L Brand to stop printing Victoria’s Secret catalogs, discontinue swimwear

Victoria's Secret catalogs

The internet and digital media has taken down yet another America icon as L Brands has announced they are discontinuing the Victoria’s Secret catalog in print form. In addition, the company announced they are also planning to phase out their swimwear and non-athletic apparel lines.

The news came during L Brands’ earnings call last week. From Market Watch:

The company reiterated the need to focus on its core categories — bras, panties and beauty — in its quarterly earnings call on Thursday. To do so, there will be a number of changes, including the end of the catalog. The company is also discontinuing its sale of swimwear and nonathletic apparel, like T-shirts and sweaters, though executives were clear that it will continue selling athletic apparel, which is the clothing trend of the moment.


Vintage Victoria's Secret catalog 1977

The Victoria’s Secret Catalog began printing in 1977 and helped launch the fledgling lingerie brand into a dominating world brand. It is estimated that in 2015 there were 250 million to 300 million copies mailed out at a cost of more than $100 million — a cost that experts seem to agree may not have been worth it. “Now is the time to capitalize on the brand strength, reduce promotional activities and build a business based on marketing that is modern and 21st century, based on electronic media, not snail mail and expensive catalogs,” said analysts from Stifel after the Thursday call.

As we all come to terms with yet another thing we will be considered “ancient” for even being aware of, here is a trip down mammary memory lane with some “vintage” photos from the Victoria’s Secret catalog through the years:

Old Victoria's Secret catalog photo Victoria's Secret catalog page 1977 Victoria's Secret ad 1970s victoria's secret catalogue 1979 Victoria's Secret catalog vintage lingerie Victoria's Secret catalog cover with a man Victoria's Secret catalog Angels Victoria's Secret Catalog cover 2007 Victoria's Secret catalog cover 2003

Photos: Victoria’s Secret/Cosmopolitan

  • Myndee

    Have they said what’s happening to the Pink line, or is that grouped under the clothing they’re discontinuing. If they discontinue the line, you’ll hear the collective cries of the Teen Mom Franchise girls

    • Malmal

      I did some googling. They’re keeping the Pink line. Jenelle’s wardrobe is safe.

      • Nedly Mandingo IV

        Bahahaha….Jenelle’s wardrobe is safe. That’s pretty much all she wears.

        • Booty Fingers

          I think Pink is one of the asvertisers for the show or something. I used to see the same thing with Chelsea. In her early seasons all she did was lay on the couch in her Pink sweats twirling her sh1tty extensions. On TM one year everyone was wearing Abercrombie, so maybe certain brands like the girls to wear them. Idk

          • LaLa84

            “Twirling her sh*tty extensions” HAHAHA I almost fell out of my damn chair!

      • Myndee

        Can you imagine her meltdown if they stopped production? It would be watched more than the Feathers for Kesha video

    • jen

      Urgh, that crap is so trashy and overpriced.

      • Myndee

        I used to wear it in high school when the line first was introduced. Now everyone and literally their grandma wears it, and it’s not even cute stuff anymore. They’re headed down the same road as Juicy Couture

        • Booty Fingers

          I dont wear it anymore well, I don’t buy it anymore. I still wear the Pink I had from a few years ago of course. To me it’s kinda played out

          • Myndee

            I have one pair of pants I bought 4 years ago when I was pregnant. They’re an XS, so they make me feel skinny when I’m on my period haha and my husband lovingly calls them my gutter s lut pants, he is dying to throw them out.

            • Booty Fingers

              I have like 4 pair of leggings, some sweat pants, and track pants, and two shirts from like 4-5 years ago. I also have a crap load of Pink hoodies (like 6) but I don’t wear them

  • shygreengirl

    So they are only discontinuing adult clothing, they will continue with the kiddie line.

  • Manchester

    So them sending out books with different prices to different people didn’t help boost their bottom line? Hmm.
    My cousin use to shop there until something about them taking back underwear in any condition. Eww.