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In October of 2014, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress performed a routine about the various sexual assault allegations that had piled up over the years against famed comedian and actor Bill Cosby. Video of the routine went viral, and, since then, dozens of women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct.

Though many of their allegations had been reported on, and several out-of-court settlements had been reached–some going as far back as the 1980s–Cosby himself never suffered damage to his reputation, nor was there ever a groundswell of support for the women he had allegedly violated.

Since then, dozens of women have come forward, most with disturbingly similar stories involving pills or spiked drinks, unconsciousness, and a naked or near-naked Cosby thrusting himself upon them. Some of the stories involve groping or indecent exposure; some involve outright rape. The following is a list of women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault of any kind.

This list is alphabetical. It will be updated regularly. As of December 6th, 2016, the total number of women is 55.


Pamela Abeyta met Cosby at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1979, when she was a 25-year-old aspiring model. She says she spent time with Cosby because she thought he could help her career, but, after a $2,500 shopping spree and a night on the town, she “blacked out,” and came to in bed with Cosby and “two other naked people.”

Jewel Allison, former model, says Cosby drugged her glass of wine when the two had dinner together at his home in the 1980s. Allison claims Cosby led her to a mirror, placed her hand on his genitals, gave her a hard kiss, and then called her a cab.

Lili Bernard was an actress preparing for a role on the final season of The Cosby Show when Cosby drugged and raped her in 1992. After, Bernard claims Cosby shouted that she was “dead” and “didn’t exist” and that he never wanted to see her again, and that she feared for her life.

Bill Cosby accuser Barbara Bowman

Barbara Bowman claims that Cosby pursued a relationship as her mentor while Bowman was a teenager, and that, as an aspiring model at the age of 17, Cosby drugged and assaulted her several times. Bowman’s essay in the Washington Post encouraged more women to come forward.

Linda Brown says Cosby invited her to his hotel room after a show in 1969. When Brown arrived, Cosby gave Brown a soft drink; she blacked out after drinking it. When she came to, the two were naked in bed together; Cosby flipped Brown over and sexually assaulted her.

Shawn Brown claimed that in 1973 (when her name was Shawn Upshaw) Cosby drugged and raped her. She further claimed that her daughter, Autumn Jackson, was Cosby’s child. Cosby has admitted to sleeping with Brown, but denies that the child is his.

Autumn Burns worked at a Las Vegas casino in 1970 when she met Cosby. Burns claims Cosby invited her to his room, fed her alcohol that made her feel “not in control,” and forced her into sexual acts.

Bill Cosby accuser Sarita Butterflied

Sarita Butterfield accused Cosby of cornering her, kissing her, and trying to fondle her breasts during a dinner party with family present on Christmas Eve, 1974.

Lisa Christie, a former Mrs. America beauty pageant winner, says she met Cosby when she was 18. “A couple of years” later, after she had starred in commercials with him and been an extra on The Cosby Show, Christie claims to have been the recipient of unwanted advances from Cosby, including a drink and an attempted kiss. She says Cosby told her “You’re never going to make it in this business unless you sleep with me,” but spent the night on his hotel room couch instead.

Andrea Constand worked for Temple University, Cosby’s alma mater, in 2004. Constand says that when she visited Cosby’s home to talk about career advice, he gave her herbal pills for anxiety, and then “touched her breasts and genital area, rubbed his penis against her hand,” and penetrated her “digitally.” Constand was 31 at the time.

Lachele Covington, then 20, accused Cosby of pulling her hand toward his penis during a conversation about career advice on January 25, 2000.

Janice Dickinson accused Cosby of drugging her with pain pills and raping her in 1982.

Bill Cosby accuser Elizabeth

A woman who has identified only as “Elizabeth” was a 20-year-old flight attendant when she met Cosby in 1976. They met on an American Airlines flight, after which Cosby allegedly “took her to dinner at a Japanese restaurant, then brought her to his hotel room and forced her to perform a sex act.”

Joyce Emmons, former comedy club owner, says she took a pill from Cosby for a headache, blacked out, and came to naked in bed with a friend of Cosby’s. When she confronted him, he laughed and told her he had given her a Quaalude.

Bill Cosby accuser Beth Ferrier

Beth Ferrier alleges that she had been in a consensual relationship with Cosby for a time in the 1980s, but that he drugged her coffee when she visited him in his dressing room before a performance in Denver in 1984.

Carla Ferrigno claims that Cosby grabbed her and kissed her forcefully while the two were at a party in 1967.

Bill Cosby accuser Charlotte Fox

Charlotte Fox was an aspiring actress who met Cosby on the set of Uptown Saturday Night in 1974. She claims he took her to the Playboy Mansion, drugged her, and assaulted her: “The next thing I remember was that I was sort of awake, in a bed, with no clothes on and there was Mr Cosby, in a robe, crawling from the bottom of the bed. I was incapacitated and couldn’t say no. He engaged in sexual activity with me. It was not consensual. I was afraid to call out.”

Chloe Goins, a model and lap dancer, accused Cosby of drugging her and assaulting her sexually during an encounter at the Playboy Mansion in 2008, when Goins was 18.

Tamara Green, a retired trial attorney, appeared on the Today show in 2005 to claim that Cosby had drugged her and assaulted her sexually in the 1970s.

Helen Gumpel had a bit part on The Cosby Show in the late 1980s. After filming, she says that Cosby hugged and kissed her in front of onlookers, and then had her back to his dressing room, where, while wearing a “loose-fitting robe,” Cosby put his “crotch area” in Gumpel’s face. Cosby tried to her Gumpel to consume a drink he’d made; when she refused, he became angry, and told her to leave.

Helen Hayes claims Cosby groped her in 1973 after she met him at a celebrity tennis tournament.

Renita Cheney Hill says that Cosby drugged and assaulted her more than once, beginning when she was a 19-year-old.

Colleen Hughes was a flight attendant in the 1970s; she met Cosby on one of her flights. She claims that Cosby visited her in her hotel room, poured champagne into a Gucci shoe, and fed it to her, at which point she passed out. When she woke up, Cosby was gone, and she “felt semen in the small of [her] back and all over.”

Michelle Hurd accused Cosby of groping and fondling her while she was an extra on The Cosby Show in the 1980s.

Judy Huth accused Cosby of sexually abusing her during a party at the Playboy Mansion just days after they met in 1974. Huth was 15 years old at the time.

Bill Cosby accuser Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson says that, while she was being considered for a role on The Cosby Show in the mid-1980s, she visited Cosby at his home. While she was there, Cosby told her to act drunk and put his arms around her before pulling her down a flight of stairs. When Johnson objected, Cosby ordered her to leave.

Lisa Jones, a Canadian model who met with Cosby about a role on his show in 1986, says Cosby gave her alcohol and then tried to pry her legs apart as she walked by him. Jones says Cosby also made a series of derogatory remarks about how women needed to use the casting couch to get ahead.

