Sister Wives’ Truely Brown suffered from a life threatening illness this year


Next week’s episode of Sister Wives deals with a harrowing health struggle for one of the youngest Browns: Christine’s daughter Truely. In the previews Kody says that she’s “chemically completely off balance.” Is baby Truely okay now?

“I’m just trying to go through the motions of pretending that things will be okay,” Christine said.

Jenelle tweeted:

And Christine tweeted (about this week’s episode where they went vow renewal dress shopping in San Francisco:)

As commenters pointed out, Madison Brown mentioned Truely’s health scare in an Instagram post from late August.

Truely - Sister Wives Health Problem

Madison said, “My 3 year old sister was in the hospital for 1 1/2 for acute kidney failure [sic]… Thank you for the prayers that brought my sister home or got my entire family, extended and all, through this summer.”

On the episode dealing with Truely’s illness, it was revealed that she was sick with the flu for several days, and then became extremely lethargic. At one point her eyes would keep crossing, which made Christine take her to the pediatrician, who immediately told her to take Truely to the ER because crossed eyes can be an indicator of a number of serious conditions. Truely was found to be dehydrated, and suffering from acute kidney failure. They admitted to the hospital to try to get her kidneys functioning again.

After a medication that should have worked to jump start her kidneys, they started her on a partial dialysis, called abdominal dialysis. One of the nurses told the family “Normally in cases like this, we don’t expect them to go home.”

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  • sanoga

    I kinda feel like she might have alopecia

    • Gabrielle Bates

      Alopecia is just hair loss- it doesn’t make you deathly ill. Idiot.

      • P3 Mommy

        I think she was simply commenting on the fact that the child seems to have very little hair, not that it was what caused her to be hospitalized.

      • tjsand

        wow, a little snappy today eh?

        • jeff

          No kidding, bitch needs to eat a snickers.

      • cathy sch

        wow..she’s not a idiot for commenting her thoughts.why would you call her that..what are you angry about.a baby is sick n u comment something so mean..

      • mutedexposure

        Actually alopecia can lead to illness. Since your immune system is busy attacking your hair follicles it is not fully fighting infections you may have. I was diagnosed 30 years ago and even a small cold can take me down due to a compromised immune system. You only see the hair loss so you have no clue how much the person is struggling to stay healthy.

      • sanoga

        Wow, there was no reason for you to be THAT rude about it…

      • sweetladyteri

        Wow!! To bad we all can’t be as smart and kind as you. Oh wait we are! You know bad things happen to mean and ignorant people! Hope u and yours are well.

    • Mrs.E

      I was thinking MENINGITIS.

    • disqus_VXaR63ys4l

      my daughter looked like her at that age and now has a full head of hair.

    • Pam

      I think jumping to a diagnosis of alopecia at her young age is silly. My niece had really fine blonde hair that made her appear bald until she was three or four. Her crazy grandmother even shaved her head once because of the old wives tale that it would grow in thicker. It didn’t. (and my sister was pissed!!) But it did grow in at it’s own sweet time.

      • Candy Cane

        I agree plus, Truely had a head full of light blonde hair approximately 3″ in length when her illness began.

  • Jess

    According to Madison Browns Instagram 20 weeks ago, Truly suffered from Acute Kidney Failure and was hospitalized for it. Not sure what the cause of that was, so they will probably go more in depth of what ilness actually made her deathly ill. But she posted a picture of little Truly in the hospital bed all hooked up to machines. 🙁

    • anjealka

      I remember reading about this months ago. My guess was dehydration? I live near Vegas and this was the worst summer for heat in 20+ years. I did not spend any time outside for almost 2 months per dr’s orders because it was over 100 & dry every day & I have kidney/heart disease. Since it appears as if Truly is ok now, something like dehydration makes sense because it would be acute and not long term. If she was in need of a transplant I’m sure we would have heard of it by now. My small side rant : I sure hope Kody has his kids insured now!

  • M

    Is it just me, or does starcasm seem to regularly post articles that do not even answer the question in their title?

  • Sheena

    She has always looked somewhat ill. Vaccine injury? I would be shocked if their religious beliefs kept them from alcohol but not injecting their bodies with poisons. That would be sad.

    • Ew

      Look up renal failure and vaccinations, scary. Hope she gets better!

    • RandomnessFromTheMiddle

      Yes, let’s forward your anti-vaccination agenda…

      • Sheena

        There’s no agenda, just an opinion like every one else.

    • You’re welcome

      Parents like you need to thank parents like me that does vaccinate my children. My children are keep my hour children from getting a deadly illness. SO YOU ARE WELCOME!

      • Sheena

        Lol, that’s where it is very clear to me that you have not done your homework. I will not thank you. And I’m sure your child’s growing brain doesn’t choose to thank you either. There is no safe vaccination. Diseases are still carried and mutated through vaccinated children. Do you really think you are 100% protecting your child?? Have you NOT read the inserts to those shots??let me guess …you take your baby in hand them over and because doc says your ((healthy)) baby “needs” this you don’t blink an eye and do it. Very sad. I’m not saying my way is the only way but at least I made an informed choice. Pick up a book, an article a thesis…your child deserves at least that.

