Is Curse of Oak Island fake? Speculation grows alongside show’s popularity

Curse of Oak Island fake 4

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Frequently asked questions about Curse of the Frozen Gold, including whether it’s fake


Is Curse of Oak Island fake? History Channel’s hit reality documentary is about to conclude its third season, and brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are no closer to finding either the island’s treasure or its curse than they were all the way back in 2014–or they’re closer than ever, depending on who you ask. Oak Island has an extensive history (you might even call it a mythology at this point) and has aroused in treasure seekers the world over a heretofore unknown interest. But perhaps the biggest mystery of all for television observers is whether the show itself is a hoax.

First, though, a bit of history. And we do mean a bit; there have been literally dozens of excavations on and stories told about the ongoing Oak Island mystery, which dates back to the late 18th century. The broad outline is this: Oak Island is a 140-acre island located about 600 feet off the shore of southern Nova Scotia. In 1795, three men observed lights coming from the island, and an unnatural-looking depression on the southeastern end of the island. They dug a pit, found layers of logs approximately every ten feet as well as other possible signs of human involvement, and were unable to progress past a depth of 30 feet.

Eight years later, in 1803, a second group of men tried their hand at the Oak Island hole, which had become known as the Money Pit. They increased the Pit’s depth to 90 feet before flooding drove them out. One of the items the crew uncovered was a stone–called the 90 Foot Stone in island lore–which bore a series of strange symbols. One set of symbols, the first translation of which was published around 1862, allegedly read “Forty feet below, two million pounds lie buried….” (Unfortunately for skeptics and fans alike, the 90 Foot Stone has long been lost, and further translation is impossible.)

The first widespread publication regarding the Money Pit came from the Liverpool Transcript in October of 1856, and a series of other newspaper articles and speculative publications followed, as did a long string of energetic fellows eager to give the Pit a go. Including the two already mentioned, at least fourteen major, often multi-year excavations have been carried out, along with countless smaller endeavors. So far, a series of curiosities is all that’s been carried out of the Money Pit, though a lot of human money and effort have gone into it.

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Then, in 2006, Michigan brothers Rick and Marty Lagina purchased a majority stake in the island. They began excavating thanks to yearly permits from the Nova Scotian government; when the History Channel got wind of their efforts, they arranged to begin broadcasting them in the form of Curse of Oak Island in the winter of 2014. (It’s worth pointing out that the Lagina brothers also explore a newer, better hole, one called Borehole 10-X.) So far, the show has aired 26 episodes, garnered millions of fans, and pumped new life into one simple question: Is Curse of Oak Island fake?

But wait–we haven’t even gotten to the curse part of the island yet! According to the History Channel itself, Curse of Oak Island takes its name from a local legend which states that seven people have to die searching for the island’s treasure before the island’s apparent blood lust will be satisfied and it will give the treasure up. But, as many skeptics have pointed out many times, far more than seven treasure hunters have died on Oak Island over the past 221 years. In addition, the most common explanation working against the existence of any treasure is also the simplest one. Scientists and observers have long pointed out that Oak Island itself is full of natural sinkholes, which flood as the water rises and can give the impression of a pit, buried, or otherwise manmade area.

So there’s an air of perhaps understandable skepticism regarding Curse of Oak Island–and, in particular, with the History Channel’s involvement. Oak Island deniers claim that the show is simply a ruse, attached to a flimsy premise, nestled in a box of impossibility: in other words, it’s just something for conspiracy theorists to latch onto. Since no one has yet dug up and sifted through the entirety of the island, technically, no one can say that there is no Oak Island treasure. But, given the wide variety of treasure that’s said to be buried there–everything from pirate and Spanish treasure to the secret  treasure of the Knights Templar to the legendary Arc of the Covenant, to say nothing of Shakespeare’s manuscripts, the jewels of Marie Antoinette, or Freemason artifacts (say, this would make for a pretty good Doctor Who episode!)–the result of any time spent thinking critically about the likelihood of any of the stories being real calls to mind the Onion headline about JFK being shot. 

Curse of Oak Island fake 2

And, ultimately, that’s just fine with Rick and Marty. Or, with Rick, anyway–he’s acknowledged all along that he’s fine with not uncovering any treasure; the overarching interest, for half of the Lagina brothers, is the intricate and incredible story of the island itself. He said as much in an interview just before the third season of Curse of Oak Island premiered: “There’s a story buried on that island,” Rick explained, “that I want to figure out, and I think that’s the real treasure. A fabled, long-lost treasure would be fantastic. But there’s a wonderful story written on that ground, and I want to know the who, what, when, where, why and how.”

Rick was asked the same question separately, during a Reddit AMA he and Mark did to promote Curse of Oak Island Season Three.  “If you end up coming out empty handed,” asked one user, “on the island (treasure wise)……what’s next?” Rick’s response? “I don’t believe that will happen. I firmly believe at the very least, there’s a story.”

Marty, by contrast, is on the other end of the spectrum: “I think the most intriguing theory,” he said, “involves the treasure of the Knights Templar and if we could hope for one, we would hope for this treasure.”