Kacey, who was an assistant to one of Cosby’s talent agency reps in the early 90s, was invited to Cosby’s house to read through a Cosby Show script that involved kissing. Shortly afterward, Cosby gave Kacey a white pill, and she passed out; when she came to, the two were naked in bed together. (Kacey has chosen to keep her last name a secret.)

Janice Baker Kinney claims Cosby drugged and raped her after she met him while waitressing at a casino in 1982. Kinney says Cosby ordered her never to talk about what had happened, and that, for years, she felt like it was her fault.

Linda Kirkpatrick accuses Cosby of drugging her with a clear liquid and sexually assaulting her at a tennis tournament in 1981.

Cindra Ladd accuses Cosby of drugging her with a pill and allegedly having sex with her while she worked as a New York movie producer in 1969.

Bill Cosby accuser Chelan Lasha

Chelan Lasha says that Cosby promised to introduce her to modeling agents when the two met in 1986. Cosby then gave her a blue pill which made her very groggy, and sexually assaulted her before she passed out.

Charlotte Laws has not accused Cosby of any wrongdoing to her person. But she does say that, in 1981, Cosby fed her friend Sandy two pills, which knocked her unconscious. Cosby then had sex with Sandy. Laws says that Sandy does not consider the matter rape, since the two were already in a consensual relationship, but that Laws (and the lawyers to which she’s spoken) do consider it rape, since Sandy was physically unable to give consent.

Angela Leslie claims Cosby got her drunk, asked her to wet her hair, and masturbated himself using her hand in a Las Vegas hotel room in 1992.

Lisa appeared on Dr. Phil to accuse Cosby of drugging her and possibly assaulting her sometime in the 1980s. She says she passed out in a sexually suggestive position and remembers nothing specific. (Lisa has chosen to keep her last name a secret.)

Bill Cosby accuser Lise Lotte Lublin

Lise-Lotte Lublin (not to be confused with “Lisa” above) says Cosby fed her alcohol in his hotel room in 1989, while asking her to perform “an improvisation” for him. She remembers Cosby stroking and petting her hair before she blacked out; when Lublin came to, she was at home and her car was in the driveway.

P.J. Masten, a former Playboy bunny, accused Cosby of drugging and raping her at the Whitehall Hotel in Chicago sometime in the 1970s.

Sammie Mays was a writer and journalist scheduled to interview Cosby in the mid-80s. Upon arriving at Cosby’s hotel room, Mays claims he fed her a drink that knocked her unconscious. When she came to, her blouse was open and her pants undone and left around her hips.

Katherine McKee, who was friends with Sammy Davis, Jr. and met Cosby through the entertainer, claims Cosby raped her in the early 1970s in Detroit.

Bill Cosby accuser Louisa Moritz

Louisa Moritz alleges that Cosby forced her to perform oral sex on him in a dressing room before Cosby appeared on the Tonight Show in 1971.

Donna Motsinger says Cosby drugged and raped her in 1971 after the two met at the jazz club where Motsinger waitressed.

Lynn Neal accuses Cosby of sexually assaulting her after giving her a shot of vodka at dinner in the 1980s.

Patricia–she has chosen to keep her last name hidden–claims Cosby raped her in 1980, after ordering her to style her hair like Queen Noor of Jordan, and smearing oatmeal across her face.

Linda Ridgeway was an actress for a time in the 1960s and 70s; her most notable role was with Charles Bronson in the 1972 film The Mechanic. She says that Cosby forced his penis into her mouth while she was in his office interviewing with him for an acting role.

Kristina Ruehli accuses Cosby of drugging her drink and attempting to force her to perform oral sex on him after inviting her to his house under the false pretense of a party in 1965.

Therese Serignese says that she met Cosby as a 19-year-old in 1976; Cosby took her to his dressing room before a show and drugged her. When Serignese came to, Cosby was having sex with her in a bathroom.

Margie Shapiro accuses Cosby of accosting her in the game room of the Playboy Mansion during a party there in the early 1970s, when Shapiro was 19. According to Shapiro, she passed out before the incident took place, and she believes drugs were involved.

Jena T. accuses Cosby of pressuring her into masturbating him and then giving her $700 shortly after the two met in the 1980s. (She came forward on the condition that People not use her last name.)

Joan Tarshis, a publicist in and journalist of the music industry, claims that Cosby drugged and raped her twice in 1969, when she was a 19-year-old.

Bill Cosby accuser Heidi Thomas

Heidi Thomas says she met Bill Cosby at a Reno NV house for “coaching” in 1984, when Thomas was 24. Cosby offered her a glass of Chablis; the next thing Thomas remembers is waking up naked in bed with Cosby, who was “forcing himself” into her mouth.

Eden Tirl, a former actress on The Cosby Show, says Cosby locked the two of them into his dressing room during a taping of his show in 1989, and that he “assaulted her.”

Linda Joy Traitz accused Cosby of attempting to drug her and of groping her on a beach when she was a 19-year old waitress at a restaurant Cosby partly owned.

Bill Cosby accuser Victoria Valentino

Victoria Valentino, a former Playboy playmate, recalls Cosby drugging her and a friend at dinner in 1971. When Valentino came to, she found Cosby trying to rape the friend, and pulled him off of her, only to have Cosby force her to perform oral sex on him.

Sharon Van Ert, a jazz club cocktail waitress when she met Cosby in 1976, claims that Cosby told her she was too drunk to drive home, and decided to drive her himself. Van Ert blacked out and came to with her panties missing. She alleges Cosby “must have put something in my drink while we were closing up the place.”

Marcella Tate was a 27-year-old model in Chicago when she met Cosby in 1975. She accuses Cosby of drugging her at a party at the Playboy Mansion that year.

Sunny Welles’ parents were family friends of the Cosbys in the 1960s. In the mid-60s, when Welles was 17, she claims Cosby took her to a jazz club, where she passed out after drinking a soda. When she came to, she was naked in bed in an unknown apartment. She said both times this occurred she felt, physically, like she had had sex, but “did not want to believe that a family friend would do that to me.”


The Bill Cosby accuser photos in this post were all taken from the hour-long A&E special Cosby: The Women Speak. Click the link for more information on that special with videos.


Bill Cosby photo: WENN.

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  • Tom Peffer

    When one uses drugs there is a chance over an overdose… Wondering if Bill Cosby ever accidentally overdosed a victim with the date rape drug??? Dead people cannot speak up and tell their story… Models and other women go missing all the time… Could there be a manslaughter victim to add to the list???????????

    • Thoughts

      There is! If you read into mk ultra you can find there names. It comes off crazy but if u think about it why wouldn’t men of power use there money to traffic these models without their knowledge.

