CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST Chloe’s mom Angela Johnson arrested for medicaid fruad

Todd Chrisley granddaughter Chloe's mom Angela Johnson

The legal issues continue for the Chrisley family from the USA reality series Chrisley Knows Best. Early last month, Todd Chrisley’s estranged sister-in-law Pamela Chrisley was jailed for allegedly blackmailing the Chrisley clan, and now the mother of Todd’s grandchild Chloe, Angela Johnson, is behind bars for reportedly defrauding Medicaid!

As a brief refresher, Todd Chrisley’s son Kyle Chrisley and Angela Johnson share a three-year-old daughter named Chloe. Due in part to some legal issues between Kyle and Angela, including an alleged assault, Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley now have primary custody of Chloe, and she is featured prominently on the show.

Todd and Julie’s primary custody comes into play with Angela’s arrest because, according to The Real Mr. Housewife, Angela has been claiming Chloe as a dependent and “now owes Medicaid $20,000!”

Chloe Chrisley's mom Angela Johnson arrest 2016 mug shot

According to online records, Angela Johnson (mug shot photo above) was arrested this morning in Anderson County, South Carolina, and faces charges of “false application for Medicaid assistance.” TRMH adds that “Johnson also was claiming Chloe as a dependent to get food stamps, but entered into a plea bargain with that department.”

Judging from her social media accounts, Angela has maintained what seems to be a very positive relationship with the Chrisley family over the last couple years. In addition, she often shares photos with Chloe, so clearly she is able to see her often.

According to her Twitter account, Angela is currently working towards becoming a nurse. Also, last July she tweeted that she planned to get married in April of 2016. It’s unclear what happened to those plans, or if she is still engaged.

The Real Mr. Housewife reached out to the Chrisleys about Angela’s arrest, and here’s their response: “We have no knowledge of this and it doesn’t affect us personally.”

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