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If you’re interested in getting deeper into the mysteries of Oak Island, or exploring the whole “Is Curse of Oak Island fake?” question for yourself, you might want to start with the fairly extensive and well-reasoned Reddit article on the matter. There’s also the now-legendary Joe Nickell article “The Secrets of Oak Island,” published in Skeptical Inquirer 24.2, which takes a long look at those secrets and attempts to debunk them. And, if you’re feeling especially wild and crazy, you might even check out Curse of Oak Island over on the History Channel’s webpage–or when it airs, Tuesday nights at 9 PM EST.


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  • lightspeed

    I dont think the search is fake, i just have my doubts anything is there. There is enough stories and odd markers and unnatural things to stir curiosity but aat the end of the day i just dont think they will ever find anything. But i really would be thrilled if they did find something as Oak Island has intrigued me since i was a kid. Just find something, anything to keep the suspense and possibilities alive.

  • Scuba

    Great…so you censor articles.

  • Scuba

    Look up “Remote viewing the Oak Island Money Pit” and they found something of great value.

  • Logan Wilder

    My argument is is how the hel did ppl dig and bury these elaborate tunnel systems w less technology then we have today… and today we have way more advanced technology and equipment and nobody can find anything?! Lagina brothers you ever think that the author of that article you read when you where little was just to make money and sell his story and just made everything up along w all the other crazy stories??

    • Another Nick

      To be frank, easily. People don’t give the past enough credit. Assuming that the pit is real and dug shortly before its discovery, that’s only the 18th century. Boring a 100 foot vertical shaft was well within their technical skill. At Grime’s Graves in England, there’s vertical mine shafts to a depth of 45 feet that are over 4000 years old.

      • Steve A

        Yes I agree and the oringal sewers in Rome put there 1000’s of years ago are still in use today . Like I stated we have the technogly today to stop water from flooding tunnels , Yet why not use that same technology on oak island dig a new shaft by x10 and find whatever they think is buried ? If they can build a tunnel for trains under the English channel for trains why can’t they stop the flow of water on oak island ? Or is the legend and stories more important then finding the truth .

        • ppie14

          I think the problem is they don’t have the resources and money to dig a new whole like that. They’ve said before theyinvest that kind of money they want solI’d proof there is something down there. That’s why they’re trying to send a diver down 10x the whole that is already there.

          • S a

            They burning thru money to hire divers , to rent the sonar equpiment, drilled all those test holes .That stuff isn’t cheap , they bought brand new earth moving equipment . They have seen what’s down there why not do it right , or do they want to keep the legend and the myth alive ? If it was me I’d say screw it an dig an line a new shaft , and the swamp I’d line the side face the ocean with sand and sand bags and pump it dry with a pump that can pump thousands of gallons an hour . That’s just me , I wouldn’t play any games I’d get it done and show the world what I find if anything when I was done .

            • Luna

              What people fail to look at is not the cost, time or whatever, they have plenty of that stuff obviously with partners and probably hidden backers and not to mention The History Channel itself giving them money to continue on, I doubt otherwise they would gotten past s1-2 without more backers.

              It’s probably more due to the government, the weather, conditions, etc preventing them from digging a new shaft without actual hard evidence.

              Really I’ve heard of ocean findings that took 10-20 years of hard searching to find, these guys have only been at it a few years. It’s really more about the history of the island or speculations about the history of the place than actual treasure for the show’s side.

          • Steve A

            Look the last episode they had a diver in the hole and didnt find crap . Yet again nothing but clay and wait a sink hole in the supposed tresure chamber . Lol what a joke nomatter where you dig on the island the holes fill with water , so someone dug al these tunnels ? This show is going to end like the rest of these treasure hunter reality TV shows . There is nothing there give it up alreadyb

          • milburnschmidt

            They did No Body,No chest,No tunnel nothing of substance yet except money from the history channel.

      • RobertNorwood

        Thing is, let’s be logical. If you had a ton of treasure to hide would you make it so difficult to retrieve that you yourself would have difficulty? No. The money pit is a red herring. Nothing will ever be found there.
        Treasure is no good if you cannot easily get at it. That a thing, such as gold, can be easily retrieved by the one(s) responsible for hiding it does not mean it is or was not well hid.

        • Another Nick

          I actually don’t think there’s anything down there. It’s clearly a sinkhole in karst topography.

          That said, assuming that the pit actually was a treasure of some sort, ease of retrieval isn’t a burden on the original burying team. Presumably, they’d have knowledge no one else has, making it easy for them whereas it would be difficult for others. Or they may never have expected retrieval in the first place. Plenty of riches in history have gone on one way trips. If you really, really want to make sure that “if I can’t have this, no one can” then a super elaborate burial system gets that done.

    • ppie14

      It was a Readers Digest article and they had the author on the show to discuss it. Watch the episode and you decide.