      • A Bert

        It’s all bullshit

        • A Cosby Fan

          AMEN A Bert! I find it PATHETIC and HYSTERICAL that these so-called LADIES are coming out so COURAGEOUSLY with these accusations against Dr. Cosby so many years later INSTEAD of when he was at the TOP of his career… smacks of desperation AND greed!!!

          • kelly gibson

            Amen to that!!

        • Lock-n-Load Lisa

          Does Cosby pay his shills more than you got on unemployment?

    • Lisa

      He was using an anesthia type drug l read somewhere. He had to get that from a script. Other people knew what he was doing, how many….we don’t know. But those close to him knew. That’s why none of his peers will defend him. ….except for those who are loosing residuals. Many probably feel he deserves every bit of it. Seriously, the silence is so telling. Cosby is a pig and many have known it for years.

      • gonzflo

        Funny thing is that those who spoke defending him say they are defending a “legacy” and do not vouch for him that he didn’t do it.

        • A Bert

          It’s all bullshit! The more these old dumb bad actresses come out with Gloria Alred the pimp, the more co.ical, nonsensical and stupid and unbelievable it looks. They keep digging up these bullshit artists to get him to give up 100 million dollars . Not happening Pimp Gloria Alred. You were raped and drugged and all of a sudden 60 years later you are so brave to share your story because u want nothing? It’s all bullshit, u know it, THESE HOES know it, Gloria Pimp Alred knows it, and the people behind this know it, the media knows it and Dr. Cosby knows it. They all need to crawl back into the hole they came out of.

          • Kromm

            Nice to see you here and posting, Bill!

            • thebeliever

              A great post that’s probably very close to the truth.

          • truthsermon

            . . . and Oj didn’t do it either. Marion Berry was set up. Kwame Kirkpatrick is a saint.

            • A Bert

              There blood on the crime scene for OJ simpson. Totally different scenario. No he said she said. There were 2 dead bodies, a knolife and blood. With DR. Bill Cosby thsee are allegations that are decades old that cannot be proven. He said she said… believe me because I said so. In addition half of them are proven to be lying. Let’s start with Chloe Goins.Bill Cosby did not rape theses hoes. That is proven.

      • A Bert

        You read somewhere. It’s bullshit people. Get over it.

      • A Bert

        What a crochet of shit

        • Lock-n-Load Lisa

          crock, not crochet. Crochet is knitting…
          Oh btw….you might want to enlighten the District Attorney regarding your opinion, you know….the one who filed criminal charges on Cosby.

    • SosaysYou

      Bingo.That’s a question that needs to be asked and.investigated

    • Meowbie

      Yes, I’ve had that thought too, and I’ve also thought often of the women who have passed away through other causes, who may also have been victims of Cosby and are now silenced. Paige Young comes to mind.

      • A Bert

        You sound like an idiot…so not only is he drugging women…but many women died and the bodies were disposed of by Cosby…you people are the dumbest.

        • Meowbie

          LOL you dumbass! I didn’t say Cosby was offing them. I just meant they’ve passed away by now, so they can’t tell their story. Learn to read.

          • A Bert

            And if they have passed away. It means they are not a part of this group of women . So you never heard them say they were in any way associated with him. So why are u assuming that they were…again. this is so rediculous. It is past the point of absurdity

            • Meowbie

              Dude, simple probability would tell you that what I’m saying is valid. The women who have come forward are a fraction of the total victims, and given the age of some victims (70+ now), it’s fair to assume that some of the pool would be dead now. If you can’t see that, then you should probably just give up on this topic.

              • thebeliever

                Probability based on what? Where’s the evidence?

                • Meowbie

                  The relative probabilities of each explanation for nearly 50 women coming forward with rape stories. It would take an extremely paranoid mind to believe that every one of those women has misrepresented their claim. The evidence is in their words and Cosby’s.

                  • thebeliever

                    It would take an equally paranoid mind to believe that fifty or more women were raped and vot a single one reported the alleged crime to authorities, but decades later are coming out of the woodwork. Sorry pal, not going to buy a word of it.

                    • Meowbie

                      I study this stuff for a living, so I don’t need to rely on paranoia. Victims are reluctant to come forward because they are not believed, and also because they fear the consequences of challenging a powerful abuser. I’m sure you’ve heard this before but you are too much of a dipsh*t to get educated about it. I’ll leave to your Teabaggery and your woman-hating.

                    • thebeliever

                      “Victims are reluctant to come forward because they are not believed” ; right? Where do you suppose they found the courage to “come forward” several decades after the alleged rape, but for no apparent reason other than the need to come clean? PLEASE!!!!

                    • Meowbie

                      Many of them tried to come forward at the time the rapes happened. Some went to their agents, some went to friends, some went to the cops. The result was the same every time: they weren’t believed. Several tried again in the 2000s, and either weren’t believed, were legally pressured by Cosby or never got to testify in court. It was only when social media came along and overtook the power of traditional media that Cosby couldn’t control the narrative anymore. People like Barbara Bowman and Tamara Green tried desperately to get their articles published too about 10 years ago.

                      It’s not like this is the first time in history that a celeb has been unmasked as a chronic sex abuser. Operation Yewtree in the UK just recently flushed out quite a few pedophiles (like Jimmy Savile), who are now in prison or deceased. The Cosby case is just the next cab off the rank. If we’re lucky, Hef will be next in the spotlight, and who knows after that. You should probably save your energy, because you’ve got a long, long fight ahead of you.

                    • thebeliever

                      No such evidence as that exist, or at least haven’t been made public by the major media. What police force has a record of such a complaint? Why wouldn’t “their agents, and/or friends make a report of these allegations? Sorry Meowbie, too many loose ends, and unanswered questions to buy into an obvious scam.

        • kelly gibson

          I Agree somebody not using there insight and probably needs do more research before accusing unjustly there are huge amounts of damage that cannot be restored.

    • siscely beans

      Get off of it.

    • ZoeMosaic

      this article is dated july 2nd 2015, why is this comment 5 months old?

    • kelly gibson

      I could be wrong be it sounds like you think he guilty. Which I’m not sure . The accusers stories are not creditable enough . Anything is possible but this highly unlikely.

      Media doesn’t have me fooled .

      What I mean is to many of the accusers are also criminals that has done jail time , prostituting and drugs and been caught in lies.

      Example: Judy Huff friend Bebe Butler Smith said she lying.

      Janice Dickinson and Beverly Johnson ex manager during that this of the accusation and said.”they lied”

      Many of them are not claiming rape just supporting the accusers.

      It is not the fault of Dr. Cosby that None of these women went to doctor or police so this could properly handled in court. If the the drugs were that powerful there would have side affects that force you to be curious of what happened.

      It all just stinks.

      • robbiecee

        I agree and at least one is an attorney and has had years to report and make it right. She did not!

    • Ryan

      I had wondered this myself.

