Mackenzie McKee baby bump photos, due date, sex of the baby and more

Mackenzie McKee husband Josh daughter Jaxie

It was revealed last month that former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is currently pregnant with her third child, and that the pregnancy came at a terrible time as she and husband Josh McKee were reportedly splitting up. As it turns out, Mackenzie McKee really is pregnant, but she and Josh are not only still together but better than ever!

Although Mackenzie hasn’t been sharing many pregnancy updates on her personal social media accounts, she has been funneling LOTS of info through this sanctioned Facebook fan page — including numerous photos, as well as updates about her health, her due date, the sex of the baby, and her relationship with Josh.

According to the page, Mackenzie is pregnant with a little boy and is due September 7, but there are already plans to do a C-section in August. Check out this photo of pregnant Mackenzie showing off her six-month baby bump last week:

Here’s what Mackenzie wrote along with the photo:

O hi you all, I’m just strong, fat, and healthy… Lol this has for sure been my easiest pregnancy. I’m pulling into my six month with gaining 6 pounds total and feeling like I could walk across stage tomorrow performing a tumbling routine ?.. I for sure give all the credit to Kyani. I think keeping my body balanced and where it needs to be is why I am literally half the size I was with my other two.

I will be traveling and still speaking throughout the summer, have baby M in August, and start training for show #3 ???… We are excited to complete our family and YES permanent decisions will be made on both ends. God had a plan for our family and everyday I wake up feeling blessed that I am able to stay home and work a million dollar business through an app on my phone? and guess what my favorite part about this pregnancy is “I GET TO STAY HOME AND NURSE AS LONG AS I WANT” I love nursing, and the bonding experience it brings is beyond words. And I don’t have to cut hours from work, pump while I’m at work and baby is at daycare, or give daycare half the money I work for.

And Mackenzie isn’t the only Douthit (her maiden name) currently expecting! Her sister Whitney is also pregnant, with both expected to deliver in September:

According to the page admin, Mackenzie and Josh have two names picked out,”but they have not decided which name they are going to go with for sure.” The page admin also addressed the rumors going around that Mackenzie and Josh broke up:

Apparently there is this rumor going around about Kenzie & Josh’s marriage being rocky. This rumor is NOT TRUE!!! As one who sees the two of them together very often, I can confirm that they are happier now, than they ever have been, and they are both beyond happy to be adding this new addition to their little family.

For those familiar with Mackenzie, you know that being pregnant is a much bigger deal for her health-wise than most because of her type 1 diabetes. Although Mackenzie had one of her biggest diabetes-related health scares of her life back in January, it appears as though she has had no complications during this pregnancy. From the Facebook page admin:

Her diabetes did make it a risk for her in the past, but now that her diabetes are under control, it doesn’t seem to be a risk for her at all. She has dropped from 6 insulin injections a day down to 3 insulin injections a day, and she says this has been her easiest pregnancy of the 3 by far.

Great, great, and GREAT! We’re lovin’ all the good news and can’t wait to meet Gannon and Jaxie’s little brother later this year!

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  • erb123

    sad to see her ED still seems pretty active.

    and a million dollar business? kk

    • Sylvia363323

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      • Alisson Leech


  • erb123

    btw…. of course the rumors were true. they’ve always been rocky. and who would sit around and make up false rumors about her??? any info about mckenzie thats out there can all be traced back to her

  • savannah

    I hate her so much. One of my least favorite girls from the series. She is so reckless it’s disgusting.

    • shebee

      Hate is a strong word but yeh she has always irked me. I could never pinpoint one thing but she just in general has always gotten under my skin. She always seems so pathetic and desperate.

      • Jenn

        She always struck me as the type who got pregnant on purpose to get on TV.

        • Guest

          She absolutely did. Gannon wasn’t even her first pregnancy.

  • twelfthnight

    I can’t believe her sister is only 6 years older than her. I assumed that woman was in her 40s.

    • Thea

      Thank you for your post, I thought it was just me?

      Anyone know when Maci’s baby Maverick is due?

