VIDEO Charlie Sheen is seeking alternative HIV treatment from an unlicensed doctor in Mexico

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The latest Charlie Sheen update brings a mix of good and strange news about the star, whose HIV disclosure last fall continues to reverberate throughout the entertainment world. Sheen recently appeared in a two-part interview on Dr. Oz, during which he revealed some interesting developments in his approach to treatment for his disease.

In the days following Sheen’s November news, a number of ex-lovers came forward to express both love for and disgust with Sheen, whose penchant for girlfriends in the adult film industry sent that profession into a high-grade panic. Relatively little has been heard from Sheen since a report on an alleged video that showed him performing oral sex on a man.

Over the past two days, though, the latest Charlie Sheen update has centered on Sheen’s comparatively extensive two-part interview with controversial doctor Mehmet Oz. During the interview, Sheen claimed he wasn’t afraid of his diagnosis, because he had been “born dead.” And not in the literal sense: “I’ve been off my meds for about a week now. Am I risking my life? Sure. So what? I was born dead. That part of it doesn’t faze me at all.”

Sheen explained that he’s been spending his time seeking an alternative HIV treatment in Mexico, by way of even-more-controversial Doctor Chachoua–who, according to Oz, is “not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.”

Chachoua boasted that his undisclosed treatment will make Charlie Sheen “the first person in history without antiviral therapy” to be cured of HIV. And, apparently, the good doctor didn’t stop with just talk: he says he injected some of Sheen’s blood into himself, in order to demonstrate his supreme confidence in his own abilities.

Said Chachoua, “Charlie, if I don’t know what I’m doing, then we’re both in trouble now, aren’t we?”

When Sheen went public with his diagnosis back in November, he announced that he had untraceable amounts of the virus in his blood, because of the strict antiviral therapy regimen to which he was sticking.


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  • Erica Jean

    Well there ya go, BYE CHARLIE. What a joke! And WTF kind of doctor does that, if he really did, bye bye doc!

  • Brassy

    Think this doctor already has hiv so injecting Sheen’s into himself will do no harm,,jerks.. no respect for life.. I thank God each day I wake up for a new day of life.. Good or bad day, I’m here:-)

  • ameliaBedelia76

    this man is a pig & not sure why he is getting so much positive press. Yes, AIDS is terrible disease but the press needs to stop acingt like he is some innocent victim. He should not be the new face of HIV

  • Linda

    Charlie Sheen, I hope you and the doctor know what you are doing and I hope the doctor is right. Most of all, I hope that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior. Better to know him in this life than to die and know that you didn’t accept him as your savior. Read Romans 10.

  • Maryna Joy

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