AUDIO Jenelle Evans’ 911 call from Nathan Griffith domestic violence incident

Nathan Griffith Jenelle Evans 911 call

The 911 calls placed by Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans as well as an MTV crew member during the incident on March 4 that eventually led to Nathan Griffith’s arrest for criminal domestic violence have been released.

Here’s the audio (sorry, it’s set to autoplay) followed by a transcript of both conversations:


OPERATOR: What’s going on?

JENELLE: My, um, I’m sitting here and my, um, ex fiancé he’s sitting here, he took the car keys from me denying me to go to school tomorrow. Both of our names are on the car. He doesn’t even have his license and I can’t even take my son to school tomorrow.

Are they both there — you’re both together now?


And what’s your name?

[inaudible] Um, Jenelle Evans.

OK, they have somebody in route to you. Somebody’s already called.


They have an officer coming to you because somebody has already called.

Alright, thank you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


OPERATOR: 911, do you have an emergency?

MTV CREW MEMBER: Yeah, actually, send the police to [address], there’s a domestic abuse happening.

[The 911 operator confirms the address.]

OK, and where is that at honey?

In Myrtle Beach.

OK, and are you involved, or…


[Yelling can be heard in the background]

What’s going on out there?

We are filming with a talent and the couple is fighting. Please send the police right away.

OK, you are filming with what?

We’re filming with a talent.

With a talent?

Talent — for a TV show.

Uh huh.

And the husband — the fiancé is physically abusing his girlfriend.

Are they involved in the talent show? Or talent, or whatever you’re filming?


Do you know what their names are honey?

Yes. Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith.

Nathan Griffith?


OK. Is he still there honey?

Yes, they are still there. They’re inside.

OK. Do they have any weapons?

I honestly don’t know. We were locked out of the house when we heard her screaming, saying “Get off of me! Get off of me!

OK baby, I’ve got somebody on the way, OK?

Ok, great. Thank you.

Thank you honey.

Alright, bye.

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  • erb123

    oh and just the other day she swore nate never touched her and she didnt call the cops.

  • ManBearPig

    “Talent” Ha!

    • TA

      they’re probably not allowed to say what show they’re filming for.
      at least one of the crew members called this time.

      • ManBearPig

        I know, it just made me laugh hearing Nathan and Jenelle be referred to as “the talent” when neither of them have any talents, except for Nathan’s shirtless selfie game and Jenelle with her on-point eyebrows.

        • Bec

          Your being sarcastic about jenelle’s eyebrows right?

          • ManBearPig

            lol Take a look at them and I think you’ll find the answer to that.

  • violet Beuregarde

    Jenelle swore she didn’t call the police and Nathan didn’t touch her. People are calling her out on twitter, so it should be time for her normal hissy fit where she leaves for 2 hours until everyone forgets. Secondly, Jace lives 2 1/5 hours away, she is NOT going to get off her lazy a$$ and drop him off at school. Although its the least she could do for missing Jace’s custody hearing to fight with Nathan. If you’re going to lie Jenelle there’s a little thing called believability that kinda makes the whole thing come together and work…

    • spottedgiraffe

      I think she meant taking kaiser to daycare. Since both jenelle and nathan are too busy to care for him lol

    • neelasharm

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    • ameliaBedelia76

      this is just plain disgusting on Jenelle’s part. Her lies are so bad & so often that there is no way she can get around it.

  • Nikki

    Let’s just not talk about her or him, and Maybe they will go away! Its all about money and ratings… The poor kids are just stuck with 2 idiots..

  • Ha

    Where’s Lala to defend Jenelle? And tell us all how Jenelle is doing better then she used to be doing.

  • Courtney

    Usually when a 911 caller answers, “um, well, or uhh”, they are more than likely trying to stall because they are thinking in their head if the answer they are about to give will get them in trouble. Notice how Jenelle stalls after simple questions like her name yet the crew member didn’t. I’m not saying all people are lying when doing that but in Jenelle’s case it seems like she is trying sugar coat things and make sure not to get herself in any trouble. Also, just my opinion but I don’t like when people call me honey! Especially if they are like my age and they are at work. It just doesn’t sound professional and a tad demeaning but I understand they don’t mean it like that they are just being nice. Does anyone else not like it when someone (you don’t know) calls you honey? 🙂

    • LexiconD1

      I despise it when I’m called ‘honey’, especially from a complete stranger, and it’s within a professional setting. This dispatcher was completely unprofessional, and definitely, needs to be retrained.

      I wonder how long until Janelle and Nathan are back together, if they aren’t already?

    • TA

      I agree. it’s demeaning. don’t call me honey or sweetie.

    • Bec

      Eh I’ll take it over the dispatchers that have been rude to me and tell you to calm down, infuriating

      • Courtney

        I agree I can’t stand those dispatchers that say calm down and then sound so unsympathetic but that’s something totally different than I was talking about. On the reality show Night watch where they follow EMTs around they ALL call people honey, baby, sweetie and even mama and it seriously makes me cringe! A male EMT kept calling a 9 year old girl mama! Seriously? I know it’s New Orleans but I think they say it out of habit and the don’t really understand the correct use. I’m just saying that in MY experience I can’t stand being called any of those. Call me Miss or Ma’am (even though I don’t really like Ma’am but it’s 100 times better that sweetie, baby, honey or mama coming from a total stranger). To me it feels like they are putting themselves in a higher position and making me the inferior one. Again that’s just how I feel. Everyone can feel what they want I’m not trying to persuade anyone just bringing up the conversation to see what others think. 🙂

        • Bec

          Oh no I totally agree it’s very patronizing.

