VIDEO Mariah Brown and Sister Wives protest in Women’s March

Sister Wives daughter Mariah Brown Women's March protest

Just a few weeks after Sister Wives daughter Mariah Brown shocked viewers (and her family) by coming out as gay on the show, the 21-year-old made her first public appearance by participating in the Women’s March this weekend. Also participating in the March were at least two sister wives: Mariah’s mom Meri Brown and Janelle.

In photos from the event, Mariah can be seen holding a large “Love is Love” sign and wearing a Westminster College tee shirt with a rainbow in the background. Here’s a video of Mariah talking about the experience with some of her friends:

“I really wanted to come to the march with some of my family and friends,” Mariah says, “because it’s something that is really important to me, something that is really important to all of them — so it’s really awesome to be here and experience it.”

Mariah then talked about the fact that the march was her first major public appearance since coming out on the show. “Today was kind of interesting because it’s the first time I’ve really been out in public after coming out to the world, and there were some kids there that seemed encouraged by that, and so that was really awesome,” she says.

“People just kept coming up to Mariah and saying how inspirational her story was, and how it touched other people,” Mariah’s friend recounted.

Gay Sister Wives star Mariah Brown and friends protest in the Women's March

Mariah says she has been feeling really discouraged for a few months and that the event helped change that. “I feel so good — like, just pumped!” an obviously joyful Mariah tells the camera. “I felt like I found a renewed sense of energy. I’m excited to keep fighting the good fight.”

Oddly, neither Meri nor Janelle have shared anything about attending the Women’s March on social media. Their husband Kody, however, retweeted a link to their attorney Jonathan Turley’s USA Today article titled “Why I Will Not Be Joining The Protests Against President Donald Trump.”

Sister Wives fans be sure to tune in tonight because TLC is airing the “Sister Wives Tell All Special” at 8/7c!

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  • barbinop

    This whole thing was utterly ridiculous.

    • Molly Hare

      Trump’s election and inauguration? Agreed.

      • Jessica

        And hillarys election and inaguaration would have been any better? This entire campaign and the candidates were disturbing and disgusting. Neither of them are fit for presidency.
        I’m all for the marching for women’s rights however I cringe when people had posters saying they are with Her. Sorry but no, for someone who has a hand in an underage sex trade business, she is not someone I will march for. March for your rights, but not for her.

        • Alisson Leech

          So are you saying Kanye West should have ran for POTUS in 2016 instead of 2020?

          • Shane Carter

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        • TNC

          OMG, you believe the stuff about her and the underage sex business that has proven to be false. I seriously cannot believe there are people that believe that, you should really do some research on that. Let me guess you’re a faithful watcher of Fox News.

          • NancyJoThisIsAlexis

            It was on a Facebook meme, so it MUST be true, right!?

    • Josie

      I totally agree. I would be the majority out there had no idea what they were so angry about and just went for the drama and excitement. I also think Ivanka Trump is the epitome of a modern, successful woman.

      • Kayla126


  • Kayla126

    Mariah’s right, Mary’s eyebrows really are hideous. Just saying

  • NotMyMarch

    Sorry but grown women wearing cat hats, some wearing vagina costumes and then Madonna as a speaker just can’t be taken seriously. Way to make a mockery out of women, the very stuff you are “fighting” against.

    And Hillary is no better. She stood by a man who made a public mockery of their marriage while turning the Oval Office into the oral office. Then, THEN, she attacks the women who accused him of sexual assault. She sure as hell doesn’t represent. If you’re going to have a standard, why not make it a double!