Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World details high-school abortion, pursuit of a wealthy husband

Kate Gosselin How She Fooled the World

Kate Gosselin and her eight children are in the midst of a two-part TLC special, which is supposed to show how well the single mother is getting along with a full house of tweens and teens. Coinciding with the new special is the republication of Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, a tell-all book that was yanked two days after it’s original publication in 2012 because of a copyright violation.

In the book, Pennsylvania reporter Robert Hoffman said he did extensive research into the Gosselin family by talking with locals, checking public records and — most controversially — reading through Kate’s discarded journals.

The comprehensive look into Kate’s life begins with information about her upbringing with a strict pastor father, Kenton Kreider. According to one of Kate’s siblings who spoke with Robert, the Kreider children were regularly beaten by their dad. The sibling also claimed Kate was “sexually abused by a family members.” That early trauma led Kate to be sexually promiscuous during her teenage years.

“While in high school, Kate became pregnant,” Robert wrote. “This will probably be surprising news to everyone who bought her oft-repeated story that she could not conceive naturally. It was just one of many very public lies that she told to solidify her carefully crafted image. The sad truth is that Kate’s father forced her to secretly abort the baby, which left her empty and hollow inside, and very angry. She left the home at the request of her father, who could no longer tolerate her rebellious behavior and sexual promiscuity.”

During the same period, Robert alleges Kate hatched her “original master plan” to marry a rich doctor. Figuring she had to best chance at that if she regularly socialized with MDs, Kate pursued a nursing degree.

“Even during nursing school, Kate threw herself at every doctor she could find, even the ugly ones, but was rejected every time,” a former classmate told Robert. “That made her mad.”

With that plan backfiring, Kate accepted the proposal of Adam Miller, a local factory worker who was willing to spend his money on her.

“I spoiled Kate with gifts, like a diamond bracelet and a gold locket, and she loved that,” Adam told Star in 2009. “I think one of the main reasons she liked me is that I had so much money flowing.”

Unfortunately for him, Adam said Kate was constantly looking to trade up… He found her cheating on him with a guy who drove a Corvette.

“She was always chasing the money,” he said.

Young Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin

Shortly after that engagement ended (and nothing came of the fling with the Corvette driver), Kate and Jon Gosselin attended the same company picnic. The way she described it in an early version of the family website, it was “love at first sight.” However, according to a friend, the real reason Kate pursued Jon was that a friend said he came from a wealthy family and lived on “the best street” in Wyomissing, PA.

“Kate did pretty well for herself in marrying Jon because his father was extremely generous,” Robert said. “He paid for their wedding, he bought their first house in Wyomissing, and quietly supported them financially, giving them a large check each month.”

Having found the wealthy husband she wanted, Kate allegedly next turned her attention to earning fame by way of Higher Order Multiples. Keep reading Starcasm for more information about how she reportedly made that dream come true…

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  • Yolanda Martinez

    what!!! I’m not sure what to believe lol This is very interesting gossip though. I can’t believe people that she used to socialize with are willing to openly talk about her, that’s kind of messed up

    • anjealka

      The locals do not like Kate from day one. Before her show, before most of us knew of her at all, the local newspaper had published locals complaining about her begging, grifting and abuse of welfare. The stories about the boyfriends and her nursing, everything except the abortion was public knowledge locally.

      • elizabeth

        They were never on welfare. They moved twice since she was pregnant with the twins. So how are there locals? You speak for the whole town. Lol

        • anjealka

          It is 1000% clear they were on welfare. The 6 were born on medciad, and Kate publically asked at a hearing (this has nothing to do with the book) to continue the medcaid paid for nurse after age 1 which was denied because the kids were healthy. The entire pregnancy and delivery and 2 years of the kids lives medical was paid for by welfare. Kate’s public plea was published in the local newspaper which made locals mad. It said she could not take care of 6 babies and needed the state to pay for help. She fired over 40 free volunteers and wanted a state paid nurse. You can dispute if Kate hit a kid or had an abortion but the welfare plea is 100% public record, no denying she was on it.