    • Kavee

      Holly cow! there is no argument buddy. There are hundreds if not thousands of things scattered across the globe which ancients did, still we cannot comprehend or figure-out how did they did it. Pyramids is a god start, if that’s old enough.
      Oak Island may or may not be a fake, but do not under estimate the ancient people, their technology and what they were capable of…..

    • Zachary Thorn

      Look at another religious 90ft pit that is thought could have inspired the way the money pit was built 220 years ago. Also we would a hard time now building things the way they did and in fact if we did our population probably wouldn’t be so high. So, consider us lucky.

  • southron_98

    The very fact the Roman sword was fake shows they planted it and they and the HC are taking us for a ride

    • Jean

      The Roman sword was found there in the 1950s supposedly.

      • John Ingram

        I mean seriously, in the last episode the family members of former searchers clearly demonstrated that they found 3 chests, full of treasures, and they even brought one of the treasures with them. Seems obvious they found what was hidden there. One more thing, the premise of the show is that they are searching for SOMETHING….but have NO IDEA what they are searching for, therefore when they DO find something……is it the treasure they were searching for? ….or ….another clue to the REAL treasure…LOL…which means this farce goes on forever…….

    • ppie14

      How do you know it’s a fake? Because they told you on the show after they had it analyzed. If they were taking you on a ride they wouldn’t have had it analyzed. They would let the speculation stay out there or they would have brought an “expert” in who would give the opinion that it was a Roman sword without testing the metal to determine it was modern.

  • Will Mii

    I know the boredom is real. I am about to give up on this show.

    • GIGfriend22

      I guess they should have considered the possibility of that before they started the show…. Its almost like call me up when you find something…. Not just a cloth, coin, or a piece of stinking wood. But maybe a chest.

      • Lawrence

        I think the island itself is the story Sure there might be a treasure there, but there’s a story there I mean the island is on an ancient shipping Lane many many people have stopped there and to put it bluntly there’s evidence of human activity all over that Island architecture or rather escavation that’s advanced for people prior to the modern day erea so what’s the story behind that why would somebody go through all that trouble to create that small swamp! It definitely doesn’t look natural and just how did they do it back in the Seventeen hundreds come on now the treasure is definitely intriguing but the story if
        ever uncovered is definitely a treasure in it’s self

        • GIGfriend22

          Lawrence…. Maybe its one of those types of people that put no treasure there, just to prove a point at how dumb and greedy humanity is…. That we will destroy the natural environment….. And only left a few coins and ancient pieces of things to create that possible proof and intrigue…. Maybe their is no treasure there, and to make the point that it is the search which that is the treasure….. Although that would still embarrass the crap out of them considering all the money they spent…… If they did find treasure though….. I would be cautious…. Is this going to go to a museum…. Is it going to go to the Elite???….. Would they sell it and give the money to the poor, or back the origins of where the treasure originally came from and its owners……. Considering Pirate treasure was usually stolen treasure… And what happens if they Find the Ark….. If they find that technically, if my bible verses and Sunday school served me correctly…. Only Jewish priest could hold that…… To all other people it was considered a curse and would often make terrible diseases to any other group of people that touched it!!! Should we really find the treasure at that rate??? There still might be a death in this story if they are not careful..

  • DVM

    It’s bullshit. They never get anywhere or prove anything on the show. It’s all just elaborate speculation. Plus, unlike the money pit, their theories don’t hold water. – Pun intended

  • Dave Melges

    The show was frustrating in season two, but downright annoying in season three.

    I don’t think there’s any chance the SHOW is a hoax, but they ARE milking it. Working for a minute here, then moving to a different part of the island, never fully searching anything…essentially keeping each piece of the mystery a mystery.

    So yeah….more seasons….

    • Mad Boot of the Ween

      If you watched Drilling Down, Marty acknowledged that the TV commitments slow them down. It’s a consequence of having History, with their own agenda, as a financial partner.

  • John Frick

    Do you even watch the show? They have not abandoned the money pit by any stretch. They do jump around from place to place on the island but they have worked in the money pit area on every season. Also, Joe Nickell is poor choice for further reading. He is incapable of believing in anything at all. For those that are tempted to read his article and take him seriously, know that if you have any beliefs in anything that is not currently understood by modern day science, he will tear down that too, and make a pretty good case doing so.

    • GIGfriend22

      Well if they do find something then you can shove it in his face….. Otherwise…. I think it is taking way to long…. Like seriously these people have been at it for over two years now. Compared to when ever this thing was built, we should have had the technology to reach it by now…… Obviously they were not that good or had such technology that could overcome are own today…… This is just dumb why it is taking so long. Perhaps some things are literally better to leave alone……. If the people whom hid whatever they hid and did not come back for it……Maybe their is a reason. A reason that we should not go to look for.

