt has been violent towards Amber, but that would make sense given that the alleged source for all of this is Matt himself.

Earlier today Smarty posted an additional photo of Matt with what looks to be some very serious scratches on his face and a bloody nose. The photo was accompanied by a text message that reads “We need to talk. Now!”

Amber Portwood’s ex Gary Shirley responded to the most recent photo with his verified Twitter account by jokingly referencing the well-documented history of domestic abuse he suffered while with Amber:

Just before posting the photo, Smarty tweeted “Why are you threatening everyone BUT me when I’m the one posting your pictures @mattbEPT? You’re a coward, but I’ve already proven that. ???”

Seemingly confirming the reports of threats, Matt’s ex Kelli Nunn tweeted “He’s already threatened me with a lawyer because those pics posted- and I’m not even the one who posted them!! ?” Kelli, who just had dinner last night with two other of Matt’s exes, then recommended that the rather sizable “Matt’s Exes Club” should try to organize a bit and present a more cohesive and less chaotic story. “We need to get everyone together and stop all the crazy posts that make no sense, no timeline,” Kelli tweeted.

Kelli’s comment about being threatened was in response to a tweet by a woman named Tiffany Bassett, who asked how Smarty Jones knew Matt was “real mad” about the photos being posted online. Tiffany then responded to Kelli’s suggestion of presenting a unified front by tweeting “well sometimes people post sh!t without ANY CLUE THE DAMAGE THEY ARE DOING. Like this.”

That sparked a conversation with Smarty Jones in which it was revealed that Tiffany is one of the “side chicks” Smarty was talking to initially.

SMARTY: What are you talking about? You came to me days ago about the same thing. Damage to what? Your continued relationship with Matt?

TIFFANY: otherwise you’d have my story wouldn’t you? Exactly. she made herself look insane last week and these half truths again aren’t helping. [I assume this is in reference to another woman who released flirty text message conversations with Matt.] I don’t mind calling it like I see it because I’m not some twitter attention seeker. you shouldn’t let katie/steph feed you such old bullsh!t. She had her chance. and anyone with a modicum of journalistc knowledge knows that. Round of applause. unless amber told you it was her or matt said it in text you just f**ked up. Bad. GREAT JOB leaving yourself and whoever you’re working with wide open slander charges. damage being that you decided to speak FOR THOSE TEXTS- they say “she” not amber so

Tiffany then offered up her take on Smarty: “smarty is a b!tch. She was rude in DM and lost the story because of it. and she’s butt hurt so she blocked me. Cry baby. lol she’s telling lies.”

“And just for clarification purposes, I didn’t lose any story,” Smarty responded. “I told Miss Tiffany how it was and she didn’t like it. #Holllerrr ?? Well it started with her coming to me. Didn’t even know who she was… And ended with Tiffany thinking she was better than the other wh0res.

Someone then posted a screen shot from the “Being Matt” special in which you ca see Tiffany sitting with Matt’s “friend” Jeff for a family dinner! Wait, WHAT?! Here’s are a couple more screen grabs of Tiffany (with the neck tattoo) at the dinner:

Being Matt Baier Tiffany Being Matt Baier Tiffany screen cap

I guess that would explain why Tiffany says she “signed an NDA with American media group.” Despite that, Tiffany says “it’s not long until you get my story… just not coming out on twitter.”

Tiffany reveals that she actually felt a connection with Amber, but has been unable to contact her. “I have her cell but it seems either Matt blocked it for her or had her block my number. Even my new one. Every time I try to send her anything it won’t go through. Which hurts because I really felt a connection as friends.”

UPDATE – I did some research and discovered that back in January Amber tweeted a GoFundMe page for Tiffany (who is battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) and referred to her as “a good friend of mine.” “I’m speechless thank you so much,” Tiffany responded. “Amber love you so much see you in a couple weeks or less xoxo.” I am guessing that was to film for “Being Matt?”

As far as the Matt Baier abuse photos, Tiffany says they are “old- spans 2015/2016. None of these are current (2017) but they did occur when he was w/ amber.” She adds: “that doesn’t mean she did it- and I would bet he comes out with some statement they were faked and fabricated w/ a text app.”

The timeline seems to match up with evidence uncovered by online Teen Mom True Detectives showing that the poster in the background of one of the abuse photos was also featured in a picture posted by Amber last April.

Tiffany’s prediction about Matt’s denial has yet to come true, however. The only public responses from Matt so far includes the rather awkward Snapchat photo last night in which pointed out that “People are really really really really stupid.” He followed that up with a brief video clip of himself and Amber in which they are 99% most definitely responding to the abuse photos. “People need to stop worrying about stupid sh!t and worrying about the fact that my Celtics are losing Game 2 to the Bulls tonight because that’s important sh!t!” Amber Portwood is there, literally standing by her man, as she iterates: “ImporTANT!”

Oh, and then there’s this tweet, which doesn’t seem to address the abuse photos scandal, but does include a photo on an elephant on a bicycle:

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham’s, ummm, good friend Simon Saran took the opportunity to offer up this PSA:

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        Sometimes Starcasm makes it hard to understand… what is the point in spending so much time on an article that makes little to no sense..

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    I feel like this is a plot to get people to buy his book

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      • FrontDoorMom

        Yes i would have said white couple, asian couple, mexican couple.

      • FrontDoorMom

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    • Brie Mode

      You hit the nail on the head with the OITNB bit.

      I think it really depends on WHAT it is, the size, exact placement, the person who has it and their neck size (like.. I could -never- rock a neck tat. My neck is like a sawed off tree trunk- short with a fairly large circumference. I can’t wear turtlenecks or most chokers, either lol)..

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          I’m planning on getting a Tonberry King on my shoulder blade (from Final Fantasy.. Look it up lol). They’re little and carry a big butcher’s knife and they’re nasty lil buggers to have to fight. I figure they’re my spirit animal since I love to cook and I’m fairly small (5’0″) heh.

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            Girl I wasn’t gonna even do that I just kept reading and stayed confused and said fuq it lol. But as far as those marks, he does look like this may have been from a few years ago but it’s hard to tell if it’s from slightly before or slightly after Amber. I wouldn’t be surprised if she fuqd him up at least once. That sure as hell wasnt a man that left those cat claws on his face.

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