  • Marty

    I bet they ran out of paper and had to send out for a ream or two to finish up that ‘list’.

  • Meowbie

    Thanks for making this list. Sadly, there are some missing names to add to it. I hope you can update it soon:

    Sarita Butterfield
    Donna Tagliaferri
    Lisa Jones
    Linda Brown
    Lise-Lotte Lublin

    Also, a woman called Charlotte Laws reported Cosby raping her friend.

    • Meowbie

      Thanks again for updating the list. There has been a real need for a comprehensive list of Cosby accusers, particularly since the numbers often reported tend to be in 15-24 range — clearly an undercount.

      • cookie

        Why is there a need to update the list? He’s not going to get the punishment that he deserves and it’s just making a mockery of the situation.

        • Meowbie

          I felt it mattered 5 months ago because a lot of news sites were reporting based on these lists. We were seeing stories that said, “More than a dozen women have accused Cosby” when the actual count was almost 40. It matters because that difference — for thinking people — elevates it to a crime of another order of magnitude. And lastly, it matters because each women had a lot of courage in putting their names publicly to these allegations, and they deserve at least to get their due and not be carelessly forgotten via sloppy journalism.

        • Meowbie

          It made more sense 5 months ago, because it was important to understand the scale of Cosby’s crimes. It matters a whole lot less now. Disappointingly, Cosby is unlikely to be tried, but I think at this point, we should care more about truth and women’s voices. If the full 2005 deposition is unsealed, I think Cosby’s reputation will be done in all quarters, and it will at least set a precedent for similar cases in future.

    • A Bert

      All bullshit

      • Mary Miller

        A Bert all your comments are bullshit

  • carie

    I don’t believe ANY of them. Especially when I heard Janice Dickenson saying it happened to her.. I am woman and I don’t believe any of them..none of them or any of the stories I have heard have convienced me. Maybe the “wool” is over my eyes.. but I don’t think so.

    • Tom Peffer

      Carie your a very trusting soul. Imagine you are quite religious… stand by your heroes…

    • gross

      I wish, hope and pray nothing like this happens to you ever. And I hope you never have anyone in your life that confides in you about sexual assault and finds someone else.
      Keep enjoying your Cosby reruns though. But yes, 30 plus years of accusations (many of them years and years before this scandal started) from 15+ women, are just fake stories… Just keep watching a pervert that drugs women while playing the best dad ever on TV. But just as long as you can watch TVLand!

      • Guest

        I wish, hope and pray that you can learn to allow people to express their opinions openly without being judgmental and rude.

        • joe smith

          As you hide being “Guest.” People here have a right to say anything they want—including judging people who protect a rapist.

          • Jessie

            can you imagine if we needed authorities to make even the most basic judgments about someone? Society as we know it would collapse!

    • nelsa

      I agree carie, janice dickenson sounded so fake on her interviews and there’s so many things that make these women sound like they had consensual sex with cosby if anything. Im all for supporting rape victims but most of these women don’t sound genuine at all.

      • Meowbie

        All 38 of them sound like they like they had consensual sex? Try reading the stories again.

      • Jessie

        Be honest, You’re “all for supporting rape victims” so long as they meet your criteria for what a “true” victim is.

        • joe smith


    • Elisabeth

      Carie, you are a perfect example of why these women had a hard time coming forward. Who are you to judge what a rape victim acts like. Janice Dickinson is maybe a little more animated than the average person, but does that mean that she’s not telling the truth. Why would these women want to put themselves out there for negative attention under this circumstance. They could do so many other acts to get so called attention. These women are telling the truth. I have been assaulted, and it IS a very hard subject to talk about!

    • joe smith

      It’s not about you, “Carie.” For once in your life have compassion for someone other than yourself. Logic tells you that if 30+ women, who don’t have any affiliation other than being around this freak, have basically the same story to tell, then they are telling the truth.

    • BcAtl

      I haven’t believed this story since it came out! You mean to tell me WHITE women in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t report the rape of BLACK man!!! I don’t care who the BLACK man is, they would have reported that ASAP!!! Look at O.J, he was a idolized O.J but they put him in jail like it was nothing!

  • Arlene cooper

    I cannot for the life of me understand Y so many women would wait so long to report a sexual assault. I am a woman and I would not care how rich and powerful a man is if he abused me I would definitely have him arrested. Janet.

    • Lisa

      Janet, if your younger than 65 then you simply don’t understand the culture back then. Just like young blacks today have never been refused to be served at restaurants or not allowed to stay at a hotel. Those things are unthinkable now, but were very real in the 60s. Same for women…we were not treated as equals. You have to understand that the concept of being raped by someone you knew was not even a concept heard of back then. Reporting rape before dna was discovered turned into a he said she said situation when there is no proof. If you knew them then the men would claim it was consensual. Women were further victimized by the court system. Women over 65 have no problem understanding why they didn’t come forward. And add that the powerful Cosby could ruin your career when they were young and trying to make a living….it is all of it…complicated. I can’t see why anyone would think nearly 40 women would all say this when all it causes them is grief if not to just speak the truth to put the shame where it belongs once and for all.

      • SosaysYou

        It’s sad this has to be explained every time. Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

      • msgechi77

        Very interesting remarks!

      • A Bert

        They are full of shit. Nothing happened to them

        • Lisa

          Go away SHILL. You’re too late because everyone knows Cosby’s image handlers are paying shills to write lies defending him.

          • Mary Miller

            I wonder if A Bert is Bill Cosby. Remember his cartoon character Fat Albert?

            • A Bert

              You wish you would have thought opportunity to converse with a legend like Doctor Bill Cosby.

              • Valerie

                Eww gross.

      • A Bert

        Can you phantom that people heard a story and then repeated it. These are the words of each woman…””I heard so and so come out so I came out. ” Right there. Fabricated garbage…one repeating each others story. It is also rediculous. I laugh every time I see them pop up in twos and threes with Gloria Allred. That right there should show you how much bullshit this is.

        • nina b

          They’re not all hooked up with Gloria Allred. Many of them aren’t hooked up with attorneys at all. And the case he settled with the Canadian woman, Gloria Allred was NOT her attorney.

          • A Bert

            Count the amount of press conferences that Gloria Allred had since December. There have been at least 10 of them….each time Cosby has a performance and the venue wouldn’t cancel his show…so she stages. A press conference a day or 2, or the day of his show in the town where he has the show….there are supposedly 40 woman with this strory. Gloria has done 10+ conference to coincidence with his performances…each time she has 2 – 3 women with her so do the math..Gloria’s strategy is: that the more women she comes with…the better chance that Cosby would call one a liar and then they can clame he called them liars and they can sue….don’t you see that…she will stop at nothing to get money from Cosby because she and these woman know that he has money. If Cosby was not rich and famous we would not be having this conversation.

