VIDEOS Kate Gosselin tells Katie Couric she fears for kids’ safety around Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin on Katie Couric Show

Despite being in full “return to reality television mode,” Kate Gosselin spoke with Katie Couric this week about “life after reality television.”

“[My family life is] loud and rambunctious and chaotic and exciting and the conversations are just insanely hilarious,” Kate said of living with 13-year-olds Mady and Cara and 9-year-olds Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel.

Still, raising eight children isn’t always easy for Kate, who said she only gets a break when a babysitter steps in 20 hours per week.

“Like every other mother out there, if you’re being completely honest, there are just moments when you think ‘Oh my gosh, I am just in over my head,'” she said. “Someone gave me really good advice… One mom of teenagers said as their attitudes start to cross above and they start to flare, keep pictures of when they were 3, 4, 5 close by so that you can remember that that person is still in there.”

Kate, who never went very far from the public eye, will return to television with a rumored Celebrity Apprentice appearance and Kate Plus 8 update on TLC this June.

Also in the spotlight is her extremely strained relationship with ex-husband Jon Gosselin, who recently ranted about her on Couples Therapy.

Kate told Katie the situation worsened last fall when Jon fired a gun at a photographer lurking near his home.

“I think that I thought what every mom would think,” Kate said, who employs a bodyguard (who she’s reportedly dating). “The safety of my kids. And I’m keeping their safety in the forefront of my mind.”

Kate explained she now only converses with Jon when it comes to their children’s schedules.

“We’ve been divorced for four years. I try to keep the peace as much as is possible. It’s difficult at times” Kate said. “The best advice I received when we started the divorce and things just changed so rapidly, someone said to me ‘Just bite your tongue and just don’t give in. It’s still their dad and just because you don’t have a relationship anymore doesn’t mean they don’t.”

Separately, Kate told Us Magazine that Jon doesn’t have a point when he says the kids are better off without reality television appearances.

“I mean, everybody is entitled to their opinions,” said a diplomatic Kate. “I don’t let it bother me or affect me that much. I’m led by my gut, my heart, and doing what I’ve always set out to do as a parent.”

Speaking to Katie Couric, Kate also denied accusations she tips off photographers and leaks stories to the press, saying, “I would not know how to contact… I’ve never spoken to any tabloids, called them, tipped off anybody. I know there are those who do regularly. However, I have never done it.”

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