Is Alaskan Bush People fake? Why are the Browns facing felony charges?

Alaskan Bush People Discovery

Discovery’s breakout reality show hit Alaskan Bush People combines two hugely popular things that TV viewers can’t seem to get enough of these days: people “roughing it” in the wilderness, and Alaska. The show features Billy Brown, his wife Ami, and their seven grown children – 5 boys and 2 girls – who all live in a cabin they built themselves in the Copper River Valley of Alaska.

Of course, this is after the family’s first “cabin where they lived for years was seized and burned to the ground for being in the wrong location on public land,” according to the show’s website.

The site also states that the Browns “are so far removed from civilization that they often go six to nine months of the year without seeing an outsider. They’ve developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a ‘wolf pack,’ and at night, all nine sleep together in a one-room cabin.”

So: how accurate is Alaskan Bush People? Is the show fake? From the evidence presented online it appears as though the answer to those questions are “not very” and “yeah, pretty much.”

Before I get into sharing that evidence, let me head off some of the inevitable comments by stating that I fully realize reality TV producers have not taken an oath to present only situations and people who are 100% “real.” I further know the main purpose of these shows is to entertain. Is Alaskan Bush People entertaining? ABSOLUTELY! The Brown family’s personalities and antics are a hoot to watch, and it’s obvious why it pulls in around 4 million viewers every Friday night–not to mention the millions of viewers tuning in for the numerous marathons aired by Discovery.

That being said, it is clearly of interest to a large part of the show’s viewership (and potential viewership) to know just how much of the show is authentic and how much is staged, especially with a concept-driven premise such as this. (As an exaggerated example, consider that finding out the boats on Deadliest Catch were actually toys filmed in a scaled set would be far more upsetting than realizing the drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is mostly scripted.)

The first thing to try to get to the bottom of is what the true story of the Brown family actually is. Billy Bryan Brown published a memoir titled One Wave At A Time in 2007. It’s now out of print, but it’s available used on Amazon for a steep price — just click the link.

In the book, Billy reveals he was born into a wealthy family in Fort Worth, Texas, but a plane crash killed both of his parents and his sister and left him orphaned at the age of 16.

An archived copy of the March 3, 1969 issue of The Odessa American newspaper seems to verify Billy’s story about the plane crash: “A Fort Worth couple and their 16-year-old daughter were killed Sunday when their light airplane plunged into Lake Travis, about 30 miles northwest of Austin in Burnet County,” reads the article. “They were identified as Billy Joe Brown, 43, the pilot, his wife [Kathryn] and their daughter, Kathy Jean Brown, 17.” Here’s an embed of The Odessa American with the article, which also includes a photo:

Found on

(I should point out that the article and photo caption list three different ages for Billy’s sister: 16, 17 and 19.)

In a 2008 article about Billy Brown and his family, Capital City Weekly described the next chapter of his story:

By the age of 17, Billy was an orphan living out of the back of his car, homeless and working day jobs to eat as he criss-crossed America over the next 10 plus years in a relentless, near maniacal search of something that was impossible for him to define.


According to online records, Billy married Amora “Ami” Branson on June 16, 1979 in Fort Worth. Those records indicate Billy was born in 1953 and Ami was born in 1964, which means he was roughly 11 years older, and Ami was either 14 or 15 years old when they were wed.

Capital City Weekly continues:

In the mid eighties, still searching, Billy, his young wife Ami and two young sons, ages 3 years and 18 months found themselves, literally, standing on the dock in Wrangell, Alaska.

With little more than two sleeping bags, a tent and 13 dollars to their name, they were in awe of their surroundings, but somehow felt deep inside that they had just arrived home…

However, in the naivety of youth, and their ignorance of the Alaskan winters, they soon ended up stranded for 18 months on Mosman Island, which was initially terrifying, but, in Ami’s words, became their “first taste of the wonder of freedom and the true value of family.”

Once rescued and returned to Port Protection, they soon chose to continue their lives in the bush, and eventually, aboard fishing boats during the season, remained in Alaska and grew as a family to love the Alaskan ways.


Alaskan Bush People Brown family throwback photo
^ Brown family photo just after Snowbird was born

If you click on the link to the Capital City Weekly article, you will notice it is titled “Alaskan family to be featured in documentary.” I’m guessing that documentary turned into Alaskan Bush People. The wording of the article is particularly interesting:

The Browns are returning to Alaska in early May from a book signing and speaking engagement tour in the lower 48, to once again venture into the bush to re-create the journey described in the book.

Accompanied by a professional camera crew, they will be filming this 57 day journey for a TV documentary to be aired nationally and internationally in early 2009.


So they were returning to the Alaskan bush to “re-create the journey described in the book”?

That description seems backed up by numerous Alaskans leaving comments on the show’s Facebook page and compiled by, before those comments were deleted:

Verified info from my local Hoonah sources: The crew and family have been primarily staying in Hoonah at the Icy Straits Lodge, and daily boating out to the site to film. It is a long sometimes bumpy boat ride down there even on a speedboat, this is not just “across the bay”. Filming is ongoing right now and projected to end for this season by late Feb. Sounds like they spend some nights out there but unsure how often. They have a road from the dock to the property which DC is leasing from somebody local not 100% sure yet who this is. They have generators, heaters, etc a lot of items requiring fuel and there is a night watchman that comes out from Hoonah to take care of everything during the night, fuel the generators, etc. The bear that wandered by their tent actually happened; they left cameras recording all night. The family wasn’t in there they were in town. The brother had to leave his love interest in Ketchikan for the good of the show and apparently this was hard on him.

I love how they act like they are living on a remote island with no other people. There are a few small towns on the island and Juneau is like a 20-minute plane ride away from the town of Hoonah. I’m glad they found their little piece of paradise but they’re not all alone out there like they’re claiming.

There are 1200 people living on that island and about 4 small towns.

They and the Discovery crew live in a lodge in Hoonah and only go to the land to film. A group of locals have been hired to build their cabin and a couple are acting as bear guards. The land is being leased by Discovery from a local family and it is about a 20 minute boat ride from town.

I am an Alaskan who has spent years actually living in the bush. I am also a writer and journalist. The Browns have scammed a multitude of vulnerable people for many years and owe tens of thousands of dollars to their victims. And now they are soon to be felons. They make real Alaskans look like buffoons.


That last comment may seem a bit harsh, but there is an Alaskan Bush People Facebook Group with numerous people claiming to be victims, or to know of victims, of the Brown family over the last couple decades. Here are a couple of excerpts:

Billy never nor any of the Brown “boys” ever worked as commercial fisherman other than maybe a few days over the last 30 years. They didn’t hunt or fish much even when they were in very game rich areas and fish rich areas like around Haines and Prince of Wales Island. Billy has been using his children’s stories CDs as a scam to raise money to make more CDs but his 70 to 80 children’s stories he says he has written don’t seem to be available anywhere? His books, YouTube videos, websites full of lies are now showing contradictions to the TV shows so now those are being taken down.

Even when the Browns would show up in Texas, they would show up in broken down motor home and pretending to be broke and then relatives would buy them groceries and other supplies and lend him money though he probably had stuff stored away? He never repaid them or thanked them or visited again till he needed help again. They drove around the lower 48 from WA state to California to Texas to Tennessee and back to WA state and ferry to Alaska, conning people and especially churches to raise money to get back to Alaska and free places to stay.


There are also a number of photos that seem to show Ami and the Brown family in homes in the lower 48 over the last few years, one of which is included in the Stoopid Housewives post.

I realize that these comments (no matter how many there are, and how consistent they are) are just hearsay. But something that isn’t hearsay is the fact that the Brown family members are currently facing 60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification, and first- and second-degree theft!

A Juneau, Alaska grand jury charged the Browns late last year, accusing them of lying in their applications for the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend. In case you were unaware: after oil was discovered in Alaska, the state set up a the PFD to fund future generations. The result is that all Alaska residents that have lived within the state for a full calendar year (January 1 – December 31), and intend to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely, are eligible for an annual payout based on the performance of the fund’s investments. That amount has varied from $331.29 in 1984 to $2,069 in 2008.

From the Alaska Dispatch News:

Billy Brown, 61, faces 24 of those charges, linked to PFD applications submitted from 2010 to 2013 and for the theft of more than $13,000 in dividend money for himself and others, the documents say.

Others facing charges include 51-year-old Amora Brown, 30-year-old Joshua Brown, 27-year-old Solomon Brown, 24-year-old Gabriel Brown and 22-year-old Noah Brown…

Scott Stair, investigations manager with the Alaska Department of Revenue, said Thursday that an out-of-state fraud tip prompted the Alaska Department of Revenue to investigate the Brown family.

Stair said that between October 2009 and August 2012, the family did not meet the “physical presence requirement” to receive PFDs. This means the state believes the family spent more than 180 days a year living outside of Alaska and lied about it on their applications, Stair said.


Online court records also indicate that Amora Brown was involved in a small claims court case in 1992 involving the PFD for an amount just over $300. I couldn’t find a corresponding case for Billy.

The Brown family trial has been delayed numerous times and is currently scheduled for January 11, 2016 in Ketchikan Courthouse. And, thanks to Stoopid Housewives, we know that there was an application for media coverage filed and approved, so perhaps Discovery will try to incorporate the trial into the show? If so, they must have producers working overtime on how to spin the charges!

UPDATE – Bobby and Joshua Brown admitted they lied on the forms as part of a plea deal that would have meant no jail time for them in addition to the charges against the other Brown family members getting dropped (after paying restitution). However, a judge denied the plea deal despite attorney for both the prosecution and defense arguing in favor of it! “Someone living in a trailer in the Valley (who) stole $2,000 worth of merchandise from WalMart, they would serve jail time,” the judge said. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

UPDATE – The Brown family has run into more difficulties stemming from an exaggeration of their time in Alaska. In July of 2015, citations were issued to six members of the Brown family after they purchased resident hunting and fishing licenses without meeting the Alaska Department of Fish and Game residency requirements.

The licenses, which require 12 months of residency, were all purchased in October of 2012, just after the family moved to Alaska from their residences in Colorado and Texas. (Source: Alaska Dispatch News) Those cited for making false statements include Gabriel Brown, Billy Brown, Matthew Brown, Noah Brown, Solomon Brown, and Joshua Brown. They each face a fine of $310 with “an optional appearance in the District Court of Glennallen.”

In addition, citations were issued to Amora Brown, Joshua Brown, and Solomon Brown for participating in a personal use fishery without a current ADF&G sport fishing license. Each citation comes with a $210 fine with an optional appearance in the District Court of Ketchikan.

OK, back to our original post already in progress…

Speaking of show producers spinning, it seems they did a marvelous job with some irate neighbors, a helicopter, and some fireworks. From Alaska Dispatch News:

Discovery Channel started following the Browns as they moved from Southeast to Chitina under a murky set of circumstances involving a cabin being burned down by “the man.” They were quickly run out of Chitina when, according to the program, shots were fired at the Browns and production stopped. However, what likely happened is they weren’t actually living in the wilderness. They were living in the middle of a subdivision and a neighbor was annoyed and shot fireworks at a production helicopter. Yada yada yada. They moved back to Southeast, sank a boat (maybe two, I can’t remember) and finally ended up near Hoonah, where stories have been surfacing that they might not be the true bush rats they claim to be.


So: for those millions of viewers watching and enjoying Alaskan Bush People, by all means, continue! But be aware that what you’re seeing is apparently staged, for the most part. The Brown family’s charisma and entertaining quirkiness is legit, but it doesn’t appear that the family is actually living the life portrayed on the show when the cameras aren’t rolling.

UPDATE – Click here for details from Matt Brown’s 2013 arrest for DUI and hit and run involving alcohol, sex, puking, and an ill-advised chips run to Walmart after 4 in the morning. (At least it did happen in the state of Alaska, although far from the bush.)

UPDATE – The show continues to fight allegations of fakery.

Alaskan Bush People airs Friday nights at 9/8c on Discovery.

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  • Myndee

    My husband and I watched the first season, mainly for a laugh, then it got ridiculous and so far fetched that we aren’t too upset if we miss it.

  • DVM

    I watch the show, but it’s pretty clear to me that it’s fake. What “real” bush people run around in nice leather and fur jackets building bush hot tubs? Life Below Zero is supposedly the most real of Alaska shows, and watching that you can see the stark contrast it gives from the Brown’s way of life. I think Discovery just thinks they make for a better story because they’re such a big and weird family. I mean who doesn’t want to follow a family that names their kid Merry Christmas Catherine Raindrop?

    • donny1020

      It’s SE not the interior. Not that cold, just dark and wet. They would laugh the guy with the leather jacket out of Hoonah though. Not even a green hand on a processor would wear that biker garb there. I thought it was strange that victory boat they bought for $5k had a new auto pilot and electronics on it too. The first boat I was on up there was a 172 WWII yard oiler converted as a floating crab factory.

  • crystal

    I love to be Matt wife

    • Mitt Zombie

      So would Noah.

  • crystal

    When I first bought my land I lived the way they did n I loved it Iwould love to be able live that way again iI love the show

    • Bill Brookes

      crystal, sweetheart, you know it’s just pretend, right?

