Prosecutor says 911 operator hung up on hundreds of calls


Crenshanda Williams, a former 911 operator from Houston, Texas, is alleged to have deliberately hung up on hundreds of calls.

The 43-year-old appeared in court today on two misdemeanor charges of interfering with an emergency call. According to court documents, Williams told police that she hung up on people because “she did not want to talk to anyone at that time.” In one brief conversation Williams can be heard proclaiming “ain’t nobody got time for this” while hanging up on a caller.

An investigation was launched after supervisors realized there was an alarming amount of calls on her log that lasted under 20 seconds.

The Houston Chronicle reports that prosecutor Claire Morneau stated that investigators have already identified approximately 825 calls in which Williams hung up and the same person called back within 5 minutes.  “Since the case has been filed more people have called and of course we will be following up with those individuals,” Morneau added.

For one of the two instances in which Williams currently a charge, she hung up on a man reporting an armed robbery at a convenience store. On the first dial Williams immediately hung up. When the man called back she was informed that there was an armed robbery and she merely sighed before hanging up again. On his 3rd call he got someone else and was able to report the crime.

When officers finally arrived a store manager, a father of four, had died from gunshot wounds.

If Williams gets convicted, she will face up to a year for each charge.

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  • Wtf

    Wow. She should be charged with assisting in manslaughter if an innocent man died because she was too inconvenienced to respond. That’s absolutely disgusting.

    • Manchester

      She claims that she didn’t want to speak to anyone at that time. Okay so stay home that day and ummm, what about those 800+ call’s that she hung up on? What’s her excuse?
      A father of four died. She needs more than just a year in prison for those 2 misdemeanor charges.

  • Che

    She deserves to be in prison for more than 2 years. They should charge her for each call she hung up on.

  • Josie

    I wonder if a 9-1-1 dispatcher will require segregation for protection like an incarcerated police officer would.

    • Che

      I don’t think so. She might require protection for being a sh itty human .

  • Courtney

    This woman is disgusting! Hanging up on people who are in dire need of help all because she didn’t want to be bothered! She deserves way more than 2 years and needs to be charged for letting that man die. How did her coworkers not pick up on her attitude towards her job? 825 calls of people who needed help and that’s only the beginning. Throw her away!

    • Brifly79

      Everyone is going to criticize me for this but the truth isn’t always pleasant. She is just a typical lazy dindu & this is affirmative action at work which we see all the time. How often in our daily lives do we have to deal with a black woman with a horrible attitude that is in some sort of customer service position? It’s constant, it’s everywhere we look & affirmative action is to blame. Do you think that all these women the are 911 operators, DMV employees & countless other government jobs dealing with the public because they are so qualified? Because they are so helpful by nature? Because they were so impressive during their job interview ? Of course not they hire them because they are forced to hire these Mondays. No that’s not a typo the new name for them is Mondays. Why are they called Mondays? Because everyone hates Mondays. To answer your question as to how did her employees not notice her attitude & behaviors they were well aware of it. Who do you think she was talking to when she said “ain’t nobody got time for this for real”? Crenshanda was talking to Harlemeisha, Comptoniania, Fried Chickeneisha, Watermelondrea & her other affirmative action coworkers . Why did she think it was ok to say that to her coworkers? Because I guarantee many of them have the same nasty attitude & I would be surprised if they also hung up on callers. Im sure Crenshanda just did it far more than the others. Who names their child Crenshanda? There is a road named Crenshaw Blvd it is the most notorious road in Compton. In case you are not aware Compton is one of the most dangerous black neighborhoods in the USA which is no easy feat. In case anyone is not fimilar with the word “dindu” it is a new name for black people. It comes from the many interviews we have heard from black mothers after their little angel gets killed by the cops. The interview is always the same ” Jamal ain’t never had no gun he was a good boy he dindu nuffin” translation he didn’t do nothing.

  • vintagecheerwine

    How evil !

  • SammyG

    She should be charged in someway for that poor man dying. She needs a looonnngg prison sentence. His wife and 4 kids have a life sentence without their husband & father. She should be punished accordingly. And god knows how many others suffered due to this despicable womans attitude and lack of humanity.

  • YourMom

    Why would you take a job answering phones if you didn’t want to talk!?!?!?!?! Moron! And she should def be held accountable in some way for that man’s death!! You know damn well if it were her husband & he had died, her ass would be wanting to collect a fat payday!