        • Rachel

          I have done my homework and researched vaccines and chose to vaccinate my children. After careful consideration and speaking with our pediatrician who practices homeopathic medicine along with traditional medicine, it was decided this was the best decision. Not all of us who vaccinate do so “blindly”. Because you chose the path you did, does not make you a better parent.

        • Candy Cane

          I agree w/you. My children are now grown, but I also bought into the “must vaccinate your child or they’ll be stricken w/polio, measles, mumps, rubella..As the years have passed & I’ve gleaned more knowledge,more wisdom, I’ve learned as well that there’s toxins in these vaccines, in addition to the lack of these illnesses they’re being vaccinated against. If I had it to do again, I would do a heck of a lot of soul searching before making the final decision..

          • Mom

            The only reason polio, measles, etc are rare today is because most kid’s are vaccinated. Our vaccinated children are keeping your children healthy. Do your part and VACCINATE your children!

            • Candy Cane

              Who in the heck do you think you are? I’m not your child, so don’t scold me!
              The ailments/diseases these vaccines immunize against are as you’ve stated, “RARE TODAY”..They had a time & a place, but they’re no longer necessary in MY informed opinion. The side effects some children DO suffer from as a result being vaccinated far outweigh the risks of developing a very RARE condition..
              From THIS mom to another, it’s NONE of YOUR business as to whether or not a parent decides to vaccinate or not. NONE. If you choose to vaccinate, more power to ya.
              Spare me the “unvaccinated children put yours at risk. That’s why you can vaccinate to your heart’s desire.

              • 99intheshade

                Actually it is in the interest of all members of society for vaccinations to take place. Do you know what herd immunity is? The more people who stop vaccinating, the more prevalent those “rare” diseases will become. It was only two generations ago that polio wasn’t at all unusual. I’ve got an uncle with a disfigured leg who got it as a kid. You’d be screaming bloody murder if your child came down with it. The side effects of vaccines aren’t non existant, but they are rare and overstated in the media. As an example Autism these days is suspected of being caused by genetic mutations that exist in older parents (particularly fathers). The vaccination myth has long been eroded, but still lives on in chinese whispers.

                • Candy Cane

                  Polio was eliminated in the western hemisphere by 1994..While there’s few cases in a handful of countries, it’s still RARE..In people who contract polio, 98% have a very mild case & suffer no symptoms. The majority of people believe it always leads to deformity of the limbs and/or paralysis. Nothing could be further from the truth.
                  There’s verifiable side effects from these vaccines, which include but aren’t limited to, seizures, anaphylatic shock as a result of allergic reactions & death. These reactions fall within the 2% range if not more Being that polio doesn’t exist in the western hemisphere & even if 100% of the population contracted it, 98% would be mild, & symptomless Of course, there’s other “reported” side effects from the vaccines, but they’re not verifiable as of yet. They include SIDS Of course there’s less serious verifiable side effects of the vaccines which most are already aware of, including fever., etc .I’m not one who believes they cause autism.

                  • blueberry

                    There were 223 cases of polio in 2013 and 3 countries (Pakistan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan) are still endemic. Keep in mind that’s 223 verified cases, meaning the patients were likely exhibiting symptoms. As only 10% of people infected with polio exhibit symptoms, you can assume the population infection levels are actually much higher.

                    WHO estimates that, within 10 years, there could be 200,000 cases of polio worldwide if vaccination stops before polio is eradicated. That would, statistically, be roughly 2,000 paralyzed (with an average of 100 dead from their paralysis), and another 4,000 with meningitis. Not to mention around 20,000 people with severe flu-like symptoms including headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, and pain. And the vast majority would be children under 5.

                    And while 200,000 cases each year may seem paltry, that’s about the same number of people estimated to die from drug abuse world wide and the same number of people diagnosed with epilepsy or unexplained seizures each year.

