90 Day Fiance Season 4 spoilers for Anfisa, Jorge, Nicole, Azan, Kyia and Lowo

Are Jorge and Anfisa married?

The new season of TLC’s popular international romance series 90 Day Fiance is well underway, and fans are clamoring to know which couples make it down the aisle and which don’t. In the three previous seasons is was pretty much a guarantee that the couples would eventually marry (it was only after the marriages that things got unpredictable), but this season is apparently a completely different story!

We spoke with sources close to production, and did some online sleuthing of our own as well, and according to what we could find out, there are at least three couples this season that don’t tie the knot. (For fans of the show, the three couples are probably the ones you would have guessed, and would have won you the least amount of money if you bet against them in Las Vegas.)

Here are each of the couples that won’t be getting married this season:

90 Day Fiance Azan and Nicole

So it seems Nicole’s fairy tale happy ending did not happen with her Moroccan Prince Charming because Azan appears to still be in Morocco eating delicious food and not hugging women. Nicole and Azan’s story is a unique one for the show in that TLC was there to document their initial meeting, which means that Nicole and Azan could not have applied for their K-1 visa prior to filming because it requires in-person interaction and proof of a relationship prior to applying. From what we can tell, Nicole and Azan may never have even filed for a K-1 visa. Either way, a source tells us he is definitely not in the US and definitely wasn’t at the Tell All Reunion taping in New York City this weekend.

90 Day Fiance Are Jorge and Anfisa married?

***SIGH*** In what would assuredly have been the most entertaining new couple on any future seasons of the spin-off Happily Ever After, it appears that Russian diva Anfisa and her marijuana peddling sugar daddy Jorge don’t walk down the aisle either. A source tells us that Jorge made the final decision, sending Anfisa back to Moscow a while back — on his own dime I’m sure. Anfisa is crafty though, and she sure is hungry for attention, so I’m thinking we might see her on another season of 90 Day Fiance with a new betrothed. That is pure speculation, but remember that you heard it here first! Either way, I’m sure fans can look forward to many years of sexy Anfisa photos on social media. Jorge? Maybe not.

90 Day Fiance Kyia and Lowo

Kyia and her African/Vietnamese/Alabamian catfish Lowo won’t be getting married this season either, but unlike the other couples mentioned above, there may still be hope for #Kywo. We did some research and there is no record of the couple getting married, or even of Lowo being in the United States. But, there are signs online that the couple is not actually separated, suggesting there may just be a delay in the process. That might explain why TLC has held off for so long to introduce them this season. Could it be that their story will be “to be continued?” We will have to watch to find out!

As far as the other couples from 90 Day Fiance Season 4, we haven’t gotten confirmation one way or the other. I’m going to guess that they do get married, but that is just pure speculation from a fan who has watched every 90 Day Fiance episode ever at least twice. 😉

To find out for sure, tune in to new episodes of 90 Day Fiance airing Sunday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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  • Aussie cathie

    Words fail me ! And that’s a miracle in itself…

  • aud

    Jorge finally found his dignity?! Awesome

    • I don’t know how he could have put up with her for so long unless it was all about the back with 2 beasts!

      Even so, she wouldn’t cook, wanted $$$ and expected to stay home with kids (that he of course would have to support).

      She was so blatantly obvious about only caring about herself

      • aud

        At least she was honest about it. Jorge knew what he was getting from her and still wanted to be with her. He’s a desperate idiot

        • Nasmir Fellows

          He was in love.

          • Ohnoes Yougoboom

            no bitch, he was an idiot

            • Ratbastid

              You bastard.

          • Jenna

            Jorge is in lust NOT in love.

        • Kay

          Just because she was honest about her intentions doesn’t make her any less of a steaming gash.

      • DD

        Yeah but that’s exactly what Jorge wanted, except for the not being able to cook part. He said American women were too feminist. You get what you asked for. It seemed more like a business deal.

      • Chunkdog1

        Smarter, I agree with your comment, but I think it’s supposed to be “the beast with 2 backs”.
        I was trying to figure out what a “back with 2 beasts” could look like.?

      • MIndy O

        Isn’t it the “beast with two backs”?

      • Gracie Henderson

        He is no prize. He is a big fat floppy Mexican with no cajones. ewww

        • Making fun of his weight is not cool, but having no cajones that’s true. If he has that much money he can get another girl who will at leas t PRETEND to be in love with him. If that were my brother or son I would call immigration show footage and get her shipped back to Russia. She just wants to be a porn star and can do that over there

          • Gracie Henderson

            That is his problem. He doesn’t want to date a fat chick like himself. I don’t even think he was born in this country either. So they both should get deported.