        • shayvoe

          That’s the way people in the south, and New Orleans, talk, because southerners are the nicest people in the world, and want to make everyone feel at ease and welcome…best you stay living where you are….you would never make it in the south.

          • Courtney

            Wow! If you read my other comments too I said, “I understand that they don’t mean it to be rude”, I just personally don’t like it! You’re the one being rude and I DON’T live in Jersey thank you. I live on the west coast! Lol “You would never make it in the south.” Why? Because I don’t think it sounds professional and I don’t like people my age calling me that. If you knew anything about me then maybe you would understand I too am very nice but I really don’t appreciate someone attacking me or my character because of one opinion that YOU misinterpreted!

            • Krisha*8

              LOL! I’ve been reading the comments. That Shayvoe that keeps repeating herself must be a little slow! Smh I don’t care for it either when people call me those things. I’m from mass. The east coast isn’t too into that either. I guess it all depends on what your accustomed to.

          • Bec

            I’m calling BS on that one. My family history goes back 200 years in Georgia. I’m about as southern as they come. Southerners will be the first ones to talk about you behind your back. Northerners are just more blunt and up front about their grievances

    • A.C.C

      The honey part I can look past but baby had me cringing, please excuse me since I’m not “southern” but don’t the southern ladies use terms like that, commonly? So maybe it’s not out of the ordinary down there? But I do agree that it’s not really professional, I know dispatchers need to keep people calm but you can do so without referring to someone in that way, I would think.

      • Bec

        Older southern women use honey, baby and sweetheart

        • TheUniverse

          How horrible all these nice southern dispatchers using nice words to calm down the situation. Don’t worry you will be older one day too and the next generation will judge and criticize you by the example you yourself have set.

          • Bec

            …I didn’t say it was that bad… Maybe you should go back and read my comments. It doesn’t bother me as much as others because, growing up in the south I’m used to it. Others expressed that they found it condescending and I see their point.

    • SneakyCentipede

      OMG that irks me to no end! I’m not your honey, your baby, your sweetie, especially if we are the same age or I’m older. Honestly, I would rather be called ma’am (which took me a long time to get use to, in my head I was still a Miss) that any of that junk. Also, its so unprofessional, I know people in the south generally take a little more time to talk to even strangers than us fast paced (maybe a bit rude) NJians who don’t even have time to get someone’s name, but I still think unless she was talking to a damn 4 year old, all the honey stuff was unprofessional and ridiculous

      • Courtney

        Have you seen that new show Night watch on A&E? The EMT’s are ALWAYS calling people, sweetie, baby, honey and mama? Seriously one of the guys kept calling a 9 year old girl mama! I understand it’s in New Orleans and there they mean it in a sweet way but it’s SOOOOOOOOO unprofessional and here in California it’s insulting/annoying.

        • SneakyCentipede

          No I haven’t even heard of that, I will definitely check it out

    • awoman

      Honey and baby.

      So demeaning and unprofessional.

    • K

      I LOVE when people call me honey and stuff like that. It comes off very kind and loving to me

    • CP

      In the south is it very common to say those things. We don’t even think about it when we say it. It’s not meant to be demeaning.

    • shayvoe

      Everyone in the south calls everyone sugar, baby, honey sweetie, darling….it’s just the way we are raised, and it’s a term of affection to be nice, not demeaning…no big deal!

      • Courtney

        I ALREADY KNOW THAT!!!!!! You don’t have to stalk every comment to yell at me… YOU misinterpreted what I was saying so go back and read my comments again.

    • Sammie

      Lord, shut up. It’s supposed to be nice – it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Goodness.

      • Courtney

        Obviously you haven’t read my comments or you would see what I meant. I SAID I understand they don’t mean it to be mean but personally it bugs me and I’m not the only one! Everyone has and opinion and doesn’t have to agree but for you to be so immature and attack before you read the full comments just proves you’re a troll. Btw… I really don’t appreciate your first sentence.

        • sunsunsun21

          I agree wholeheartedly with you Courtney!

  • TA

    and today Jenelle posted on IG a pic of Nathan saying something about how he’s hers forever. what a lucky gal she is…
    I hope Kaiser gets taken away from them. or already has been.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Hers forever because nobody else wants him lol

  • spottedgiraffe

    Why is his name on the car Jenelle paid for? Ugh he’s such a loser

  • Muranda

    Wtf kind of 911 responder calls someone “baby” and “honey”. Are you kidding? That’s so disrespectful and degrading to the situation.

  • AshiElbows

    Shakin muh damn head, J.

  • Mike

    Since when do 911 operators use the words “honey” or “baby”????

  • Mike


  • ameliaBedelia76

    I thought she said she didn’t call the police…another lie from Jenelle

    • 900009

      I always call 911 when I can’t find my keys.

  • Guest

    I am no means a Jenelle fan, but you might want to bleep out her address. At least for the kids sake.

  • Hgg

    Honey and baby not approriate language for the 911 operator jeez.

  • Pattipandi

    I love how the stories are completely different from the 2 parties that called. Jenelle talked about her car keys being taken and how she has to take her son to school, and MTV calls bc they’re locked out and hear yelling and domestic abuse. Who calls 911 and starts rambling about how they’re inconvenienced rather than being harmed?

  • Demona

    Isn’t it a tad curious that in Jenelle’s call AFTER the crew members she makes no mention of domestic violence and seems more concerned with the property dispute of the car ownership?