VIDEO We’ve all been this girl getting fired by Farrah Abraham


We feel your pain Kiana.

This week’s previews for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom include a brutal exchange between Farrah Abraham and her (former) employee at Froco. Farrah strolls into the back and asks a girl named Kiana to come sit outside so they can discuss in public the issues she’s been having trying to do her job at Farrah’s frozen yogurt establishment.

Here’s the whole thing as Farrah fires Kiana while managing to never remove those wacky spiral shades:


Farrah: Alright. Let’s talk really quick… Okay, so Friday night what had happened there?

Kiana: I just couldn’t get the part that was still hot yogurt in it on. I just got super frustrated.

Farrah: You need to be more in touch with yourself to know, “Hey, is this something I’m going to get frustrated with? Can I do this?” You have to be allowing to open up yourself to be like, “How can I do this different because what I’m trying is not working?” Even like with the can opener you’re like, “Oh, I can’t get this done.” Like, Kiana, how am I supposed to have a manager here who cannot simply open things, clean up after themselves, figure things out. I can’t have that.

Kiana: I’ve never been mistreated like this. Like, I’ve always…

Farrah: Mistreated? By me?

Kiana: Yeah, like I…

Farrah: Okay. So if I’m being mistreated to you.

Kiana: I just feel like you’re telling me it’s all my fault…

Farrah: No. I didn’t.


Kiana: You showed me one time how to clean the machine. You didn’t give me an opportunity to…

Farrah: Fine, Then don’t clean up.

Kiana: I just feel like you’re passing blame onto me…

Farrah: There’s no blame. There’s no blame.

Kiana: But you’re sitting here…


Farrah: You can blame me. It’s my fault. Let me tell you what, it’s my fault and you should not have worked here so you can blame that… I think it’s best that you put your uniform in the office, you will receive your pay for tomorrow. I’m severancing the relationship because it feels like there’s not an open-mindedness and I don’t need to argue…

Kiana: Ok, you’re saying we don’t need to argue but you’re the one sitting…

Farrah: Ok, I’m done. Ok?

Kiana: I’m done too.


Man… Perhaps Farrah had some legit beefs here but this sure didn’t seem like the best way to go about canning Kiana. All I can tell you Kiana is that just about all of us have been there. We’ve come across the wrong job at the wrong time working for the wrong person and it can really be frustrating. It gets better. I promise.

UPDATE: Farrah let us know she has no regrets about her managerial decision:

Let’s hope Sophia is a little more understanding when she goes about firing folks from her clothing boutique.

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  • Che

    Did/does farrah have a learning disorder ? Because most of time she doesn’t make sense.

    • YourMom

      She’s just stupid. Severancing??? ??? I think she meant severing. Gosh, I think I would fire myself if I worked for her! Actually, I wouldn’t work for that
      bit€h to begin with! At least this girl kinda dished it back to her. She didn’t cower to the goddess Farrah.

      • TA

        She’s one of those people that tries to use big words to sound more intelligent, yet she has the education of a 7th grade student.
        When she was giving the interview about expanding the business internationally… In NYC and California.
        I just LOVE traveling out of the country to NYC and Cali! ?

        • janet FP

          Hahahaha! Such a Ding Dong! She needs to spend money on classes instead of buying boobs and lip injections!!

      • jmejo

        Stupid, what about the time at the beach and she made the comment about water being heavier than gravity…she’s such a dumbass “B”, rude and ugly. And her parents just hang around watching it for the money. There’s not enough money in the world for me to do that

    • CJ

      I know right? She’s “severancing” the relationship? LOL

      • Elle

        I almost fell off the couch when she said “severancing”!

    • bambiglanville

      Like? Like like like!!! Farrah honestly needs to drop that word from her uneducated vocabulary.

  • Jen

    Im sick and tired of Farrah all she does is complain it makes me sick when she goes off on her mom when shes being nothing but nice, move on farrah alot of ppl have been thru stuff but don’t act like you. Get on some biopolar meds and hopefully you will feel better soon!!