        • dessertgirl

          THe State of PA, MEDICAID, the service for those on WELFARE, provided Kate with a baby nurse round the clock for the first year.

      • SonnySky

        Are you out of your mind? She and Jon were very happy and both worked and lived in a nice home –when she had the babies the locals helped care for them even when the show began. Most were from their church. There are some angry jealous people that need to check their self.

        • anjealka

          Not jealous! Im happily married with 2 kids in a nice home and have a graduate degree. Just type in Kate gosselin medcaid to google. Because she asked for the nurse for an extra year there was a public hearing. The hearing was public record since it was taxpayer money she was asking for. You can read the court transcripts, which are in Kate’s words, unless you think the court and judge are lying. The welfare is provable. You can believe what you want about how much she worked or the house they lived in (which again Kate admitted Jon father bought them as a wedding gift) but the welfare not a rumor, it is a fact. Court records do not lie.

      • ocbeach

        I remember on one episode she was given all kinds of baby furniture and gear that didn’t match by the people from church. She ended up getting rid of it because she wanted everything new and matching.

  • Amanda

    You could say all the vicious things in the world about Kate. But that doesn’t change the fact that the true villain of this story is the author who wrote a book exposing things like Kate’s past sexual trauma, physical abuse, and teenage abortion. Whether or not these stories are true, this goes far beyond bullying.

    • Renee L

      Exactly. I can’t stand the woman on any day of the week, and I think she’s a horrible person. But, in a way, I feel like I’m listening to the friend of a friend, of a friend, of a friend who is the town gossip and adds embellishments every time the story is told and has no regard on the type of gossip it is.

    • Adrian

      I couldn’t agree with you more! My thoughts exactly! This is the kind of crap people say and/or publish , that make people like us, actually have to defend her. And for that alone, I despise these people that come forward with this trash, lol. When someone is so vile that is makes you feel bad for someone like Kate Gosslin, you know they’ve gone too far.
      Damn, talk about her being overbearing, controlling, unlikeable, etc…but give her a break about being a child/ teen who suffered some abuse/trauma already.
      And so-f’ing-what is she wanted to marry someone who wasn’t broke?
      See? Now I am really pissed that I am defending her! lol

    • Shelia

      What about the kids past trauma and physical abuse that they are still getting to this very day? This is why the book was made. To help these poor kids. Kate did have the world fooled. Read the facts…The facts are in her very own words…she tried to have the book stopped but failed. Read the facts about who really cheated on who and who really asked for the divorce. Read about the abuse those kids and animals still suffer from today. Kate wanted nothing more to live a red carpet and was going to get it no matter what it took or cost her. She wanted to be famous. Like all famous people,you put yourself out there and eventually you get called on you’r lies and BS. She is not being bullied. She is the bully. Read the facts!

      • http://www.realitytvscandals.com/ RealityTVScandals.com

        Agree. I wrote a more detailed review on my site.

    • siriusthecat

      Im not a fan of theirs, but I agree this is vile. It never ceases to amaze me what people think is ok to publish. I don’t care to know about rapes and abortions from anyone but the woman wanting to share. He should be ashamed of himself. How is this scandalous? I think its sad. 16 year olds get pregnant, doesn’t mean at 30 you still can so easily. Abortions can lead to infertility, as well. He’s a stupid jerk.

  • NDG

    Who would be surprised if this turned out to be true? She’s always apeared to be a selfish and greedy fame hound. I do feel sorry for her though if the part about her early life is true. That doesn’t justify her awful personality, but it is sad.

  • Adam Lind’s Lil Swimmers

    she’s the literal worst, but I don’t need to know about her sexual trauma.

  • ebroadhurst

    Whether this is true or not, those are her stories and her past details that I need to know nothing about. Years ago when she did IVF it wasn’t as popular as it is now and I don’t -like- to think that a doctor would see dollar signs, especially the second time. I’ve always liked Kate. She’s a lot like me, she’s opinionated and true and doesn’t put up with bull and people don’t like that.

