SISTER WIVES Is Mykelti Brown rushing to wed because of a chaste courtship?


Last night’s double shot of Sister Wives on TLC continued to follow the story line of 19-year-old Mykelti Brown’s rush to marry her boyfriend Tony Padron.

Family patriarch Kody Brown, as well as Mykelti’s birth mom Christine Brown, live tweeted the episodes, sharing their own eagerness to hopefully at least postpone the wedding date.

During “Kody Takes Responsibility,” the super-busy dad rolled out with Bluetooth in ear to chat up Tony about the prospects of possibly delaying the wedding from at least August until December. “I’d love to have you wait until spring, but I feel like a good compromise would be December because I think Mykelti would make a grand December bride,” he explained.


Kody then discussed the topic of the pair’s chastity with Tony: “Listen man….You’ve waited 21 years to have sex. You can handle another six months, right?”

In an interview segment, Kody explained:

It’s like the big pink elephant in the room. Why would you get married so fast instead of taking time to do it? It’s because they’re having a chaste courtship. You know it’s not easy, you start to twitch.


Kody further clarified his position:

All the problems in marriage are because the people who are getting into a marriage aren’t making all the negotiations with each other before they get married, or, better yet, before they have sex.

Here are Kody’s live tweets about the topic:

Interestingly enough, Kody’s first wife Meri revealed during the episode that she and Kody only dated for two months before getting engaged!

In “He Pops the Question,” Tony sealed the will-you-marry-me deal with a romantic hike proposal. Kody, Christine, and Jenelle all weighed in with their support of Tony and their enjoyment over watching the important ask for the first time right along with all the show’s viewers:

While Tony did forget to pack a lunch, he did remember the ring and a special poem he wrote. Oh–and Mykelti said yes!


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  • LoLo

    I haven’t watched last nights episode yet but I don’t know what I am more creeped out about. Is it Tony & his snot filled voice, the fact that he suggested Christine to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for the wedding or Kody’s obsession with his children’s sex lives? I don’t recall him saying to Madison & her fiance that they better not have sex until marriage. I know he has instilled that in all of them but he seems overly pushy about it towards Mykelti & Tony. Then both him & Christine keep saying “we don’t know Tony” over & over & over. How do they expect to know him, they don’t live in the same state. I’m not saying I agree with the rush engagement & marriage & I know they say Mykelti rushes things but she shouldn’t be treated so differently than Madison. I mean how well did they really know her fiance? They knew his brother but only met him a few times. To me it all really boiled down to money. They should have stopped all the BS & said flatly, I cannot afford to pay for your wedding so quickly after Madison’s. If you want to get married & not wait, it’s on your dime. Period.

    • lisofby

      they probably been doing it ages….. or yeah, “chaste courtship” is gonna push two horny peeps to early marriage… unfortunately… kody talking about the twitching is sickening..he could go screw poor Christine or some one else if he got hot for Robin and Jangle for Christine, Meri for Janelle…so he hasn’t dealt with the since Meri, if at all. talking about that’s only the gift he gave mere if anyone…and then spoilt it by soiling the bed sheets with 3 other women..crazy sh*t!

  • barbinop

    Not a good match and Christine and Kody know it but what reAlly can they do? The kids could elope. He’s not going to be able to provide.

    • lisofby

      i hope it will turn out barb. he might be a nice guy, but not very sexy!!!!

  • Jojo

    Does Kody even know what a “pink elephant” is in reference to? As opposed to just a plain ole “elephant in the room”…?

    Pink elephants are typically used to signify alcohol impairment, ala someone’s 21st bday cake having pink elephants on it. An elephant in the room is skirting the obvious.

    Unless he’s being gross and saying greasy creeper wants to get up into mykeltis pink elephant asap. *pukes*

    *pukes and dies*

    • lisofby

      i didn’t realise that Jojo! thank you! hope he wasn’t referring to body parts, just the fact if ppl are getting married..chances are they’re horny. that’s normal. he thinks it’s ok to f8ck 4 women.. hypocrite!!