  • Big fan

    Why is there always always always someone posting negative stuff about people with reality tv shows? i watch and Love this show and i don’t care if it’s fake it’s not my business. if they have legal problems that’s their day in court. if they live in huge fancy home who cares? the show is working it’s getting good ratings, so entertaining. stop being jealous. It may not be for everyone and that’s ok but someone likes it 🙂

    • donny1020

      If you are a fan you sh,ould be interested if it’s fake. Nothing wrong with fiction but they should say so. Give the writers credit if credit is due. Having worked out of Hoonah fishing for reds, blues and dungees it looks fake to me. Not stating it is fiction conditions people to believe there isn’t a line between a documentary, the news, and fiction. The other thing is if they were really as broke as they claim they would be hooked into the Alaska’s welfare system for the medical if nothing else, they have been shown to have scammed the State out of dividens so why not welfare too? Plus men with the Peter Pan complex, (perpetual childhood), bugs me. If the we’re real Alaskan’s at least one of the men-boys would be working at some trade and chasing women while complaining about the male to female ratio in AK. Their descriptions of SE is strange too, it’s more like Seattle but wetter and darker with no roads.


        when a show is filmed hours and hours are shot. Back here in LA, they make the episodes. actually people who NEVER set foot on set. THEY sit and dicuss and then edit the plot. and season. and change it as audience grows. if ONE person is more appealing they get more air time, it changes. So the Browns have NO SAY. At all about end product. First thing they sign. they sign non disclosure and no rights to creative control. same as it has been since 1915!! just so you know. blame the producers not the family if it isn’t authentic crabs. lol. thats hilarious.! no one cares……….. no one. 4 million fans. HUGE SMASH HIT! good for the Brown family. they will get $50,000 a show NOW. probably got $5000 first season. thats show biz folks. We will get you famous but cant pay you. there NEXT job will pay you. over and over and over. great show. well shot, well edited, well voiced, interesting cast. love it!

      • Eleanor

        Thank you for this truth-telling.

      • socraticsilliness

        I don’t get how the older brothers (in their 30s or close to) have no desire to be with women.

    • Carson

      Amen that’s so right I turned right!!!???

    • Bill Brookes

      just calling bullshit. they are posers. just a family of con artist. they people who should be outraged are the people of Alaska.

      • Maggie Sue

        You can call them posers and con artists but presently they are what I’d call very decent Actors who had learned how to convince us that this is worth watching. After a few seasons of this I have to believe their coffers are flowing over with $$$.
        I watch out of fascination and maybe a little bit of
        admiration that they have brought this entertainment into our living rooms. We have a choice, and I choose to watch! Go Discovery channel!

        • Bill Brookes

          Discovery channel and the Browns present this show as “reality”, not a made up TV show with real actors. That’s fraud. Just call it what it is. They could probably actually find a family that is actually doing what these posers are pretending to do. clearly you are like the majority of americans that has never done any construction work, lived in the wilderness, served in the military, hunted, fished, raised farm animals. anyone who has any real experience living in these conditions knows and calls these ass clowns bullshit. Hope the state of Alaska puts there scamming ass in jail.

          • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

            Right, also, when have you seen a working family in the bush wasting their time memorizing Shakesperian poems? It is utterly ridiculous. This people are playing the myth of the gentle primitive. Something like Tarzan.
            They want you to believe that they live isolated from civilization but, somehow, they always find time to inject some high culture too. Ohm and how about Noah? I have know his kind for a long time. All that fancy dandy behavior is just a smokescreen to disguise other stuff. You see that a lot in Hollywood people. They act so picky about dating, and the search of true love just to avoid dating WOMEN. In history, you have seen guys like these as “the confirmed bachelor.”
            In reality, the problem is not the girl but Noah.
            Oh, and despite what he wa saying in the last episode I saw, Noah is not likely to make any amazing, world changing discovery in his lifetime. Despite all his bragging.
            I guess Discovery, and the Browns think we, the audience, are a bunch of fools.

            • jimbo17480

              Get a life man, wow!!! BTW Tarzan wasn’t real either……………..

            • David R

              He’ll discover he’s impotent, or something

          • jimbo17480

            All TV is fake, ever seen a commercial that is real? Talk about con-artist, they take the cake and this show is no different, it is what it is, entertainment and nothing more or less. Everybody loves the underdog till he starts to do good for himself then they want to bring them down again. Don’t watch what do don’t like, it will be over before you know it. No worries Mate.

            • Bill Brookes

              you miss my point, Mate. If Discovery wanted to put on a reality show they could surely find a family that actually is doing what these clowns are claiming to do. The recent show “Alone” is an example of this. And by the way, welcome back to planet earth. The new meds seems to be working.

              • jimbo17480

                I didn’t miss anything that you are spewing. BTW is that best you got, in a game of wits you don’t have half a chance, you sad little man.

                • David R

                  Don’t watch what you don’t like? I watched one episode. I knew in 10 minutes this clown-car of crackers from Nowhere were getting a meal ticket from Disc. Now, if you don’t LIKE what WE wright, scroll on by, you silly, worthless poster

                  • jimbo17480

                    You sure are one smart pos.

              • David R

                I agree though. Real people are boring..

            • David R

              Grifting and committing felonies is not entertaining. It’s pathetic.

          • David R

            These grifters are as bad as the Duggars…lying, snake-oil salesmen. Do the ass-hats that watch this cr@p and think its real wonder about showers!! Fouling their area with buckets of sh!t!!!? Unlikely..

        • Sonny Batson

          Oh sweetie, what a sad, lonely life you must lead.

        • Agnus88

          I, too, love the show. I laughed when they raked up debris after a storm. Doesn’t every deep woods bush family have a shiny rake?

          If not for these fakey shows, I’d give up cable. Go Discovery Channel! I also enjoy fakey Ice Lake Rebels.

          Some of these malcontents yelling “fraud” need a laxative! It’s a TV show people! Did I miss the part where they all swear on a stack of Bibles that this is 1000% true and authentic?

          • David R

            A laxative? Why don’t you fill up your brain-pan with a douche?

    • Frank H.

      Why are people with reality shows always doing something deserving of having negative stuff posted about them? I have as of yet to hear about a reality star that tells the truth and ISN’T being indicted on some sort of criminal charge.

  • George Roux

    Everything on the show, if not an outright fabrication, is certainly embellished to create a sense of danger. I liked the recent episode where “600 #” drums of diesel were lifted onto the boat. Diesel weighs about 7 lbs a gallon, so how does a 55 gallon drum weigh 600 pounds?


      Who cares. its entertaiment. i WORK in this biz. it is ALL staged. all of it. has to be. cant do it with cameras on heads. and needs to be entertaining, and a story. or no one watches. period. 4 million fans is HUGE. But the family has ZERO to do with story line or editing. let me say that agin. they have NO SAY!! zero! they just r getting paid. the next honey boo boo. and one day, they will be cut loose. so why not let them be. or change the channel. like really. if this show makes cash for the kids education of future awesome. Donald Trump make millions, no one says a word of that pice of crap show. Talk about scripted and BS. at least this is a poor family trying to make a few bucks.

      • George Roux

        I realize that. I worked on a reality show a couple of years ago that really didn’t do much, if anything, in the way of scripting, and it didn’t do to well in the ratings. It was a show called “Catching Hell”, that dealt with commercial spearfisherman. I think one of the reasons it didn’t do better in the ratings is because most of the cast were pretty nice people, and they seldom had any big conflicts or fights. The exec producers were talented (one of them also produced “the Apprentice, Weed Wars, The Amazing Race, and Deadliest Catch), but for whatever reason it didn’t get a season 2.
        I’m addicted to reality shows, and the more ridiculous they are, the more I like them.

        • Lisette2698

          If you look for extra money in the range of $50 to $300 a day for freelancing from comfort of your house for few h a day then try this…

        • Robert

          Good point,after all drama does indeed sell. Remember the whole who shot Jr saga.probably the most love to hate male actor in TV history. But he wasn’t a user and a thief in real life

        • Coz P.

          Well, if you like ridiculous you must LOVE Airplane Repo!! 🙂

          • George Roux

            You hit the nail on the head. Airplane repo is beyond ridiculous. I realize that all reality have to be scripted to some degree to make them interesting, but AR is an insult to anyone who’s intelligence is greater than a snails. Every repossession is made with the owner hot on their heels. Don’t you think that at least one would go smoothly? I’ve been a boat Captain for over 45 years and use to do a few repo’s for a local bank. Not one went anything like the one’s you see in AR. On most of them I went to the owners front door, knocked, and told them I was there to get their boat. With one exception I never had a problem. For the most part people that own million dollar boats and airplanes are educated, civil people who certainly don’t want to get arrested for assault. It’s funny that the longest running reality show is the one that is totally unscripted…..Cops.
            I’m currently in the process of getting a reality show into production. It deals with boats and the Bahamas. Be sure to watch. Should air in early 2017.

            • Coz P.

              I’m a retired airline captain with over 17,000 hours. Like you I have done some repo’s but, of aircraft and your experiences are the same as mine. I also have a 48 foot Hattaras SF in Fla and have been to the “islands” numerous times.

              • George Roux

                The food channel with their contests are also fun to watch. Truly amazing how five or six contestants, who after spending an hour prepping, cooking, and garnishing their dishes, all finish without a second (literally) to spare.
                Ever know a Sam Albert? He was a 777 pilot for Delta and had a 46 Bertram SF “Flight Deck” that I ran for years

                • misty

                  I love the Man vs Child Chef Showdown….it is absolutely amazing how young those kiddos are and cooking the way they do…tbh alot of the things they cook , ive never even heard Awesome show! All the arguing about the ABP is plain craziness, IMO ! I love the show, it wouldnt be quite as entertaining if it was 100% real , we would be watching the same thing every episode , ya know!! Them sitting by a fire, sleeping, eating, etc..u know what i mean?!?! It just wouldnt be entertaining, and i dont care who u are, there are just some things that we cant live without as humans, they have to go to town to get certain things, that is totally understandable to me anyway 🙂

            • oran

              i agree with you. if you see this please contact me i have something that willo help you in launching your show!

            • james /wild in ohio

              Ask David r how much he loves it.

      • jamespat

        many people do because its a lie. lemmings like you and other fans worship some of these shows and people and they need to be called out when they are lying. this show lies; a lot; and these people have very shady histories of theft, using people and lying. I watch the show but people need to stop being so defensive to those that call out the BS. not everyone worships these shows.

        • Robert

          You said it all friend,,,,,,this line crap that these type people in America get away with for so long has got to stop. Many see this as a rags to riches success story and so an ataboy is in order. I totally believe that every one of them should be locked up or does not the criminal justice program hold true in alaska?what about the business and hard working people who have been scammed and right out stolen from? Has this become the norm in american public TV? For me and my TV its goodbye discovery channel

          • Jan

            Amen why promote liars and theives.

            • Robert

              You have a good mind and right heart. Too bad that doesn’t sell on tv

              • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

                Exactly. Just think about the people that has been exposed.
                Crazy Octomon
                The Dogard family
                The Little people Big world
                The Honey Boo Boo Mom
                Big Brother shows
                Dating Naked
                The Sex Box
                All those dating shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette
                The Kardasians

                Need I say more?

                • Coz P.

                  To say nothing of “Airplane Repo”!!!

            • Roger Robitt

              Before you judge check yourself first to see if you have not done something you would be ashamed of if it were exposed. Who would dare to put their head on the line when we have a mentality of wanting to judge and destroy anyone we can. This is being done daily on news stations.

          • Roger Rabbit

            t would be nice if we all calmed down and realized that all TV shows are BS. I am a news attic but one with a head. When you watch news channels you will see bombed out Palestinian homes and they (the reporter) says that five were killed, it first is a play on words sure there were 5 killed some where in the vicinity not necessarily in that house. And try to notice the TEDDY BEAR laying in the dust but never cover covered. Now this is staged BIG TIME.
            If I continue to watch those news channels then its me who chooses to do so. I do not care how much is staged all I want to do is watch the TV of my choice.


          • oran

            what makes this sad is the browns are just living their lives and when they finally convinced discovery their lives are worth looking at its more of an acomplishment than any of you dweebs have ever done. second that to to the fact the browns have absolutely no control how the show presents or edits the show gives way to the drama of “oh they are not real , oh they have help or they did this and its not real. let me ask any of you: if your life suddenly had to be documented do you think you could continue 100% with your routine? or do you think it is possible some adjustments would have to be made to accommodate the cameras and people around you? if any of you answer ” it should stay 100% the same is flat out a person of lesser intellect. its impossible. you cant have reality tv without compromise of lifestyle hence the drama as to what is real. Go do what they do for one week on your own and PRODUCE sustanance for yourself to live on where they are at then you might have a right to say something but the fact is the browns survived and lived for many years before this show existed. and they obviously have some skills did they ever live off the land only? NO that is obvious but it is the way discovery wanted to portray them so the ratings would go up. it is obvious this family has had experience with lots of modern life. blame discovery for there portrayal not the browns. they are simply trying to make it life just as we are, the biggest difference is they were more active and better at fulfilling their dreams of having a show or being known publicly. as many of the past you tube vids and internet reports show they have been trying for years to document life in Alaska. it was the show from discovery that finally gave them a chance. However discovery calls the shots as how they present the family and there ventures. dont be a chump look past the TV mentality folks! Use your own brain to asses both sides of the situation.

            • David R


        • james /wild in ohio

          Your TV only have one channel ? , you don’t know how to hit a next button ? , then shut up, a couple million of us like the show more than we like you.

