Andy Cohen mistakenly tweets Real Housewives presidential political leanings


Even the Real Housewives are a divided house this election cycle!

Bravo executive Andy Cohen accidentally tweeted out which Real Housewives casts are for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Cohen appeared to have mistakenly posted an intended direct message regarding the political affiliations. Here’s a screen grab of the since deleted tweets:


Cohen wrote that he believes all of the Real Housewives of Orange County are for Donald Trump as well as the Real Housewives of New Jersey. He stated that all of the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the Real Housewives of New York are for Hillary Clinton. He added that “most” of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are for Hillary.

The host of Watch What Happens Live has made no secret of his distaste for Donald Trump. Here’s just a few examples of his impassioned tweets:

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  • Media Bias

    I wonder how Andy Cohen feels after reading her leaked emails that said she doesn’t believe in gay marriage and that they try to skirt the issue? That you would think would make him think twice about her.

    “Previously Sec. Clinton has been ambiguous, to my knowledge, on whether she believes same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marriage,” Geidner wrote. “Does Sec. Clinton believe states can ban same-sex couples from marrying, or does she believe such bans are unconstitutional?”

    I’m not saying double down or ever say [she opposed marriage equality] again. I’m just saying that she’s not going to want to say she was wrong about that, given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times. Better to reiterate evolution, opposition to DOMA when court considered it, and forward looking stance.

    she was also for DOMA

    She flopped her position as soon as she realized that the country or more or less Dems were supporting LGBT


    • Andy Cohen

      Your arguments are no longer relevant. I’m happily voting for Hillary Clinton and look forward to her as the next President of the United States.

      • Tone

        Well said Andy.

    • England

      So you’d rather have a president that attacks women and openly admits he sexually assaults them and that’s ok? – racist, misogynist, bigoted, tax evading…..need I go on? If the USA votes Trump in, America will fall down and the rest of the world will laugh at you all for being so idiotic. In no world is Trump a legitimate candidate. You all look stupid already even having him as an option!

      • YourMom

        Yes. I most certainly would. America will fall down???? How much further can we go??? Obama has pretty much sunk us! Hillary would finish us off. We’ll be a communist nation. No rights. Hmmm. Sound familiar?

    • Tone

      STHU! You sound like a jackass

    • TinaTina

      How about accepting money from the Saudi’s? How does that country feel about homosexuals ? It’s horrible but completely accepted there

    • Thisguyyy47

      #nevertrump… Between the 2, I’ll vote Clinton. My stance politically is usually republican but in my opinion she’s the best choice. If Trump would chill with the racism, homophobia, and sexism, maybe he’d have a chance.

    • kathy

      Like all people, her positions change over time. Obama was not for gay marriage when he was first in the Whitehouse but changed his view on it. Plus, it is the law now so she will not even be dealing with this issue so le’s focus on the ones she will be dealing with come January 2017.

  • Seriously

    So what does he think of the leaked emails? Bill raping women? Bill’s son? I don’t have time to list everything. 30 years of corruption.

    • Hannah

      Bill is not Hilary. Stop judging her by her husband. What he does is nothing to do with her presidential race.

      • Tone

        Thank You!

      • BestinShow

        it’s not Bill that is being judged. It’s all the hypocrites that said that it was Bill’s private business and shouldn’t be considered. Of course those same hypocrites are now hyperventilating over Trump’s comments which are actually only words as compared to Bill’s actions

        • Geoffrey Beene

          Actually Trump kept pointing to past accusations against President Clinton and now, rightfully so, past accusations against Trump are being considered.

        • kathy

          One huge difference- Trump’s assaults on women were unwanted and unwarranted. Bill have affairs with consenting adults and there is nothing illegal about that!!

          • BestinShow

            apparently you are ignoring information that doesn’t fit your narrative. have you ignored the fact that there are women that said that Clinton forced himself upon them?

      • Daisy

        and if the Candidates WERE lumped in with their spouses, well, on top of all his other garbage, Donny would be a half naked Soft porn star. Ah, you’re welcome, America!! LOL.
        Where IS that Milania, ANYWAY?? It’s weird how his people have locked her away. Are they hiding something???

      • LoLo

        It does matter because she supported him & stood behind him during those times. Even defended him.

    • TinaTina

      Thanks Seriously , She is not her husband but her responses to his philandering are unforgivable. Why is it that the women are responsible but poor Bill is not ? She conveniently labels them Bimbos or worse. Not cool.

      • C.B.

        What did trump call Bill’s accusers years ago? Think about it….

        • Daisy

          He called Paula jones a pig or something, right?? 20 years ago before he needed her and her tracksuit before the debate, he called her gross (or deplorable??). It’s all amazing at this point.

    • kathy

      Leaked e-mails were the DNC’s, not Hillary’s – nothing there that meant anything.

      Man, has Trump dumbed down a lot of Americans.

    • Daisy

      I won’t vote for Bill this election. Thanks for the heads up!!!