      • By what means can you possibly argue the time table for any discovery is too long? This just seems absolutist on your end. If you understood the inherent challanges…maybe the timeline would not seem relevant. But sorting out the story itself will become more pertinent. Instead of throwing out assumptions based on nothing. Get in touch with Daniel Ronnstam, or the history channel people, or the laginas themselves… l am sure theyll tell you what you want to know. Or at the very least open you up to historical resources…

        • GIGfriend22

          Because DB tisorin. Its been over like hundreds of years….. Maybe even thousands, pending if what you believe that some of the items in the money pit could be from the Holy Land right after its destruction, and exile of the Jews in 70 AD. By now we should have something….. If we can send technology to monitor and map out Mars. As well as go into space…..Or deflect an asteroid…..Or land people on a moon……..We bloody well should be able to dig something out underneath the Earth…. Regardless if it is booby trapped…. And as for the history of this land. I do not know every aspect of it….But I have hard enough about the political, social and historical significance of this land to talk about it…. Maybe you too should not make assumptions about myself, when you do not know my knowledge, and its bases on this particular topic.

          • Look, I am not trying to downplay your persona at all, only that I disagree with your somewhat absolutist perspective. (That be not the same thing:), and apologies if you took offense)
            Imagine the island as a chunk of buiscuit, and I don’t mean the weetabix brick. But a soft and spongy deal. It’s not hard to imagine also that because at this point its been worked over so much that it’s structure has been compromised, and that a percentage of archeological evidence had also been destroyed. That’s a major delay…That and you’ve got to treat the weather as a factor. Which would limit greatly the amount of time they can spend digging. And these connections go on… As far as what’s actually there. I don’t know. Personally, if it’s a templar treasure, I think they should be looking somewhere along the Swiss alps. But who knows, since they island has been raped for so many years, they keep finding crap from a variety of people’s, no surprise. What’s actually there…no idea.

            • GIGfriend22

              well. If the archeology has been destroyed then, it just goes to show. Some things aren’t meant to be found.

              • Yes, possibly, but then why leave a cookie trail of clues?…Or that Robert Dunfield was a cretin who dug without care or direction. I’d be curious to see all theories fully explored, but the Laginas probably won’t commit to that financially…Also, seriously. Facebook Daniel Ronnstam. Hes got a fascinating amount of information about the search, plusbjust a good dude to talk to. I will also say. That as a personal interest, I would love to see the original Menorah, or other remnants from either Temple. But again…who knows what they’ll find. I’ll have to look through my notes, but there are a couple of really cool links also explaining the geological difficulties of just digging there. ✌ I’ll share em if I find em.

                • GIGfriend22

                  Personally, I think its going to be one of those searches that they have to end either due to fiancées or something going horribly wrong. And WALA the mystery continues, like all the other TV shows we see on this that look similar. Just to waste our time.. Or trick us to keep the legend alive…. Frankly I am surprised they have not made it a tourist destination. I am sure they can make a penny out of peoples imagination alone…. And as a person of faith= Christianity. I hope they do not find the menorah. Since in our scriptures finding the Menorah, especially so far, like in the middle of no where off the coast of Canada, for the temple will just cause political instability back in Israel. In multiple ways or get them wanting to build their 3rd temple faster. Which of course will cause more persecution on Palestinians Muslims and christains alike…. As well as supposedly bring in some pretty bad prophecies before any good ones come according to scripture, save that for another generation… If you fellow that religion that is.

                  • Well. I definitely agree on the tourism bit, and of course keeping the mystery living. But being a Jewish man,and having lived and studied in Israel…there are a few things I’ve got some beef with. Probably best not to stir that up right now… As this isn’t a geopolitical/religious explore.

                    • GIGfriend22

                      Hey that’s no problem….. But when it comes to christains and how we interpret Judaism…. We are really on the fences with then it comes to that so called Thrd temple…. Mind you it is terrible the way Muslims treat the Temple mount and people wanting to visit their. To pray or take pictures…. But they too have a similar perspective. That the thrd temple if not treated right is more a Omen, then a blessing for humanity. But I think for the Muslims its become some form of sick twisted competition for them….. Meanwhile christains say you want to see the house of God take a look outside, and with in, cause if that is not ready. Nether will your worship be. I suppose we do not need to talk about this now…. But in the future we will.

                    • We certainly can.

                    • GIGfriend22

                      That’s a lot more healthier of a result then sadly the two main religious groups in Israel, do or don’t do with each other. 🙂

                    • It’s quite a bit more complicated than that. The idea that Palestinians are getting persecuted is hopelessly incorrect. And it’s incorrect because it benefits someone to keep it that way. Look at it this way. Ignorance is form control.
                      Not only does the Israeli government not persecute their neighbours…actually that action would be directly opposing to many teachings… But I don’t want to get into that… But they are fiscally responsible for both of the “disputed” territories. Israel provides all utilities, building materials etc. There are laws that govern this.Now here’s the interesting bit. Do you know who actually “controls”Palestine…because it isn’t the “president” of it. Its hammas.