          • David R

            Why don’t you, genius, if you don’t like what’s posted, then click next topic, and you shut your mud hole

            • james /wild in ohio

              Do you climax when you piss on other peoples parade you sicko?

              • David R

                Only corncob fudgepackers like you

                • james goodwin

                  How many corncob fudgepackers do you know, and have packing your gay fudge.

                  • David R

                    Only you, now stfu

                    • james goodwin

                      Checkmate, rumbas

      • Jan

        I know the show is fake I just want to know how they got so lucky to have a place on t.v. I would love the opportunity to share my real life adventures. I am full of wonderful stories. I work everyday and I am tired of the same ole hum drum.
        I’d love to go to the bush and tell stories as the Brown’s do, mine would be interesting with no baggage or problems with the law, but full of excitement. Please tell me how to land a gig. What do I have to do. I’m serious please someone rescue me , I’m a hard worker .


          Every day in LA at over 70 production companies, or the big 7 Television firms and the owners and execs are pitched ideas. Glee, Seinfeld, and every single other show went thru same process. i have a friend who pitched 50 shows. he finally landed with a show called Will &U Grace. another friend has 4 shows on CBS. well down to 3 after he ended 2 and a half men.HE is the elite producer in Hollywood Chuck Lorre. but depending on type of show you go to small cable connected production houses. these firms shoot a pilot. then shop it around. TLC Discovery. and NOW actually reach out to netflix, You tube etc. all are starting shows online. it is 5000 to 1 but give it a shot!! but !! you have to have a real viable concept. not just following you around.

          • fool

            Huh! So your connected in Hollywood. I got a pitch for a sitcom. I won a competition with this pitch but ain’t in lala land and have no idea how to get pitch meetings. I’m not a writer as such, but I have a killer pitch. Any advice?

        • oran

          What is you do? i am looking for interesting stories for my show? no sex or drugs.

      • Taffy cat

        Well said!

      • Roben Culver-Giasson

        I totally agree. Let them be if this helps them get out of dept then I am happy for them. They are just trying to make it through life like we all are how is up to them. There life is between them and God. Leave them be.

        • o

          robin you are on track let them do their thing and get what they can to make their life better!

        • David R

          They’ll just move on to the next grift, with or without cameras.

      • monterio rhodes

        Kids??? They all grown exception being the last daughter… Con artist!

        • Michael B

          I’d love to marry Rain when she’s legal lol. She’s a little hottie!

      • Denise

        BRAVO. Thank you for your comment, all it is is entertainment. Real or not I enjoy watching the show!

        • Linda Rich

          I don’t care if they r for real or not # one u never hear swearing no sex or faggits on show they care for each other and help each other so y r u so against them because no cussing nudeidy having sex with everyone o to bad for u freaks out there

          • CT

            Right on! At least I can let my 9 year old watch without worrying. Maybe it’s fake but better than some other stuff out there.

            • David R

              Stick yer kids face in homework.. Where it belongs.

              • CT

                Thanks for the advice. Are you free anytime for this awesomeness?

                • David R

         office is between STFU and GTFO

                  • CT

                    Maybe you better stay your ass there then!

            • D’Rox

              maybe she can leanr to spell. your 9 yea old could do a better job im sure.. and why youd agree with hate.oh screw it,i give up yep fight about it sheep baaa

          • Coz P.

            Well, this kid Noah is a little “strange”.

            • David R

              Brotherly love

          • Robert Williams

            Homophobic and retarded ! I can see why someone like you would like this garbage .Vote republican and your the full trifecta .
            Is your brother husband a fan too ?

            • Stan Johnson

              @ Robert Williams: Leave it up to a Dumbocrat to make disparaging comments about political affiliations on a blog that has zero correlation to same.

            • Bloughmee

              @RobertW You’re (you are – a contraction) the full trifecta… (not your – a possessive pronoun). But good job spelling ‘trifecta’ – you got that one just right. Better get your own copy of “The Elements of Style” if you’re going to be a big Internet author.

              • cat a tat tat

                you seem very disturbed. Have you thought of going to a psychologist.The fact that you spend your time attacking people with different opinions is quite pathetic. You really need to grow up.

          • Chase Marcotte

            Did you spell almost every two syllable word wrong on purpose or are you really that ignorant?

            • oran

              hey chase do you feel like beig a chump? because your words SCREAM it!

              • David R

                He, like others, appreciates those that don’t spell any better than an 8 year old, with ADHD.

            • wanker Kevin

              I almost thought that the people writing the comments have been staged. I couldn’t believe what I was reading…oh, I meant I couldn’t understand what I was reading because virtually everything is misspelled.

          • oran

            yes linda hats off!

            • David R

              Since it rests on a vast, open space

          • David R

            What? Use a spell checker..

          • Bloughmee

            Right. No sex except maybe the “boys” with their snaggle-tooth sisters and their weirdo mommy. And I’d be surprised if some of “them boys” weren’t “faggits”. (PS -it’s Nudity not “nudeidy”… or did you fail the 5th grade? Maybe you should get back to your meth lab – your Mt. Dew is getting warm.

        • hilda jones

          I agrer

      • Tackiegirl

        Yes, it’s TV people…who cares…it’s entertaining.

      • Chase Marcotte

        Somehow i doubt you work in the business dude

      • oran

        heck yea say it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • David R

        Anyone who thought this so-called family was real, get real yourself. A family of Baters. Some bohemian dwarves?

      • socraticsilliness

        How poor can they be? Discovery is paying them chump change? Doubtful. They don’t work, yet seem to have thousands of dollars for big ticket items such as extensive dental work, buying a boat ect. I don’t much care if it is real or not, but let’s not kid ourselves-they aren’t poor.

    • Les Toothaker

      I know exactly what you are saying, not long ago I worked for a cemetery and frequently had to transport a 55 gal drum of diesel for the tractors, I often had to move the barrel while in back of my truck from one side to the other, if it were anywhere near 600 lbs I wouldn’t have been able to budge it. Did you notice that the one son when so called almost lost it over the side of the boat still held the barrel from falling by himself, that drum had to have been empty.


      Omg this is a travesty! Embellishing the weight of diesel filled drums! Someone notify the FCC! IDIOT!

      • Maezeppa

        The drums were obviously empty so yeah, good catch. Watch closely the “Sink or Swim episode at 19 minutes. Too funny.


          yes drums empty. TV is ENTERTAINMENT. There Brown family has ZERO say now. Zero. easier to use props then real oil drums. like, is this really news? American Sniper had plastic baby ,and won an academy award. all of you need to get out more….. WOW

          • Maezeppa

            You don’t think continuity gaps are entertainment? WOW

          • oran

            i have to say not out of spite just pure love, you make no sense! you do not use complete sentences and you most definitely don’t have any cohesive thoughts strung together. Are you on drugs?

      • Sam

        Butt hurt much? Because someone called out the fakers, and frauds of your apparent favorite TV show.

      • Sonny Batson

        Sad little man- do you have anybody to keep you company in your mother’s basement? A teddy bear maybe?

    • Maezeppa

      Besides, at 19 minutes, they dropped a drum on the deck from a height of eight feet. The loud, hollow “bong” of an empty drum was unmistakable. And if you watch closely, you can see one of the boys ‘adjust’ the drum a few inches. Light as a feather. Hilarious.

      • pitchers racing

        you are a true dummy once you have handled a drum of fuel and know how it acts you can have a say until then stick to your betty crocker. we race nascar and all of this pit crew agree you have only to admit you know very little of what you talk about!

        • Maezeppa

          A full diesel drum doesn’t bounce harmlessly and make a hollow “bong” when dropped from eight feet. Furthemore anybody who claims it’s possible to effortlessly realign a full diesel drum with one hand is the true dummy and that would not be me.

          • Michael

            I have to speak up here for a moment. I have been watching this “show” since it first started. They are portrayed as a poor family, pretty much living off the land….. has no one noticed all the nice gear they have? Everywhere?
            Nice rifles and expensive hand guns for everyone….nice Bows….really nice fishing poles and gear…..and a lot of new camping gear (and clothing) that you could see when they were living in the motel and then on the boat deck when they were going to the “new” property that they bought. Coils of rope, different thicknesses of steel cable by the roll….all of those items are not cheap.
            They barter fish for dental work, barter for the chickens and barter for many other things.
            You don’t barter for all of those expensive items… way
            It takes a LOT of food to feed 9 people and we never see all of the hunting, fishing, trapping and whatever else it would take to feed them…at least 2 meals a day for 9 people…..we just see them like they are camping.
            P.S. Here is some food for thought….how many rolls of toilet paper do they use in a month???

            • Keithkeith

              The people of this country are so easily fooled they believe everything on TV even the news

            • Maezeppa

              Yes! I’ve seen exactly what you’ve seen over and over. I remember one episode of Aimee and Mary Christmas carving wooden hooks and both ahd brand spanking new knives. Another hilarious discontinuity was the boys, supposedly far out in the woods tracking big game hunched over a fire. The burning wood was finished 2 x 4 lumber! And they were eating on paper plates which they threw on the fire. Who does that? Too hilarious. I could follow these rascals forever.

              • Michael

                Hello Maezeppa………I just watched the last show and was thinking, now that I know more about them and the production “helping them along” I now just look at them as actors….all of them scripted actors.
                I will still watch the show because it is entertaining…even though I now know that much of it is phony, but I now find myself looking at the background more and pausing the show to see their “new” toys and items.
                I will enjoy it with you Maezeppa~

                • Maezeppa

                  It’s just fun to watch for the incongruities.

                  • Michael

                    Hi, it is fun to watch and now I am more aware of their surroundings as the show goes on. I am not watching the re-runs that have started.
                    Billy said he has written 70 books….but through the Library of Congress and a couple of other sources…..he has written only 3 books.
                    Have you checked out Wikipedia or Reality TV Scandals? Real good info from the people that live where they are filming on the Reality TV Scandals.

                  • Michael

                    Stoopid Housewives also has some good photos and info on them.

                    • Maezeppa


                    • Michael

                      Maezeppa……What part of the country do you live?

                    • Maezeppa

                      Los Angeles. The other funny thing that occurred to me was that they bought that big boat, the “Integrity” and tried to get subcontract work to deliver cargo. No mention of a business licence or all the cost of indemnification and other fees. I’m sure even in wild Alaska there are a ton of regulations covering marine hauling. Doesn’t seem to be a plotline this season though…

                    • Michael

                      Not only the license and hauling regs, it has to be inspected by the Coast Guard for seaworthiness and safety…..the boat would not have moved al all, with all of the wood rot they have and the hole right into the engine room, if it were inspected. So they patch it up with some “wood Putty” and that makes it alright? How much more wood rot is there going to be? Billy is putting his whole family at risk….just to film.

                    • Maezeppa

                      Oh, that’s right – I remember that. Whole sections of vessel are coming off in Billy’s hands. You’re right – scary!

                      This season it seems they’re all about taming the bush instead of glorifying it. I can’t say I blame them.

                    • Greg H

                      There was a family living on a sailboat down in Florida, and they all died on that old sailboat in a storm.

                    • eric vaz


                • Dan

                  Ill give that a try …cus I find myself yelling at the TV calling THEM stupid? 🙂

                • eric vaz

                  The show is not supposed to help them in any way shape or form unless its life or death….so if you see them helping them in any way other than that then its BS….they are fake bush people and I don’t like seeing fake stuff on tv…..just annoying….

            • Dan Hammack

              They would be paid for being on the show, and likely paId well, so I don’t see the fact that they have nice things as proof of anything out of character.

            • Dan

              The fact they don’t know how to do anything properly shows they haven’t lived anywhere but a motel room. I’m a bit discusted with discovery Chanel … Like just call it what it is a family who thinks they can survive… That would be entertainment!

              • ss

                I do click over to watch this TV show & that’s exactly what it is All the people talking about how fake things about the show is need to catch a clue I have family members who have dealt with DC producers and the more drama, the better Producers request, require drama So . . . I suppose I’m wondering about the people fussing about the “fakery”, you’re the reason why This is just for entertainment If I were to be irritated, it would be with the truly idiots that think that everything on TV has to be true I repeat, this is for entertainment The more drama you cause the better the producers & probably sponsors like it At least there’s no disgusting talk or foul language is a big plus for them!

            • eric vaz

              I could not agree more with you, there is more to meets the eye.
              they are not the people they say they are that’s for sure. they have all expensive stuff when it comes to guns and stuff so you are right, you can t just barter for that stuff as it costs hundreds if not thousands..

          • Tim

            I found this site looking for other things. First, I am from Alaska. Kenai [pronounced: keen-eye]. Been here 31 years Just turned 60 and am retired oilfield and such. Don’t spend any time watching realty shows, especially about Alaska. I am already here. It doesn’t take much to be “in the wilderness” around here. It’s everywhere you turn. The ‘barrel’ thing. Smart girl. Full drum of any substance should not bounce @ 8ft. Higher footage, probably (50 ft & higher)[seen it] Physics, potential & kinetic energy (but barrel will warp or rupture then). Empty drum: oh yes bounce all over the place. Did not see show so I am assuming you mean a full-size 55 gal type. Man-handled a few of those. They do make smaller drums. down to 20 gallon size. They can bounce and they can be manipulated with one hand.