      • BestinShow

        it’s your hypocrisy… was all OK when Bill did it, “it was his private life, and none of our concern”…but now…hearing nothing worse that what we heard during Clinton’s term, all of a sudden, now, with Trump, it’s unacceptable behavior. Everyone thought it was OK when Clinton forced himself upon women, had sex with women the same age as his daughter, including in the office place with his own employee (which would get you fired just about anywhere else), and believed Hillary’s smears saying all the women were liars, but now, you all are so willing to blame the man and assume all the women are telling the truth

        • Daisy

          The funny thing trumpets don’t even see is that it was your guy who started hauling out the garbage last weekend. Believe me, Hillary fans don’t want to see this go on. She could kick his butt (and she will) without the gross level he’s brought our country too. He’s so vile.

  • Me

    Leaked emails are her, and show how vile she is. Defending rapist of little girl is her, shows how vile she is. Bengazi is her. Bribes are her. Socialism is her. She is not being judged by her husband.

    • Geoffrey Beene

      There were 13 embassy attacks under G.W. Bush, They resulted in 60 deaths, and zero Republican led investigations. The Bush White House used a private email server (owned by the RNC), and they claimed to have lost 22 million emails. How many Republican led investigations into that, zero.

      Clinton was appointed to represent the man who was accused of rape, and she requested that she be removed from the case. That request was denied. So she had no choice. The prosecution offered the man a plea bargain. The girl’s mom didn’t want her to stand trial, so there was no trial. He took the plea deal.

      There have been no bribes.

      Do you even know what the word socialism means?

      • daaah

        thank you Geoffrey Beene for bring intelligence to this insanity.

      • Daisy

        Theres no getting through his fans. They’re lunatics

      • Nola

        Great post.

      • DEXTER

        The issue is not that she defended him. The issue is that she knew he was guilty and laughed about it.

    • Gabie Aldrich

      Go eat a snicker’s

    • kathy

      You only show how all Trump followers are dupped by his lies. You need a real dose of reality. She had no control of leaked e-mails (by the way, they were the DNC’s, not hers idiot!). The Department of Defense handles Security at Embassy’s, not the Secretary of State (despite the fact she asked for more, she was turned down), no bribes were taken and yes, she does have some socialistic views but is a DEMOCRAT, not a Socialist.

      Typical Trump supporter, the lower level of the country in intelligence.

      • YourMom

        And you’re a typical liberal. Have to result to name calling!

    • Daisy

      she was a public defender, you imbecile. If you don’t understand the constitution, don’t act like you do. Read a book, Trumphole.

    • Lonnie Johnson

      Exactly what part of knowing about the emails, Benghazi or HRC at the age of 23 doing her JOB as a public defender (within the perimeters set forth by the courts at that time) has enriched, or improved YOUR life? The things you listed are republican talking points designed to confound and confuse the poorly educated as donnie boy trump puts it. Wake up America! Trump cares no more about you than he EVER has in his ENTIRE life.

    • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

      she was a PUBLIC DEFENDER you idiot!

  • Stefani hopkins

    I used to love Andy now he s turned into a pissy little whine bag….sad

    • LoLo

      I agree. Now, he acts like a brat.

      • Ruthrrobbins1

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  • Stefani hopkins

    Hillary destroyed bills victims to protect her political future a/k/a as now…..Monica Lewinsky was 22…

    • Jerome T Miner

      You can watch Monica talk about living through that period of her life on Ted Talks. You think Hilary was tough on her? The media and people behind their computer screens nearly bullied her to death. In her talk she never mentions Hilary, so much for your little theory about Monica.

      Monica is quite intelligent, articulate, likable and sympathetic…

      • kathy

        And, unlike Trumps unwanted assaults on woman, Monica was a willing partner. That changes the picture all together.

        • Kate

          she was 22!!!!! Yes she was an adult but please remember yourself at that age

    • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

      people like YOU were harder on Monica than Hillary ever was, you judgmental witch!

  • J Hall

    Why does it matter to Andy….it is ones right to pick and vote for whom they want to elect….for whatever reasons and experiences leads one to vote for Trump or vote for Hillary.

  • Alexis Marija

    Of course RHOC are all trumpies they’re brainwashed “Christians” using religion as a defense/passing. And all their husbands have creepy cult eyes…if that’s Christianity I rather drink of a vat of acid then call myself a Christian.

  • kathy

    The Housewives are a typical shot of America’s voting – the dumb ones go for Trump and the smart groups go for Clinton.

    • Daisy

      HAHA. Can Teresa vote for Trump, btw? I was once told that felon’s can’t vote but I don’t know if that’s true or not. Tree falls in line with a PERFECT Trump supporter. Bad grammer, husband controls her, no mind of her own…. god, I hate this election.

      • YourMom

        Bad grammer? I think you meant grammar, genius! Yup, you are def a Killary supporting libtard.

      • daisy100

        if she’s still on parole, she cannot vote.

  • C.B.

    Daisy….yes trump put these women down years ago and NOW he is using them…

  • just_parsley

    lolling at the word “trumpies”

  • LoLo

    I don’t care who is for who. That is what is great about our country. You have the right to choose. I do find it to be unfair that Anderson Cooper was allowed to be the moderator for the debate when he is a clear Hilary supporter.