  • shebee

    Farrah is an idiot who wants to feel important. The only way to do it is to
    be the boss. She sounds so ignorant. I feel sorry for anyone who deals with this moron.

  • abcayemich

    OMG. There are no words…..

  • Ashley

    Seriously, what is up with the glasses?

    • Nedly Mandingo IV

      I know, they look terrible. Who wants to get rung out by a cashier wearing glasses that look like they are trying to hypnotize you?

      • Guest

        Reminds me of Ryan’s eyes.

    • jmejo

      Another way for her to control

  • Sonja Rutledge

    She has no business running a business

    • Brittnay_Matthews

      She has no business even breathing.

  • TA

    Farrah is going to find herself in several wrongful termination lawsuits.
    I cannot believe the other girl took the job after what Farrah asked at her interview.
    You BY LAW cannot ask people if they have children, how old they are, where they live and who they live with!

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      I was told that too by my mom when I told her a manager asked me during an interview if I had kids

      • TA

        Completely illegal. I work in HR, and have done my fair share over the years of hiring and interviews. I cannot even ask someone what their gender is, if I were to be unsure. When I call a previous employer reference, I can only ask their dates of employment, if the individual would be eligeable to rehire.
        The laws are incredibly strict.

        • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

          I didn’t know that it was an illegal question, otherwise I wouldn’t have answered it but it was too late by then. When my mom found out she was pissed because she said that it totally illegal. She’s no lawyer but you would think she was lol. She knows the laws on everything illegal

    • jmejo

      I can only hope so she can go in front of a judge and tell him a thing or two. Can see it now, let her spend a couple of nights in jail. Hehe

      • NJJuls

        Oh I would LOVE to sit in a courtroom & watch her try to talk to a judge about that. Problem is I would probably burst out laughing at how stupid she sounds & get kicked out! LOL!

        • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

          Me and you both. We’d be snickering the whole time, especially when she is held in contempt for showing up in a see through blazer and no bra with her wonky bolt ons staring at everyone.

          • NJJuls

            LOL! Exactly!

      • kiki

        Oh I can totally see her trying to get smart mouth with a judge and being held in contempt. And then probably trying to explain the law to the judge. And she probably won’t even use an attorney since she knows everything.

    • Scarlett

      I thought the exact same thing! Those questions were completely illegal – not to mention SO inappropriate.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    I’m still trying to understand why anyone would want to work for that narcissistic b to begin with and that brown nosing douchey mother of hers.

    • Guest

      I know, right? Maybe she never watched the show.

  • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

    “Im severancing the relationship” ????????????????????????????

    This bitch speaks like English is her 5th language, I swear.

  • Guest

    Did that poor girl sell her story yet?

  • Lily

    I can’t wait for the meltdown when this business inevitably fails.

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Me too ?. She’ll blame My-Cul saying he wasn’t a good enough bobaaroba (or whatever)

  • Bree

    She needs an HR manager so bad.
    She’s going to get sued real quick.
    Even her interview questions about age and kids were so out of line. As a manager with hiring/firing power I was cringing when I watched that and this.

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      You know what, Im starting to wonder if Boobraham is trolling us. Think about it, the first year of TM she was pretty normal and lead a normal life. You don’t go from being a good mom, making an honest living, and wanting a family for your baby to being a trashy porn star and crazy sex worker. I think she figured that if she did a sex tape she would be Kim K famous. Think about it, her trash started the second TM ended in 2012-2013. I think someone got into Boob’s ear and told her that the crazier she acts, the more money she makes. I think this is an act. No way someone normal turns into this overnight. She is the most hated reality star since Heidi and Spencer. A few years ago they both admitted their antics were done on purpose to play up for the cameras and now they both regret it because that image left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth

      • Guest

        And have you noticed how Debra tries to talk like Kris Jenner? So ridiculous.

      • HLB

        I do feel she has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth…. & elsewhere. GAG

  • Rice

    Farrah is just plain stupid AND UGLY inside and out! She can’t use her words correctly (her favorite Negativity used improperly ) the way she treats her family and the unfortunate child. I would have smacked her everyday! No guy wants her. Imagine listening to that all day! Yikes! I love how she thinks Derek and her would have been married! Only way to get away was his death.