  • Lisa

    As a long time 911 Dispatcher, I’ve never deliberately hung up on people, but have I felt like it? Every. Damn. Day. The amount of people calling 911 for things that are not true emergencies is astronomical, and can be infuriating. That said, she deserves to be fired and charged.

    • Bruja

      Thanks for doing the job you do. :-)

      I can totally see how that might be the case. We all see the stories about asshats calling 911 because they didn’t get their fast food made to their liking.. or the idiot who thinks a kid running across their perfectly manicured lawn requires SWAT teams to respond to take the trespasser out once and for all.

      People who abuse the system should be fined IMO, because this lady shows just how fed up some who do this job can become.

      However, no matter her excuses, she should fired, and charged and placed behind bars for what she’s done because there is just no excuse for treating over 800 calls like the boy who cried wolf. Flagging abusive numbers? Not sure if such a thing is possible, but this lady lost her mind.

    • You Ain’t No Sanjaya

      I imagine that this is one of the most stressful jobs there are, and I don’t doubt on some level, she just snapped.

      I am more horrified that none of her supervisors noticed for so long. Sounds like she walked around on the VERGE for 2 years or more.

    • Brifly79

      Lisa thank you so much for taking on such a stressful & challenging but extremely important job & thank you for taking your job so seriously. I have an odd question but I’m very curious. Approximately how many black women do you work with out of how many total 911 operators? Again thank you so much for taking on such an important job & for doing it to the best of your ability.

  • Mrs. Peaches

    She need to spend the rest of her natural life UNDER THE JAIL!!!! ive had to dial 911 plenty of times for my sick dad before he passed away and i cant imagine someone hanging up on me when i needed help for him! i hope she gets convicted! why have that type of damn job if your heart isnt in it!!!! you there to protect and serve the people! im FLAMING MAD at this story!!!!

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    I wonder if she can be made to understand that she is no better than a Nazi handing out towels at Auschwitz. I doubt it. This woman is the product of false pride and false empowerment. Her privilege is so above everyone else that they can literally die before her feet and not rate a glance.

    What’s really disgusting is that it took so long to deal with this. It had to be obvious. It should not have taken outside software observers to catch this. Which means she was somehow enabled. To what end?

    Perhaps a closer audit is in order. It might reveal that she hung up only on people who didn’t “sound black”. It could be she’s the worst example of black racism in the nation (currently).

    Oh but then, “blacks can’t be racists” is the claim these days. Of course it’s a preposterous lie, but why should that stop them from embracing it? After all, it’s a consequence-free pass to hate everyone who isn’t black.

    And just look at the amazing traction they have gotten by telling lies about thugs getting killed by cops.

    • Charla

      You have an unhealthy obsession with black people and racist thoughts. All of your comments are in reference to blacks. Why are blacks always on your mind? Give it a break. Most people like you wouldn’t dare say anything racial to a black person, but you’re always bold behind a screen. 🤔

      • Sheik Yerbouti

        Why do you say this “Most people like you wouldn’t dare say anything racial to a black person, but you’re always bold behind a screen.” ??

        Are you trying to suggest that blacks can be driven to violence with mere words. Like they lack self control? Save it sistah, I went to a predominantly black high school and got to see it all in living color. As an American of Lebanese heritage I have caught bigotry from blacks and whites in the US. Blacks are the most blatant bigots and racists in America.

        But they hide behind this “blacks can’t be racists” bullshiit that only a child would believe. Besides, do you know any blacks who can go a day without dragging race into the conversation? Of course not.

        • Charla

          What I’m saying is, people are much more bold on the Internet. It’s weird that people talk so much mess on the net, but I never meet these people in person. And FYI, I’m not your “sista” nor am I violent. I’m just pointing out cowards.

          • Sheik Yerbouti

            We have lots of cowards running about these days. A lot of them like to attack people by forming into gangs and beating them 3 to 9 on 1. People they don’t know. They attack them in large groups because the victims have the audacity to “be white”. In order to ensure a “victory” these gangs of proud young black “men” go around beating up elderly and disabled white people.

            Can you imagine the reaction if white guys went around beating up elderly blacks? But you won’t find much if any of that will you now? Of course not. That’s because “it’s a black thang, you wouldn’t understand it”, right? You want to call me out when you know nothing about me or what experience I have had. Black Americans aren’t complicated, they’re very simple actually.