                    • Candy Cane

                      Let me put things into perspective.
                      Pakistan’s population is:
                      179.2 MILLION…
                      In 2013, 91 citizens have contracted polio..That’s 91 people out of 179.2 MILLION..
                      I don’t know how to figure the exact percentage, but it’s basically 0..00001%..This in a land where there’s often a lack of proper plumbing, clean water supplies, etc..
                      When you take into account that these 91 people out of 179.2 MILLION, & 98% are symptom free, w/out complications, it’s NOTHING..
                      We can’t assume that the 91 people all suffered from symptoms. I don’t know, but did you realize Pakistan had a population of 179.2 MILLION?
                      This info is also from WHO that’s labeled this an endemic, but this is misleading, as endemic means regularly. The stats prove otherwise. Whenever a govt decides to mandate anything, we must look at who may have something to gain as a result of the mandate. Since polio vaccines are the result of a private/public joint effort, this means there’s literally TRILLIONS to be made by worldwide mandated vaccinations..Meaning, it’s BIG business. Pharmaceuticals profit VERY handsomely, w/many involved owning stock in these companies. Follow the money. When WHO labels this an endemic, they’ve lost all credibility. They never carried a lot w/me, as they have a political agenda. This is a fact. The worldwide population sits at:
                      7.139 BILLION PEOPLE..
                      even if 2000 were to be a part of the 2% who suffered the effects of polio, it’s nothing.
                      The side effects are real. Some people aren’t candidates due to a compromised immune system or other illnesses. As far as verifiable SERIOUS side effects in people as a result of the vaccine, it’s 1 per MILLION..This means the population of 179.2 MILLION in Pakistan, 179 people become extremely ill, w/some dying..This is DOUBLE the amount that contracted the disease in the 1st place. “polio.medtv (dot) com..
                      You mentioned that WHO estimates there could be 200,000 of polio in 10yrs if vaccines stop. You then go on to quote “current” stats regarding deaths by drug abuse, epilepsy or unexplained seizures. For an accurate comparison, you’d need to estimate the population in 10yrs, which would be much higher, since WHO is basing their numbers on this. Certainly, the numbers for epilepsy, drug abuse, etc. would also increase w/the rising population. It’s not an equal comparison. In 10yrs, we’re expected to add another 1 BILLION to the population.
                      Currently, 65 MILLION people suffer from epilepsy worldwide.As for deaths due to drug abuse, approx 570,000 will die EVERY year, so your stats are way off.
                      WAY OFF..Sorry

                    • glena

                      You know they have vaccines
                      in Pakistan too right? VACCINES are the reason for the decline.

                    • Candy Cane

                      Of course I know there’s vaccines in Pakistan. Do you think I comment w/out first doing my homework? Muslim extremists have been murdering those pushing vaccines, thus they’ve pulled out of the country due to the dangers. The numbers I give are numbers w/out being vaccinated.

                    • Annabella

                      The thing about it with polio specifically is that as it was going out more and more people were living through it. Regardless of the vaccine anyhow sometimes vaccines can be harmfull. I reacted very strongly o my first vaccine and have not been vaccinated since.

                  • glena

                    Do you know there is not even a cause of death from SIDS anymore in nearly every State. Since technology has advanced so far, they can almost always find a cause of death in an infant.

                    Do you know why Polio is nearly non existent? Because of VACCINES. Do you know why 98% would be MILD cases? Because of VACCINES.

                    If we suddenly become a society of non vaccinating parents, that NEARLY non existent can become rampant. That MILD in 98% can change rapidly as well.

                    • Candy Cane

                      Again, I’m not one to go off half cocked when commenting. I do my research. SIDS isn’t a diagnosis. It’s a term given to babies who die w/out a known cause. When researching polio & it’s side effects, SIDS is mentioned as possibly being one of them. They must consider it when a child’s been vaccinated then dies of SIDS during the time frame.

                      You’ve misunderstood the symptoms of polio & those who suffer from it. 98% of polio sufferers have very mild symptoms w/most not even knowing they have it. This has absolutely NOTHING to do w/being vaccinated. These are the people who haven’t been vaccinated. It’s always been true. Only 2% of the population whose received a positive polio diagnosis suffered more serious side effects. The common misconception is that everybody is paralyzed or has deformed limbs is only that. it’s never been a reality.

                    • glena

                      Your 1-2% falls squarely around the number that have adverse reactions to vaccines, yet you find that a large enough number to opt out.

                      Which is your choice.

                      Yet, saying that a 2% chance of being paralyzed and die is insignificant (and the number was at one time MUCH greater).

                      Doesn’t make much sense to me.

                    • Candy Cane

                      The 2% who suffer more severe effects of polio is known. The number percentage wise of infants/children who suffered serious side effects of one of the numerous vaccines is unknown. There’s estimates by evidence compiled by the CDC/FDA, but they’re based on reported incidents only. Not all are reported & not all are linked to the vaccines, though the link existed. Again, these are govt. statistics. They make the distinction “reported” cases, meaning there’s unreported cases. In the 30,000 reported cases of children who suffered side effects, they estimated 10-15% were serious even causing death. That’s a high percentage. “Life threatening” illness, “disability” & “death” are listed as adverse side effects. Like I’ve stated, there’s been no long term studies that have looked at the immune systems ability to fight diseases such as cancer that could be linked to childhood vaccines giving “vacations” to the immune system while the vaccines do their job. Our immune systems need to be worked out in order to stay strong. This is being proven by the regular use of disinfectants that also give our immune systems a vacation by killing germs the immune system normally blocks. These weaken the immune system.
                      I would suggest the website:
                      “childshealthsafety.wordpress (dot) com..
                      They’re published 200yrs of statistics including the US & Europe..The number of children whose health improved has coincided w/better food, clean drinking water, improved sanitation & better living conditions..The studies confirm what I’ve been saying. The risks of these vaccines far outweigh the benefits. Children in 3rd world countries who’ve been vaccinated are still developing these diseases & it’s a result of their living conditions. Their vaccines are ineffective. Of course they go on to state that this is about money, but I’ll address this w/your other response.