            • If he is in the country legally either by birth or immigration then he can stay as long as he wants and no body gets to talk about deportation. Who knows what kind of woman he is really into and he can always lose weight. If he can pay for a $10K ring he can hire a trainer and somebody to cook healthy meals

              • Pinkii

                Thats Riiiiiiiiight !
                Agree totally.

        • Pinkii

          He’s handsome & can always lose weight.
          She – on the other hand will always be a selfish, bishy goldigger !

    • ray

      He had to get his balls back from her first.

  • Cristina guerrero

    The women on this show are all either evil or totally nuts. Where are the normal people on this show..it seems that relative to last year (love that columbian girl who has supported her former mormon husband), this season is just a complete disaster.

    I dont understand why the much larger women dont look for men from country’s where big is beautiful. There are so many. It is hard to vote for any couple when they are all disasters. The default is the beautiful girl from Atlanta, because they are at least similar in attractiveness. Still, they dont seem like they are looking for the same thing either. With all the people in the USA and abroad, you would think it would be easier to find couples that have at least a small chance of working out.

    • Lacy

      I think the Atlanta girl and her Dominican bf were just attracted physically and didn’t bother digging any deeper. I was rooting for the woman from the Ukraine that came over with her son. They seemed like they were a good fit for each other, until she said she wanted to go clubbing by herself. I get some older people still go clubbing, but I don’t think that jives with her fiance’s lifestyle.

      • Nasmir Fellows

        Is the Ukraine girl the one with the guy that has been married 3 times?

        • Rennie D


          • Nasmir Fellows

            Thanks I thought that was him. He might be gay or bi.

            • HLB

              He is just plain LOSER; 3rd time was not the charm. I hope she didnt marry him cuz I feel sure 4th time wouldnt be charming either. Its not them, dude, its YOU.

              • Nasmir Fellows

                He tries too had. I guess he wanted this relationship to be a success and was trying to do everything to make that happen.

      • Cristina guerrero

        I agree with you on the Ukrainian girl. Seems like as a single mom in a semi war torn country , she would be appreciative and more mature. The guy admittedly, is kind of emasculated (partially from past drama in relationships), and maybe partially due to his unique relationship with his mom. He has too much feminine energy and not enough confidence to inspire respect from the ( hotter ) girls he seems attracted to. Remember, that they described his exes as strip club girls. That would open another chapter entirely-entitled clueless effeminate man seeks out stronger manipulative hot women.

      • barbinop

        That girl from Atlanta gets on my nerves. Pedro needs to get the heck away from her. She’s a pathological liar

      • Maryslittlelamb

        That guy was so jealous. The Ukraine girl (Alla) didn’t have any friends so maybe she thought going clubbing was a way to meet people outside of Matt’s overbearing family and friends (Matt’s people babied him so much. OMG, I couldn’t be with a man who had family and friends like that).

        Matt literally threw Alla to the wolves. Poor woman had to deal with his people interrogating her even before she had enough rest! The poor woman had a long flight and was in a new country, at the very least he could have given her a day or two to rest before she met his family and friends.

        I hope she ran away from him ASAP. She had the attitude of a saint. I would have gotten angry at some point. He didn’t deserve her.

      • Nina

        i think the producers put her up to the clubbing thing honestly or else they won’t have a storyline because they seem normal and genuinely in love. the producers knows he is insecure so they will put him in situations like that.

    • aud

      Someone who works in Morocco said that the men there do tend to like bigger women. But it seems Azan didn’t realize quite how large she is. Or that she’s completely unhealthy. Some women are bigger but still fit/functional. Nicole can’t even make it up a flight of stairs without getting winded and complaining about it.

      I think Azan is more put off by her personality. I went into this season thinking that Azan would be Mohamed junior but he’s not. I think he actually did want to be with Nicole but she’s completely immature and very disrespectful of his culture. I feel so embarrassed by how she’s acting over there. If you want to travel abroad, you need to research what is appropriate in that country. Nicole wants him to break the law and risk jail just so she can get kissed in public. I actually think he’s sweet and Nicole is the insufferable one. He’s too good for her.

      • E Peeples

        I totally agree. Nicole could have gone to any department store in the US before her trip and bought some appropriate clothing, and not acted like some horny slob.

        • boomdeyay

          She thinks that is appropriate. She is a typical people of Walmart gal.

        • Horney handsey hick

        • Anne Brooker-Hyder

          I agree……ditto Danielle……..