      • Guest

        He’s in the NICU.

        • FarrahsCryFace

          Really???? Hadn’t heard she delivered!

          • Miranda

            She is still in labor according to Taylor’s Instagram.

            • FarrahsCryFace

              I didn’t see anything on there.

        • Jenn

          People on our other sites are saying the NICU thing is an unfounded rumor.

  • Alisson Leech

    Her sister looks like an addict.

    • aimsless

      Looks like a man too.

  • LookAtAllTheCrap!

    Working out isn’t a job, contrary to what Adam or Nathan might tell you.

  • LookAtAllTheCrap!

    Way to look down your nose at women who 1) can’t or choose not to breastfeed 2) work for a living 3) gain more than six pounds while pregnant. Dumb hick.

    • Sally Mae

      Someone her size should really aim for 20-30 lbs

    • Melanie

      Just looking at her you can tell she gained more than six pounds…but she’s keeping her weight low by drinking those stupid weight loss shakes and she’s still trying to hock them to others

      • Victoria

        I give her a year, she.ll be pregnant again. Trying to get a reality show, she reminds me of leah

  • Sally Mae

    Only 6 lbs? I’m her size and always needed to gain 25 lbs.

    • Jenn

      Well, we’re talking about the girl who, on her 16&P episode, stated she didn’t go on birth control because she didn’t want to get fat. She’s overly obsessed with her appearance and will do whatever she thinks is necessary to look “perfect.”

  • Sally Mae

    Does anyone know why she is having a csection weeks before she’s due?

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I’d guess due to diabetes and the babies tend to grow much bigger.

  • Hannah

    Hahahaha this is hilarious. Her marriage to josh is not ‘great’, she’s living back with her parents, she does not have a million dollar business and she only gained six pounds not because she is ‘healthy’ but because she’s still drinking those stupid weight loss shakes and teas while being pregnant. She’s also drinking high caffiene energy drinks all the time on snapchat, which couldn’t be worse for the baby. Healthy? I think not.

    • Jenn

      She’s living with her parents or her and Josh? Just curious.

    • snark shark

      I think it’s pretty obvious she has diabulimia too. She purposely gives herself less insulin than she needs for weight loss which is why her diabetes is always so out of control. She’s so irresponsible scary to think she’s a mother

    • Victoria

      Jenelle is next lol

  • Guest

    Baby M? I bet she’s naming him Maverick.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Exactly what I was thinking!!!

    • missemily

      I assumed that was for her last name, McKee.
      The picture of her and her sister says they’re waiting for Zeke and Jordan

      • Guest

        Zeke? Ugh.

        • Regina

          Goes great with Jaxie & Gannon *rolls eyes*

  • Guest

    What million dollar business? She’s as delusional as Farrah.

    • Victoria

      Sad news Simon finally grew some balls and left farrah

      • retired and happy

        NO, i have huge money on them lasting the month of June. Where did you see it?

  • Jenn

    Please stop breeding. And lying about how great your life is. And thinking you’re still relevant. There’s a reason she’s funneling the info through a FB page. It’s so she doesn’t have to deal with the backlash directly on her own SM accounts.

  • bambiglanville

    “million dollar business” my arse.

    • FarrahsCryFace


    • sysmjp

      That’s probably how much she invested, including debt of 900,000 lol

    • Victoria

      Just like cough Farrah lol

  • Regina

    I’m sure “God” sat down and made this plan especially for you – a million dollar business from a phone app (???) and a marriage to a robot so you could stay home and breast feed while the million other moms have to give half their paycheque to a daycare.

    Is it just me or do people shouting about how “blessed” they are seem really condescending?

    • Juliana

      Robot>?? Josh was like a zombie, even when he was breathing it seemed like a difficult task for him. I’m surprised he’s still alive, lol. Lazy, lazy, lazy! She’s a absolute airhead, a whiny airhead.

      • Regina

        Yeah alright perhaps zombie is a better description lol.

  • Mimi

    I mean, I guess Congrats that your band aid baby is doing his job.