              • glena

                Really? None of my business whether someone vaccinates or not. You’re right. But you surely have strongly told parents they are putting their child and yours in harms way by carefully making the decision to vaccinate their child.

                So, it goes both ways. But the truth is those childhood diseases are rare ONLY because of vaccinated children.

                Not vaccinating your children puts at risk all other and make it possible for nearly eradicated diseases to once again get a foothold.

                That’s just a fact. The reactions to vaccines are so far and few between, most educated mothers and pediatricians recognize the very small risk is better than getting a crippling or deadly disease.

                But you of course are free to do what you want, it’s your child. Just stop blaming every snotty nose and disease your unvaccinated child gets on some “unknown” child shedding their vaccine in your child’s direction. it doesn’t happen like that.

                Every parent is responsible for their own child’s health.

                • Candy Cane

                  First off, I haven’t told parents what to do. I’m on a silly gossip blog giving my opinion. I’m not a spokesperson for any of it.
                  My children are grown, thus you could say I’ve lived a few years. I once trusted everything my govt told me. I thought they always had mine & everybody elses best interests in mind. Slowly through the years, I’ve blissful naivete gave way to wisdom, unfortunately. What I’ve come to learn as do most w/age is that nearly everything’s about money especially when it comes to politics & the govt, including the govts. in other countries. Even WHO, the World Health Org’s all about money. Vaccine providers aren’t only govt involved, but also private providers. There’s billions of people living on the face of this planet. Imagine how much money these companies have producing & administering these vaccines. Big pharma, The dept of health, the makers of the everything that goes into it. People own stock in these entities. When they push for certain things whether it’s vaccines or otherwise, stockholders become instant millionaires. WHO is just as political of an organization as the democratic party. Research it. Pakistan has a population of 179.2 MILLION people, yet under 100 people currently have polio w/mild symptoms. These are viruses that almost always go away on their own, just like the flu..The same goes for measles, mumps, & rubella..They’re no different than chicken pox which almost everybody’s had prior to the new vaccine that made those in the know TRILLIONS of dollars.
                  Now this question also needs addressed, How are our immune systems affected when we’re getting vaccines to keep our bodies free from these illnesses? More people than ever are getting cancer & other diseases including auto immune disorders that were never an issue prior to vaccines. A theory to consider is that our immune systems aren’t as strong as peoples used to be because we’re not “exercising” them, making them strong..The same’s true & has been proven that now that we’re so obsessed w/germs, disinfecting grocery cart handles, gas station pumps & everything else, we’ve lowered our immune systems making them weak. I have older relatives who never get sick & they also don’t freak out about sanitizing everything. Our immune systems are like muscles in that they need worked out. Falsely suppressing them isn’t doing us any good, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

                  • glena

                    So, if no one made any money on vaccines would that make them OK?

                    I have five children. Three grandchildren. So I too have had lots of life experiences to draw from.

                    My granddaughters get sick much less than their friends it seems.

                    My granddaughters are fully vaccinated but it’s done only when they are fully well. And they are divided up so that they are not bombarded with six or seven at once.

                    I live in an area where there are plenty of people who do not vaccinate their children and the risk of them getting one of these diseases is not miniscule.

                    Not everything that has government research or dollars involved is some kind of conspiracy.

                    What would they have to gain from given vaccines that just do nothing or make people sick.

                    I know there is a small group of children who are going to have reactions to vaccines and that’s tragic but without vaccines millions of kids were affected tragically by disease that can be eradicated.

                    There are few that don’t do their homework when it regards their children. I put much thought and research into anything that goes in my children’s bodies and my grandgirls that I raise.

                    I think most parents do.

                    • Candy Cane

                      There’s no way to answer that question because there’s always going to be many many people who profit VERY handsomely as a result of vaccines. As stated in the report, they compare the profits to that of Bill Gates & Windows. He became a multi BILLIONAIRE from the sale of Windows & these purchases weren’t made by every citizen. With vaccines, the business model is to keep pushing them on every single child born to ensuring BIG BUSINESS, including the govt. to profit TRILLIONS..Listen, money corrupts & if you believe the ability to make TRILLIONS annually from vaccines doesn’t corrupt, you’re, well I don’t want to say it, as you’ve been polite & I don’t wish our convo to be anything but. As noted, while these massive profits are still being made, the great increases in children’s diseases such as” asthma, allergies, autism, diabetes and more have increased exponentially as the vaccines have been introduced.”

          • glena

            Why do you think there is a lack of these illnesses today? Because of VACCINES. If we start a trend of not vaccinating children do you not think these disease can multiply yet again just as fast as they did years ago?

