Aviva Drescher says imprisoned drug users are “today’s slaves who are shackled in the modern day plantations”

Aviva Drescher of 'Real Housewives of New York City'

Aviva Drescher has always been a bit on the outspoken side on the Real Housewives of New York City, and now she’s taking her voice to politics and speaking out for the legalization of the possession of all drugs and the release of today’s “slaves” who are currently in prisons around the country.

“The President’s first executive decree should be to decriminalize possession of ‘illegal substances,'” Aviva told Radar Online shortly after President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term. “That will free today’s slaves who are shackled in the modern day plantations — aka jails.” So in other words, Aviva wants drugs legal, and for everyone who is in jail for the possession of drugs to be released. That would sure free up a lot of space in the prison system.

When Radar’s corespondent Tom Murro asked Aviva if she was just referring to legalization of marijuana, Aviva made it clear that she meant each and every drug out there. “Legalize possession of all drugs,” she said.

In addition to her unconventional views about drugs and criminals, Aviva also spoke on the looks and styles of the President and First Lady. “I think Obama looks amazing. I love the salt and pepper,” she said, also weighing in on Michelle’s latest hair do. “Michelle Obama is so elegant with her beautiful face she should not cover it with bangs,” Aviva explained. adding that Michelle looks “more elegant without.”

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