            • nina b

              There’s 45 women who have gone public with their accusations. About six of them are aligned with Gloria Allred. Now, I’ll be the first to agree with you, that having GA as your attorney makes your claim look like an extortion plot. She calls herself an attorney, but in reality she is nothing more than a legal extortionist. However, not all the women who are going public with their claims are being represented by Allred. Many of them do NOT have legal representation at all. There’s no lawsuit in the works. And they have NO affiliation with Allred. They just want to go on record to state Cosby is a predator.

    • ….

      Well you already explained it yourself… you weren’t a victim of sexual assault. It is very common for victims to pretend things didn’t happen for years because it’s upsetting, very traumatic or embarrassing to remember. Many times you just want to forget it happened but it still affects your life. And as far as law enforcement helping rape victims LOL You will immediately be asked if you were drinking, what you were wearing etc… law enforcement has a very bad track record in how they deal with rape victims. About only 20% of rapists get convicted, any prosecutor would tell you that without actual video evidence, forget it. There is a ton of victim blaming that goes on in those cases. And it spreads down into the child sex abuse cases that I personally experienced. It’s a lot of “it’s your word against his”. The worst thing I ever did was attempt to get justice. To be told I was too late and if i, at EIGHT YEARS OLD, went to police *maybe* I’d get a conviction, but probably not because who believes a kid. And that man is still hanging around my town. Do you not get how being sexually assaulted would make you not want to talk to anyone!? Much less police and hospital workers? You don’t even want to tell your best friend or family! You have no idea what you would do! And thank God/whatever you believe every day that you don’t have to worry about that!

      And forget a very famous celebrity with high powered lawyers and clout. These women would have had no chance showing up to a police station saying Bill Cosby raped them. None. They would’ve been laughed out of there. Where there’s smoke there’s fire and people need to get over their obsession with Bill and realize he is a f-ing rapist creep who will die before he will ever see justice.

    • Jessie

      I’ve never been attacked by a shark but I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would let themselves be bitten – I’d punch it in the snout like the experts say you should. Perhaps we’re all heroes when we think “what would I do if…”

    • joe smith

      Wow. It’s totally true; women are women’s worst enemy. Not everyone thinks and feels like you do, “Arlene.” That’s humanity 101. Can you not even allow for the possibility that these women were scared of a powerful, evil, threatening man?! One who could do damage not only to them, but to their families.

    • Valerie

      Lots of them did report it. Some tried several times over the years. This is just the first time the USA has been woman – friendly enough for anyone to care.

  • annoyed

    I know a lie detector test is not 100% accurate, there are some people that can pass it and it’s not allowed in court but he isn’t going to court. I’m sure all the people who are telling the truth will be willing to take a test and the ones that refuse could be lying.

    • Lisa

      Some of the women were asked to take a test and they passed it. Cosby won’t take the test. I believe the women.

      • annoyed

        I have heard that the one that settled out of court did take one and passed. I’m sure Cosby won’t take one. I personaly feel that his actions speak louder than his silence. everything he’s done, are things a guilty person would do.just my opinion.

    • Calvin Weeder

      Polygraphs are not just ‘not 100% accurate’, they are 0% accurate, 100% of the time. That’s because they were never intended to be used as lie detectors in the field. They were deployed to law enforcement as a means to elicit confessions. The cop says to the accused something like, “We know you did it, and this machine here will prove it, so why don’t you just come clean now because telling the truth before we prove you’re lying with this machine would show you’ve at least got some character and remorse, and would surely impact how a judge and jury perceives you…”
      That tactic worked especially well back in the 70s and 80s when high-tech devices in general were only in the hands of ‘experts’ and the average person assumed they were infallible.

      • joe smith

        You’re a blowhard. AND you’re absolutely wrong about lie detector tests. The experts in the field agree that the test is about 90 percent accurate. Critics will say it’s about 70 percent accurate. Either way, your rapist refuses to take the test because he knows he’d never pass.

        • Calvin Weeder

          And you are an ignoramus. The data acquired by polygraph requires ‘interpretation’ to be of any ‘use’ whatsoever, and that interpretation is based on nothing but operator bias and unscientific nonsense. And gee, what a surprise, 70% accuracy is what you’d expect to find from random trials of average people detecting lies in other average people based on the usual physical cues of avoiding eye-contact, appearing nervous, shifting posture, perspiring, etc…

          As I said polygraph = 100% worthless

          • joe smith

            I think the above rant proves my point again: BLOWHARD.

            • Calvin Weeder

              And your point is that anyone who can coherently string together enough sentences to make paragraphs is a ‘blowhard’ performing ‘rants’. Somehow that assessment probably makes you feel better about being too stupid to coherently string together enough sentences to make paragraphs. Regardless, you are still a libelous asswipe.

              • joe smith

                I’ll let the posts speak for themselves. I think it’s clear to anyone who reads this exchange how much a moron you are. I’m here because I’m responding to people above, but you, you’re only here to make sure you have the last word. Here’s one for you—–BLOWHARD.

                • Clyde

                  Never once Mr. Weeder said something about BC, the only thing he said was about the polygraph test. Youre pathetic smith. Pathetic and idiotic.

        • Calvin Weeder

          Incidentally, the only thing you’re right about is that Cosby probably refuses to take the test because he thinks he wont pass, because like you and most people he thinks the test actually works. Once again the polygraph worked the only way it works; when it’s used as a threat, and not actually ever taken at all, exactly the way I said it does…

          • joe smith

            Is that you, Bill?! Bill the Blowhard.

            • Calvin Weeder

              Dumbass? Is that you Joe Dumbass Smith?

  • Betty Moore Barrett

    It’s really hard to understand how these women could not do anything til now, I was raped at 8 years old, my defense was to block it at such a young age but came out in my 20s,very horrible, but these ladies were older just hard to understand why they didn’t make a big deal of it then, if I would of been older I would have raise the roof of the house, somebody out there would have known about it, the media would have run with it one way or another, its not like these women were nobody, they had ambitions VERY MUCH BELIEVE THEY COULD HAVE BEEN HEARD IF THEY WEREN’T TO BUSY RUNNING AFTER THEIR CAREERS, I TOTALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HEARD!!!!!

    • merlin paz

      So you don’t understand how someone could do the exact same thing you have done because they were not the same age as you? Do you not see a logic gap here?

      • Betty Moore Barrett

        Mine was little different just didn’t go in details about it, no I don’t see where they kept their mouth shut for so long, cause I didn’t, just my parents said “she want remember” cause it was my brother that raped me

      • Jessie

        I think some apologists pretend to be victims because they feel it makes them sound credible.

        • Valerie

          Absolutely. Pretend to be women, pretend to be rape victims.

          • Jessie

            And they do a poor job of it! Funny how they feel it’s supposed to give them credibility though.