            I believe the question on this article was, were these people real. The answer is Yes. But like all of us. we act differently when we know we are being filmed. Those folks are not a true representation of Alaskan way of life. You can choose big city ultra modern to medium to small town living. to farming to rural to fishing and coastal style. It’s like the Pacific Northwest but spread waaaaayyyy out.
            Oh…The rest of us have a better sense of style when it comes to what the fu** to wear or Have sense of ethics to not steal from the State or get drunk and drive.
            Later Gator
            PS for Michael – with the right set-up (bidet or shower) you don’t need much toilet paper.

            • Maezeppa

              Thank you so much for the added detail and insight. I agree “reality” shows affect the “cast” being filmed much the way opening the box affects Schrodinger’s cat.

              PS – yes, the crew was making quite a show of lading a 55-gal drum, and it washilariously hollow.

        • David R

          And you stick to 9th grade Shop

        • David R

          You may have an empty barrel for a head. Your grammar skills are lacking.

        • vlad the impaler

          I handle them everyday,and I would agree with her I saw the episode nd said the exact thing to myself,so obviously you don’t race nascar otherwise youd be having more important things to do than argue about things youre not sure about,what gave it away was how the kid repositioned it like he was hulk Hogan.

          • anatano namwa

            You think tv producers don’t want to entice the audience and have incidents for ratings? The premise of the show, people, is about a family that wants to be in the wild as much as they can. You want them to starve? Angry over a new knife they get to carve with? Give me a break. I like to see new things they get with their tv money. I’m sure they deserve more than they get.

        • BattleOverride85

          Diesel drums bouncing tho? What kinda drugs have you been smoking?

      • Tim

        Its hilarious, the government is trying to ruin this great families lives and you cite this as reason for fraud. The fact is, is that this is a real family, and many people embellish the size of the fish or the weight of the drum.
        This article is a poorly pieced together hatchet job and anyone who can not see through that probably believes that 2 airplanes can take down 3 skyscrapers………………………….

        • Maezeppa

          Okay, I get it. Sorry for being so dense. I was actually taking your comments seriously. Just so you know, I’m appreciative of a droll wit. I’ll certainly follow this “fine family” on future “adventures”.

          • Tim S.

            Just letting you know this TIM [Kenai] is not the same one arguing with you or the others.

            BTW people: There are currently no commercial jetliners flying at the minimum Mach 1 speed = 717mph. Most jetliners average = 600. The Boeing 777 in 2015 made commercial flight
            history, reaching a ground speed of 745mph. To break the sound barrier, a plane
            must travel at a speed of 761mph. BUT this fact does not dismiss the explosive nature of the aircraft itself as it slams into ANY OBJECT AND IS DESTROYED.

            Sorry Maezeppa for the outburst.
            Later Gator

        • Sherry Thrower
        • Nikki

          Or maybe you just don’t like a show you enjoy not being what it claims and you yourself being duped? And it was skyscrapers not 3 by the way. :/ If it’s faked it’s faked so be it.

          • ChiefGunny

            Yes there were 3 skyscrapers fell not 2. look it up.

            • vlad the impaler

              that 3rd wasn’t a skyscraper ,just a building,calm down and no it wsnt an inside job.

        • David R

          They are grifters of the first kind. Losers, bums, name a few

          • D’Rox

            think you mean worst kind? i hope not, do you know them?

        • David R

          I have never read a post, on ANY topic .. As stupid as yours..ever. Congratulations

        • Stan Johnson

          @ Tim: What’s truly a joke and hilarious is your contention that the “government” would give a rat’s butt about a “reality television” show. Further, to bring the terrorist attack of 9/11/2001 into the conversation and try to draw some kind of correlation between the two, on ANY level, is ludicrous. Your post goes to show what a bunch of loonie tunes you conspiracy theorists are.

        • Bloughmee

          HAHAHAHAH “Great Families [sic] Lives” . Yuh.
          Aanother ‘truther’ conspiracy theorist strikes again. The big bad boogieman “government” is out to get us. I bet you also believe the “illuminati” and the “new world order” are also covering us with “chemtrails” – but only after they track “Planet X’s” collision course with the earth. Or was that a “civilization” on the dark side of the moon where the “aliens” hang before visiting us. Am I close?

          The “Browns” are “great” alright… they’ve scammed the state of Alaska and its good residents every way to Sunday… they have warrants chasing them for all manner of petty scams as they hightail it across the USA like a bunch of gypsies, as they allow their kids’ teeth to rot out of their heads. Worse, the weirdo “boys” (all over 30 now) still living at home- and are probably banging their snaggle-tooth sisters as well as their Mommy. They’re frauds. They’re scams. They’re wack-jobs. They’re the Browns.

          • Will

            I hope that those conspiracy theories you mentioned are true because your the problem with this world and hopefully your are not given the chance to reproduce. Also a word of advise this is 2015 why are you still in the closet come out already

            • Rumple D Force Kin

              You make it past 5th grade? My 8 year old could write a better comment.

          • anatano namwa

            You are gross, and the thoughts you share come from your filthy mind and background. YES, if you try to live free in this nation, the govt will come after you. There is a difference between being free and sovereign and being an anarchist. The government doesn’t understand that.

        • vlad the impaler

          so mr. sarcasim are you saying 2 jet airliners with lots of fuel and full of cargo and passengers,wouldnt have the ability at mach speed to weaken those buildings;the fuel burned in excess of 1200 degrees more than enough with the weight of the floors above and the gaping hole to weaken the beams and the fact the fire protection was blown off the beams(it comes off very easy) the heat warped the beams and made a pancake effect,collapsing the buildings.the other building was weakened by subterraninean damage underneath which weakened the foundations that’s why it collapsed there was a whole network of tunnels under those buildings and they were basically supported by beams that were destroyed when the twin towere collapsed.i don’t have time to read your obnoxious style of writing to figure out what side youre on you sound like an antifa scumbag if you ask me who thinks hes educated.but you aren’t fooling anyone.a bunch of greasy muslims with pocket knives and a couple of gullible cowardly pilots caused that disaster,your inside job conspiracy theory is lame.those building used to sway in the wind,they weren’t invincible.youve probably never even been there.

          • lydia

            Skyscrapers are made to sway in the wind. Builders realized the more rigid the easier they would fall in high winds. Same concept as with trees. They bend as to not break.

          • Mike ingalls

            The only thing that could take down the wtc towers was a nuclear bomb at the base and that’s what happend. That’s why everything was incinerated and clouds of smoke filled the labyrinth of streets after the collapse. And yes I’m telling you those planes at “Mach” speed would be nothing but a bug on a windshield without the help of timed explosions. And it was team job with global elitist on top order, because we didn’t even have troops on afghany land for reasons of violence when it happened! The Taliban had no reason to do that and they wouldn’t do that scale of an attack until towards the end of there master plan of death to America which we still haven’t even seen the beginning of. So stop talking out of knowledge of what you think you know and do some objectively trained research and do the math yourself if that’s even possible , which I doubt you can since its 2015 and your thinking the way you are. you will never be extraordinary doing what your doing, be a black sheep at the least, but hope to transform into a predator.

            • Rumple D Force Kin

              You’re a wack job

              • JL

                How the hell does this thread turn into a bunch of truther BS?? Good grief!!!

            • D’Rox

              that takes the internet crazy prize and thats a hard won prize but you won it for the mnost inane comment ever..

          • shinyorbs


          • thaGodfatha420

            you don’t know wtf you’re talking about

        • BattleOverride85

          I am all for bush people….but the Browns are not bush people.

        • Guest

          Exactly! I cannot stand how people take anything the public likes, and tries to ruin it! Yes, I know reality tv is fake in a sort, but there are some things you can’t fake! Now naturally as the show progresses they are going to lean more into the camera tendency.. But I believe this is a genuine show with a genuine family living in the bush. But, of course society today naturally attacks anything that they disagree with. I mean, who would really be happy that there is an actual family that lives their lives in isolation, with no technology, that had to provide for themselves, and has a strong family connection!? Not many, because nobody wants to admit there are people who are living an actual good life with good values, better than there own? Even I get jealous sometimes. So, instead of LEARNING from them, we immediatly do WHATEVER we can to ensure to the public that it is fake, and that nobody lives that life. Wow….. Just saying…

          • D’Rox

            last time i said why cant my family be more like theirs or me like that mom , the oldest boy ended up being a pedophile so sorry i cant be fooled again ,ill lose my mind.. we have kids dying every single day in epedemic proportions from herion overdoses but that doesnt make one news station or blog, we have vets who are homeless amd freezing and witout medical care. we cant take care of them but lets let more people in, i know we’ll get the public up in arms over something else while we do it, lets have obama talk about guns again, guns he cant just take away he is not a” king'” just a president but it works because our vets are still homeless and kids are still dying..lets throw raising minuim wage to 15 bucks that will have the conservatives heads spinning for so long theyll forget all about the GM grian thats been outlawed in almst every other country but ours.. its a big bait and switch and we all fall for it, so now lets watch this family, true or not infront of the idiot box, not for entertaniment no,lets throw in drums? and other tihngs for our people to argue over to taking our minds of fracking or other things. cant you see the goverment republicans or democrats do not care as long as we all watch tv and sleep and obey, we may not have aliens but
            ‘they live’ otherwise is not far off from where the governemt would like us all to be.. so lets bitch about a family grifters or not that love eachother instead of any real issues that imapct more than 1 family.. im sick of how our nationis being run,and no thats not an obama crack, because im sick of the blame and gthe revisionist history too. its a 3 party system for a reason, we are all being taken somehow on some level,and no one can talk about that! They make sure we all fight about it instad.. okay sorry i didnt know i had to say all of that..

        • anatano namwa

          Bravo! These days, filth (Kardashians) is worshipped by bimbos like that maezeppa, wanting to mock something good, for attention from strangers-ALL TOO COMMON. Be original and try to like something decent, whiners. Really, upset that they have a new knife,? New rope? Some nicer fishing rods now and guns? You should be ashamed. Do you mock basketball players for wastefully buying diamond studded rims for their cars while people starve in the streets or freeze with no homes? Evangelists pretend they live a simple life and wear leather and swede mini dresses, big hoops, wigs, tons of makeup, facelifts, trendy club clothes and live in mansions. Joyce Meyer makes millions a week, yet they pose as ‘humble’. Guess what? These people-theBush people really are humble. Upset over a new knife! Really???

          • Guest

            I think this show is fake af. A real show similar to this though is Alaska the last frontier. In Alaskan bush people the dad refers to his 30 year old sons as kids and treats them like such. In Alaska the last frontier the kids have their own families and do work for themselves. Also anybody dull enough to believe those conspiracies about 9/11 is out of their mind. That is so insensitive to take a tragedy like that and blame it on our own government. I’ll admit that there are a lot of problems with the current government but it’s not something evil. Just remember the things this country was founded for and what we stand for.

            • thaGodfatha420

              planes could not make those buildings collapse without help from demo, maybe you should do some research before talking shit

          • thaGodfatha420

            exactly! what doesn’t make sense is a bunch of people hating on others who are doing something with their lives and not sitting on a computer discussing it

        • D’Rox

          i get sick ofnthe “liberal” media being blamed, to be it seems all the media is conservatve drivien, and being less conservative, i like this show, i do think 2 planes brought down two buildingds and we all saw, im not ready for that tin foil hat thinking ..yet.. but i dont want your guns, and I could care less about the confederate flag or the fact that the media who is posting all those stores are just trying to get everyone awahy form real topics.. people are fools, i like this show, because it is about family, and we need more of that right now. Unfortuantely becauee sheep have to have “reality”TV it is shown this way, which brings up all this speculation. It would have been a great stroy to buy from the browns and amde inot a regualr family tv show, this is one show I do watch with my family.I really hpe the rest of what you say is true, id hate be taken in yet agsin by the cncservative media, touting that nuclear family, liberals dont do that, and it eds up being completely fake that would suck..

    • Robert

      These people are just parasites destroying natural resources and and preying on anything or anyone that they can get something free from. I hope they put them behind bars where they belong for a very long time

      • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

        Wow, maybe in prison, Noah might find his true love.

      • oran

        wow what a true idiot! i know know what my mom meant when she said “son one day you will meet the true dummy, dont listen to him and know he is only speaking from his heart which has been filled with true ignorance from the time he was a child and as an adult he spits and DROOLs ignorance. wow thank you! ive finally met you.

    • Linda Lee

      I watched and was amazed that “BUSH PEOPLE” were so incompetent. I kept saying to myself that if these people always lived on their own, how can they mess up so badly all the time? But I love the family and love their family values. But I understand they don’t live in the bush…fake for filming.

      • Alish Aheahe

        Exactly…especially the father …then he takes his whole family out onto dangerous waters in a boat with a huge hole in it (other than the apparent bandaid of glue) I mean after sinking boats in the past, wouldn’t he be more concerned for them all? I don’t know about their family values. The oldest acts like a total idiot reject & I hate that they allow the one (treeclimber) to inhumanely punch fish in the head like a moron caveman.

        • socraticsilliness

          punch fish? who cares? the fish’s life is coming to an end one way or another.

