VIDEOS Teen Mom OG Being Butch Baltierra special to air on MTV July 18

Being Butch Baltierra MTV Teen Mom OG special

Fresh on the heels of their Teen Mom 2 grandparent spin-off Being Barbara, MTV will be airing a similar one-hour special for Teen Mom OG‘s most colorful OGranddad, Tyler’s father Butch Baltierra!

As you probably guessed, the special will be titled Being Butch, and judging from the preview clips posted by MTV, the special will focus on Butch’s sobriety and his history of addiction, his relationship with Tyler, and his relationship with new woman in his life! Here are the clips with MTV’s descriptions:

Is Butch ready to get married again?
Meet Butch’s new girlfriend.

Butch denies his addiction
Butch has trouble owning up to his addiction

Butch and Tyler’s emotional therapy session
Tyler and Butch re-live a difficult therapy session together

Of course, it doesn’t appear that everyone is excited about the special as we are. Butch’s ex, and Catelynn’s mom, April Brockmiller seemed to be shaking her head a bit with her response on Twitter:

Being Butch airs Monday, July 18 at 9/8c on MTV.

To our credit, we called this show more than two years ago, when the original Teen Mom had been on hiatus and Butch was still behind bars:

How could we know then the complete transformation Butch was going through?!

In case you missed it, this is the second time Butch has joined Babs in a project separate from Teen Mom OG. The two Original Grandparents were given their own separate web series talking about a wide range of pop culture topics — which of course included Farrah Abraham. Click here to check out Butch Breaks It Down.

Given that Butch has a girlfriend, I guess that means we can forgive MTV for not giving Butch the Babs treatment with his own romance web series A Bae For Butch

A Bae For Butch

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