    • anjealka

      She did not do IVF, she actually refused it because IVF only gives you as many babies as eggs and the IVF doctor said 1 to 2 eggs. She did IUI and had fertility shots. 3 eggs were released and the doctor told her he did not want to proceed. She ordered additional fertility drugs overseas (there is proof of the order) and used them to release 4 more eggs. The doctor was very angry and had no idea how 3 eggs turned into 7. He told her he would not do the IUI and since Kate did not have fertility issues did it the natural way and all 7 fertilized , one miscarried and that is how she got 7. She also used a different doctor with the twins and the 6. the twins doctor refused to work with her again so Jon’s father who was a dr found a dr that would work with her as a favor and now that dr regrets it because of what Kate did with the extra shot.

      • Deni

        That’s impossible. You cannot release eggs and then take medication to release more. I am currently going through fertility treatments and you have no idea wtf you are talking about.

        • anjealka

          She gave herself a second shot of HCG and it hyperstimulated her ovaries. Kate admits to the hyperstimulation in her book multiple blessings and that the doctors were stumped how it could happen. They wanted to put her in the hospital and suspended the IUI. The one fact she left out of her book was the extra shot, all the other parts of Robert’s story and her story are the same.
          I also did fertility treatments because I had an ovary removed as a teen but I was so scared of multiples I took 1/4 the dose. I got one child.

    • Shelia

      Her stories? What about the kids stories? The kids have no rights to ” their” stories. When they cry about not wanting to film, she beats them….when they don’t smile for a picture, she beats them. When one poops she calls the camera crew b4 cleaning them up. If the crew isn’t there she beats them for having an accident. Tell me how the kids at school won’t make fun of that. How does kate like having herself exposed like the kids? Read the book. Everything kate does is just an act. The book is in HER own words. Its a very sad eye opener. The title couldn’t have been more fitting.

  • SS

    I definitely don’t like Kate, but wtf? sexual abuse and a past abortion are things that only Kate should get to reveal to the public, if she so chooses. she should not be publicly outed and shamed about those things. I really doubt that Kate wrote about her life in journals and then threw them away somewhere this “author” was able to find them. either that’s completely fabricated or he somehow got them from Jon. either way, f*ck this “reporter” Robert Hoffman.

    • anjealka

      Why did Kate copyright the journals saying the were her own words to the court in 2013? I wondered about the trash story but Kate copyrighting the journals to me says she wrote them??

  • anjealka

    I read the book, it is free to download on amazon so the author is making $$$. It is written trying trying to show what went on behind the scenes on a reality show and what the kids endured. It shows the iron clad contracts, the hours the kids worked, how the kids had to fake holidays, fake birthdays, how some of the kids begged not to be filmed but TLC had those iron clad contracts(I actually am more made at TLC after reading this then Kate). TLC has some bad tactics to bribe the kids. Since many of us hear have an interest in reality tv I suggest reading the book and making up your own mind. The abortion was one line and said only in context to Kate lying about needing fertility treatments and the many people that have stepped forward telling how she planned for years to try and have multiples. This small part of the book just telling how Kate had a planned her stardom, she went from wanting to marry money to becoming a nurse to snag a doctor to marrying a dr’s son (jon) all trying to get a certain lifestyle, and then the majority of the book is TLC and the filming and the behind the scenes of how reality tlc works and making people aware the cute kids were sad, not wanting to film and had to do many retakes.

    • Larissa

      thank you for this, I’m literally too lazy to read the book so I appreciate the summary lol :)

    • question

      And what was the reason for disclosing her supposed sexual abuse from family members? That’s a disgusting thing to expose about someone without their permission, esp. family sexual abuse. I am not a Kate fan by the way. But I am a sexual abuse survivor and to see someone’s abuse outed like that makes me sick. There was no need to mention that, there are enough known bad things to say about this women than to have to include that. It makes the book seem like exploitative trash. And for an author that wants to “help” these kids so badly I wonder how they’ll feel reading about how their mom was sexually abused/had a forced abortion and was slutty in high school when they’re older? Also, the abortion story was also unnecessary as the author said her abusive father forced her to get one in high school. I’m not seeing as that being some huge evil secret she kept to protect her infertile image. I’d think most women that went through that prob. wouldn’t talk want to talk about it esp on a TLC program. Also, many being pregnant once does not mean you are guaranteed to get pregnant again. It’s how many people end up with just one child even with trying for more.