            • Candy Cane

              As I’ve stated, reliable studies have indicated the decrease in these illnesses is linked to better living conditions including but not limited to, better/cleaner water sources, better sanitation & healthier sources of food due in part to prosperity. Children still living w/the diseases they’ve been vaccinated against are those living in the poorest of countries where the vaccines have proven to be worthless in many cases.

        • glena

          You are condemning and belittling parents for making the RIGHT choice for THEM but expect other people to be supportive of you when your child runs around with no immunity to deadly diseases and can spread it to children too young to be vaccinated.

          Vaccines SAVE lives. Have you ever seen a child in an iron lung?

          No? That’s because of a VACCINE that eradicated the terrible disease of polio.

          Do I think that SOME children might be sensitive to things in vaccines and can cause them to have a reaction? SURE I do. But the vast majority of children are much safer GETTING vaccines.

          LOTS of illness is nearly gone from our world because of vaccines. Illnesses that killed and crippled children in childhood.

          I cannot stand to read the “don’t vaccinate sites. You child can be cruising along all fine and healthy and ANYTHING they get, ANYTHING from a cold to a leukemia to cancer at age 30 is blamed on the one or three vaccines they had in infanthood.

          OR if they got NO vaccines, then of course they “CAUGHT” this from the vaccine shedding onto your child sometime way back ten years ago.

          You don’t want to vaccinate your children, FINE. Don’t. If they get sick don’t blame the other parents who carefully researched and decided to make sure their child DIDN’T get these horrific illnesses.

          Blame yourself.

  • frontdoormom

    Ok so now i dont feel so bad wondering whats wrong with her. I hope shes okay. Poor baby.

    • another mother

      Poor sweet Truely,it’s always a parent’s nightmare when there child falls I’ll.Especially when the diagnosis is not clear. My prayers go out to the Brown family,,especially Christine.her mother. Being. a mother myself my heart breaks for her! God bless little baby Truely,,

  • frontdoormom

    I dont know starcasm, what IS wrong with her?

    Who writes these articles? Sheesh.

  • Tina Berg

    Remember the psychic at the graduation party? She said that there will be a child/children sick, but they will be OK. Weird, huh?

    • blueberry

      If you have, like, 20 kids, odds are pretty good one of them is going to be sick. I think odds are pretty good that one kid out of just three or four would be sick.

  • MommaBear29

    Truly probably does have alopecia. If you look carefully, she not only lacks hair on her head, but she lacks eyebrows as well, which is a sign of alopecia. And yes, it is an auto-immune disorder which can be relatively benign in some people and can cause significant issues in others. Hard to say if the kidney problem is/was related to the alopecia, but what matters most is that Truly gets and stays well. She is just an innocent little girl and she is in my prayers. I hope she is doing well now and continues to do well.

    • Holly

      I don’t think so. Aspyn posted a recent picture the other day on instagram and Truly had a full head of light blonde hair. I think she has eyebrows/eyelashes but they are so pale-blonde that you can’t see them in that picture above. In the more recent photo, you can see that she has eyebrows and her hair is very nice and very light blonde, almost white.

    • sammi

      I always thought it was strange that she she only just started to grow hair within the last year. She was still bald at like 2 years old.

      • asgh

        That happens with kids who are really blonde. I was the same way when I was her age and I have fairly thick hair now.

  • Indymom

    I was wondering if maybe it was type 1 diabetes? My husband was diagnosed at 10 and had flu like symptoms and was extremely lethargic for a week or two before he was diagnosed. When children are diagnosed they are usually in ketoacidosis from having such high sugars for so long which definitely damages your kidneys. I really hope it is dehydration or something else! Diabetes is no fun!

  • izzysams

    I wish the Brown family the very best.I hope all is well with Truely. The Brown family is a strong family they will get though this.

    • Jada

      Strong how?
      Certainly their greatest strength is not preventing the preventable.
      Truly’s medical emergency was caused by sheer neglect. Strong family? Hmmm…..

  • Candy Cane

    Some have mentioned alopecia, but she had a head full of hair in last night’s episode & this is when she 1st became very ill. I don’t know when the picture above was taken, but if it was taken after her illness, I’d hate to think the hair loss was a result of some type of chemo. Does anybody know when the pic was taken?

    • jamey

      From watching the show since it started, truly has “grown up” on the show, and she has always been really pale, and appeared to have no or super light hair. So im sure the pictures aren’t too old.
      Another thing I have always wondered about, is if you look at the family history of the browns, it appears in Christine’s family there is more then likely been lots of in breeding years ago in the family tree, and genetics might play a role. jmo
      But I think it was something simple like dehydration.

      • Candy Cane

        thank you for your response. I’m just curious how does one tell if there’s been in breeding. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, I just don’t know what signs to look for. After I read the alopecia comments on this thread this morning, I watched last night’s episode again to see how much hair she had. She had a head full of very light blonde hair. It appeared to be about 3″ in length. This is why it’s even more concerning that she could have something more serious. Acute kidney failure may be a side effect of something more serious. Beginning an illness w/a complete head of hair to going bald indicates some form of chemo either linked to cancer or leukemia. I pray it’s nothing serious.& I’m not trying to be e doctor. She’s such a sweetheart.
        On a separate note, I can’t figure out why all of the females in the family w/the exception of Robyn & her daughter are medically obese..All of the teen girls & their mothers are. I don’t get it.

