VIDEO Watch what’s being called the “biggest Family Feud fail ever”


I love me some Family Feud and would have to say that Steve Harvey is my 2nd favorite host behind the unforgettable Richard Dawson.

In a recently aired episode a woman named Anna Sass was seemingly set up about as well you could ever be in the Fast Money round as her fellow family member scored an amazing 182 points. This means that all Anna had to do to win $20,000 was to get 18 points. 18… That’s it….

And then this happened:

Here’s the thing – I don’t really blame Sass for coming up blanks because these questions were mostly top loaded with seemingly one obvious answer. This is why the guy before her scored so dang high. She repeatedly kept giving these same top answers and just ran out of time. Better said, I don’t see this as a fail as much as I believe it was a tough set up (restaurant seemed like a reasonable answer btw).

HuffPo actually followed up with Anna about the episode filmed last year and she said, “We had a great time and we still laugh about the entire experience.”

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  • awoman

    5 was the number 1 answer and no one said 4? That seems so odd. Also, men, a 10 is the kind of lady who dates Leonardo Dicaprio. 5?? Haha.

  • p

    Another answer for what married couples are deeply in… “debt”

    • Not angry I swear


  • RJ

    Does Steve wear a glue-on mustache? lol

  • sanoga

    Not even a fail, just really unfortunate.

  • SammyG

    She got the shaft those were some bad questions not her fault they mostly had only one obvious answer. Thats a shame.

  • Pat Brown

    wow, used to watch this show when Richard Dawson was the host, but that was so horrible to watch, nice family though came out and hugged her. WoW~

  • Sophie

    I go to the taping fairly often because they offer free audience tickets. Well one time Steve pointed out that with light and cameras and time limits it is hard to come up with great answers, so not to judge them for dumb answers. He then brought up audience members during the break who thought they could do better and they failed so much worse than that woman.

    TL;DR Coming up with answers on the spot is hard