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I LOVE A MAMA’S BOY Bryan invited his mom Jayne on his honeymoon without his wife’s knowledge

Tracy (30) her fiancé Bryan Van Carter (29) from Season 2 of I Love a Moma’s Boy live in Miami, Florida. They met in college when he was a basketball player and she was a cheerleader. They’ve been together for 10 years and are finally getting married. What Tracy doesn’t know, however, is that Bryan has invited his mom Jayne on their honeymoon. This storyline seems scripted for the show, but they are playing on some underlying triggers for the trio.

I LOVE A MAMA’S BOY Mom Kelly reads a sexual poem to her son and future daughter-in-law

TLC I Love a Mama’s Boy is a show about the relationship triangle that arises when a man’s mother is the third wheel in his romantic partnership. Kim and Matt are a returning couple from last season. They have been dating for four years and have been engaged for six months. Kim didn’t realize what a strong connection Matt had with his mother Kelly until they had to move in with her a couple of years ago because their apartment burned down. Now, Kelly’s constant presence in every moment of their life is driving Kim up the wall.