90 DAY FIANCE Jason Hitch arrested for battery

90 Day Fiance Jason Hitch arrest mug shot photo

It’s beginning to look as though 90 Day Fiance Season 2 couple Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares may be giving Danielle and Mohamed a run for their money drama-wise! We broke the story earlier this month that the two are having difficulties and that Cassia has moved out of their house. It seems things have gotten worse before they got better because Jason was arrested Monday and charged with battery!

According to online records, Jason was booked at 2:51AM Monday morning and was released later that day at 4:00PM after posting a $500 bond. The online records also indicate that Jason is to have no contact with the victim, whom we assume is his wife, Cassia.

The Florida statute that Jason has been charged with violating looks to be a first degree misdemeanor, unless Jason has a previous battery conviction, in which case it is a third degree felony.

Jason hasn’t revealed anything about what happened, but he has tweeted about his arrest. Someone posted his booking photo and wrote “that’s not a very charming mugshot!” Jason responded: “I knew I should have smiled. I look like the dude from Chicago Officer Peterson.” (Jason is referencing Drew Peterson I assume.)

We have reached out to Jason for comment and will update if we get any more information.

UPDATE – Click here for a detailed account of what happened from the official police report, plus we speak with Jason about the altercation, his arrest, and his future (if any) with Cassia.

UPDATE – The battery charge against Jason Hitch has been dropped. Details included in the update link above.

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  • barbinop

    I feel bad for Cassia. She gave up so much for this man. It’s never too late to go home Cassia. You’re young enough to move on. Didn’t look like an ideal living situation.

    • Victoria

      I feel sorry for Nikki. She needs to run from mark

      • barbinop

        That whole “relationship ” was just wrong. He makes my skin crawl. I wonder if “daddy Mark” is still controlling his child bride.

  • Aussie cathie

    Gutless bastard !!!

  • tina

    I’m sure he will sell you his side of the story just like he sells every other story about every other couple. He is a creep who lies accuses people of things and can’t prove it. I hope she runs so far from him

    • tina

      I’m also pretty sure the military career he lies about (discharged years ago) would not take kindly to this but then again one of his many lies unraveling very quickly

  • Che

    Not surpised.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    I’ve always thought he was a creeper.