    • SosaysYou

      Please read Lisa’s comment above she places historical context around it that may help you understand

      • Betty Moore Barrett

        Did read just they kept their mouth shut for no reason I can see, that’s my opinion

        • joe smith

          You are a piece of work. I don’t believe you’re a woman, first of all. Secondly, you show no compassion for these women whatsoever. They didn’t keep their “mouth shut for no reason.” They had a lot of reasons, the biggest one being scared of bashers like you.

          • Betty Moore Barrett

            Everybody has their opinion, you just don’t agree with mine, which is your choice, but I am a woman, was raped by a family member when I was 8 years old, didn’t keep my mouth shut, especially with my family, which stated she want remember, oh hell yeah you never forget, you learn to deal with it, and like I said they should have never kept it secret for so long, people listen if only one would have come forward then, maybe they could of saved the pain of the others, so is there anything any more insulting that you would like to say to me now, I am 53 years old now

            • joe smith

              Please don’t play victim with me. I still stand by my statement; you show no empathy for these women. I have sympathy for you being raped as a child and had I been able to stop it, believe me, I would have, but you of all people should understand why women don’t come forward. You should at least try.

              • Betty Moore Barrett

                I see you are annoyed with my replies, sympathy yeah sure, but they still should have opened their mouths sooner, somebody would have listened and a lot of women would of been spared the painful memories of their ordeal, believe me stand by my decision, that woman that walked 8 miles to court to face the man that raped her, yes that was in our years now, but media would have helped back then, stand by that too, I will never understand a woman keeping her mouth shut!!!! My mom didn’t and taught me not too, yes they made mistakes(parents) but forgiveness is a must or you will not be forgiven, so by my opinion, if you wait so long to say anything, than its too late to prosecute him anyways, so by then I would have done made peace with it in myself and let God handle the man, that’s my opinion, which you probably won’t like, oh well, I answer for my sins and nobody elses, that’s how I look at it.

                • joe smith

                  It’s more about being in disbelief than annoyed. And once again you say with such an easy disregard: “sympathy yeah sure.” Make no mistake, regardless of how long it took for these women to get the courage to tell their stories, it does not mean they don’t deserve our support and understanding. But I think I misjudged you. I think the reason for your callous remarks may lie in the fact that you still have unresolved feelings from your past. I hope you can work through them.

              • A Bert

                Stop making excuses for grown women.this is the problem on society. Women a Re to be excused of responsibility and are to be treated like children. If you care about women…open your mouth if something happens to you…so that other women are not subjected to

    • Semi

      Everyone is different.

      Why would you malign rape victims if you know how bad being raped is?

      • Betty Moore Barrett

        Didn’t just spoke my peace

  • wow

    Get over your obsession with The Cosby Show and Bill Cosby and find another 80’s show to obsess over. The lengths people will go to defend this man because they think he IS Bill Huxtable is insane. he is not your dad and never was, get over the fact that a man you idolized was a obvious creep.
    And please for the love of anything, go volunteer at a rape crisis center if you are such an expert at how and when a rape victim should act! I didn’t realize there was a time period for that! No matter what the age or what your career was (including a naked model like Janice Dickinson! “Well she just can’t be believed!” Ugh) if you were victimized there is help for you, don’t listen to these idiots saying what they “would have done” There are decent, nice, compassionate people out there that will listen to you whether you’re talking about some random person or a famous celebrity. WWW. RAIN. ORG

    • Semi

      RAINN dot org has two Ns.

    • A Bert

      It’s all bullshit. There stories don’t add up.

  • nelsa

    These women are obviously lieing, someone is out to ruin his career, this shit looks like it was planned. Don’t no grown ass women sleep every night and move on with her life for 40, 30, 20 yrs and all of a sudden got a problem in 2014, life doesnt work like that they tryna get some money. Sound like some illuminati shit.

    • joe smith

      Thank you for your ignorant rant. If it was your aunt, sister, or mother we were talking about here, you wouldn’t be saying they were trying to get some money, or that it was planned out. Also, THE WOMEN DON’T WANT ANY MONEY. Some of the women are even wealthy themselves. And by the way, if you believe in this “illuminati” fantasy, it explains everything about you.

      • A Bert

        I pray to God that mist women are not this stupid. If my daughter came to me and said she continued to see a man who raped hwr…and then let 40 years go by…I would should have said something when it happened. That is fair. If someone robs you should you wait 50 years then walk in to the police station? Does that makes sense to u?

    • Sara Georgiadis

      Why do the majority of the Cosby supporters speak like this? These are the people Cosby targeted in his Pound Cake speech telling them to go get an education and learn to speak properly. It’s amazing that these ignorants are his most loyal supporters. I guess they also are unable to do any research into these charges and just blindly support him. So sad because he wouldn’t have anything to do with these people.

      • Jessie

        No kidding!! Why is that? It makes no sense to me – is it because they don’t think of themselves as the people he was talking about?

      • A Bert

        Cosby speech was calling out bullshit in the black community and asking people to wake up and do better and take responsibility. I take no offense to that. People support truth, facts and evidence. Not accusations. Sorry. People like you want people to believe something because someone said it. Their are men in jail that were falsely accused. Show me the evidence. By your logic …you raped me and my cousin…so you are now a rapist ..because I said so.

  • Meowbie

    Holy crap, 38 women! Can anyone think of another case where this many people have come forward to confront a single accuser? Surely the only other cases that would compare would be Catholic priests?

    • Jessie

      If you wait long enough, some goofball named Horn will tell you that this kind of thing happens all the time and he’ll cite the Salem Witch trials and Alien butt probes. Seriously.

      • Valerie

        Don’t forget the Bigfoot sightings.

    • thebeliever

      Why does it matter how many,? They’re obviously trying to turn this fiasco into a gravy train. He should sue them all for defamation of character.

      • Meowbie

        What gravy train? Can you explain how these women could make any money out of a rape claim?

        • thebeliever

          Why else would these women so willingly do something today that not a single one would do decades ago? Try and answer that.

          • Meowbie

            I’ll be happy to answer your question when you actually answer mine. I didn’t ask “why”, I asked “how”. HOW can 50 women hope to cash in on their rape accusations?

            • thebeliever

              They’re probably hoping for the same result as was realized by all the money-grabbing losers claiming sexual abuse by Catholic Priests when they were kids, also decades earlier.

              • Meowbie

                OMFG, are you seriously denying that Catholic Priests abused children??

                • thebeliever

                  Not at all, but it’s a good bet there were many bogus claims brought forward at the same time because people in this society are more than willing to pile on, and to cash in on every opportunity for obtaining ill-gained money while leaving whatever integrity and character they might have previously had at the door. It’s just consequential to their lust and greed.

                  • Meowbie

                    I notice that you make this unwarranted claim in the absence of the kind of evidence that you demand in the Cosby case.

