90 DAY FIANCE Amy and Danny Frishmuth expecting 2nd child

90 Day Fiance Amy and Danny Frishmuth 2016

It looks like we’re playing bad news/good news with the cast of 90 Day Fiance today. Fresh on the heels of finding out Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares are potentially splitting up, we have some joyful news to share, in that Season 2 sweethearts Amy and Danny Frishmuth are expecting another child together!

Amy made the public announcement moments ago on Instagram in the form of a lemon photo, and explained that her “baby is as big as a lemon!”

Amy added in the caption that she is currently 13 weeks pregnant. “2017 is already a blessed one,” she gushed. “Can’t wait to meet this little lemon ? #babynumber2 #familyof4 #unlessitstwins #fulltimemom #couldntbehappier”

The pregnancy news comes more than a year and a half after the couple announced they were expecting their first child together back in May of 2015. Amy gave birth to son Jedidiah on June 27.

Congratulations to Danny and Amy, who were a HUGE fan favorite because of how obviously smitten they were with each other. It’s so great that their fairy tale romance is playing out with an extended happy ending! 🙂

We will wrap up this post with a photo of little Jedidiah, who is not that little any more! Here he is in a photo posted just two days ago:

90 Day Fiance Danny and Amy Frishmuth's son Jedidiah recent photo

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  • Che

    Awww. Did they move to south Africa or are they still state side?

  • barbinop

    Congratulations !! That is one adorable little boy.

  • HLB

    Adorbs! what a cute kid. Now time for Act 2.

  • I liked them, they’re so sweet. And that kid is just too cute!

  • Hyacinth

    Awww! Congrats! I really liked them.

  • FYO

    They seem like good people and a nice young couple. Maybe they’ll wind up with a special or something so their fans can get more of them, and they can get some extra income that would surely help with a new baby on the way.

  • anjealka

    Aren’t they in a similar faith to the Duggars? or at least met at a conference or program that holds the same values. I really liked them but lets hope they aren’t going for 19 kids!

  • Mrs.K

    Time for Danny to live a few years in South Africa too. He will easily adjust and their children will love it there.