90 DAY FIANCE: Erika Owens came out to her parents as bisexual and they’re totally chill about it

On Sunday night’s episode ofBefore the 90 Days: Before the 90 Days Australian native Erika Owens was nervous about coming out to her parents, but it turns out she didn’t have anything to worry about. In the episode Erika expresses that while she feels she can tell her parents anything, she still has not come out to them as bisexual. “It is really scary because it’s important to me to able to be who I am 100%, but it’s also important to me that to have my parents in my life and that they accept me, and I’m not really sure how they’re going to react,” Erika explains about her reservations on coming out.

Her parents were initially told that Stephanie and Erika were “just good friends, but when Erika revealed to her parents that Stephanie was there visiting as her partner because Erika was bisexual over dinner, her dad nonchalantly asked if she wanted more fried rice as a bit of a joke to break the ice.

“You don’t care at all?” Erika asks her parents.

Her mom replied, “No, as long as you’re happy.” Her mom has said that she’s always suspected that Erika might be bisexual.

While her dad says he didn’t know, this revelation didn’t phase him a bit. “It’s not a worry to have, as a parent,” her father explains. “It’s just information. That’s all.”

Erika expressed how proud she was of her parents for being welcoming and accepting of her announcement that she’s bisexual.

Stephanie found Erika’s coming out to be touching and beautiful, but worried that coming out to her own parents might be quite a bit different.

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