    • George Wes Allen

      Did you not see how those cans were moving and how they were handled. They were empty. Observe.


      once again, this is NOT Browns choices. it is producers. they take real footage and embellish. everyone can hate it, but it is number ONE show on cable. they will make millions! god bless Hollywood. there is not ONE real show on TV. sports is only real and live sport. 120 people work for ABP now. first year was 9. its a smash hit. and if you had nothing, and a network came to you and said, in 5 years, you could have $10 million, would you? i have NEVER had anyone turn me down. 80% of shows fail. But when it connects with people it doesn’t matter. i CAN say they are very REAL people. A bit strange, a bit different. both smart and clueless. But good people. IS the Dad a hustler, yes! he has 7 kids to feed. he hustled his way onto top show on cable. i applaud that~

      • oran

        ok now i am in agreement with you 100% if any of us out there would not try to take advantage of a crew filming and the future benefits from that is STUPID! do not blame Billy he is working the system ust as we must all do even in the bush free enterprise exists. the day any of us think what we are watching is !00% on the real track is just plain DUMB! it has discovery’s interests, with the browns interests and all are represented by lawyers and agents and more. so those of us that think it starts with a family and some film crew shows up and starts to document…….. well go back to watching love lucy.

    • Coz P.

      That is exactly what got my attention. I accidentally watched this show that episode and figured out prety quickly that it was phony.

      • Coz P.

        By the way, do they all have a deal with missing front teeth? Is that some sort of family “inside”?


      I believe they stated that the drums weighed 400 lbs. By your calculations that would be close to right for the weight.

      • Coz P.

        Diesel fuel weighs 7.25 pounds and these barrels are 55 gallons thus they weigh so yes, 400 pounds is a good number.

    • Roger Rabbit

      Hey guys, can anyone tell me what someone would be pain for an idea and doing the show??? very interested cause I have a plan for discovery.

      • Roger Rabbit

        what someone would be payed… this what I meant to write. D..a.r. n I finally did it. Made my mistake of the year. Every year I make one and its always when I talk about money lololololo

  • bballusa

    They probably have borrowed money & used people to feed themselves & 42 kids. As far as “ripping off” the state govt, what’s the difference? They COULD apply for welfare like half of the lower 48 white trash “Mericans” do. To me, America would be a lot better place if families were this devoted to each other & showed love as well as reverence to each other the way they do. They don’t curse, drink, smoke, or do drugs & they’re super happy. They are definitely RICH with a super tight family & a lot of love…..something most families in the lower 48 don’t grasp anymore because they’re all too busy w their computers & Iphones to give a good damn about family.

    The kids are amazing to me. Even if the show is scripted, & Billy has told some tall tales to get by, your opinion comes off as mean & jealous of what this family has. Families in the lower 48 could learn so much from this family if people like you would shut up & not screw it up for everyone. Your placating to the reader about how “you may sound mean” is BS. You are mean. Billy Brown’s whole family died when he was 16…of course he’s made mistakes. A lot of people would have wanted to run as far away as they could from that. With all of this said, could you and everyone else that wants to tear the only decent reality show on TV down PLEASE GO AWAY and let the rest of us learn from them.

    • Bruja

      The Little Couple‘ is pretty stellar. Good people there.
      Survivor‘ is going pretty strong.

      It’s simply a matter of taste.

      Just sayin’.

    • Sonny Batson

      The whole family are frauds, cons and two-bit criminals. Like the rest of your ‘mericans. Dumb-ss.

      • David R

        Don’t be so quick to judge Americans. I read everything I can find on the rest of this pi$$-ant ain’t so good


      BRAVO! WELL SAID! HATERS ARE EVRYWHERE THESE DAYS. THis is a good solid show! well said!

      • Chase Marcotte

        Dude you are as fake as this family. If you are some hollywood somebody why are you name dropping and spending all your tkme onthis comment section? Bullshit

      • David R

        As solid as my dogs’ cheese treat tvrd

    • Stacey Jesso

      I agree with you 110%.There is one thing I hate and that is if you do not like the show then do not watch it.I would rather watch this then to plank my ass down in front of the TV and watch the Duggars.I watched the Duggars for the first season and that was that.I love the grittiness of this show and I love the way that they do not look like movie stars and they are not the conventional clean cut men.And the mother and two daughters do not worry about if their hair and nails are done.Overall I love their look.It looks like real life.No bullshit.

      • John

        if you think thats real life to you you should go kill your self

        • Sonny Batson

          Sadly, stupid people don’t kill themselves- they just breed in massive numbers.

          • Chase Marcotte

            As evidenced by soooo many of these folks comments

      • Frank H.

        You lost any chance at being taken seriously as soon as you mentioned that you actually watched the Molesters…I mean Duggars.

        • David R

          Absolutely..I watched Mullet parade her pet maggots around all wearing some weird clothes. Stupid fundies

      • David R

        “There is one thing I hate” eh? Well then, Princess of Universe, I propose to you, if you don’t like what’s typed, scroll down, skip over it and shut up. Duggarlover?
        Figures. I’m late to this discussion due to the nomorduggars site. This turd of a family has a new season. More grifting

        • Stacey Jesso

          Did I say something to you and you alone to come at me with such hatred.You know that I wrote that 4 months ago and for some reason you decided that I deserved to be called Princess of Universe and told to shut up.This is a reason why I very rarely write anything anymore on these topics cause people always will come for you about something that was wrote in the heat of the moment and then call people names and insult them.So I am very sorry if you think that I am a whiny Princess of Universe Bitch.

    • Shannon Moats

      Agree! I love the show and if the law warned to get them they know where to find them. The above article sounds like a lot of crap and really NO factual information at all in my opinion! I like the show made up or not I will continue to watch it!

    • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

      You know what, stop putting down the lower 48.
      We have plenty of good decent families here that are as committed to each other and as hardworking as the Browns are trying to portrait (Fake).
      Alaska, like any other place, has a good share of decent, loving, hardworking families. However, the fact that they decided to endure the hardships, weather, and terrible living conditions of Alaska, doesn’t mean that the people in the lower 48 are less capable to survive harsh living. I can tell you, we here have, bush people too, swamp people, baby making people(with 19 kids and counting), Hollywood people, and even Kardasian people.
      You fool.
      As you have seen, you don’t get to be on TV unless your moral compass is way way off. TV executives are not impress by regular folks. They are looking for people that are like them. Thiefs, liars, inmorals, sick depraved deviants.
      You are defending the wrong people. Are you planning to visit them in prison too? If they get convicted, Of course.

      • Frank H.

        I love hearing Alaskans talk crap about the lower 48 and how they “live off the grid” and are “totally self sufficient”.

        99% of everything they need to survive comes from the lower 48…
        Alaska doesn’t make chainsaws, axes, snowmobiles, power tools, hand tools, nails, hardware, pipe, machine parts, boats, engines, cars, trucks, guns, ammunition, clothing, etc…

        Heck, even the lumber they use likely isn’t from Alaska.

        • Mitt Zombie

          Alaskans get much more from the Federal government than they pay in taxes.

        • David R

          They live a fantasy

    • Bill Brookes

      Dude, Billy Brown and Ami could be poster children for hippie dopers. these people are con artist. and good ones. they should be. they’ve had years of practice. yeah, they know how to milk the system, their friends, family, and Discovery Channel. It will run it’s course. just more hippie bullshit.

      • Sonny Batson

        No need to denigrate hippie dopers by comparing them to these loser frauds.

        • David R

          That’s right. Real hippys buried the term “hippy” in a ceremony in ’66…
          This pis$-ant Brown wasn’t even a egg then

    • Sherry

      Instead of trashing the browns why don’t you switch to history channel and watch the naked people eating rats that should be real enough for you

      • David R

        Trash anyone stupid enough to watch this garbage

  • Bruja

    I was literally just flipping through my satellite guide while browsing online and this show is on. I stopped to multi-task watch/ net browse and came across this article. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there, as I like Discovery (been trying to nab Dirty Jobs: Down Under recently on the dvr, missed the whole season when it originally aired!)

    I’m kind of surprised it’s as staged as this article highlights it to be. I mean, the dental issues this family is facing..phenomenal. Not just the parents, the kids!! SMH, take care of the kids (and if they have the cash, what is the issue??)! Be fake, make your cash, I don’t begrudge you that, but let the kids have teeth.. full, whole teeth.

    Ah well. My heart broke a bit, but I’ll live…

    • David R

      The more teeth that go missing, the higher the ratings for this phoney Clampett family

  • Dean

    I don’t care what you have just wrote against the Browns. Reality or staged acting it doesn’t matter. It’s all just entertainment and I find it entertaining and besides, I like the Alaskan settings. So write, research more to discredit the show it’s your job.

    • Frank H.

      The article isn’t about whether it’s entertaining, in fact it says the author thinks it is entertaining. The article is about them being full of crap.

      • David R

        Which they are

  • DoctorVizzini

    Why do so many people think “reality” TV shows are not completely fake and scripted? The only “real” show appears to be “Deadliest Catch” — unless Discovery is paying a lot of money for large boats to float around a stormy Bering Sea and put store-bought king crabs into the traps in order to fool viewers. All the other shows are totally bogus from top to bottom. I guess Discovery Channel viewers are the same idiots who think professional wrestling is a real sport.

  • prioris

    These articles that contend that the show is a fraud are full of manure. They look for any petty thing to criticize the Browns for. Any over dramatization is the work of the producer.

    • EK620

      Yeah, except that the state of Alaska really IS going after them for PFD fraud. In order to receive a PFD each year, residents must live in the state for at least 180 days. This means at the very least they aren’t full time residents here, which means the entire premise of this show is a fraud. It’s based on this backwoods family that lives alone without seeing other people for sometimes six to nine months at a time. Hmm, hard to make that claim if you’re not even in the state for 6+ months a year. So it’s not “over dramatization” by the producer as you claim, it’s complete fabrication. And claiming a PFD fraudulently is STEALING from the actual citizens of Alaska, myself included.


        you get a welfare handout. would be too proud of that. love thy neighbour !!

        • EK620

          Welfare? I shouldn’t bother replying to you since your previous comment showed your extreme ignorance, however I do feel the need to set you straight. Welfare is financial assistance provided to those in need. The PFD is a dividend. A dividend is
          a sum of money paid regularly by a company (in this case the state) to its shareholders (legal residents) out of its profits. We lease our land to oil companies & part of the profits the state earns are set aside in a fund. Dividends are paid out of that fund to all citizens, ones in financial need and wealthy citizens as well. Hardly a welfare handout. Next time try to be knowledgeable about a subject before running your fat mouth.

          • mary

            You’re quite mistaken. The premise of the PFD was as WELFARE and it was accepted as such, voted on as such, and is administered as such so you would not need to pay income taxes on it. So, it’s not merely a “private” corporation dividend because you don’t pay proper taxes on it. It most clearly is a form of WELFARE for the state and was agreed upon as such, unless, you’re volunteering to pay back income taxes on mere “private” corporation dividends? The very reason that the state has jurisdiction is because it is WELFARE and to defraud it makes everyone’s “dividend” go down. Insofar as name-calling “fat mouth” to someone, well, that speaks for itself. Hope this little reply increases your knowledge. Oh, and by the way, the oil companies also use part of this payout and administrative funding as a corporation tax write-off. So, all the rest of us are helping to subsidize and administrate your so-called “private” dividend check. That’s how socialism works.

            • EK620

              You are the one who is quite mistaken, and here’s another one running their fat mouth. And yes, I can say that because what you’re saying is absolutely incorrect. First, Alaskans DO pay income tax on their PFDs. I fill out a 1099-DIV each and every year. So, we do pay “proper taxes” on it despite what you seem to think. Additionally, it was voted on and added to the state constitution under the premise that all Alaskans share equally in the resources and the revenue that the resources generate, not under the premise of welfare.

              • mary

                Once again, people don’t read. I said you don’t pay FULL (“proper”) income tax on it, which is true. You would normally pay a lot more, and if your income is a certain level, you don’t pay any, so there is a difference between rich and poor by the taxes they pay or don’t pay. It was graduated that way. Again, unnecessarily personal. Again, your next to the last paragraph is a classic definition of socialistic welfare. If that’s what you believe, then embrace it, but that’s what it is. The last sentence is another silly personal shot the premise of which is faulty. You don’t need to live somewhere to understand how taxes work.

                • EK620

                  Your original point was that they’re not taxed so it’s welfare. Then your point was it’s not taxed as the same rate so it’s not income. By that logic anyone who receives a dividend from a private company is receiving welfare.

                  You wrote that the PFD was enacted in such a way “so you would not need to pay income taxes on it” – I corrected you and said that we do pay income taxes on it. You then said it’s not a “corporation dividend because you don’t pay proper taxes on it” – I pay the same tax rate on my PFD as others pay on their dividends from private companies. Dividends are taxed at 15% for most taxpayers. Dividends are considered income, which is the reason they needs to be claimed when filing income taxes.

                  • mary

                    Typical sophistry. That’s not what I said in totality. The clarification was clear enough. It’s true, otherwise it would not go through the state at all and come directly from the private corporation(s). That would be far more practical with far less administrative costs for the state. You most certainly do not pay the same tax rate “as others pay on their dividends from private companies” simply because income differs. It’s graduated. You gave yourself away with: “for most taxpayers.” That’s not all taxpayers, that’s not all residents, and that’s certainly not all citizens or even non-citizens who receive tax-free benefits from which they’ve never contributed. This transcends political concerns and quickly becomes mathematical. Two plus two equals four in any universe and if we fail to recognize this or choose to ignore this, we do so at our own national peril. If more take than contribute, and certainly if many take who contribute nothing, no amount of taxation will save us. This is not about the justice of checks. This is about the misuse of taxpayers money and unfair revenue collection. Furthermore, the slight implication about states rights does not hold in a federated republic. If it’s a national park, with all the benefits thereunto pertaining, then maybe the nation should benefit and not just Alaskans, and all states can do the same with their resources as well. After all, what socialistically “belongs to everyone equally” belongs to everyone equally. Given your reasoning: Why should rich Alaskans benefit over the rest of us? Otherwise, call it state park resources. You see where this ends. No one will have anything. (What’s your name?)

