PHOTOS Farrah Abraham house hunting in Hollywood Hills with Simon Saran

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham Simon Hollywood home shopping

On the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special With Dr. Drew, Farrah Abraham revealed that she and on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran had split up once more. In addition, she said that despite Simon’s many interactions with her parents, Debra Danielsen and Michael Abraham, she had never been introduced to Simon’s family. Well, it seems that Simon is now Farrah’s off-again, on-again boyfriend again: the couple was spotted together in Hollywood Hills yesterday, looking at a $870k condo with MTV camera crew in tow!

If this particular property is any indication, it appears that Farrah and Simon have scaled back their budget a bit from the multi-million dollar homes they looked at on the show this past season. Here are some details on the property, along with a few photos: Farrah Abraham Hollywood Hills home shopping condo

PRICE: $869,900 SQ FT: 2,707 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms Perfectly located between Hollywood, Universal Studios, Hollywood Hills, Studio City……this is the center of the LA universe! New and modern townhouse in complex of just 2 units. 4 bedrooms…..3 upstairs and 1 downstairs with private entry and bath. Open floor plan with Living/Dining/Kitchen/Den all flowing for entertaining comfort. All new fixtures and appliances….stainless, granite, bamboo. 4 fireplaces make this cozy and warm. Over 2,700 feet—come home to elegance and spaciousness in the heart of Los Angeles! Note: While the builder reports this as built in 2008, the complex was first occupied in 2011!!

Farrah Abraham Hollywood home interior Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Los Angeles home bathroom Where is Farrah Abraham living in Los Angeles?

According to online records, the property has a pending offer as of Monday, but the owners are currently taking backup offers. It was initially listed for $949,000 back in October, before being reduced to $899,900 in December, and $869,900 last month. The fact that the property was pending as of Monday doesn’t eliminate Farrah as the buyer — quite the opposite, actually. It would make total sense that she would decide on a home and then “recreate” the initial walk through with MTV cameras for the show.

Farrah’s boyfriend Simon is in the house flipping business, but, given the thoroughly updated condition of this home combined with the price reductions, I think it’s safe to assume this is not a potential flipper for them. [UPDATE – It seems that Farrah IS going to try to flip the property, at least judging from the hash tags on her photos and videos showing renovations on the home.]

In addition to the new digs, Simon is also the proud owner of a new whip! He and Farrah arrived at the property above in his blue Mercedes-AMG GT S, which has a starting manufacturers suggested retail price of $129,900. Here’s a video from inside the car in the driveway of the Hollywood Hills condo:

And here are a few more photos of Simon’s Mercedes that he tweeted last month:

Simon Saran Mercedes

What’s odd is that in the photos taken at the condo yesterday, Simon still has a rear license plate that just has the Mercedes logo. Do they not require temporary plates in California? Here’s what I’m referring to:

Anyways, congratulations to Simon and Farrah on getting back together (I assume)! I’m sure will all be seeing a lot more of them soon when Teen Mom OG returns for a new season.

Farrah and Simon photo: Paul A. Hebert/Press Line/Splash

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  • BreBreezieBre

    You mean mommy and son because that’s how I see the relationship Farrah bugs everything and Simon acts up does what he wants and then comes back to her and gets what he wants. I’m sure Farrah brought that car or she’s leasing it for him he doesn’t like her or love her he likes and loves what she can buy and do for him. If you haven’t met his family and friends then there you have it he’s just not into to you. Although Farrah is super annoying an disrespectful she can do better but she won’t because she wants someone that she can hold onto with her purse strings and no sane man is gonna put up with Farrah and her family

    • Victoria

      You guys he might actually marry that Looney and her bratty daughter

      • BreBreezieBre

        He might but I am sure if he really wanted to marry her then he would have been done introduced to his family or maybe he knows that his family isn’t going to ever approve of her.

      • Yup, I said it

        Farrah will have to sell another porn for 7 figures to get enough money for Simone to marry her. He barely sticks around long enough to cash his MTV checks now..

    • Rudy Huckleberry

      Farrah doesn’t deserve a better guy. No good guy deserves her either.

  • Bruja

    No bad feels for ya, Simon. None, nada, zip!

    • Victoria

      She.all have him on marriage boot camp soon

      • FarrahsCryFace

        Or couples therapy. This time not by herself lol

  • AWill

    There’s been a couple blind items about how Simon signed a contract to appear as her on screen love interest, he makes money and gains a spotlight for his career, while Farrah gains a storyline that doesn’t involve verbally assaulting poor Michael and crazy eyebag lady. It even predicted they would look at engagement rings then break up once filming was over. Sounds true. He always seems distant and disinterested. Also sounds like they are back under contract since filming again.

    • Ruthie

      I think he’s being paid too….

    • Simone Gemma

      Sounds fascinating, phuckk I need a new hobby, way too into this nonsensical rhetoric by the pretend reality shows. I can’t fathom anyone that is able to spend any amount of time with Farrah and Co. I need a punching bag after watching this series.

    • Regina

      I will never refer to crazy eyebag lady with her real name again. This is her new real name.