                    • GIGfriend22

                      The question is not whether or not the Palestinians are, or are not being persecuted. The question is did you guys ever give a dam about what they thought? Pardon me, but when 1948 happened no one informed the Palestinians what was going to happen. And I understand that Israel has been their for 2,000-4,000 years. Either by presence or archeology. But Palestine has also been their for at lest 1,700 or less. years… And have had multiple Generations and farm land…… Now these foreigners come in, take down their houses, or price tagging them by drawing threatening symbols of ideologies….. The settlers act like fundamentalist crazy people themselves…. Certainly people I would question if they are morally Jewish. And only adds fuel to the fire…. Imagine if the 12 tribes came back to Israel….. And pushed you out saying you are not legitimate to Abrahams commands and Moses’??? Or even bringing up the topic of DNA decedent ship and legitimacy!!! Believe me…. You would go all crazy on their ass too.. Just like Palestinians….. Did you know that some, a small minority of Palestinians were originally sematic Jews and can trace their family tree 2000 years ago in Israel??? But that dose not mean anything to the government of Israel… They are Muslim or maybe Christian even…..And they get pushed out?!?!?
                      Yes perspectives serve a certain group and culture in Israel and their propaganda views. Or stigmas and Stereotypes. But to whom dose it really serve? I can tell you one thing it has not been God’s
                      Now I understand that what Palestine has transformed themselves into makes them unworthy of such a land like Israel. At the end of the day I support the Christian Palestinians and a Jewish Israeli state too,…. But if you do not understand the issue to how it became like that….Then you will never be able to solve it,, and its highly possible it will just get worse…. Perhaps for this very reason, both sides don’t disserve this land. You can say that we don’t need to talk about it…..But its the lack of talking about it and finding reasonable solutions that have gotten you in this place/ issue to begin with.

                    • The dispute over the Old City, and specifically Holy Grounds is ten fold more complicated.

                    • GIGfriend22

                      I totally agree the issue of is as complicated as an aerobics cube that is in the shape of a hexagon ….. being figured out by an Arab sematic ….Dancing on one leg…Can’t get more confusing then that!… I am not saying that I do not understand the issue…. Believe me I understand it very well…… As a person whom can not figure out my family heritage which is Aboriginal Canadian due to foreign immigration over the pass 100 + years. And land taking. I know Israel is a different issue… But still a lot of the same topics being discussed…. And the question of a lack of coming around the table and suiting both sides. That I do know very well of.

                • Kathy Brensinger


                  • Hi Kathy, happy turkey day to you!

          • Oak island junkie

            Ok so I have been reading so much crap giving Rick and Marty a hard time saying just dig and they should have found something by now. Lmao do some research ppl… First off, it would cost the brothers millions to excavate there so yes, years of real research is needed so not to just blow the money they have. Second, they can’t just go digging anyplace they want. There are laws and permits needed for all that, and third, the brothers are doing all they can to preserve the island without destroying half of it and leaving a giant foot print so they are choosing very carefully where to do there digging. Oh and let me throw this one at you too, all you haters think its just that easy to find lost treasure, then why aren’t you a treasure hunter instead of watching a show about it? If it was that easy, trust me we would all be treasure hunters wouldn’t we? So anyone that’s a true fan and understands what its really about, keep watching cause the real treasure is this pair of brothers fulfilling a childhood dream “together” and keeping such a great story alive and digging up the priceless artifacts from the early treasure hunters. Keep running the show Rick and Marty, you have captivated the minds, hearts, and imaginations of millions of children and adults and are making us a part of this history with you. Thank you to the whole dig crew and the history channel for helping us all be a part of it…

  • Ralph

    This show is all a hoax. Just like the man eating snake show. Sending divers down in clouded water , to seach for what? Buried trash from prior attempts. Every show has some minor discovery and then their off to the races. From pirates to Romans and everything in between is brought in from history? They could have sent an rov,down
    To do the same work as the divers without jeopardizing their safety. It’s just a bunch of old fools grasping for ratings . How much are the laginas getting paid for this charade?


  • Mi pene es grande

    This show is going to end up like the snake island show. It will be like “ohhh the tresure was here but someone took it long time ago and kept it with out telling anyone”

  • Steve A

    So with all our great technology and advancements they can’t dig a new hole line it with steel or concert to hold back water ? They stop water in deep tunnels and mines , but can’t on oak island ? Come on guys hire an engineer , stop screwing around and go dig it out . Come on guys we have technolgy to build tunnel under the English channel from England to France for trains but can’t figure out how to stop water from flooding a shaft on oak island ?

    Pull your heads out of dream land and do it the right way or not at all .

    • Mad Boot of the Ween

      This has been explained on the latest episode (and probably other times). The type of excavation you are talking about costs several million dollars. The channel tunnel cost 4.5 billion and took six years. They’re not going to invest in a million dollar plus dig without evidence that there is treasure below.

      • Steve A

        When I talked about the tunnel I talked about the technology , Now the walls of 10x are lined with old rail cars used to transport oil .Did you miss that episode ? There are alot of sources for material around the US that won’t cost millions .Plus other have sunk millions into that island and what has been found ? History channel is making all the money on this tresure hunt . Either do it the right way or not all , plus the brothers own oil wells so millions are made in days.