  • Pattipandi

    Those glasses. Why? Just no. What a clown.

  • Kelly

    There is no purpose for Farrah. She’s a waste of human life. She’s the true definition of c*nt

  • Drbzy

    Gosh I can’t wait for the lawsuits to come rolling in. I want somebody to take this case on pro bono.

  • ashley

    Farrah needs to be put in a mental hospital. Shes crazy. How the hell was she even able to open a buisness. She just acts like she so right all the time when shes an utter dumbass. Shes a bitch to every one that wants to help her. If I where her parents id never talk to her again. I cant believe she even has friends. Id love to help her with that attitude ajustment she needs.

    • HLB

      She had a “friend” come to her bday party in MIA but who knows if the gal paid her own way… Many folks would take an expense paid trip for the free travel/fun/party deal. The only other “friend” Feral has been seen w/lately was some
      broad w/gigantic canteloupe sized breasts that seemed to be from the porn industry & could also be a paid plant.

  • Scarlett

    I guess the allure of being on TV is mighty strong – why else would Farrah’s parents take such abuse? Did anyone notice Sophia asleep in the restaurant? Good job, mother/grandparents of the year!

  • Lucy Iowa

    Farrah should be sued you can’t ask someone if they have children etc, and you can’t just fire some I don’t think either there need prior warning if she thinks it is easy she should do it. don’t clean them not a solution and those can opener at a food place aren’t those electric kind they are big industrial kind and are not easy to use. Let’s hope her businesses partner splits from her cause She did start this business she invested with someone

  • HLB

    “ok so if Im being mistreated to you”….WTF?

  • AshleyBlack

    She didn’t even let the girl finish her sentences. A GOOD boss hears out what her employer has to say, not just “oh you’re wrong. Goodbye”.

    • BeedleBard

      Farrah wasn’t wrong to fire her. The girl couldn’t figure out how to work an electric can opener and instead of listening when Farrah tried talking to her( I know it may have been hard to understand) about how she needed to step up she tried to shift the blame. At the end of the day Farrah told her she didn’t need to clean the machine because the girl was overwhelmed watching Farrah clean it but she insisted she knew how and could do it the called her crying in the middle of the night. It’s hilarious that she tried to say she was mistreated because she never had to clean up after herself before. It’s even crazier that she thought what she said made it any better.

  • Its TRULY sad!! Before Farrah can even think about being a business woman, she needs to learn RESPECT, and MORALS! She is never going to keep people employed the way she treats others. She will find that out that hard way when people are leaving left and right! But she doesn’t see it as her fault.. she is the most RUDE condescending person I have ever seen in my life! She has no idea how to be a HUMAN never mind a business owner! not to mention all the violations with her employees not wearing gloves or hair nets cutting up food… LOL farrah only wishes she knew how to run a business! Maybe someday someone will put her in her place once and for all – wish we could all watch the show!

  • Brittnay_Matthews

    Low IQ + No Education = Horse Faced Porno Pig

  • Elle

    Why would ANYONE choose to get a job with Fakerah? I just don’t get it! She is sitting there trying to be authoritative in those hilariously ugly glasses!??
    Sophia is already her mini monster! I can’t stand that kid.

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    Farrah is a terrible business woman who is so full of herself that she is probably constipated from her furry tail all the way up to her piss ant size brain. She takes being stupid to a level which makes her a full blown certifiable idiot. How about her glasses? They really show how her brain functions. Swirly Whacky Farrah

  • Colleenl Gressler

    What a freaking ignorant idiot!!

  • Cmon

    I’m sure Farrah is terrible to work for, but that girl clearly applied for the job to get her 15 minutes and seemed to purposely be overdramatic and playing to the cameras to make sure she made it into the episode.

  • Zee

    Poor girl. I hate to see anyone lose their job unless they’re a danger to their co-workers in some way.