        • Kimmmm

          “All of the teen girls & their mothers are (medically obese). I don’t get it.”

          Goodness, what on earth makes you think that’s any of anyone else’s business but their own?

          • Candy Cane

            Sorry you take it so personally, but this is a simple observation made as a viewer of the show from day 1.They put themselves out there, so they’re pretty much open to scrutiny. I’m genuinely curious as to why every single female over the age of 13 is medically obese. You don’t find that strange? It’s obvious it’s their diet, consuming too many calories, but as the good mothers that they are. they’re not setting a good example where this is concerned & they’re certainly not doing what’s in the best interest health wise of their daughters. They’re also not being good role models to fans of the show that may be struggling w/their weight, w/the exception of Janelle & Robin. I’m proud of Janelle & the steps she’s taken to get her health back. I think that’s great. I wish Meri & Christine would follow suit.

            I must stress this again, they put themselves on an hour long television show once per week. They themselves admit they’re overweight. They enjoy the perks, mainly a LARGE salary that goes along w/being on the show, but it’s a 2 edged sword in that they’re now public figures, & remember, this is a GOSSIP blog.

        • jamey

          Well you really look into the polygamy culture, in the sects that some live in, they have been in it generation after generation they tend to be all related by blood and they have inter married for generations now. They are the sects that aren’t so open about what they do, and don’t make their records public but because of this in their community they have had many health issues because of this. And they don’t make deaths, and things like this public knowledge because they are so closed off from the rest of the world. I have read MANY books speaking about these issues from people whom are no longer in the life style anymore. The women on sister wives are not like the regular sects that the jessops and warren jeffs. But I read and belong to a sister wives blog and during one of the postings there, someone had did the backgrounds on kody and all the sister wives, and found that some of the wives are connected by blood from generations back, and there is one woman that is connected to kody from blood generations back. Its super interesting if you look into the history of polygamy and the inter workings of the sects that are cut off from the world. It is truly a big difference how those people live versus the people on sister wives. Also, Robbin was married to a Jessop and they are some bad people if you read about them and their family histories.

          • Candy Cane

            I’m sure w/all of the relationships the men have w/many wives within a community, there’s going to be incest. When they have 20-30 children per family who will seek out their own spouses w/in the community when they’re of age, there’s going to be cousins getting together & so on..One of the polygamous families the Browns are friends with, 2 bio sisters are both the wife to one man. I can’t wrap my head around this right now, but I can only imagine the problems this could cause. Still, I support their right to live this lifestyle.

  • Susan

    My daughter was also almost bald til she was four. She had very fine red hair. She now has long long thick hair. It is not uncommon for kids that age to have little or no hair. I don’t think that is the cause of this illness. As an RN it sounds much more like kidney failure, or diabetes or something major. Not that auto-immune disorder is not serious it is. However I don’t think it would bring on the acute illness that Truely had.

  • AlwaysSomething37

    I think she had meningitis. She could’ve got it from being in that swimming pool and hot tub! The symptoms she had of being lethargic but without a fever could easily be meningitis. I’m just glad she’s recovered! I can’t imagine how scary that would be as a mother. My son once drank out of a liquid candle when he was a year old and we were airlifted to a children’s hospital. Thankfully he was ok, but I’ve never been more scared in my life! And before I’m judged for not watching my son, let me add his grandmother was babysitting him when it happened. She didn’t listen when I told her that he was into everything and she needed to watch him close. You know how that goes. The older generation always thinks new mothers are too over protective. Guess she learned her lesson, and I learned mine. Last time she ever watched my kids for me !

  • B

    I was wondering what education Sheena has with her full of crap opinion. What is she “a spinning instructor”?

    • Candy Cane

      She clearly has more education than do you concerning childhood vaccines. Too many brainwashed parents. Believe me, I used to be one.

  • elmopalooza

    How the heck do you NOT know that your kid is dehydrated? Are these people idiots? The kid drank NOTHING for 5 days and they thought she wa okay? My god what morons. If their kid dies they should be held responsible.

    • glena

      Children get dehydrated VERY quickly. Especially if they’ve been feeling badly. There are thousands of kids (and adults) who show up in ER’s daily who are dehydrated.

      Lots of kids mope around when their mom is gone. Being a little heartsick without her around. It’s clear from the show that Truly and her mom are very close and together all the time. They also said this was the first time the “moms” had all went on a trip.

      So with no fever, or outwardly signs of illness, such as vomiting or diarrhea, most parents would most likely attribute it to missing momma.

      It doesn’t make you a bad parent that your child got sick and dehydrated. It happens all the time.