  • Mad Boot of the Ween

    The criticisms are all addressed on the show. Marty and Rick know a lot of the theories presented to them in the war room are nonsense. They acknowledge that producing the television show slows down their search and often prevents them from making progress. It’s a consequence of having a television network as a financial partner. But having that partner gives them access to more funding and more resources than they would have alone.

    Sure, if they had unlimited funding it would be “easy” to excavate a super hole at the money pit. Since they don’t have unlimited funds, they have to use inexpensive strategies to search for evidence that would justify a more costly excavation.

    Is there really a curse? Probably not.

    Is there really treasure? That’s why we watch the show. There may not be and even if there is/was, it may never be found. But the possibility is exciting.

    I like this show because while it seems like a search for treasure, it’s really a search for evidence of treasure. They balance their optimism with skepticism.

  • Kavee

    Fake or not what’s the fuzz? Its a TV show and watch it if it excites you, entertain you amazes or amuse you. We watch Magic shows, talk shows, sit-up comedies, movies and everything else. Curse of Oak Island is just a show, it entertains me, so I watch, that’s why the ranking is good. Can we blame anybody, of course not.

    Its a good thing that History Chanel started funding the project, or else Lagina’s may soon come to terms with financial viability and pull the plug off. At least Marty and Craig surly having an eye on the burning budget. No body has unlimited resources to commit to such a costly endeavour. Probably CAT may have given them a huge discount considering the advertisement, so they got brand new excavation equipment. I like them doing what they do, and love history channel sponsoring this, so the project moves on and we get to see it on TV. Enjoy on the face value, do not attach to it too much. Life is too short for unnecessary drama and arguments. Applause what brings you joy, leave the rest.

    • John Macdonald

      Your easily entertained

    • tracy jimenez

      I enjoyed your comment. The comment was both insightful & refreshing.
      Whatever happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

  • GIGfriend22

    Well if they do find something then you can shove it in his face….. Otherwise…. I think it is taking way to long…. Like seriously these people have been at it for over two years now. Compared to when ever this thing was built, we should have had the technology to reach it by now…… Obviously they were not that good or had such technology that could overcome are own today…… This is just dumb why it is taking so long. Perhaps some things are literally better to leave alone……. If the people whom hid whatever they hid and did not come back for it……Maybe their is a reason. A reason that we should not go to look for.

  • Von Steever

    Every cavity they’re finding is booby trapped by a water tunnel. Well, find the water tunnels at the shore, block them with concrete then drain the water and get in there. That should be simple enough. Personally, I don’t know why the Lagina’s and their partners tossed out the team with the satellite MRI of the island, which clearly mapped locations of tunnels and various precious and other metals throughout the island. Oddly, they dug one location and found some sort of pipe at the exact location pinpointed on the map, but then discarded the entire idea. Pretty stupid imho.

  • GIGfriend22

    Its almost like call me up when you find something…. Not just a cloth, coin, or a piece of stinking wood. But maybe a chest.

  • Roy Batty

    Dose anyone else remember when Geraldo Rivera opened up what was supposedly Al Capone’s secret vault, all the build up and hype?? If I remember, all they found was an old empty wine bottle or something.

    • jerry2286

      I remember watching that on TV. He looked so desperate and embarrassed by the end that I thought he was going to start digging with his bare hands.

      • Nosyparker

        At least that show came to a conclusion. The hype was itself the show. Nothing found…end of show.

  • Margaret Rhinesmith

    I watched the final episode of the program. I was left with the feeling, “Is this the end?” I felt that I was left hanigng. I watched the program with anticipated suspense. I feel that the show was well put together. I would watch the reruns.

  • milburnschmidt

    was a Big fan of the show however it is seeming more now just another show strung out to gain viewers. Why would anyone come from so far to bury anything so deep and never come back to recover it. This could be searching for Bigfoot since the team has done more traveling than actual digging. I havent seen any of that expensive machinery they bought used for anything yet. This is getting like the phoney dutchmans gold show with old geezers searching for gold running down endless theories. To many phoney reality shows these days that are scripted.

    • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

      My question is, every hole they sink is full of water, its an island so any hole they sink will have water. Now the holes that were sunk by those who buried the “” treasure “” would have met the same water. So the joke is on us ALL. LOL

  • Zachary Thorn

    First, the legend says 7 must die LOOKING! For the treasure and they have found strong evidence of multiple evidence of Europeans being there so their is a strong possibility of something being there. Oh,and back then they had slaves to do their work. Also, they want to do it safely so nobody dies. And a lot of the technology they used back then we use now, an example is banking the Knights Templar were the original bankers and the reason for some of these great things being built was from religion and belief just look at the first inhabitants of oak island they look at the Knights Templar as gods. So, you can’t blame them for taking so long and having trouble because as time has progressed our brain capacity has gotten smaller so they could of been and probably were very smart.