      Again, I am not one of her psycho fans just stating that neither of those two things needed to be included in the book, especially if he has all the other dirt on her that has more to do with her need for fame and money and using her kids to get it. I also think Jon is disgusting for helping this man, as if didn’t live high on the hog on TLC money. He’s just as disgusting and as big as a famew*hore as Kate. He was jer*king off on reality TV just 2 years ago. ALl the adults in this situation are money grubbers. The only people to feel sorry for in this situation are the kids.

      • SonnySky

        Thank you because it sure seems like someone is trying to make sex abuse is the abused fault and not the abusers. Someone is really sick person here to write this.

        • anjealka

          I agree with you. The sex abuse was actual one line, not even one full line in a 728 page book. It said Kate had claimed physical and sexual abuse in her childhood. It was put in the context that Kate said she struggled with becoming to angry when she disclipined the kids because that is all she knew growing up was physical punishment.

    • SonnySky

      That is false because the person was not there to see the reality show. The truth is the opposite. Jon was all for those contract and participated in the show until the divorce and started running around. There is no way you can plan this show to happen and it was sheer luck it did and a brainstorm of reality show producers. Was this book done with Jons lies and slander cause it sure sounds like it.

  • Stephanie

    Not surprising to me!

  • heyBale

    John Gosselin was too wet behind the ears for her tricks.

    they should have a CarFax for potential love interests ha

  • Sophie

    This guy is Cruel for publishing a book that most likely is 99.9% fake gossip!….which is somthing I hate. If any of that book is true about her past why should the world get to know, she never said anything for a reason. Also does this Robert guy know that he is hurting her kids because kids at their school (especially the twins) will talk about the book and how crazy their mother is. I just hope that they will never know anything of this book. He is just trying to hurt a family with 8 children who have already had to overcome hardships (cheating rumors, divorced parents, split custody, etc.) and they deserve to not hear anymore lies about their mother.

    • anjealka

      Did you read the book? He is begging for someone to help the kids. he basically talks 75% of the time about how TLC manipulated the kids and how some of the kids were vocal about wanting a normal life and the filming to stop. The author is not making a penny off the book (go download it for free and read it), if you choose to buy the book (it has publicity except maybe 3 sites like this) the profit per book bought is less then $1 a book and his legal bills to get it published are close to 6 figures.
      How is the book lies, Kate copyrighted the journals he quoted, she admitted to the stories!

      • Sophie

        I did not read the book but it’s no ones business to know personal details about kate without her permission…if she choses to she can sue him for defamation of character because you can’t write about somebody in a book and not change their name without their permission.

        • LexiconD1

          Two words for you…Kitty Kelley.

        • anjealka

          She tried to sue 2 times and se had the cases dismissed WITH prejudice meaning she is not allowed to sue again. She also never denied one word of the book, copyrighted it and has remained silent. Again it is more about behind the scenes of reality tv and the treatment of kids and no laws to protect the kids (like in CA or NY). This article is about the first chapter. The book is 728 pages and this story covers 1 page.

          • SonnySky

            Oh so this is the book Jons friend wrote.We seen Jon on Couples Therapy out of his mind and went on the show and did nothing but publicly trash Kate verbally –even the other houseguest started tp stay away from him and told him he needs to love his children more than hate his ex. Jon is a piece of work bouncing from one women to another

        • MabelD

          If authors were unable to write about other people without their permission there’d be no biographies in the library, therefore, not much history, either.

          • Sophie

            Yes but those are all true factual information that were written in order to rember the amazing things that the person accomplished…..this book is written to bash kate and tlc…..and it’s not okay if somebody wrote a book about things that happened in your past they may or may not be true and then turn around and make a profit on it you would not be happy. So put yourself in Kate’s shoes even if you don’t like her and try to see how she may be feeling right know.

