Mackenzie McKee shares details about secret elopement with Josh prior to MTV wedding

Mackenzie McKee and Josh eloped before wedding

Earlier this week, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee revealed that she and husband Josh McKee secretly eloped “months” before their big cowboy-themed wedding on August 17, 2013, which was filmed by MTV. We reached out to Mackenzie for more details about their “secret wedding,” and she was kind enough to fill in some of the blanks.

“Literally one night we said, let’s get married,” Mackenzie reveals, adding that she and Josh “always couldn’t wait to be married.” A good night’s sleep did little to change their minds. “I got up the next morning, dolled myself up, he dressed up and we did it.”

So who all was in on the elopement? No one except Josh and Mackenzie! “MTV didn’t know,” Mackenzie says, adding that they “didn’t tell a single soul.”

So why the impulsive rush to the altar? “We just knew we were crazy and madly in love,” Mackenzie says.

Mackenzie McKee and husband Josh elopement details

Mackenzie also spilled the beans on her REAL wedding date, revealing that it was actually June 17 instead of August 17. “It was two months before our big wedding on June 17th, so that’s the anniversary we celebrate,” she says. “It’s a fun and adorable memory we often talk about and look back on.”

Mackenzie wrapped up by pointing out: “I sure love that crazy cowboy.”

Fans of Mackenzie are probably well aware that Mackenzie and Josh have had some serious issues lately, but there seems to be evidence that they are back together. In addition to Mackenzie’s kind words about “loving that crazy cowboy,” she recently tweeted that the two of them have been binge watching Prison Break together:

In addition to working on her relationship, Mackenzie is also working on her body as she prepares for another NPC fitness competition. Here she is showing off the return of her abs after giving birth to her son Broncs (her third child) in August:

Mackenzie McKee abs

In addition to returning to the NPC competition stage, Mackenzie is also releasing her “Body By Mack” fitness regimin — which looks to include workout videos, dietary guides, recipes and more. Meanwhile, I’ve still got a belly full of Egg McMuffin…

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