    • Luis boki

      I think he let’s her fulfill some kinda stripper fantasy. She is nothing but a cheap street walker. And that terror of a daughter is possessed and possibly the ugliest child on reality television, both inside and out. But then again with that poor excuse for a mother would make a saint look like lucifer’s next hooker. I don’t believe in violence, but, if Simon lost it one day and smacked that female dog to the depths of hell where she came from. And who could blame him? And then dangle Snaggletooth like MJ startled enough to drop kick that little horror, who could blame him?

  • twelfthnight

    He’s probably test driving it and used it for a photo op LOL. I wouldn’t put it past these trash bags.

    And why does Farrah need a 4 bedroom home? It’s not like her daughter will be living there…

    • Victoria

      For more kids

      • twelfthnight

        I really doubt Farrah will have more kids unless it’s somehow a payday for her. She spent all that money to look like… that…. and I doubt she wants to get pregnant again and gain weight and stretch her body out.. She doesn’t even care about the kid she has unless she can use her as a prop to make money.

        • abcayemich

          When she was pregnant with Sophia, she didnt breastfeed because she didnt want to ruin boobs. Honest to God!! Go look at the 16 and pregnant episode. The doctor was visibly shocked. Piece of trash.

          • twelfthnight

            I remember that vividly! And the doctor was like “Yeah no, it’s pregnancy that makes your breasts sag…”. That was when I knew Farrah was a horrible person who only cared about herself.

  • Che

    Leased most likely

    • Thea

      I live in LA. Those “homes” Farrah,and, crew were looking at on the show were WAY out of Farrah’s league. I knew Farrah wasn’t going to afford to buy (or lease) any of them (even if she were the millionaire she tries to portray herself as being). Before coming out here to buy the type of house she has in Texas, she better sign to make multiple pornos with the money being paid up front.

      • .

        I was thinking the exact same thing. No way a Hollywood home is in Farrah’s price range. She’s not poor but she ain’t Hollywood rich.

      • Lioness

        She does all of that for the cameras. Anyone can go look at a house, it doesn’t mean you can afford it. Same with the car, probably test driving it. She’s pathetic

        • abcayemich

          Same with the rings.

  • Kaylene

    Good luck? Idk I’ve never had an opinion on this relationship. Sophia seems to like him and if he’s willing to deal with Farrah then more power to him. At least he isn’t Matt. God. Who’d have thought Farrah had better taste in men than Amber?

    • Luis boki

      That’s not a good sign if satan’s daughter likes you. Your fate is doomed.

  • FrontDoorMom

    Idk how any man could tolerate that mess. The end.

    • FarrahsCryFace


  • Mrs C.

    Nice car, why does he have to cruise around with horse face inside ?
    BTW new car’s in Cali don’t require temporary plates.

    • Luis boki

      He was looking for “hay” as she brayed like a dame in heat.

  • Kate

    I just feel sorry for Sophia. No way in hell she turns out normal.

    • Regina

      She’s already so far gone 🙁

      • Momof2

        Her future therapist is going to make a fortune!

    • Luis boki

      Sophia is possessed Po thing…..she had no chance fighting her way through the thousands of STDs as she slimed her way out of that diseased crevice.

  • Aussie cathie

    Fancy being married to that thing and trying to be a dad to her obnoxious child!! It’s all bullocks !!

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    Looking at a Condo? Bahahahaha! I’m shocked that Farah would go for that one. Also, it’s a BAD sign if you are house hunting with a “boyfriend” and he has yet to introduce you to is family.

  • Katias life

    She is just a fame whöre and he is just using her. Soon he will have his own house flipping show and farrah.. as usual will be the annoying camel faced biòtch that comes in and tell him their is so much negativity going on i just cant deal.. lets demo this house and start over again.. stop making stories about this slunt..

    • FarrahsCryFace

      I don’t think he could get his own show. He has less personality then a coconut.

  • Dee

    It took a month and a half for my plates to come in. I had temporary plates that whole time. Not sure what you’re trying to get at about that.

    • sysmjp

      Yes, temporary plates, not generic plates showing the manufacturer’s logo. Any purchased car would have temporary plates when driven off the lot.

      • Katy

        In California you don’t get a temporary plate. I live in Los Angeles and every time I get a new car I get a small registration tag for the front window until the permanent plates arrive. No temporary plates.

  • sysmjp

    I can’t wait until she burns through all of her money and back to living with her parent’s and Debra is whopping up on her again.

    • FarrahsCryFace

      Farrah needs a good slap like on 16 and preg.

  • barbinop

    This guy is either desperate being with the teen sl-t or that MTV money was just too good to pass up. Good luck dude. You just sold your soul?

  • dan trainor

    They wont last a year. She’s a complete nut

  • FarrahsCryFace

    Only 800k?? That’s just so cheap.

  • Victoria

    Breaking news Farrah says just got raped by an uber driver, first her dad, then producers from the porn video. And now this driver, sad

  • JR Rosalez

    HAAAA!!! LMFAO!!!!

  • Regina

    They just look so happy…

  • Momof2

    She has to be paying him…no way anyone would put up with her crap in real life!

  • Luis boki

    Simon must be out of his mind or truly “p-whip”. For a black middle eastern guy he doesn’t come across as overly macho or demanding (just fat….portly. Since he began hanging out with psychoFarro, he just keeps getting fatter and fatter as if she’s driving him to overeat and drink too much. He sorta had a nice face, but, the more he tolerates psychofarro, the more pathetic he looks.