PHOTO Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie returns home after ATV accident

Jamie Lynn Spears's daughter Maddie goes home from the hospital

We have some incredibly good news to report from Louisiana as Jamie Lynn Spears’ 8-year-old daughter Maddie has recovered enough from her nearly fatal ATV accident on Sunday to return home!

Maddie’s mom, step-dad and Aunt Britney all took to social media to share the good news with a photo of Maddie sitting upright in a Children’s Hospital helicopter:

Jamie Lynn and her husband Jamie Watson shared the same photo on Instagram and added this thankful message:

Thanks to the amazing first responders, and medical teams at University and Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, LA, we are headed home with our baby girl as she continues to recover. Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Thank you again to everyone. We are truly blessed?

Aunt Britney Spears shared a text graphic with these words:

So grateful that Mddie was able to go home today… it’s truly a miracle. Our prayers were heard, and they were answered! Thank you so much for all of your love and support this week. My family appreciates it more than you will ever know ♥

In case you missed it, Maddie flipped her ATV into a pond on Sunday and was submerged for “several minutes” before emergency responders were able to pull her out of the water. She regained consciousness on Tuesday with doctors stating there was no evidence of brain damage.

I don’t know all of the details, but from the information released to the public about what happened, I think a “miracle” is a pretty accurate description here! We will continue to monitor Maddie’s recovery and provide updates.

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  • bambiglanville

    That is incredible news. Glad she is ok!

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  • Lauren

    This is awesome news. Kids really are resilient. This could’ve been so much worse.

    • FYO

      Yes, she is a very lucky little girl!

  • cookie

    Thank God!!

    • FYO

      No. Thank the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that cared for her. They’re the ones who did all the work and they’re the ones who deserve the credit & thanks.

  • barbinop

    God is great! He gave this child back to her family.

    • FYO

      No, the doctors and other medical personnel who cared for her are great. They’re the ones who actually deserve your praise.

    • barbinop

      You see it your way and I see it my way. The medical staff can only do so much then it’s in God’s hands. God is the great physican.

  • Ali.P

    Thanks to doctors and modern medicine and not so much “god”. That’s awesome news.