                    • thebeliever

                      No claims were made in the above comment. The entire comment is prefaced with a very clear disclaimer that the statements would make for a ‘good bet’; right?

                    • Meowbie

                      You did say “good bet”. But you chellenged me up earlier when I made a probability argument about some of Cosby’s victims being deceased. You can’t have it both ways.

                    • thebeliever

                      You’re apparently not ready to try and debate above your level, so I’ll leave it to you.

                    • Meowbie

                      The words of someone who realises he has been cornered. Good luck with your cognitive dissonance as Cosby reveals more of his grandiose narcissism when he is deposed.

      • PickPocket

        Didn’t he just admit to raping them?

  • ry

    What about Kirk Cameron?

    • joe smith

      What about him?!! He’s’ a deluded believer of a book of fables.

      • ry

        I read somewhere he is suing Bill Cosby for Rape no joke

  • joe smith

    Thank you, Starcasm, for keeping this story out there. These victims’ stories have been buried for far too long.

  • Jessie

    Finally! I totally lost count after 27. Apologists keep telling me it’s less than 30 (like 29 assaults are okay), and that most were “just hit on” (the ever attractive potential boss’ groin to face maneuver).

    • A Bert

      That stupid apoligist feminist made up word is the most rediclous thing I have heard. The logical thing to do is to believe any woman who says a man raped her…without her having evidence or facts..and if someone asks questions of a woman who is accusing someone of a crime such as rape that put an innocent person being behind bars ..they are ” apoligists.” So what do you call the people defend women who falsely accuse men of rape arena lie about it? Like the USA case to start. Why aren’t you protesting to protect the rights of those who wrongfully imprisoned because women are encouraged to lie because nothing happens to them I bet when they start to make it it crime to falsely accuse of rape more women will stop lying..arendgainstrend the ones who are actually raped will report it when it happens…not 75 years later.

      • Jessie

        Apologist is a real word lol (unlike something like ‘feminazi’). Oh, and falsely accusing someone of a crime is also punishable by law. So that’s already take care of. Sounds like your beef is more with the men like Cosby who lets those kinds of criminals have a free pass. Or maybe he’s just guilty. But thanks for reminding me of this article, it’s the only one keeping accurate track!

      • Anon

        Can you smell what Cosby ate for breakfast with your head so far up his rear? I’ve never seen you comment any post made on this site besides this, and it seems every time an update comes, it’s automatically “total crap”.

        Next thing you’re going to do is say OJ is innocent, right? Wild Bill is looking just as bad as him now.

        • A Bert

          It is all bullshit…the more washed up idiots Gloria Alred digs up the more it looks like bullshit. There is physical evidence that proves OJ is guilty…Bill Cosby is a victim of these idiots….There stories are all bullshit. Sorry I don’t believe bullshi y because someone said it. I deal with facts..not accusations. Truth…not speculations…and logic. Again…this is all bullshit.

        • A Bert

          Dear Anon. I believe in due process. I beleive in listening to both sides. I am not believing something because the media is feeding me bullshit. 1. If you are telling the truth then your story remains the same doesn’t i? 2. I listened to each of these females..and red their stories and op-eds..
          Each time their stories were different. BEVERLY JOHNSON, JANICE DICK…AND many others in the rat pack…3. The stories sound like bullshit…4. They all said they heard ea h others story…then came forward. ..hence the repetition…5. It is ludicrous to beleive that 30+ women all behaved and reacted the same way…5. Gloria Allred pops up every 2 weeks with 2 or 3 women reading from their notes at a press conference. .
          6. Some of the women were already caught lying. 7 some of the women have been convicted of prostitution , assault and fraud.
          .doesn’t sound like a woman who would be scared. 8. Not one went to the police…because nothing happened. 9. The more they come forward the more likely their should be something that would indicate that he has done something. There is nothing. And nor to mention that everyone who worked with him..says he never did anything to them. As for OJ..
          There is physical evidence that place him at the scene of the crime..that implies guilt of some sort.

      • Mary Miller

        A Bert are you Bill Cosby hiding behind your Fat Albert character? I’d like to ask you something. You drugged the white women far more than the black women you raped. Was that because you have more anger toward the whites in general? Was this your way of debasing and humiliating whites by taking away their ability to resist in all ways? I am just curious.

        • A Bert

          Dear Mary. It is a crock b of bullshit! It didn’t happen. That is why none of them ever went to the police. Half of Pimp Gloria Alred’s recruits are prostitutes and convicted fellons. Get over it. They are not getting anything.You play stupid games…you win stupid prizes. Tell them don’t sleep with married men to start.

        • nina b

          It’s not Bill Cosby. Cosby may be a rapist, but he’s an educated rapist and he can spell.

          • Mary Miller

            Good point.

  • Meowbie

    Two more missing names to add to the list:

    Helen Gumpel
    Heidi Thomas

    That will sadly bring the total number of women claiming sesual assault by Cosby to 40.

    • Meowbie

      Thanks for updating the list, Starcasm. It blows my mind that nearly 50 women have come forward with rape accusations, and we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • BcAtl

    So you mean to tell me over 30 women have now come forward out of no where 30 years later? The first occurrence allegedly happened in the 1960’s/1970’s, this first happened with a white model/waitress, in those times she could have had this man arrest and tried no matter how famous or rich he was. All these women now come out when he is in the process of starting his own network, the first time these allegations he was in the process of buying NBC. Money talks, people need to really do their research before they automatically guilt someone. Even after months of hearing this I still feel like lies are floating around and rape is something people just don’t play with and they automatically side with one side and their support stays there.

  • A Bert

    Stop Being Idiots people. These women are all full of shit. Haven’t you noticed everytime Dr. Cosby has a scheduled performance. …Gloria Alred stages a press conference with 3 women who claim the same bullshit story they have heard that was already repeated by the previous idiots. 38 women and not one said anything because they were all scared. ..sounds logical to you? Give me an break. This is all bullshit. .ankles you idiots act all da though these women are so innocent and they all dare not lying??? 75% of young children anllndsrere killed by whom? Women/thier own if women are capable of killing thier own damnit children. FACT! What makes you think they are not capable of lying about rape? Use common sense. And by the way half of these bithches were proven to be lying already…get a life…and protest against incompetent women killing thier kids…protest and against the women who falsely accused men of rape that make it hard for real victims of rape. .indeed you are defending grown women who clearly admitted to willfully going and sleeping with a man to further thier careers, and Maki g bullshit accusations 55 years later because they accusations of a sudden became so brave??? This is bullshit. Tell women to stop going to married men hotel room. LIARS. Keep coming out of the closet. BC is not giving you broke tricks any money..and he is not even given them his attention..because he andttentionnd they know it’s bullshit. Notated how many criminals and washed up actresses Gloria “Pimp” Alred digs up…BC is not giving her a dime.