        • Noname Noname

          True, funny, but sad!

      • Cristina guerrero

        I agree. Nicole ‘s parents described her as “naive”. I think “simple-minded “,”negative emotional intelligence quotient ” and “spoiled to the extreme” are words i would use to describe her. Anyone who has family that babies them by supporting them and taking over her responsibilities for raising a child for 5 weeks are enabling her selfish and immature behavior. Shes 22 going on 16. Her coping behavior resembles that of a child:pouting, crying, shoving, sitting on the ground and having a temper tantrum. Her attitude and lack of maturity are much more offensive than her looks.

        • HLB

          Thank you! This was succinct

        • Noname Noname

          I agree with you totally! She’s not fit for the Morocan life style. I know I wouldn’t want too! You can tell she’s ignorant and immature even for an American man that was “worth his salt”.

      • barbinop

        I thought the same thing too at first about Azan but he’s really an upstanding young man whose intentions were honorable unlike Mohammed. Nicole is far too immature and desperate for a well mannered man like Azan. The ice princess from Russia was all about herself. She only cared about Jorge’s $$. I would like to see where and how she lives in Russia!! Good riddance ice princess.

      • Anne Brooker-Hyder

        Actually, I know a lot of Moroccans….was surprised to find out that sex is rampant in that country…..no different to America……….except that the girls prefer anal sex……(then they can pretend they are still a virgin)…..So the bit about the “culture” was ridiculous……………divorce is also widespread……

      • Angela Guertin

        Yes exactly

    • DD

      Normal people aren’t usually reality tv types. There was a few normal couples in previous seasons. And of course they’re not on Happily Ever After because they want drama for ratings.

  • Mac

    Anfisa ‘s back in her “bigger nicer Russian apartment” eating “better food” …we’ll see how long that lasts…but then again with that butter face it could be a while…

    • HLB

      poor old Grandma cooks & does the laundry for her!

    • chrissy

      omg ikr I am not all that but that face of hers sure dont belong on the rest of her

    • noahone11

      Anfisa is ugly as sin! Nice boobs but a horse face not to mention her disgusting personality.

    • Kay

      Bitch is sleeping with her grandma in the dining room/living room/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom on that dining run table. Enjoy the starchy potato and beet diet.

  • DD

    Thank god Azan backed out!

  • CC Fabs

    Nicole is a very typical obese girl I’ve met. They weight 500 lbs but yet want a underwear model as a boyfriend. Haven’t you ever heard of knowing your limiations ??? It’s nice to dream big but when you obvious to everyone around you that the guy your dating is using you for somwthing ..money ..a green card ..whatever it’s time to give it up. I read in another article that she feels azam is ok with her body because she sent pictures upfront & he was the one who contacted her.
    The reality is far more likely that he views her as a easy target !
    It’s the exact same as the mohamed & danielle situation.
    These women need to stop looking for their unicorn & face the fact that these men want something .. bit its not love ..how about a green card .. duhhhh & how about a place to stay in America & someone to take care of them when they first get there.
    If Nicole is looking for real love.. there are plenty of chubby chaser Web sites in the US . Find a man who really wants to hug & kiss you & not someone who doesn’t have a dime to his name

    • Amanda

      I actually think Azan thought he wouldn’t care about the weight until he realized she was overweight for a reason and then he couldn’t take the thought of eating fast food and watching his wife grow larger on the couch the rest of his life. Mohamed never cared because he knew from the start he was leaving her

      • balletlady

        I believe Azan implied in a gentle roundabout way that when he first saw her in person that she was “bigger than he expected”….

      • Thank you..where’s the mystery, right!

    • Gracie Henderson

      Jorge is the same. He is a fat slob and wants someone who isn’t.

    • Anne Brooker-Hyder

      Yes Azam and his family are very nice people………..but I am not sure he loves Nicole…….these girls really need to work on their appearance before looking for a man…….but Nicole seems to be a sweet girl……would be gorgeous if she worked on her weight….(and healthier)……

  • Carol A Higginbotham

    Anfisa is a creepy crawler, a narcissist, she thinks only of herself, he needs to send her back ASAP to wherever she came from, she’s not attractive at all, she has a peculiar mouth, yes! He’s a sweetie and should find someone who cares for him.

    • Noname Noname

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that didn’t think she has a pretty face. It’s very disproportionate. Her mouth looks like it was pasted on! Jorge did say he would give her anything! That sounds more like a desperate person than someone in love though. Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you let them poop on you! We teach people how to treat us.

