PHOTOS Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are married! See their first picture as husband and wife

Chelsea and Cole are married

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer are now husband and wife! The couple tied the knot earlier today in a private ceremony with family and close friends. Cole proposed last November with a gorgeous oval solitaire, and Chelsea gladly accepted before joking, “He’s stuck now!”


Their first picture as husband and wife shows Chelsea and Cole sharing a sweet kiss while Aubree looks on. Chelsea’s hair is long and flowing with a beautiful crown of flowers while Cole is dressed casually in a long-sleeve button-up with khakis.

Chelsea and Cole Deboer

Another picture, posted on a Facebook fan site, revealed Chelsea’s gorgeous lace dress and growing baby bump!

Chelsea Houska Wedding Dress

Chelsea had been tight-lipped when it came to revealing details of her big day. She did confirm during the last season of Teen Mom 2 that cameras would NOT be present during her and Cole’s wedding. #Bummer

Before their nuptials, Chelsea and Cole have been enjoying time with family. Yesterday, her sister posted this picture of the all her sisters, along with Chelsea’s mom.

And, last night, Randy posted a random moment of Chelsea kissing a giant dinosaur. I’d love to know the story behind this one…

All in all, this night is getting really weird.

A photo posted by Randy Houska DDS (@paparandlicious) on

According to location tags on Instagram, the reception took place at Minervas Grill and Bar in Yankton, South Dakota. Here’s a photo from another wedding to give you an idea of the venue:

Eight months after becoming engaged, the couple announced they are expecting their first child together due in February. Throughout her pregnancy, Chelsea has shared photos and videos of her baby bump, but has yet to reveal the sex of their child.

Congrats to Chelsea, Cole, and Aubree on your very special day!

PHOTOS: Instagram/Facebook


  • AshleyBlack

    So happy for her & Aubree!

  • savannah

    I like Chelsea but..her booty in the wedding pics I’ve seen needs some help 😐

    • Jessica

      She’s pregnant!! You can’t help where you gain weight or where you loose muscle mass. Pregnancy does crazy stuff to your body. Leave her alone. She’s lost a ton of weight and looks amazing. Stop body shaming.

      • savannah

        Yawn. Been pregnant 3x, don’t need bio lessons lol.

        • Asha

          Hopefully you aren’t living off the state (pell grants, food stamps, section 8, medicaid).

          • savannah

            Lol ummmm im not, don’t worry baby

          • Eh

            What a stupid comeback. Sounds like it’s from some poor uneducated food stamp receiving hillbilly. See works both ways.

        • Kate

          Your poor kids, you are a judgemental ass. Hopefully they escape your cruelty and cynicism and turn into decent human beings! Bless your poor heart seems like you need some love.

          • savannah

            An Internet stranger called me cruel & judgmental :'( you seem offended, do you have a droopy butt too? Lol

            • Faith

              “Oh my ur so rude u shouldn’t say anything if you have nothing nice to say to people everyone has feelings you know the world doesn’t revolve around you and ur negative self ” think your so funny with your comments grow up.

              • savannah

                Before telling someone to grow up you should probably go back to school & learn your grammar little girl 🙂 Nice try though. And thanks for replying to my comment from over a month ago..creepy.

        • get over yourself

          oh yeah, I forgot that everyone’s pregnancy is the same.

          OH WAIT

          source: maternity nurse, who has dealt with your “I’ve been pregnant so I know it all” type for way too long

          • savannah

            My point was that I know pregnancy makes you gain/lose weight in different places. How on earth does that make me sound like a know it all/ like I was trying to say all pregnancies are the same.

            I’m sure your patients LOVE having you as their nurse. gross.

        • rusty Shackleford

          But you obviously need lessons on how to be a decent person.

          • savannah

            Haha…good one, you told me

            • rusty Shackleford

              Yes I did tell you, that was the point genius.

              • savannah

                Yup, ya got me!

    • SouthernBelle

      What an ignorant comment.

      • Guest

        How is it ignorant? She’s just sharing her opinion.

    • Ali.P

      Shh! You’re not supposed to say anything negative about Chelsea. She gets the good girl edit, people obsess over her. I personally didn’t think the dress was flattering or pretty. I think it’s awful. I would never say that to a brides face or to make her feel bad but I will totally say it in a gossip site. Her lips are also super strange looking in the one with Cole.

      • savannah

        Hahaha exactly what I thought when I read the comment! People act like they’re personally friends with Chelsea it’s so embarrassing. It’s not like i said she was obese and gross or something lol I just was saying her butt is flat in the pic..because it is!

      • LoLo

        She’s pregnant so I give her a break. I am not a fan of the dress either but it might be hard to find something you like that will accommodate your belly.

        • Demona

          I actually would bet she had it picked out before she realized how pregnant she’d be on the day. Wasn’t her date leaked months before her baby announcement? But it was a terrible choice for how far along she was.

    • DanaD

      Agreed. The dress is not flattering at all. But it’s not surprising she chose it. I think her hair and make up always looks terrible. I think it’s hilarious that she does other people’s make up for a living.

      • savannah

        Ugh I know! I guess that’s South Dakota beauty school for ya haha

        • Alisson Leech

          Chelsea looks like crap on these pics.

          • savannah

            I think normally she is cute but I agree that she didn’t look her best in these pictures either. But apparently that makes us judgmental cruel people that need love 😀

    • Deer Cam

      I think it is the cut of the lining of the dress and/or the lace that is not flattering her pregnant body.

    • sysmjp

      She definitely has that “slapped in the ass with a bookbag” look going on.

  • Wtf

    I think it’s awesome that she stuck to what she said and didn’t let MTV film her wedding. Good for her. She looks stunning! Can’t wait to see more pictures! Legit the only Teen Mom I root for (besides Corey and Miranda of course)

  • ren24

    She looks amazing.
    For the record i haven’t watched this show in years. I think they’re all twits. But I have admit, she looks stunning!

  • Guest

    Chelsea said on Twitter that she is going to have another bigger wedding after the baby is born.

  • DZBabe

    That was not the right dress for her. She still looks beautiful though

  • barbinop

    Im happy for them. Even happier that she moved on from Adam

  • LoLo

    Good for her & her family. Aubrey now has a dad that cares about her & is there for her. Chelsea may be annoying with her baby voice & it took her a while to get over Adam. But, at least she gets off the couch & goes to work & puts her daughter first. We haven’t seen her bring guy after guy around or put her daughter in harms way like some of the other girls on this show.