                  • Tim S.

                    EK620 – You are correct about the PFD. Sounds like you live here. It truly is amazing how “ignorant” & “mouthy” some of these “people” [questionable] are!!!!

                • CANUKSTUCKINLA

                  standing ovation!! you got it!! funny how so many don’t get they get handouts. PLUS how many up there get food stamps. Alaska is where a lot of people move to live of the Government! just the facts!

            • Chase Marcotte

              Lol. Your comment just made you sund like a complete idiot. Wtf was that drivel?

            • Tim S.

              You really clearly do not understand the Permanent Fund in Alaska.
              Of course you are entitled to your completely erroneous opinion. You
              obviously do not live here in Alaska. The Alaska PFD has nothing to do with the Federal Gov or Oil Companies [although the original “principle” investment value was the tax gleaned from the oil profits of the 1970’s.] It is not welfare and never has been “welfare”.

              It is “CAPITALISM” at it finest. Exactly like my Edward Jones Financial
              Investment Account. Or my Wells Fargo Investments.

              BTW, the people who receive the PFD, rich or poor, pay federal income tax on that dividend (form 1040a). Investment principals are diversified. The original core principal is NEVER touched. The profits from the investment packages are dispersed in a variety of ways. A small percentage goes to the people of Alaska. But the “Lions Share of the profit goes to the operating budget of the State of Alaska”

              Obviously this “Mary” person just has her head up her ass and is one of those that loves to “argue” especially when they don’t have any facts about the subject. Just supposition and innuendo and what they saw on the nightly news.
              People don’t move up here to “Live off of the Government” The State of Alaska is full of millionaires and upper middle class. As with any place on Earth, it has poor and very poor. It even has “idiots” like you Mary. For Example: This dumb-ass TV show this post is all about.
              Where do you “Stupid, Ignorant” people come from?? Must be a very special “Factory”.

      • Gunther

        I do not doubt the government is charging them but I’m sure the government also requires proof or some sort of paper trail that the Brown’s have lived in Alaska, I’m sure thats hard to produce for a bush family, Kids aren’t in school, no real address or proof of employment…etc. I could careless myself who they really are, I tune in to be entertained, I’m not approving them for a loan. I just don’t understand how people can base their whole theory off what the government claims….like they’re honest! These days I’d probably take the word of a guy named Bear than I would of someone from our government. lol

        • Bill Brookes

          just to be clear, your know it’s not real, right? they really don’t live in the bush. just like the circus and the carnival. It’s a TV “pretend” bush family. maybe tomorrow, don’t break the pill in half. take the whole thing.

          • Chase Marcotte

            These people are carnys not alaskans

      • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

        Right. It amazes me how these people see nothing wrong with how the Browns seem to have broken the law and stolen money from the State of Alaska, but when an immigrant crosses the nursed illegally looking for a better life in Amarica, the same bunch act like those immigrants are the sum of the earth.

    • Frank H.

      You can’t over dramatize when everything is 100% fake.

  • chelle

    The show’s tagline is that they are bush people who even developed their own accent and grew up wild. Their accent is clearly texan. They also are not built like they have been doing manual labor their entire lives. They also individually dress like characters instead of what would be realistic for the climate.

    • David secretlastname

      The dad is from TX, so naturally his accent is Texan. His kids have an entirely different accent

      • Frank H.

        True, his kids clearly have a retarded accent. Sounds like either full Mongoloid or maybe Asperger’s with a hint of Spastic.

        • Sonny Batson

          Full Mongoloid it is……

        • Chase Marcotte

          Right!!!!!! Hahahahaha

        • David R

          Treacher-Collins or Fetal-Alcohol..this Pa Brown is too young to have been a hippy. F’ing posers

    • David R

      Complete fantasy

  • Rob Thorsteinson

    DUH?!! What Reality show ISN”T Staged. At least it isn’t corny junk like Duck Dynasty.and real housewife and vanderpump rules. ALL those shows actually make you a stupider human. This shows family, harsh conditions, real life in wilderness, and some actual heart. whats wrong with that. The dad is a hustler, so what!!?? Trying to feed his kids. His family was killed. so move along haters. I Love the family! They are weirdos and outsiders! Whats wrong with that! You cant tell me BEAR isn’t a wild boy. The show has me mesmerized. And i love it. This from a guy that hates every other reality show ever made. It has to be staged somewhat. You think camera crew going to live in bush for 6 months. How about those that want to hate, change the channel! society today is ALL about ruining just about everything. OH! and 11,871 people are awaiting false claim courts for Oil fund in Alaska. For $13,000? that is what it costs for court for the day. 4 MILLION FANS! Move over Honey boo boo and Uncle Si…..


    They seem to live pretty poor to me. And it isn’t that hard to believe they live week to week. Duck Dynasty are multi millionaires. not at all the same. This is a GOOD show. So the parents have some flaws. Who among us doesn’t. People are seriously losing their values when all they do is attack everything they read and see. If this guy sold an LA producer to make a show about him and his family AWESOME! i would say it is the most authentic of all the crap on reality TV. so much is just awful. Aircraft repo is total horse shit. Survivor is the worst. In Panama we were at 5 star resort with crew. The “lost “survivors were smile up the beach. crew came by boat and car every day. i mean, it all is crafted some how. No one is living out in wild. A Principal cinema photographer is getting $2000- $5000 a day pay. and everyone is in union.U need food, hotel, safety, medics, on an on. a small crew is 8. tiny. Survivor was 30 or 35. bachelor os 40 to 50. i Think Deadliest catch is smallest on ships are 2 or 3 . no other is different. Sit back, watch the show, leaner something about life. The show isn’t promising anything deeper then that. kids, wilderness, beauty, family, values, crazy ass wild kids.. they are all weird. which makes for good TV.Entertainment people~ this isn’t news or documentary. ……. lighten up!

    • jamespat

      you like the show dont you? well this is why people get annoyed. if they like a celeb or show then they say, “well dont judge them; it happens all the time, other people do it. The old, “but mom; johnny did something bad too” thing.

      Like all reality shows its fake. enjoy it if you want but stop getting on people who are sick of the phoniness of these shows and people. they have more than a few quirks and have been up for fraud and other charges multiple times. I like the show but i dont think for a second any of it is real.


    How can ANYONE say this is fake. I just watched 6 episodes again. i mean, yes, the Dad took the kids from Ketch, out to the bush and sold them on that idea. And it is really a long camping trip. But what a trip!! they changed the intro to not make them sound like they grew up in woods. had to. And really it is just a cool show to see them struggle. The Browns have no luck, and then bad luck!! BUT!! It is the kids! every one is amazing! The kids are hilarious. typical kids making mistake after mistake. Each one a bonafide character! like Bear is a crazy person. he needs to live in the wild. IF you have ever been to Alaska you will know, most of the people there are very outdoorsy and loners. for most part. And shooting deer is fake? um, no, those kids are killing for food. bad weather, sinking boats, all of it makes for great TV.i mean 32 and still living with mom and dad?? i laughed my butt off how they treated the women who came to visit. build a obstacle course! They are NOT used to women. they were raised by hillbillies. And i mean that in a good way. simple good people. nothing wrong with that. how do people attack this as fake compared to the junk out there. this is as real as reality TV gets gang!! they are like early settlers in America! In way over their heads. every day an adventure, and just trying to live in Alaska. the producers are always telling the people on ALL these shows to come up with ideas. hence making saran wrap house, this and that. Hot tub. it is filler. cant be killing deers every show. I think they have developed it nicely. And there is a great story. Sadly with Billy so sick, they wont be back for another season i don”t think. HOW cool, would it be to bring them to LA, and see them live in West Hollywood! try to fit in here!! lol. Or NYC. end of the day, they love their parents, love that life and if this helps them make money to stay up there. Good for them! BEST NEW SHOW ON TV!

    • DeeDee DaGumby

      What kids? The only kid on the show is Rain. The rest are adults who have you believing they are children. That only should be of concern to you if you care about more then just watching grown men and a woman act like children.

    • Jasmin W

      There is a an old TV show called “The Beverly HillBillys”. I think thats what it was called. They have two kids Ellie May and Jethro. That was funny when I was a kid.

  • joz molody

    The amount of lies they tell is almost scary. If he was from a wealthy family all killed on the same day in an accident; how was he homeless and living out of his car after they died? When do wealthy parents who own their own plane not have insurance and at least one home and a car to pass along?
    I’ve also read he was 28 and she was 15 when they married. I can’t think of a big enough way to say EEEeeewww! and what a huge red flag that is of Billy being the controller people claim him to be. She now looks as old as he does and just had half the teeth removed from her head because they were too decayed and rotting to save any of them.
    If they live in the bush-why did they spend months livings in Ketchikan in a house rented for them by the Discovery Channel? Why did they buy that PHONY 5 acre plot in a subdivision up north then try to act like neighbors shot at them after neighbors built the house for them?
    One of my fave phony stunts of theirs was the supposed 3 single women who came out to socialize with Matt, Bam and the tree climbing one. All 3 women were married and one even works in the Hoonah PD!
    Creepy that none of the kids are as tall as either of the parents. With proper nutrition, the norm would be the kids to be as tall or taller than the parents. Then there’s the kids with all the missing and broken teeth which is very unhealthy and not normal for young people with good basic nutrition who brush their teeth even somewhat regularly.
    They’ve been photographed living at the Icy Straights Lodge in hoonah! They are such long standing patrons of the lodge Matt was photographed getting into the driver’s seat of the Icy Straights Lodge van after he finished his smokes.
    They are facing dozens of felony fraud charges by NOT living in Alaska enough of the year to qualify for PFD checks. also caught on video getting their butts handed to them by locals in hoonah after Billy cut them off when they had the right of way with their monster ship that he can’t adequately pilot.
    There is NO WAY they got a 60′ boat for $5,000 in SE AK! According to records the Browns don’t own the boat, nor do they own the land they claim to be building Brown town on by themselves. It’s all supposed to be leased by the Discovery Channel crew.

  • Kit

    I have worked on one of these “reality docudramas”. You’d be surprised at how much of them are actually scripted. Perfect examples are the face time parts. Where one of them is talking to the camera. What really goes on is they are asked a question. To which they answer. The director calls “cut”…then will tell them to add “I like living in the Bush because…. then say what they just said. So it is repeated. To which the director says “cut”. Then they are told to say it this way and add this or that. This is repeated until they say exactly what the director wants said, exactly the way the director wants it said. By the time it is all put together, they sound very educated and well spoken. In reality it was lead and scripted.

    I have to wonder if this family really has this love and respect for one another. We all watched Billy talking about doctors. They are sitting around the fire and Billy says “Doctors talk at you, not to you”. I’m sure Billy has filled the kids heads with negativity about the world their whole lives. Like you can’t trust it, and can only trust your family. So I have to question if the sons are still living at home and unmarried because they want to be….or because they don’t trust the world. Not to mention it would be hard to find a mate when you are unemployed and basically homeless. Unless of course they follow their father’s pattern and find a niave 15 yr old girl who will run to the bush with them.
    I doubt they would like a 25 yr old guy dating Rain when she turns 15.

    Not to mention the “More”. Why not just say I love you? They go on and on about how they could die …and they may never see them again as they start out on a boat trip or such. To just say “more” as they part? It just does not seem as genuine. To me it seems just a way to get out of putting the energy into saying the words. Or maybe saying the real words to each other is too awkward for them.

    Alas, these shows are all “entertainment”. Someone posted about Survivor. This show is so obviously scripted. A few seasons back at their reunion show, this Jerri woman was so hated, and the audience was booing her. She snapped “Oh people this show is just entertainment!”. They went to a quick break…when they came back, Jerri was no longer seated up there. She was gone. So yes these shows are scripted.

    Someone made an excellent point. The Brown’s were living in an apartment and the Misty lodge in between seasons. Not in the bush. That says it all.

  • Guest

    Good god don’t go on the Facebook group and ask any questions or disagree. Damn! Get accused of calling people names, Asking for proof and getting deleted from the group for it just makes you look like a bunch of liars. Kinda like what y’all say about the Browns.

  • J Harr

    I like watching the show so I can see the fake parts. Like when they made the smoker out of an old filing cabinet. They put the meat in chunks on the rack. Hummm, seems like with such a small smoker the meat would have been sliced in thin strips. Overall tho it’s better than some of the negative trash on TV right now.


    None of this is new. The author is simply repeating what everyone has said over the last year or so. Another person looking for their 15 minutes of fame by jumping on “the browns are fake” bandwagon

  • Maezeppa

    I enjoy the show’s numerous glaring and often comical continuity
    errors. For instance:

    Last night, in “Sink or Swim”, the “boys” were hoisting drums of
    fuel but – oh noes – one dropped on the deck. Sounded very hollow. It doesn’t take a physicist to note that the barrels didn’t ever behave as if they weighed half a ton.

    Using stick-on letters from Office Depot to put the vessel’s name
    on the hull was a nice touch!

    And as wild as Alaska may be, I’m sure nobody could get into the ‘hauling business’ without a business license, insurance indemnification, bonding, and numerous other dad-gummit regulayshuns.