      • Anne Brooker-Hyder

        You are right…..her face (especially profile) looks a little off……….something put in lips (and boobs)…
        not a nice person at all……

    • Ratbastid

      She needs to become a nicer person. It would help her with her bad looks.

  • Nina

    I’m just going to say it. Jorge looks like a taller Jonah Hill LOL

    but honestly anfisa i think because of her accent and editing it makes her look bad. I honestly think she is just sarcastic when she says the things she says. but yes she is a brat.

  • Jan Jan

    you go Jorge I would send her back too an believe me you can an will do better not saying she isn’t cute just not mature an you see it too but I do have one question what kind of work do you do an are you loaded with money bc that seems to be all her an your sis harp on

  • Susan

    Jorge did the right thing.She used him,and acted like nothing in America was good enough.He didn’t owe her anything.Although she acted as though the world owes her something,wrong she needs to get up off her shoulders and go to work like the rest of us do.Way to go Jorge.

  • judyrupiper@yahoo.com

    Jorge has got to be the dumbest guy on earth. She so much as told him she was using him and he still didn’t get it. He is way to stupid to be in any kind of relationship.

    • FrankRizzo

      I think he might be getting it. In the most recent episode, I could almost see a slight flicker of light in the lightbulb above his head. In an earlier episode, he said that he had already spent $90K on her. What are the chances that was all for plastic surgery to make her look like she does? There’s nothing natural about it. I’m going with butt implants, boob job, and there’s NO WAY those lips are natural. So, he finds a young, impressionable woman in Russian, drops a lot of money to make her into his own personal Barbie Doll, and when she gets to the US, she thinks she’s entitled to Barbie’s way of life.

      I hope he DID send her home. I feel sorry for him. he seems like a nice guy, with SOME money. he should be able to find a beautiful woman who will love him for him. Despite his weight. He just has to not expect another Barbie, and he needs to not try to BUY their affections.

  • judyrupiper@yahoo.com

    Why does just about every girl who worms her way here think that she can be a model? Its so embarrassing.

    • Shavon VoniVodka Martin

      Lol. Paola could be a promotional model.

  • judyrupiper@yahoo.com

    ok, I’m getting a bit upset watching this show as I think that they are exploiting people with metal illnesses. Danielle is clearly not right in the head. Really sad person. So desperate and sad. Probably the worst looking person I’ve ever seen allowed on TV. I’m sorry, but its true. Do they do this on purpose? Please stop showing her as it really isn’t nice to do to her.

    • FrankRizzo

      Judy, when she’s on, I look at the subtitles. I can’t STAND to see her.

    • northandwells

      I agree. TLC is exploiting Danielle’s physical unattractiveness, poor vocabulary/grammar for their ratings. If Dani is aware and doesn’t care, ok. Otherwise she is being used, but probably making money, which she needs.

    • Anne Brooker-Hyder

      I can not look at her…..mean face………and terrible personality………….

  • coco

    Nicole, very sad, sad girl.

  • Eliane Anderson

    Of all the odd couples in this show I could not believe the behavior of Russian chick Anfisia or what ever name she has. The girl is plain ugly, she has no chin, big fish mouth, etc.. but the fact that she thinks she is gorgeous and can make good earning has a model was laughable. Her only interest was acquiring expensive items and if those were not huge red flags for dopey George to send her packing back to her frozen land, I don’t know what else she could have done. Hope he gave her nothing and is out of his life. She is truly ugly inside and out.

  • Mcouts

    I don’t know, I’m kinda thinking SHE made the decision to go back to Russia and he paid for it. He wasn’t thinking with his brain, she was. ( Not saying she was right, but had been straight up with him about $ from the get go. )

    • FrankRizzo

      “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke” Jorge. 😉

  • A cakes

    i wont miss Anfisa. And Kyia needs to open her eyes. I hope the Morrocan man stays there cause his fiance is a fat brat. And very ANNOYING

  • balletlady

    Jorge should have listened to the sister who told him that all Anfisa wanted from Jorge was $$$. Sadly Jorge has NO $$$ & is never going to be able to have enough $$$ to keep Anfisa happy. He’s a bit creepy & has had legal issues he wasn’t honest about BEFORE he brought her here. Sending her back to Russia was the best thing, she can easily find another on line SUCKER , maybe in another country.

