VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E2 After Show and bonus footage

Shirley Portwood Couch S3 E2

It’s time for our weekly roundup of the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage as the girls of the show (minus Amber who was in rehab for the taping) discuss the latest episode and other topics along with a live guest panel of young mothers. We’ll begin with the full After Show and then follow-up with highlights from Farrah, Maci, and Catelynn:


Host Pak jumped right in by congratulating Farrah on her modeling job and Abraham stated she was glad that she could fit into the dress with her bigger boobs. It was the first time Abraham had to travel long distance for a job and it was difficult to be that far away for that long of a time from Sophia. This experience caused Farrah to decide that modeling would just be a hobby because it requires too much time away. Farrah flat-out stated it, “sucked” that she couldn’t follow her long time dream of modeling but that Sophia was her priority.


Maci discussed how surprised she was by Kyle King offering to move in with her. Maci was conflicted but as we know she ran with it because she really needed the help. Now of course Ryan wasn’t happy about it and Bookout discussed the nasty name calling from her baby-daddy. Maci said that the bad side of Ryan came out after Bentley was in the picture (sound familiar anyone). She’s learned to ignore Ryan’s negative comments and is surprised and shocked when she watches the show. She says Ryan is a completely different person now than the young man she fell in love with it. In addition Maci says Ryan says hurtful things to his mother as well.

Let this be a lesson gentlemen, if you want to get on the bad side of the female population, be an ass to the mother of your son and your own mom.


Lowell discussed Tyler’s doubts about living in an apartment and possible cold feet about living together. She said he still has the option to move back in with his mother if he needs to. Then she focused on Tyler’s feelings of obligation to her and the fact that he’s really the only family she can depend on. Catelynn then reiterated that the two have a very open dialogue and that she’s able to calm Tyler down when he’s getting stressed over certain situations. In conclusion she believes that they help make each other better people.

The bonus footage provided from Episode 2 follows the trend of week one in that it focuses on Amber who was unable to participate in the After Shows. It depicts Amber, Gary and Leah, along with Gary’s mom Carol moving into their new diggs. I particularly love that Gary has a laundry hamper for a TV stand! And don’t mess with Grandma if she thinks little Leah has learned F-bomb dropping from Amber 🙂