      • elmopalooza

        And that’s my POINT. As her MOTHER she should be able to tell when something is wrong. If they are SO CLSOE(I don’t know as this was the first and LAST time I will see this show) then how in the hell could she not see that her kid was NOT DRINKING? If my kid does not drink for a day I would worry! And even if she was not there, there is a house full of other people. Can THEY not see it? No they have to wait until her eyes roll back in her head? THey are LUCKY she didn’t die. Even the nurse said kids don’t usually make it. Yes it happens but most mothers are smart enough to know that if their kid isn’t DRINKING and peeing that something is WRONG! I mean 5 days went by before they saw her eyes going crossed? They never thought it odd that she was not drinking? Come on in a house full of that many kids do they not know this by now?

        • glena

          The mother had been out of town for five days. The first time they “moms” had all left as a group.

          The dad was there and several nearly adult teen age children.

          She could have still be taking in fluids and they probably were still giving her sippy cups or juice boxes or something. But kids sit them down or they spill them or they never finish them.

          A child being dehydrated is not neglect. It happens every single day. To adults too.

          • elmopalooza

            Yes. But most RESPONSIBLE adults know when to go to the doctor and the dad wasn’t there. He was with the moms more worried about what cake to get then about whether their kids are sick! She had not PEED in 5 DAYS! And they didn’t think that was odd? I work in a hospital. I have seen kids get dehydrated and come in to be seen. But most responsible parents come in BEFORE the kids eyes roll around in her head is my point. What does them going out town for 5 days have to do with a hill of beans. If you kid is NOT peeing for days on end SOMETHING is wrong. Check it out. My god the kid looked terrible. And I’m sorry it was not because she missed her momy either. Even the one daughter said the adults were not taking it seriously!

            • elmopalooza

              And FYI, it IS neglect if your kid does not drink and or pee or poop for 5 days and you ignore it and don’t do anything. Whether she had a fever or not is not the issues. She clearly was NOT well and the mother did nothing about it until it was nearly too late. The doctor said there was NO FLUID in her kidneys which meant she was NOT taking in fluids at all.

            • Candy Cane

              Exactly! I completely agree! Her main symptom besides not urinating was she was extremely lethargic, something that’s completely abnormal & uncharacteristic of an otherwise healthy 3yr old.
              Aspyn knew it was serious. She kept telling her mom how Truely wasn’t doing well. How she could barely hold her head up & how terrible she looked. Aspyn knew. Had this been my child & I was out of town, I would’ve hopped a flight so quick I’d be back home the same day. Forget the trip when your child’s ill. When the wives returned, I’m shocked & disappointed that none of them encouraged Christine to get her into see the doctor stat. That was bad. Everything could’ve been avoided had she had proper medical care in a timely fashion.

            • Helen Suarez

              She actually said she did take her to the pediatrician almost immediately and he told her it was just the flu, that’s why, while she was worried and feign bad that her daughter was sick and feeling bad, she didn’t think there was much she could do other then allow her to rest and recover as per her peds orders. She most likely gave her fluids but it’s not that easy to measure kids fluid intake when they are sick, and they just sip their fluids cuz they don’t feel well, plus it’s more likely that she was dehydrated because her kidneys were not functioning correctly therefore whatever fluids she took in were not being properly processed by her body. It’s not nice to judge this mom especially when your watching edited footage highlighting some images more than others and u don’t really know the entire story, I don’t think any mom would purposely not get her child treatment if she knew how serious it was, and it could happen to even the best of moms so I don’t think it’s fair to judge her so harshly, especially when u just don’t know the full story, u weren’t there for every minute of what happened to really know if what your saying is accurate. This poor mom must feel guilty and scared for her child enough without all the harsh judgments from all the perfect moms out there who have never made a mistake or unintentionally overlooked something in their own child. I’m a mom and thankfully none of my children have ever been that ill, except for a very bad pistachio allergic reaction in my oldest when she was a toddler, which luckily was treated immediately after being sent home twice from a hospital that claimed it wasn’t serious, until it was, but as a mom if any of my kids were so sick it was life threatening, I would be a wreck and the last thing I would want to listen to is another mom judging me, especially when it’s my child that’s sick, I would hope that I’d get support from other moms who know what it’s like to love your child more than your own life, and for then to realize than that I’d give my life for any of my three children and if I had overlooked something it certainly wasn’t intentional, especially in a situation where u take Ur child to the dr and they say your child is ok, and just has a touch of flu, as I mentioned before I had a similar situation with my oldest and her allergic reaction, I knew it was serious but I was sent home twice with little treatment before I came back a third time with very serious symptoms and was finally taken seriously. I imagine this is what happened in this case, the dr. probably eased her worries and she went about her errands not knowing the seriousness of the situation but never imagining that it would lead where it did. This mom needs sympathy and prayers, not judgement.

