90 Day Fiance star Yamir’s ‘Party Love’ music video starring wife Chelsea

90 Day Fiance Chelsea and Yamir music video

On Sunday night’s 90 Day Fiance Where Are they Now? special, we got to see Season 2 star Yamir making a music video for his song “Party Love” starring his wife, Chelsea.

Without any further ado, here’s the final product:

Chelsea said on the special that she really felt like she was out of her comfort zone making the video, and it kind of shows in the video — but I think it’s absolutely charming! As Yamir says, she is a princess from the Midwest! 🙂

Yamir music video Party Love with wife Chelsea from 90 Day Fiance

Congrats to Yamir and Chelsea — for making the music video and for sticking together!

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  • Amanda

    Who is girl voice with Yamir in party love song?

  • fghfgjgyj

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  • Roarrrr

    Love the song, wish them the best.

  • barbinop

    They are my favorite couple. I wish them the best. When is Yamir going to sell his music? What type of job does Chelsea have?

  • Tanya Francine

    Like them as a couple, I think Cheksea is nice and a pretty girl but it looks like she put no effort into the video, like maybe brushing her hair, makeup etc. would be good. Her husband really should be successful, he has a great voice and is very confident.

    • Cynthia Taber

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    • Nicole

      On the reunion show, she is shown doing her makeup so she definitely made the effort. Makeup for the camera, however, generally needs to be done differently (specifically, heavier) and you can’t blame her for not applying stage makeup.

  • ForeverAndADay


  • Karen

    So cute together! I hope he makes it here, he has personality and they sure do make a great looking young couple! Good luck to them both