    • Donna

      To watch Nicole and Danielle is painful, they are SOOO DESPERATE, that is not an attractive quality, they along with Jorge, all have the same craving to be loved by something they wouldn’t get on their own. I don’t feel sorry for Danielle because she purposely sets out to seek men that are way above her. Nicole is just plain naïve and emotionally immature, she doesn’t need a husband, she needs a teddy bear that repeats, I love you every time she pulls the string, which in her case is constantly. As for Jorge, as nice a guy as he is, he bought a girl he wouldn’t have a chance at either, deep down he knows this, I think along the way he was hoping Anafisa actually may feel something as time went on, but he realized that wasn’t going to happen.

      • Actos

        Every time Nicole cries or whines or even just speaks. I am screaming at the TV, “Just shut up! You didn’t study his culture like you claim. You are lucky you weren’t beheaded for walking by his side!”

        • FrankRizzo

          And how typical is she? She expects Azan to change EVERYTHING, his culture, his home, EVERYTHING. But he wants her to lose some weight, and get healthy, and she’s totally offended by that.

          • Actos

            Exactly !!

    • Well said..two thumbs up

  • Rebecca Hatcher

    Anfisa is probably one of those mail order Russian brides AKA hooker for sale. I don’t know why a man would bring something like her home to marry. She has all but said the words, I am a hooker and you must pay to be with me. What he should tell her is that America has very beautiful women with class and that he deserves better than some cheap hooker with a big honker nose. Come on Jorge stand up to that skank, you can do so much better.

  • Emilie56

    This is why I say the show is scripted. What idiot would keep a woman who only wanted money and tells him so? Yet he says he loves her. What does he love there? Ridiculous. I do not feel sorry for him. His sister was right. He paid to have her spread her legs. She did and now she wants her payoff. This was prostitution IMO.

  • Lisa Jernigan King

    Jorge has NO dignity, Pride, self esteem, or brains….he is desperate,sad,& sickened stupid & deserves Everything she is & will do to him. I hope she gets ALL of his money, he should loose it all to her for not listening to his sisters & being just that STUPID!!!????????

  • Lisa Jernigan King

    Nicole is an exact replica of Danielle of (Danielle & Mahammed). She will sadly grow up to be just like Danielle. Neither are smart enough to even know what Love looks like at all. So desperate wanting to be loved, they can’t see past their own selfish fairytale, that doesn’t even exist in any way at all. Danielle didn’t listen & Nicole isn’t listening either & her relationship will end up just like Danielles….left high & dry when the green card arrives!! BUT, my opinion, Nicole deserves exactly what’s coming to her, I just feel sorry for her poor child that deserves a mother that puts her first not herself. She’s the most selfish of all if for no other reason but her poor child that has no say in this at all. The best thing that could happen is the grandmother gets & keeps that child away from her. She is not a mother, she’s a very immature child,….spoiled selfish lazy child!!!

  • Ratbastid

    I feel for Jorge. The guy just jumps when she says “jump”, and then he asks “how high”. Poor bastard. Who knows why? He’s in the drivers seat, with all he has to offer her, and without him, all she can do is make reservations, she can’t honor them.
    Coupled with this, the chick is downright homely. She might have a curvaceous figure, but her face…well thats another story. Set that against an obnoxious personality and you have a girl that anybody could kick to the curb.
    I like Jorge, and Im sure many viewers do, and I’m confident that if he kicked this sorry ass back to her grandmother’s spare cot in the USSR, USA hotties would now put themselves at his feet after seeing what a nice guy he is, from the show. Go JORGE!

  • Joann Lippo

    She came to the states because he has money, she wants a 40,000 wedding dress and the ring she wanted cost 140,000 and he didnt buy it. She also stated if he didn’t buy what she wanted that she will go back home, he should have gotten involved with her and glad to hear that he sent her back home.

  • Joann Lippo

    As far as Nicole that it would not work out when she went to visit him you can tell he was not happy with her weight. I don’t think he wants to be with her since she got back home he doesn’t answer her calls or next messages. Plus he told her that he didn’t care about her.

  • Tamela Wiles

    Anfisia isnt all that either. She has a big nose no chin. Shes on the medium built side for a woman. She wanted to be a model and wanted money. She didnt love jorge. Im glad he sent her back. I wish he sent her back sooner. Hopefully next woman hes honest with her about his past upfront. I would have sent her back first night she locked him out of their apartment. I hope she enjoys her country. I pray nobody lets anfisa back on tv. Her Bad attitude makes her ugly. She isnt pretty from the side or close up either. Hopefully she marrys in her own country. Shes a gold diggin biotch!! Alot of men and women only want to be in the usa to send money to their families in countrys they come from.

  • pieapp676

    Thank god azan got away from that bitch. And Jorge from that other bitch witch. I hate this show Sooo much. It’s as bad as teen mom