PHOTOS Joan Rivers’ funeral brings out mourners, silliness

Melissa Rivers gets shiva calls from friends


In her 2012 memoir I Hate Everyone…Starting With Me, Joan Rivers laid out very specific instructions for her funeral. Among them were the following:


I want my funeral to be a big showbiz affair with lights, cameras, action. I want paparazzi and I want publicists making a scene! I want it to be Hollywood all the way. I don’t want some rabbi rambling on; I want Meryl Streep crying, in five different accents. I don’t want a eulogy; I want Bobby Vinton to pick up my head and sing “Mr. Lonely.” I want to look gorgeous, better dead than I do alive….


She didn’t get every one of her wishes, but Joan Rivers’ Sunday memorial service was a star-studded and merry affair, complete with musical numbers and stories full of the kind of salty language you don’t normally hear in a religious building.


 Rivers SJP


Among the surprises: The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus sang renditions of several Rivers-centric tunes, including “What A Wonderful World,” “There Is Nothing Like a Dame,” and “Big Spender.”

Later, Hugh Jackman (!) sang “Quiet, There’s A Lady On Stage,” in tribute.


Melissa Rivers gets shiva calls from friends


Among the many stars who aligned for the memorial: Barbara Walters; Sarah Jessica Parker; Kelly Osborne; Donald Trump; Dr. Mehmet Oz; Diane Sawyer; Kathy Griffin; and Howard Stern, who was one of three guests to deliver remembrances of Rivers.


Joan Rivers Memorial Service


Additionally, the New York Police Department’s Emerald Society played “New York, New York” on bagpipes as the mourners filed out. Doubtless, Rivers would have had a thing or two to say about their garb.



Joan Rivers memorial service at Emanu-El Temple


In related news, Chris Rock is the latest to pay tribute to Rivers. He put her life and career into some serious perspective during an otherwise routine interview at the Toronto Film Festival this weekend. Check it:


Photos: Michael Carpenter/TNYF/

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  • LaLa84

    What an awesome tribute for a woman who never quit! And Chris Rock hit the nail on the head, 81 years old and still fierce!!

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  • LoLo

    I’m not a huge Chris Rock fan, but his tribute was awesome. I like him a little more now!

  • indyfan2007

    Is it me or does Barbara Walters look like she might have gotten a little infection of some sort after her last face lift…or maybe she was in the elevator as Ray Rice!

    • JustSomeGirl


    • Adrian

      When I first saw the picture, I didn’t know who it was!

    • Glowbug

      That is not a good photo—-her face looks frightened?

  • A

    In true Joan Rivers fashion, There should be a Fashion Police episode dedicated to her funeral.