CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST Savannah Chrisley suffers broken vertebrae in car wreck


Chrisley Knows Best star Savannah Chrisley is in recovery following a serious car crash that occurred on Monday.

Savannah explained what happened in a lengthy post to Instagram late Tuesday evening. The 19-year-old said that the accident left her with a broken vertebrae and pain throughout her body.

I can truly say that I now FULLY understand the meaning of this quote…the past couple of days have been some of the toughest days for me. And I truly think that God has made them so difficult because I began straying away from Him and His word…I got in a car accident early Monday morning because my floor mat had gotten stuck behind my pedals so I looked down for a brief second to try and get it out of the way and then I realized that I was headed straight towards the guardrails….

I tried to over correct but it didn’t help. As soon as I hit the guardrail my airbags came out and because of the airbags and seatbelt the injuries weren’t near as bad as they could have been. But what I do remember is going in and out of consciousness screaming for help and cars just continued to pass. It felt like I had been laying there for at least twenty minutes begging for help. And then a man stopped and ran over to me and got the police my way…so thank you to the amazing man that stopped and helped me as everyone else was passing. I have no idea who you are but thank you…I could never repay you for your act of kindness.


Also…to all of you hurtful people that are saying that I deserved it and got what was coming for me…you need Jesus and I’ll help by praying for you. And to all of those who are being supportive…I thank you very much. It means the world. The next month or so I will be recovering from a broken vertebrae which has caused numbness in my hands and fingers and pain all throughout my neck, back, and shoulders. While recovering physically I’m going to take time to recover spiritually and mentally as well. I want to be the best version of myself possible and that will happen. We all make mistakes…all that matters is how we learn and grow from them. I truly believe that God has used this situation to open my eyes to what is truly important in life and to put my focus back on Him in order to live the right life and be unbelievably happy. So right now I just want to say thank you again…love you all.


Savannah’s dad, Todd Chrisley, issued a statement to E! News:

“It’s the worst feeling in the world to get a call late at night while sleeping to hear on the other end that your child has been involved in a serious car accident and that you need to come to the hospital immediately. That’s the call we received this morning about our daughter Savannah. Savannah survived with a fractured vertebrae in her neck and several bruises and burns from the airbags. We have a six-week recovery period and we are all so thankful to the good Lord above for His grace and mercy. Everyone look out for the girl wearing the helmet and riding a tricycle down the highways going forward.”

Savannah has received a massive amount of well wishes on her post, which already has over 100,000 likes since being shared late last night.

ALL IMAGES: Savannah Chrisley / Instagram


  • DeeDeDee

    So God caused a car accident that caused serious injury because he didn’t feel you were giving him enough attention? O.o

    • Victoria

      Allowed it to happen….

      • DeeDeDee

        She said “made.” She said he was making the past week or so of her life difficult, and one of those ways was a car accident. I’m sure it’s just how she worded it, but how odd.

        • BooBooBaby

          I understood what she meant though. She probably didn’t mean to word it that way.

          • Love from Mama Bear.

            God love you dear. I pray you get better and what ever really happened I’m sure you have learnd from it. OX

            • Mama

              Love from a mother, Elliot Lake Ontario Canada.

  • cali

    Isn’t this like her 3rd car accident? She’s so reckless I remember she drove her car into a ditch sometime last year.

    • pmo

      AT LEAST I thought it was more like five.

    • BooBooBaby

      I thought that was just Faked for the Reality Show…..didn’t
      Todd Christley admit that their Reality Show was Scripted….and he helps write it!

  • Che

    Todd said she was a terrible driver. Didn’t ahe have an accident once with a parked car?

  • BooBooBaby

    Godbless her and her family!
    I am so happy she will be okay!

    And Shame on those Disgusting Jealous Haters…..they’re just miserable people!

  • Whytee5522

    Sounds to me like she was texting and blamed it on her floor mat getting stuck.

    • Zavia Holliman

      ?? ok