Heidi Montag’s list of 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day include neck liposuction, brow lift, and botox, at age 23


CLICK HERE to see Heidi before and after her latest surgeries.

There’s a good reason we haven’t seen a lot of Heidi Montag lately, which is especially odd around the Holidays, but it’s not because she’s finally tired of the spotlight. No, she had a secret appointment with her plastic surgeon November 20 for a whopping 10 procedures and has been recovering.

This means, at the tender age of 23 Heidi has already has over 12 plastic surgery procedures, and she’s already looking dangerously like the Frankenstein baby of Janice Dickinson, Danielle Staub, Bruce Jenner, and Jocelyn Wildenstein. In her exclusive confession and reveal with People, Heidi admits to being “obsessed” with plastic surgery, but this may go a bit beyond that. And she’s not planning to stop until she does indeed look like Jocelyn Wildenstein, she tells People, “I’m just starting. Let’s just say there’s a lot of maintenance.” 

Basically about every inch of Heidi’s body was cut, sucked, pinned, or injected. Here’s the list:

1. Botox

2. nose job revision

3. mini brow lift

4. chin reduction

5. fat injections in her cheeks and lips

6. breast augmentation revision (DDD’s!!)

7. liposuction on waist and thighs

8. ears pinned back

9. buttocks augmentation


Heidi’s a pretty girl, and she looked fine after her first nose job and boob job. She didn’t need them, but afterward she didn’t look like a freakshow. Now she’s only 23 and she looks like an insecure 50-year-old, but apparently that’s the look she’s going for. At first I was worried that Heidi is being the world’s worst role model for young women and girls, but maybe she’s being so ridiculous she’ll prevent young people from trying to emulate her. Here’s Heidi (hopefully) scaring millions of little girls away from going near a plastic surgeon’s office:

“Nobody ages perfectly, so I plan to keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be. Because, for me, the surgery is always so rewarding.”

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  • Jim

    I think she looks hot..like a barbie doll.. no problem with this, not like I will be hittin it, but looking at it and during the inevitable Playboy spread will be fun !

  • kl

    The money spent on these vain surgeries could have been sent to Haiti, or to any organization that helps the poor, to people who don’t have the money to feed their children, or get needed health care, not optional, unneeded surgery for vanity. I think this is very sinful, and people should be only grateful for what God gave them. We will age, we will get sick, we will pass away these are things we cannot avoid, why not in the time we have make the most of it not by needless plastic surgery, rather by helping the poor, the aged, the lonely, the orphaned. Yes, those people may donate SOME money to charities, but if they have the money to spend so frivolously, it is pathetic that it would be so greedy and self centered.
    That thousands used for surgery could have been THAT MUCH MORE to help those in true need. Better yet, get hands dirty and help the needy, go there, use that endless money to fly to Haiti and dig up one of the many children, elderly, or 23 year olds who are currently crushed under ruble. The action of such waste makes me cry; not only for those who could have been saved, but for the current gifts thrown away. What better satisfaction can someone have in life than to be part of saving the lost, the forgotten, the scared, and the lonely? To be the one to embrace the child who has lost their family and is the only survivor found in the dwelling space that was crushed… To be known as the one for surgery that was WANTED, to look more appealing rather than proving the funds for a child who needs life sustaining treatments is horrible. God help us that we put our vanity before the benefit of others. That is the greatest sin.

    • Greg Barker

      i agree, that the most selfless decision would be to help those less fortunate then us, however, i think military spending far outweighs this

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  • holy SH!TTTTTTTT she looks horrific. worse than that. she scares little children!! she looks like a BEAT UP rag doll and her boobs are waaaaayyyyyyyyy too big. she was pretty before any time of surgery whatsoever! she is clinically INSANE. i agree, this surgury money could have gone to much better things, like haiti and africa! she totally looks like an insecure 50 year old. i can go on forever, but ill stop. god help her.

  • zachhh

    oh my god. she was perfectly pretty before this. she doesnt need botox cause her face looked GREAT before the sugery. it was natural and not streched out. a boob job i can understand because many people get them but they are TOO big. she wasnt ugly before and i think she looks insecure and plastic now and i wish she hadnt done this…poor heidi! D:

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