  • tamagirl

    Its all about generating money to the island through tourism and generating ass for the guys. If your stupid enough to believe this crap is real your in for serious shocker when they find nothing. LOL

  • papa

    these are a complete joke. Based on nothing but gossip they jump to ridiculous conclusions that never turn anything yet they keep making episodes. No sane person would put their money into projects like this without being funded and encouraged by the TV people that fill our TVs with lies and horrible editing. The only historical thing about the history channel is since the beginning of time it has put pure fiction on our TVs. Why do Americans continue to twist warp and rewrite history to suit them when the rest of the world laughs in their face. I think most TV companies are compulsive liars and should be accountable for the shit they put out and fined just like the newspapers for bullshit

  • Larry Hamilton

    I think there are tunnel’s that run through the island weather there is treasurer I’m not sure but still find it interesting good luck to all of you

  • jim

    This whole thing is a dragged out hoax and just another Geraldo Rivera Al Capone’s vault.

    • James Hudson

      The difference being they did not know they were not going to find anything at ole Al Capones vault. We all know how this one is going to end.

  • LOCAL YOKEL 1950

    Let’s see, its an island surrounded by water, dig a pit down below the water table and what did they find, water. No go back in time when those that hurried the “treasure” dug a pit on a. Island down below the water table, no water. Money pit indeed, throwing millions on a water hole that those who dug, now, and then found the same water. I have a thousand archers of farm land for sale in the Everglades. ROTFLMAO

  • Sane Person

    I enjoy the show and the history lessons. I just find the commercials more obnoxious than usual. Male actors with the same gay flip-up hairstyle doing the household chores and tending kids as the female cow watches tv or plays on laptop. Feminazi role reversal clowns get old very fast.

  • Dan G

    It is without a doubt the most silly show, regarding treasure hunting, on tv today. Every clue leads them to absolutely nothing.

  • E;f

    They basically outright lie about stuff. They see markings on rocks that aren’t there. They plant items that they claim are historical. The seem to find all kinds of rock covered holes based on some fake maps. The whole thing is total BS. My wonder is how much money are these guys making filming this show?

  • Arthur H

    I stopped watching the show because it is obscene how they are misleading and lying to viewers. There is nothing in the money pit, there never was. It is just a sink hole that has swallowed up objects over the millenniums. Many leading experts in varied fields who have been to the area have long dismissed it. The markings were simply indicators of location where to dig wells. The marks inside the wells were made while the wells were being constructed. The triangular shape of the markings were caused by wedge shaped caps at the end up tubes used to wedge between the rocks to keep the lines taught as the depths were being excavated. Several sinkholes on the island and adjoining areas have been dig out with exactly the same results. The objects that are described as drains are simply remanenets of ship hulls that have been forced against the coast by the tides.

  • Bassnnut

    I still like the “clean” talking shows. Which are hard to find on TV anymore. If you don’t like it, turn the Channel.

  • Teresa

    Honestly, and this is after yet another season has almost finished airing (and still nothing), I believe if anything ever WAS buried on the island, the owners have long since taken it out. As for the Sam Ball story they’ve latched into this year as evidence for treasure, there’s a lot of ways he could’ve become a wealthy landowner. Even as a former slavery.

  • Ed C

    These two kids are simply following a childhood dream and it is 100 percent tax deductible.

  • eseBoy

    These guys are just ego-tripping with their own TV show…

    …which is a real yawner, BTW.

  • Danny Ivey

    I’ve had it. This show has become a royal pain. Their not using any common sense. They jump all over the place never completing a thorough search in any single location. They had sonar in the same cavern twice. Why they couldn’t put a bore hole in the swamp confuses me or at least dredge it. Now I’m ticked off to the point that I will wait til I hear about on
    the news or read about it.

    • Larry Kay

      I agree. The only treasure they have realized is the TV cash. I am done!

  • Bill Lukeroth

    Instead of sending in divers over and over, just put an airlock on top of the caisson and pressurize it with air until it drives out all the water, the same way that bridge foundations are built. Then they could just walk down there.

    • You have no idea how much air pressure theyd have to maintain, which would probably float the casing out. like the way you are thinking but unlikely to be remotely practical

  • 4 series in and nothing

  • jlnatty

    Watching the current episode on this evening and a “bone” has just been discovered. I don’t know how that “bone” got there, or at this point if it is even a real HUMAN bone, but it is well known that a human body submerged in any kind of water for – not 1000 years, not 100 years, not 10 years, not even 1 year, will totally dissolve into NOTHING. Google it yourselves, you don’t have to believe me. I googled it! There is NO BODY DOWN THERE. THERE IS NO TREASURE DOWN THERE. THERE IS NOTHING DOWN THERE EXCEPT WHAT WAS LEFT BEHIND by previous treasure hunters and obvious frauds. It is entertaining, though.It’s total fiction, accept it as such and enjoy.

    • webside

      This may be true in the open ocean but in cold water with little oxygen and possibly no sea life to eat away at it. plus the fact it may have been covered in silt / clay. Then the outcome would be different.

  • Stanley Marsh

    I record the show and then later I watch it, fast forwarding through all the constant recaps and waffle.

    Honestly I usually end up watching about 5 – 10 minutes of each episode.