  • snoopy2359

    Yes I will agree the barrels weight empty. The best part is they always talk about owing money but on the barrel episode they had no problem dry docking their boat and that’s not cheap. They should have no problem with owing anything do to they make $ 30,000 an episode according to what Discovery.

  • Joseph F

    Never in all of my 61 years alive, even after growing up in the housing projects have ever seen such a screwed up, inbread bunch of screwed up mongoliod collection of people, goofy looking people with a son who looks like elvis with a leather coat living in the wild, who look worse than the addams family and munsters put together in the world.

  • jamespat

    of course this show is fake; go on you tube; many residents show how fake this and hillbilly blood and so many other shows are. A friend I know did makeup on survivor and she said sometimes there were so many takes that the people were becoming exhausted. there are no reality shows; these people are being portrayed as these christian old world people but they have a lot of shady stuff in their past. I like the show and I watch it but lets stop with the defensiveness. yes its fake; but its fun to watch. it may not matter to you but its not all about you. some will be turned off and will call them out on it and that isnt’ wrong either.

  • critter

    Billy is far too overweight and out of shape to have been living in the bush for years. They should just call these reality shows “Based on a Thought of Reality”…lol

  • Willow Mae

    People who live in Alaska know about the problem with bears! Why would you leave your home without bear proofing it? Obiviously the Browns are not true bush people! Ami has French tip nails, hmmm??
    They are a goofy bunch and entertaining to watch, don’t know why I watch, but I do! Guess I’m goofy too! ?

  • Kimberly Doe

    I’m in AZ now I usually have dental floss but in the BUSH!
    The scene where the mother and her daughter Merry Christmas are working on sewing up holes on the deer skin.
    The daughter asks “what are you using to sew those holes?
    Without missing a beat Mother Ami says “dental floss” puts her head down and keeps going.
    The daughter replies “Oh Cool”
    That’s a take people!

    • Stan Jensen

      I think that just about any reality show is going to have some scripting and set up scenes. It is an entertaining show and I enjoy it, because it something that is fanciable and i and
      possibly others kind of envy. So for crying out loud, lay off of them and either enjoy it or turn to another Channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Seebold

    I really liked this show and thought these people were legit. I’m heartbroken to read all of this about them. I even jokingly told everyone that when I win the lottery I was going to send the family money to buy a new boat. I feel like a fool for being so gullible. They seem so sincere and real. Shame on the television networks for tugging on peoples heart strings and fooling us into thinking any of this is real. I know not all of this stuff is true to life, but I didn’t realize so much of it was faked. I guess that’s why they call it “entertainment”. Well, I was definately entertained, and now I’m just pissed and upset and feeling stupid for caring so much.

  • owningu

    The only thing thats fake is this website.

  • John Brereton

    watching this show in the UK,i cannot believe how this family have ever survived,never mind in Alaska,everything they do,is a bloody disaster,at the moment,they are trying to build a house,using logs they bartered for a boat,they cannot even tie the logs together,fgs.If this is a genuine tv programme,and not a wind up,then god help them,the sons are a joke,no one can be that stupid,with only one head.

    • the3rdmanhearsall

      MY GOD ….have you ever watched TOP GEAR, and some of the BS that Jeremy has pulled , embellished and downright…FIBBED, don’t want to call the man a liar,
      like and enjoyed him so much …
      often times he was just doing what he did to entertain people. Like the time he and some of his mates came to the US and did that little stunt out here on the I-10 highway with the writing on the cars to antagonize the locals…..
      fake , but everyone enjoyed it, and if you had an IQ over
      62 knew it was BS…..same thing !

    • ric

      Absolutely, first of all they start get burned out if their house because someone didn’t want them there. How can that happen? Did they not know if the danger? Then they try to build a house right before winter, and surprise, they are up a creek when it starts snowing.!
      Then the dude buys a boat without checking it out, and it has problems.
      Then he runs aground.

      Are they total idiots? No, (don’t worry, it’s a movie)
      Oh yeah, and why do none of them (except for the two girls) look like either of the parents or even like each other???
      (Don’t be so critical…. it’s just a movie)

    • Elke Kyle

      you must be stupid and naive if you believe for one second the show is real because you even recognized a lot of discrepancies. These days “Reality” shows, as a new trend in the industry, sell good as long as they are entertaining, but it has nothing to do with REALITY. Sorry!

    • David R

      True colonists, eh UK?

  • the3rdmanhearsall

    fake as a $3 bill……but its so over the top fake you cant help but enjoy it.
    just spotting things like laws of physics being broken, not to mention the shooting and editing sequences, embellishment,
    and just plain BS.
    Most people are smart enough to understand it and just go with it.
    The ones that take it serious and think its reality…. are the ‘special’ people we all have meet and know in life and as long as none of them are running with scissors or have access to nuclear launch
    codes…..everyone will be ok….

    • Elke Kyle

      “””The ones that take it serious and think its reality…. are the
      ‘special’ people we all have met and know in life and as long as none
      of them are running with scissors or have access to nuclear launch
      codes…..everyone will be ok….””””


  • jennifer everett

    I think that its wrong for a network to portray something as real life events that are not. Its a lie to gain entertainment … fraud in my opinion by the Browns and the Discovery channel . I watched this show until I learned it was a fake. Its a shame that one network will cancel 19 kids and counting for a young man who admitted a wrong and endorse another for lying…. people should boycott the show to show disapproval of individuals portraying themselves as something their not to gain money… apparently their just a bunch of lazy people seeking to gain from other peoples hard work and ignorance of who they really are…. shame on you Browns !!

  • Alexander Ponce-Bonano

    Wait a minute, Jennifer E
    The family in 19 kids and counting got their show cancelled becaused they committed several crimes and also lied about it.
    See, this is what I hate about the bible wakos. The son molests 3 of his own sisters, and family friend, then out of panic or becaused he was about to found out confessed to his parents. The parents, instead of reporting it, decided to just separate the bed accommodations (boys in a room, parents in the middle, and girls at the other end of the house/why in god’s name would you put boys and girls sleeping in the same room?). They said that they spend a year praying with the boy and never got to report the molestations, until after the statues of limitations were over. I think it was 3 years. They parents are guilty of conspiracy to cover up the molestation. If they surely knew, also, that social services would have taken away all the kids and the molestor would have gone into the legal system. He, at the very least, would have gone into therapy. The 3 sisters should have gotten therapy too.
    This is terrible, 3 daughters molested, a family friend too. (Molested for months and months/ this was not a one time event either, he got got his fun and never paid for his crimes)
    We also don’t know if the abused continue after. There was no investigation. The parents, lied, cover up the crime(how did they get the parents of the family friend to keep quiet? Did they paid them? Never told them or used the bible to manipulate them?), never reported their son’s crimes, never reported anything to the police or social services( parental neglect for allowing that to happen and moreover allowing the molestor to continue living with them).
    This family of sinners, instead of staying off radar, decides to show the world how good of an example they are, for everyone to follow.
    What do they do? Be religious, and teaching those girls that God wants them to be submissive and subservient to their men. Oh, and keep getting pregnant year after year.

  • Elke Kyle

    who cares, really!!! a) I am so disgusted with a bunch of crap they’re showing on TV these days b) a good percentage of these celebs end up in jail… just a few of the long list: house wives-wesley snipes-martha stewart and many more. What halfway intelligent person would believe that this show was reality and not staged???? Only those with a low IQ would expect it to be genuine. I hope the Browns and kids sleep in a comfortable environment at night and step out to the wild for filming only. I am getting so used to the lying and cheating in the entertainment industry and I don’t give a penny as long as I am entertained and can forget the harsh reality of today’s globe for 60 minutes. And Alaskan Bush People are doing that for me and according to the ratings for many more viewers. My favorite is NOAH, gosh I love that guy, he easily would fit into a young aristocrat of the 17 or 1800’s, the way he speaks, his mannerism and his appearance, just can’t get enough of him. It is reality of the finest because no script can do what he does. Let Bill and Amy be shady, how many of the upper class including politicians have dirt on their hands one or the other way. Morality is for everybody or nobody. So hush….. Everybody who thinks like I do….. keep watching and enjoying the show and these crazy kids :o)))

  • Taffy cat

    This article seems to suggest that the Browns have a lot of money and lie about it. If that were true, do you think they also have crummy teeth “for the show”?! Quite the sacrifice, I’d say! And why would they try to scam the govt for such a measly amount – simply bc they’re so cheap? Maybe, but they probably need the money. And who cares about the rest? It’s GREAT entertainment!

  • Frank H.

    I like watching many of these “alaskan” shows, and I take them all with a grain of salt, but I never liked this show at all. Their kids come across like they have some form of mental retardation or something, very weird and not at all entertaining to me. Now this comes to light and it just reinforces the opinion I already had.

  • Sonny Batson

    Coming soon- Alaskan Bush Prison Housewives. Fatboy Billy will be safe for the most part, but the boys will make some lifers very happy. Can’t wait.

  • Edward Kleinfelter

    How can mama bear have 12 teeth pulled when she only has 7 ????

  • voodoo_child_yeah

    Of course the show is a recreation.. So what. You mean no one knows that? Lol it’s entertainment. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. These people are not criminals and their minor fines will be paid. If you want to see real criminals check out the Giudices on RHONJ… Now that’s trash.

  • Marla N

    First off, I certainly hope you weren’t saying that Deadliest Catch is fake because daughter lived and worked in Dutch Harbor and met a lot of the Captains and crew members/deck hands, (whatever they’re called), so I know that show was for real.
    Now on to the Alaskan Bush People…Who really cares whether or not it’s real or fake? It’s ENTERTAINMENT people and more interesting than most of the shows on TV these days. Kind of a modern day, backwoods type Little House on the Prairie except with more kids. It’s a show that the whole family can sit down and watch together. It teaches old time family values, something that you don’t see in families these days. I’ll also bet that they also make money because the Brown Family is up there. You can’t tell me that they aren’t kind of a Tourist Attraction for Hoonah and the surrounding areas. And if anyone is making the Alaskan People look stupid, it’s the one’s that are attacking a tv show that look stupid.

  • April

    Everyone gets too worked up and butt hurt over someone else’s way of living and making money! It’s TV. It’s meant for entertainment. We all know that married with children was only a fake show for tv yet we don’t hate Al Bundee for being so mad all the time. Good for them for finding a way to live and make money to support their family. At least they all still live as a FAMILY and live one another and still respect their parents! Yes the conning people/churches/groups out of money is a shame and not the best look for them but haven’t we all lied to someone at some point. A lie is a lie no matter how big or small. So I say good for them for going on TV and looking like crazies just to make money for themselves.obviously the producers are the ones with the idea so they had to have help from discovery to concoct all this. Don’t hate them cause you ain’t them!

  • kjiujijij

    It’s a great show. I love it. Leave them alone.

  • Billie Roberson

    Don’t care what any one says. I love the show. There is no bad language, They are humorous and I love their each one’s personalities. I hope it comes back for another 4th season.

  • loydarebel

    the only real show on tv is ancient aliens

  • loydarebel

    looking forward to the new history channel show
    yeti smiff and the holy book of the bigfoot’s

  • CT

    It’s entertainment! !! Don’t get mad! But doesn’t mean you have to believe it either. ..did anyone watch that mermaid show and go looking for one of those????

    • Jasmin W

      I did and I thought I saw one.

  • Michelle

    Who gives a “F”. ITS A SHOW!!!!!

  • Gerald James

    Well, they say Wrestling isn’t real and people watch it anyway. It’s entertainment!

  • Dee

    All the allegations against them seems like and could be genuine errors with not knowing the true requirements and particulars about the regulations and laws. I really don’t care. Especially with all the fault finding these days. I enjoy the tv show. It is a show…….. which people forget……..
    It’s entertainment for me and not like all the mind numbing garbage that’s put out there.

  • Windsor PoppyCock

    Send these amateurs to Fort Yukon and see how long they last…they always seem to be around Juneau or more south! Bush people my arse!! Why is this garbage on TV?

  • Littletboy

    I like these people. It’s hard to do what they are doing.

    * If you want to live out of society, don’t call the police when you have a problem. Do it yourself.

    * Society as a whole, for good or bad, and the financial system and
    wars help develop your boats, engines and chainsaws and petrol and
    clothes etc etc etc etc etc etc. And the language that you use and the
    writing and reading systems you employ etc etc.

    * Isn’t it nice that there i a legal system in place to ensure the land
    you’ve purchased is not taken away, and if it is you’ll have a piece of
    paper that the police will uphold the law of.

    Embrace the part of society that is good. Yes, there are a lot of idiots
    and tyrants in the world, especially at the top. Push your anger
    against them, not all of us.

    You are a family who wants live by your own means in an alternative way.
    That is fantastic and should be applauded and respected. Be glad that
    not everyone is doing this because I doubt there would be enough bears,
    deer and salmon to go around.


    I watched a marathon this weekend of this show. First time to catch the show. I was intrigued!! Fake or not…it is funny, suspenseful and clean! No nudity, no vulgarity. A show I would not be afraid to watch with my grandsons.

  • mike

    great show dont have cable just utube dont care about there off stage stuff not my business keep up the good work u no u all on here just leave them alone they dont swear I cant believe that its awesome if u have kids get them to watch this instead of video games that r evil this show is what usa kids need maybe the kids will get outside again and get dirty god bless u all and I mean the whole world.