            • MabelD

              Really? How about recent biographies such as the one on Martha Stewart, Oprah, or any of Kitty Kelley’s books that certainly aren’t flattering portraits of their subjects – that could be called “bashing”? Profits were made on those. Then there are all the books on JFK, Nixon, and others in the public eye. Who’s to say what’s true and what isn’t?

            • EllaFitzbunbun

              Oh, so you think this is the only biography ever written that is not 100% accurate and written by someone who had an agenda?

        • EllaFitzbunbun

          Considering the mountain of evidence and the public having witnessed her behavior nor one could have defamed her more than she defamed her own self.

      • savannah

        If he cared about the kids, he wouldn’t splatter their family secrets to the public. He’s no better than TLC for doing this. Kids have a hard enough time in this world, they don’t need the pasts of their parents exposed for all to hear about.

      • SonnySky

        You people need to really mind your business cause the schools and everyone that is anyone involved in the childrens lives said they are very happy well adjusted children who get good grades–Jon could never care for them they would never be cared for and left and he angry and bitter and lies about her never caring how the children feel about his lies.

        • anjealka

          Could you point me to some examples of teachers or people involved like nannies or babysitters saying the kids are happy(just not TLC media people, the very few comments I have seen were all TLC PR or media people). I have not seen any accounts like this. I would find it interesting to read another side. From the book, it seemed like everyone that came in contracts with the kids had signed with strict no talking ever in public contracts. Robert is the only person who has spent time with the kids that didn’t have a contact that has stepped forward. The only thing we have heard about from the school is when the 2 kids were expelled. I believe it was Collin and Hannah? and a few talk show hosts have said the kids seemed scared or shy. Again I would love to read any blogs, articles, anything that has real everyday people like teachers, babysitters, friend’s parents making positive comments about the kids. I think most of us could care less about Kate, she can do what she pleases, we just are concerned about the kids. I see you replied to many of my comments. Im not sure if you have read but I have researched and worked with polygamist families and other large families. That is how I started watching Kate/Duggars/TLC years ago. I was looking at media portrayal of large religious families. As a researcher I would love to see all the pieces to the puzzle, and in this puzzle there are ALOT of silent pieces.

        • EllaFitzbunbun

          They don’t write all these reality television blogs for folks who are minding their own business. And that begs the question, what are you doing here if you’re so into minding your own business?

  • micro OP

    Why does this author care so much about Kate? Did he know her personally?

    • anjealka

      He was a local journalist in PA. He was contacted to follow Kate and take pictures for out of state PR. He spent everyday for almost 3 years with the family. He saw the filming, he was on the field trips, he was there for birthdays, his kids played with the Gosselin kids. Kate wanted him there because his pictures brought her media attention and money. He was the only person not to sign and iron clad confidentiality agreement that spent time with the kids during these years.

  • spottedgiraffe

    While this is very interesting and I don’t like Kate I don’t think this should have been published. Her being sexually abused is nobody’s business. Her getting an abortion isn’t our business. And her wanting a man that’s rich isn’t a crime (although it seems she was kind of shallow).

  • http://www.realitytvscandals.com/ RealityTVScandals.com

    I don’t know why Starcasm chose to focus on this. These poor kids were abused and the State of Pennsylvania did nothing to stop the abuse.
    Kate scammed churches as well.
    I wrote a detailed review on my site and for Star to only point this out is wrong.

  • Ashleigh Elizabeth Stone

    I just checked and the book is not free on Amazon. It’s $8.99 on a kindle

  • Jeff Cigar

    Jon’s father paid for the wedding. Big deal. Where Jon’s blame in ANY of this?

  • SonnySky

    Well Kate certainly is making a wonderful mother and cares well for her brood. Some of her siblings seem to be carrying out the harshness and abuse they grew up in, but if often takes a lifetime.
    Such a common story especially in that neck of the woods as i would call it –the poor large families and escape from that life and you can make it better in you own life –several in my large family did too some failed but some of made a successful.

  • Another commenter

    The other thing I find reprehensible about this article is how it trashes her for doing what most of us women are supposed to do which is to marry well to provide a good father for our children. And one of the aspects of being a good father is being a good provider.

  • Eden Everly

    How does the author of this book sleep at night?!