            • Charla

              Oh gosh, you’re one of those people who think white people dont commit crime. Lol Look at the news honey, white people attack others, as well. A criminal is a criminal, no matter the race. There’s white kids in the south doing the knockout game. There were a group of white kids in the south who ran over a black man walking down the street. Two white guys just kidnapped and r aped a police officer. Etc etc. Racists minds conveniently allow them to overlook facts.

              • Sheik Yerbouti

                Yea, here we go, trying to push words onto me that I never came close to saying. I have watched as the white molehill is enhanced while the black mountain is ignored just as you have.

                You want a real eye opener? Look at the rape stats. You already know probably that black men rape about 70,000 white women a year. Know how many black women are raped by white men? Nearly none.

                Why IS that?

                Can you answer without dredging up slavery or some other crap from decades ago? I doubt it. See, I’m talking about who the biggest asssholes are TODAY, and that is black Americans. And they still wonder why nobody wants to be around them.

              • Brifly79

                Sheik is absolutely correct. First off the mainstream media is not even close to an unbiased source. Let me let you in on a little secret numbers don’t lie. With that in mind you should check out the FBI crime stats & you will see nobody even comes close to black people. Black on white rape is absolutely out of control but look at white on black rape. Year after year the number says something to the effect of “sample too small to compare”. Do you know the #1 cause of death for black males age 14-37 years old is another black male. In other words they are murdered by another black man. Just think about that for a minute. Do you know that no other group even comes remotely close to that? Even worse than that is the #3 cause of death for blacks age 0-4 years is……that’s right you guessed it a black male. I love that argument that you guys say that “well white people commit crimes too”. Yes that’s true white people commit crimes too but when you point to a few nearly isolated incidents you fail miserably at proving your point. Especially when you consider that these crimes rarely committed by whites are committed by blacks on a daily basis. I also hear people say stupid things like “my cousin lives in Virginia & there is a white neighborhood where nobody works, everyone drops out of high school, most girls are pregnant by 16, everyone is constantly in & out of jail”. Yes that is true that there are white neighborhoods like this do exist but they are extremely rare. On the other hand that is the description of every single black neighborhood. I have never even heard of one decent black neighborhood not one. It doesn’t matter where you are talking about if. It doesn’t matter if it’s a street, a neighborhood , a city or an entire country. If black people are there it’s a crime ridden, drug infested dump that old ladies can’t walk down the street safely. It’s amazing how there are certain things someone can mention & 100% you know that’s where black people live. For example if you tell me that you looked up at a telephone pole & saw a shot spotter (they detect gunshots ) that means they were in a black neighborhood. If you tell me you went to a high school & there were metal detectors you were in a black school. If & when you reply if you want more examples let me know I’m sure I can come up with plenty more. My favorite argument/defense I hear from blacks & stupid liberals is that there are just as many white people in prison as there are blacks. They also say there are just as many white people on welfare as there are blacks. I can’t argue with this fact as I said before numbers don’t lie but here is the problem for you guys with that argument. Whites makes up roughly 56% of the population in the United States while blacks make up 12%. This means that there are just about 5 times the amount of white people in this country as there are blacks. So if there are just as many whites in jail & on welfare as there are blacks what does that tell you? That’s right it means blacks are 5 times more likely to be on welfare or get sent to prison. I could go on & on but I’m about to get off the train & head into work. Have a nice day.

  • You Ain’t No Sanjaya

    How did this go on for so long?

  • MileHigh

    Give her 10 years in prison.

  • Drbzy

    Wow. What a literal pile of garbage. I’ve had to call 911 to report a traffic bad traffic accident that i witnessed. When I got connected with an operator she told me to “Hang up and call again” because she “couldn’t hear” me! Then she hung up on me! Wth!

  • Elle

    I agree. She needs to be in prison for many, many years. She has one of those “I ain’t got time for this” faces. I wouldn’t want to talk to someone with an attitude. It’s 911. A lot of technology. We need to weed people out like this. It shouldn’t have taken 825 calls to realize there was a problem!

  • Aaron

    THE @@@@, She deserves more then a couple of years of jail, Also, its her fault that man died, He could of survived if she didnt hang out, i feel like this should some type of Murder charge, or the fact that it is her fault, also what about all those other calls? Some bad stuff could of happen @_@