  • joz molody

    These people committed multiple felonies but viewers still say it’s a good show for kids to watch?

  • Debra Castle

    What a load of BS! I totally believe the brown family to be exactly what they say that are! You sound like a jealous guy that thinks he has all the right stuff “I’m a real alaskan and a writer” what you have guy is a case of envy! Very sad! You have no solid proof just a lot of hearsay! I suppose Ami got her teeth pulled out just to go along with the show too right? You’re just a pissed off guy that has no life! Just my opinion but I’m still allowed to have one right?!

  • Bill Miller

    no shit …all real life tv is staged. otherwise it would be boring just like real life lol

  • Bob Cummings

    Never have I seen a bunch of backwards hillbillies in my life. What planet are they from? They are a bunch of losers that everything they touch turns to shit. They all need to see a dentist bad. What do they do live in those clothes? do they ever wash them or bathe? They go and build a cabin with one bedroom for all of them. One kid thinks he is elvis with the leather jacket and sideburns. I cant stand them.

  • anknm

    I read all the comments about it being fake BUT, it’s G rated and the kids can watch it, blah blah…. I personally am tired of being lied to, lead to believe or told crap that isn’t true…. It’s fake, if not these people wouldn’t survive a winter in Alaska… they have NO actual “bush” skills that would keep them alive in the wild. They demonstrate the skills of a Homeless family not a “bush” family. I would love to see them survive ONE complete winter, not just a snow storm… What I would have appreciated would be honesty and stop being lied to by the family and producers….

  • Troy Hammond

    Even if it was real I would still think it was incredibly stupid. What’s the fascination with Alaska? It’s beautiful up there but seriously. ….

  • Stan Johnson

    Why is it that so many people who comment on this blog seem to think that capitalization is some kind of foreign concept?

  • Bloughmee

    They’re a bunch of complete bull$h!t scam artists, and the parents should be in jail for letting their kids go without proper dental care. To see those young girls with their teeth rotting out of their heads is just freaking ridiculous – anyone else would have had their kids taken away to foster care at the very least.

  • dee

    Ok, let e get this straight, Billy Brown is from a “wealthy” family from Fort Worth whose members were killed in an airplane crash leaving him alone and destitute. Yea Right!!! His parents or the estate made no provisions for their surviving child. The estate attorney did not aircraft owner, He just got kicked to the curb at age 17, with no where to go and NO money. If you believe that, Ihave a bridge for sale in Brooklyn!!! Gimme a break, hi’s been a con and a liar since day one.

  • Gilwhooley

    In a world of TV overload, It’s a wasted hour, whether your watching this or Housewives from Dumbshit USA.

  • Shelia

    Just entertainment, folks.and clearly more fun to watch then the *trashians*..I mean come on, can anyone get any stoopider than that one they call Bear? lmaooooo

  • s rider

    I like the show. I enjoy watching it. Some of the stuff they come up with is hilarious. I know it is fake and I don’t care. Just because they call it a reality show doesn’t mean it actually is one. It is just nice to watch a show that isnt filled with profanity and constant sexploits. However,If they have broken the law they should buck up and take responsibility for their actions.

  • jloveusa

    Just watched the latest episode season #3 where Ami suddenly and for no apparent reason got ill with some unknown medical issue and pain? one frame she is great and wanting to go fishing, the next frame she is doubling over in inexplicable and severe pain? the crew has to boat lift her and Billy out to Juno to a hospital, the camera crew films them going into the hospital and an XRay sign on the wall, but after that NOTHING! No doctors, No Nurses, and next frame she is in what looks like a hospital room, but could be a hotel room where she is being attended to by Billy and son Noah? I found this to be really weird as No nurses, No tubes or lines going into her arms and the kid Noah is giving her the daily dose of medicine for Gods sake?? have you ever been in a hospital where they allow a non-staff to handle the meds to patients, I sure as hell have not? the whole medical emergency deal looked fake as hell just to give the show some drama? and the question at hand is, Can the Brown family continue their life out in the bush without Ami? or will they have to move back into town to their hotel room??

  • Dionysos Smith

    Memo to Asa Hawks…

    If you don’t like the show, don’t watch the show.

    4,000,000+ watch the show, regularly.
    14 recommended your crap, once.

  • Brandon

    And the last one shows three going out hunting all 3 with rifles then there 3 shots from the cabin hint another gun. Four guns cost and then they didn’t see deer because bears have hunted the deer. Not saying a bear can’t get a deer but it would be hard too.

  • anatano namwa

    I love this family. So what if they arent the best at legal details or the most contract savvy. I’m not either, and I’ve won awards all through school and college. They are not knowledgable about details that could get them in trouble, but are not intentional criminals. For God’s sake, you want to imprison and punish over fishing licenses? Of course they rely on the help from family and friends, their lifestyle, humble one of survival, creates urgency. SO WHAT! Give these people a break. They are loved by millions and its nice to watch decent people for a change. A family that loves each other, and isn’t materialistic. I love Matt! He is the most easy going guy in the world. There will always be jealousy and you can dig up infractions on anyone pretty much. Leave this family alone. They are magnificent people. Millions of viewers believe so as well. I hope they get a lot of money from the show and don’t get cheated. I hope they have an agent looking out for them and investing money for them, so YES they can pay some fines if needed. Billy was orphaned at 16! He was soooo lost, he never learned about finance, contracts, and yes goes broke a lot trying to live a dream off the land. SO WHAT. LEAVE THEM ALONE< WE LOVE THEM!

  • Scott74

    Who cares if it’s real, it’s entertainment.

    Too bad you didn’t spent halftime this much effort investigating Obama’s life history.

  • Billy brown

    This is Billy you folks are pure evil amora and I are reading these comments on are ” bush net” and are in shock. Obviously u are jealous of amora and I ….anyone who doubts come out and stay a few nites ….u won’t cause u suck moose balls …now why don’t u and your whole fam damily go buck a fufaloo

  • Anna Marie

    The youngest daughter has so much eye liner and lipstick and nail varnish and she lives in the bush with only her family?
    The mother has more expensive coats and jewelry for a poor bush family
    All family has so much jewelry and for a struggling family living and depending on hunting and fishing , they all look like pizza and burger fed from the pizza place where they really live
    They all dress so summery except for Gave wearing the motorcycle leather jacket
    And what kind of parents have seven uneducated kids with bad teeth and use them to make money from the Alaskan oil funds and tv series. They make over $50.000 every season from the series and plus oil funds plus they spend hardly anything and can’t get a teacher to help with studies once a week and fix their teeth
    What parents don’t think of the medical insurance of their family
    What woman / girl would want to marry into this lying crook family with 60 fellanes
    In their name and plus live like them and under Emie that will decide when how and if to have kids

  • Arnell

    It’s not just the Browns that fooled the people so did the Dicovery channel knowing all along what was going on.

  • Judge&Jury

    Idiots. all of you, arguing back and forth about a stupid show. There are lots more important things in this world to worry about. Get lives. If the show is fake, they will get whats coming to them in the end when all the fame goes away, and if its real, they will also get whats coming to them. Either way, Karma will deal with it. Now….start doing something useful in the world!

  • generalgwok

    oh my gosh, i can’t stand this show. my spouse watches it and it drives me crazy. the kids are emotionally and intellectually stunted! the two eldest…seriously….you’re as old as you are??!! Immature, socially stunted, stupid….and this show is so full of bs, it can barely be called entertainment. i compare it to “keeping up with the kartrashian’s” alaskan hick style.

    I feel sorry for the girls the most, though. treated like second class citizens. it’s obvious the women don’t “count’ as much as the brothers. ugh. stupid stupid show.

    trash tv.

  • D’Rox

    i want to know where or how the kids were educated,im sorry but theyre ot dumb,theyre all quite smart and all hae their own thing.howd htat happen?

  • Brenda

    this has nothing to do with diesel drums. I would like to know where and how the girls get the basic necessary women things. Especially Rain with all of that make-up, fingernail polish, clothes, etc.. Birdie doesn’t seem to have that many clothes. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • adam zoosk

    aha… I knew it! Reading the above info on their real life is far more interesting, albeit melodramatic. But what made me think ‘these guys aren’t for real’, in the first place, was that they just did so many things badly and even wrong. Another Discovery channel fail.

  • misty

    It boggles my mind that this show bothers so many people…that is what a remote is for…CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! I love the show, besides alot of these comments ive been reading , its one of the most entertaining things ive seen 🙂 I do agree with some things tho, I agree that the kids’ teeth should be fixed, if it was me, i would hope that since we were making enough money from the show that I wouldnt have to go with bad teeth…I wouldnt be able to look myself in the mirror if i did that to my kids, i wouldnt put their health in jeopardy for a show!! Other than that, who cares if its real or fake? what does it matter, really?? Its entertainment people, yall are gonna give yourselves ulcers from worrying about this show and these people!! JS

  • Shawn Berry

    it’s like watching the new Gilligan’s island show.I enjoy it even though i no its so fake. Just funny like gilligan was.all the new tools and guns they use on it.haha keep it going. Professor,Ginger,Mauryan,Gilligan you figure out who is who.

  • breck,

    Like i said before stop dressing the dog up’ I can see doing it to the cat. And for god sake guit eating all my corn. I have a radish in my bum

  • breck,

    sorry about that spelling.:) oops!

  • breck,

    ah TV. They have a lot of stuff for having no money and living in the bush. Looks like everyone eats well too. hmmm

  • breck,

    Don’t you have to go to high school,even when you are home schooled in the earlier years.

  • breck,

    goes to prove,if Billy can get someone……..a can of corn can toooo…..mmmmmm corn.

  • breck,

    watching the show now. Shows how bored I am.

  • breck,

    We can tell who are the drinkers of the family are:)

  • breck,

    Now the moderators of this site. You guys really must be bored. Now i have a monkey in the tub and he has a hairbrush up his bum. Dam monkey.How am I going to brush my hair. I will have to put my head up the monkeys bum just to brush my hair.

  • Marko Novak

    They sure know too much for a “bush people” and to less for a real “bush people”. Got suspicion at the very first part I saw… There is no need for a bush kids to dress like they do…As their new house got finally build, they suddenly they have to leave the only place they own…which make no sense, bunch of weapons at house and they would run and left all behind?! No way! There where just nothing more to film there…It is fake, I think so, or rather guided, but it’s entertaining to watch anyway! I just hope they got enough money from it, that their surviving struggle is, what actually is fake.

  • williamsommerwerck

    If Billy Brown had wealthy parents… Wouldn’t they have left him enough money that he would have had a place to live, money to attend college, etc?

    I consider the Browns to be “professional masochists”.

  • Glenda

    Is Billy Brown, really the man who played “Billy Clyde Tuttle” on a daytime soap ?

  • eric vaz

    They are not true bush people and any bush person will tell you that. s, period…I am sorry to

    say. As much as I want to say that they are the real thing they are not and there is far to much evidence out there that shows they are not. just google the browns and you will see it for yourself.
    they make up wired accents and that is wired in it self but to each their own I guess.
    Regardless they are not the people they say they are, do the research.
    The kids all seem to get along like true siblings but the farther is a true dirtbag, research him…that’s all I have…

  • gus

    Well , duh .

  • J

    It’s amazing how people become so judgmental because of envy. The reason the Brown’s have some new things is because they are making $ off their show. They are probably sponsored by a few well knows companies as well. Nothing wrong with this is my opinion and a completely normal process.
    TV is set up and designed for entertainment. Exaggeration is also a normal process to keep the viewers dialed in. It’s not abnormal to watch any reality show and question some of what you may see.
    Everyone in life has a story. The Brown’s story is very unique too them and different from most. This doesn’t make them liars or bad people. Personally, I think Billy Brown is a good businessman and their authenticity as people helps this success. The cameramen and the shows story is not directed by the Brown’s. They simply listen and incorporate their lives into it.
    Whether they live in the bush 100% of the time or not the Brown’s have experienced life in ways that most people only dream of. I have been watching this show from the very beginning and it’s been great.
    I’d like to meet the Brown’s. They seem like cool people. Harmless people who just want to live their life. Good for them.

  • Julie riffell

    Oh so what if some is fake .its better than the shit they have on bravo.the kardien or how u spell it I’d rather see ppl try to fend for themselves.I don’t care how fake I’ll watch the show what else to watch on a Friday night.I like it.I’m sure there are a bunch of fake ass stuff like the house wife’s from every state an like what happened to them .jail time. So who are the ones that are so full of bullshit.I’d say house wifes

  • Rockymountainway6.5

    This is some of the stupidest shit I’ve ever seen. I’ve hunted and fished all my life and this is fake or a bunch of idiots,putting chicken frying grease on their rifles then go hunting in Grizzly country stupid…..

  • Tiffany Goehring

    There is something to be said about your math. Ami was born in 1963 she got married in 1979. That is 16 in any correct math. But if you look at her Birthday and the day she got married you will see she had just turned 16 when they married.

  • Ast

    How are the grown children fulfilling their sexual desires( a natural element in humanity), if all of them are sleeping together?

    Snowbird should see a dentist.

    Are they all registered voters?

    If Billy was “born into a wealthy family” why was he “living in the back of his car and homeles” after the death of his parents?

    How do the women take care of their female bodily functions every month?

    This show appears to be incestuous (Indo-European roots)

  • disqus_DLdvL3iSgB

    They are fake!!! The cancer is probably a publicity stunt