  • siscely beans

    You’re telling me a black man raped more than five women and wasn’t arrested? Shut the f up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    I can’t wait for “Bill Cosby raped me” the Broadway Musical starring Gloria Allred. I think there’s enough people for a stage show now and Allred would just love the attention.

    I am just wondering how much Allred is not getting paid for this. None of these women can afford her. She must be using her own money to buy off these women. It’s pretty easy when they are criminals and liars already.

  • A Bert

    Women or men…if you get assaulted by someone. …follow protocol and report your crime to the police. Don’t wait 50 years later and stage a press conference every time your rapist has a speech or a performance…because he is not giving in to your demands for 100 million dollars for something you claimed happen 50 years ago. # delusional

    • Valerie

      # rape apologist

  • A Bert

    And the bullshit saga continues. No money for pimp Gloria Allred and her convicts.

  • A Bert

    We love you Doctor Bill Cosby. Let these parasites keep digging their own Graves.

  • Taniqua

    Either this brother got some bros in the popo not to get caught this long. Or some of these down ghetto hos be lyin’.

  • Get a new story

    I don’t like Cosby. But…This repeated report of the SAME INFO over and over again is annoying. Find a new story. I don’t want to read a list Of names

    • Meowbie

      It’s a pinned report that gets updated as women come forward. The question is, why are you re-reading an article that you don’t want to read? That’s on you.

  • Brad Johnson

    Interesting that the update failed to include information on the allegations that have been proven false. Do we believe in the rule of law or are we bringing back the lynch mob for black men? So far not a single case has merited criminal charges.

  • Von Barr

    Cosby is a serial date rapist, and should be held responsible for what he has done to all those women.

  • Meowbie

    To the article author: This is a good list, but it is still missing Helen Gumpel and Heidi Thomas. These women came forward publicly to allege sexual assault by Cosby.

  • eyhello

    if the first person he sexually assaulted or any of them would have immediatly reported it to authorities, hospitol,police.. that most likely would have saved the next girl. Stopped him in his track

  • LS

    The man has a serious character defect. A person who values money over respect, honor, loyalty, decency is morally deficient. What happed to his wife during these stupid times he was involved with his disgusting acts? I sure hope the women on the show cast as stars were not his victim. How disgusting.

  • Christophe Thomas

    50 is a big number holly shit!

  • Orang Pendek

    I counted 51. I guess the author was too lazy to count them for the readers.

  • Orang Pendek

    whoops. i just found it. mea culpa.

  • Abneraccount

    Didn’t care much for William Henry Cosby (Bill Cosby) as an actor. Unless all these women admit they falsely accused him, he is ruined. He has been silent & if he is guilty, don’t think he is dumb to admit this, so he is smart in taking 5th-innocent or guilty. Phylicia Rashad (Cosby show costar) should not be censored for saying she thinks he is innocent, because she wants to believe her friend is innocent.

    People who say he is innocent argue why didn’t the women make these accusations years ago + the fact that he is famous, makes him a target for this by those who want money from him. On other side, if he is guilty, then you don’t always know the secrets a person has. If it were 1 or 2 accusations against William Henry Cosby (or BillCosby), then it’s easier to argue the accusations are false. But when so many women are making the same accusations, then it could be that he was guilty. Only BillCosby and the women who accused him know what happened. Innocent or guilty, he is ruined.

  • Tricia Putnam

    Every time I hear more about Bill Cosby, I want to throw up and send it to him. It’s so horrible what he has done and what else he may have done !! No more comedy for you Bill !!

    • Iisis Khumalo

      O shut up.

  • Mark N Starla Traina

    These are RACE-HATE-CRIMES!

  • Elsa😾

    My question is why are you going to hotel rooms with someone you barely even know? No matter how famous they are!..Why are you accepting pills and you don’t know where the hell they came from? And half of them apparently knew what kind of pills they were and still decided to take them..The Lise lotte or whatever her name is tripped out the most when she accused Cosby of raping her at some party or hotel whatever but yet she woke up in her house with her car in the driveway and remembers nothing???? like really? So your dreaming of cosby raping you and making shit up because every other decade chicken head is saying it? All of them are full of it..

    • keke

      lol. haha.

  • Kevin Akaniru

    So they come forward now after all these years? There may be some truth in their story but the majority of them are gold diggers or seeking popularity. As a rule of thumb in America: Once you get rich and/or famous, never smile at women especially the white ones. They are gold diggers looking to make an easy score. They do not want to earn an honest penny

  • robbiecee

    At least one of these women is lyiing and failed to mention that she had a long-standing extra-marital affair with him for years before he alledgely drugged her!

    • Anonymous_Joe

      Name at least one with a link to a credible citation, please.

  • Daniela Gomez

    Dude always looked slimy to me.

  • John

    This is why these old desperate hoes are suing him fortunately it looks like he will win the slander cases the problem is the LIBTARD media who should also be sued for slander.
    Bill Cosby’s net worth is an astonishing $400 million! We all know him
    from “The Cosby Show” but there is no way a sitcom from the 80’s amassed
    all $400 million for him.

  • John

    What I also hate is the disgusting LIBTARD universities that are pulling his degrees because they all believe in Guilty long before proven guilty and even now that it is beginning to show that Cosby is NOT GUILTY do you think these shit hole LIBTARD universities are returning him hos honorary degrees I THINK NOT. and these are the IDIOTS who teach our kids!

  • Media, or common sense Phobia

    Many of the “victims” claim their assault happened after the advent of DNA and forensic tech science. Even if Bill used a condom, if JUST ONE of these ladies had gone to the police when the assault happened they could have perform test to find hair and skin on the person. I’m sorry, but out of 50+ “victims” not a single solitary one had the outrage and and revenge factor to report to the police that they had been raped until, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, ?? years later after it happened? But now have the courage,and oh yeah the 100 million dollar lawsuit, to come forward now. And he was raping for 50 years at the home of his wife and family, in many of the accounts? Sorry but I need more than the just the accusation. More than 50 people believe Aliens have bodysnatched several world leaders, I not buying that either, just because 50+ people say it. How about a shred of proof? The current charges statute of limitations were set to expire in a month, after they were filed. If he is convicted with evidence, I will be the first to say, I stand corrected. Until then, PLEASE!

  • JohnnyBonillaDatNigga

    How do all of these women share the same story tho?

  • pat

    Gold diggers from the prosecutor to the women they were all love child of the seventies¡!!!!??!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’ll go to court and get some damn money😂😂😂

  • pat

    What a joke😂😂😂😂

  • pat

    It’s because that’s what men do surprise- might as well call them all pigs but what about the women that take the money for sex what do you want to call them¿????¿???? I think they already got paid for their services!!! What a joke😂😂😂😂😂

  • lucenatraveler

    Cosby is sadly guilty..