    I seriously think you could condense everything worth watching in all the seasons so far into about 2 hours of footage – if that.

    • Trevor

      I do the exact same thing. My wife gives me shit for watching it and I don’t blame her. They make such a big deal about finding worthless trash. WoW it only cost them 3million dollars to find wood! Good Luck

  • Kez

    Have the Brothers not considered that if they cannot find anything they go down as the biggest losers on the planet shedding $Millions into this for not a thing back except some dumb rumor

    • TichoB

      They are not operating at a loss. They budged against show earnings, etc.

      • TichoB

        They are gambling with house money.

  • Terry B

    I’ve been watching this on and off for a while, but realize this is just a “come on” for viewers. (Matter of fact, it’s on right now). It’s entertaining, but it’s just a ruse for ratings just like these other shows that capitalize on hunters that are hunting strange creatures in the night or the search for mermaids, etc.The goal for any of this nonsense is never reached. It’s just a hook for the next in the series.

  • Lonerwithaboner420

    It’s entertaining enough to keep me occupied for an hour. And if they actually do find something, even better.

  • grampz

    These two clowns and their cohorts are having a circle jerk at our expense…..dig over here and then dig over there and then dig over here….forsooth and anon….I’m 85 years old and read about this island when I was in 6th grade…….

  • G.W. Easton

    My issue is these people have all the modern technology and millions of dollars worth of equipment and they can not reach the depth of a treasure that was buried by men with tools made by hand back 300 years ago…… it’s taken them three years with all that equipment to get close to supposably where the treasure is buried how long did it take the people to bury it by hand ? please people get a grip this entire show is a joke and not possible the only thing you are watching is how to bankrupt a millionaire!!!!

  • Jim Barker

    on the curse of oak island nobody explains how the knights templar dug down two hundred feet

  • Tom Groenevelt

    Why hasn’t anyone excavated the box drains in smith cove and used a tethered drone to map out the box drains to the original money pit??

  • Goku Son

    My issue with this show is that they get excited when they see wood…whopppe never thinking that roots from trees that were knocked over were culprits. Another thing that bothers me is the narrator asking quest ions like “could this be it?” “Could this be that hole” it never gets an answer we su there week after week watch thensame questions and never getting anywhere.My uncle watches this and it just makes me angry i leave the room when its on.

  • brian tester

    With the millions they have why can’t they do satellite imaging of the island? Been wondering if they had found something of biblical significants could they really keep this a secret from the world?

  • TichoB

    Well, someone dug down that far and that wood and metal did not get down there by natural means. That said it would not be surprising if whatever was there was removed long ago.

  • Paul Jones

    Is there anywhere on Oak Island you can dig
    a 160 foot deep hole without hitting water.
    Don’t see how a small island surrounded by water
    could be that dry that far down below sea level.
    Who would want to buried something in a mud hole.

  • Tim Gman

    I know they are going to find something soon
    They just need to read my Idea
    Please look
    Tim May

  • louis claes

    these guys should go and take lessons from the guys that raided the hatton square vaults.At least they found it.

  • John F. Early

    Reason I quit watching after a few episodes is that at the end of one episode they had discovered or whatever a coin with the number 8 on it. They said something about the find being one of the “pieces of eight” but no mention about the actual number “8”. Well, I just looked up ‘pieces of 8″ on Wikipedia and no illustration indicates that number on any actual coin. I think the show is bogus.

  • tps

    There never was a money pit. Three boys made up a story, and the world latched on.

  • poundnails

    Hunting Hitler on Oak Island for expediency.

  • ec99

    The Discovery and A + E networks used to produce intellectually stimulating programs. Problem was, they made no money. So they opted to follow “There’s a sucker born every minute” strategy. Now you have multi-millionaires living off the grid 10 minutes from Homer, AK, paranormal nonsense with ghosts everywhere, searches for a non-existent bigfoot, and locker auctions where the same four people win every time.

    Oak Island is no exception. Joseph Goebbels said repeat a lie enough and it becomes the truth. Same here. There were no little kids; they were adults. There was no curse, or at least no ability to come up with where it originated. No extant stone with mysterious characters.

    Meanwhile, the producers manage to fill 2/3s of the show with recaps and ads. And bring in a parade of theorists from their stable of other shows, to draw out the action.

    The series will end when Giorgio Tsoukalos shows up at the war room and tells everyone ancient aliens took the treasure back home.

  • KenH

    The only thing these Spazloids from Michigan have proved, is that There is ONE born Every Minute
    5 seconds on video suddenly geology becomes a hook??
    Grow up
    Watching infantiles blowing other people’s money on childish fantasies is not amusing. Never was

  • Darkseid

    5 seasons, are you kidding? This put-on is totally fake. I quit watching after 3 episodes because nothing ever happens

  • UT Dude

    There is no treasure. How could pirates from 200 years ago have dug a hole more than 100ft?


    This show is complete BS.

  • John Wygrecki

    Rick Lagina is a scam artist, well both brothers are garbage for putting this garbage out there and acting like anything is there THEY are disgusting pos