        • sammi

          I don’t blame the kids because that’s what they are, kids. But as a mom and with other moms and Kody in the house, the moment they knew she had the flu they should have been making her drink even if it was a few sips every 10 minutes. I don’t see either how you not notice that your child was not taking in any fluids for so long. Im sure her lips were dry at the very least. I don’t get it. If it were Sol who was sick it would have been a family affair. For some reason poor Truly always got lost in the shuffle, more so when Sol was born.

      • Candy Cane

        Truely’s main symptom was she was very lethargic. This goes way beyond missing mom. We witnessed her lying around doing nothing, too weak to even raise her head or even cry while Aspyn held her or she laid on the sofa. Eighteen year old Aspyn knew herself it was serious, yet Christine waited a full 5 days before seeking help. Look I like Christine, so I’m not trying to be critical of her, but in this case, she was completely remiss, as were the sister wives who could’ve convinced her to seek help

        • glena

          There are some mothers who feel secure in not running their kids to the doctor every time they appear a little sluggish or not feel well. Unless there is fever or other signs of infection, there aren’t many parents who would immediately take a child to the Dr. just because they didn’t act themselves. Sure if that behavior continues or new symptoms appear but just because a child wants to be clingy and lay around, especially after not seeing their mom for five days, well seems normal to me.

          I don’t think there is any blame to be had here. I think everyone acted within reason.

  • disgusted

    child neglect much? maybe if you were paying any attention to your sick child instead of leaving her in the care of another child, Truly would have not gotten kidney failure. what a bunch of narcissists. seriously none of the 5 moms noticed she wasn’t eating drinking or peeeing? horrible parents.

    • oldrn

      Dehydration lead too kidney failure. She did not get medical attention in as timely matter

    • Maddie Hopkins

      That’s exactly what I’m saying. How do you not notice that she is not drinking and not going to bathroom. Ridicolous

      • Candy Cane

        I didn’t understand that either. Christine said she waited FIVE DAYS before she sought medical care for Truely. That’s outrageous considering Truely was exhibiting such serious symptoms from the beginning. Lethargic, zero energy, her lips had to have been dry, & she wasn’t urinating! Out of the 4 mothers & a few teens, none of them could figure she was serious?

    • sammi

      Poor Truly always got lost in the shuffle. Had that been baby Sol it would have been noticed immediately. If you notice, you never even really saw Kody affectionate with Truly for some reason. That’s the main thing to focus on when your child is sick, not so much eating but making sure they are drinking, even if its small sips every 10 minutes.

      • danielle

        Really? We only see a tenth of there lives so who are you to judge..they are human too…we all make mistakes..

        • Jada

          Preventable mistakes.

    • MarvelousBeauty

      Four wives. And I agree.

    • tamara

      Actually in the episode the moms took a trip so DAD was ALONE with ALL the kids. But he did have the 2 oldest girls helping with her ALOT. I do think it was preventable. Yup mom i think woukd have noticed all that.

  • amelia

    I really like watching sister wives and I just saw their relationship as any other but last night it made me think twice. It was sad to see Christine left alone at the hospital while their daughter is sick. If it was my husband I would want him next to me giving me support while our daughter is in the hospital.

  • IngeC

    The disappointing part for me is that her mother went to ‘dress’ shopping rather than putting off and, take care of her daughter who had been ill at the time. The neglect could have had deadly consequences; the kidney failure could also have been prevented if they took her earlier.
    Her father is a douche – he knew also that she was sick while the women went away and, let her sister take care of her.
    Kody taking a nap? What a douche!

  • tina

    As a mom of a very sick baby (2 open heart surgeries), I’ve always thought little Truly looked like a sickly child. I hope their are no underlying issues they are missing. God bless her.

  • sammi

    I don’t even think I would even be able to film if my child was this bad off, but that’s just me. I don’t know about anyone else but I think its pretty telling that not a single adult noticed or realized that not just one day but several days went by without this little lady drinking anything. No wonder she was in such bad shape. Everybody so concerned with filming that Truly just became background fodder.

  • Jada

    I sincerely hope little Truly is making a full recovery.
    I can not wonder……while this little girl was under her daddy’s watch did he observe that her fluid intake was bad?
    Did he ask and make sure she went potty and check to see if she voided anything? Or was that responsibility for a older sibling?
    Flu? With insufficient fluid intake to replace out take….the poison build up will make you flu like.
    And result in kidney failure.
    Ok, So Mommy comes home and it took her FIVE days and Truly being crossed eye for her to get her to see the doctor. Her comment on waiting five days just blew my mind. Kody initially called Christina and said flu.
    So apparently she went with Kody’s observation and called it the flu.
    Dear God….FOUR mothers and you all did not question something more serious could be going on with Truly.
    Did you ask her when you got home if she had been drinking water and going potty?
    And if she is not potty trained did anyone check her diaper?
    My comment is based on all that is aired only…..
    Of course that is all I know…not what is off air.
    Large families are great if that is your choice but the responsibility is magnified. Chance of something as important as Truly’s potentially preventable situation fell through the cracks.