Mothers discover their babies were switched at birth after chance encounter

Argentine Babies Switched at Birth

A chance encounter between two Argentine mothers led them to discover the private clinic they had delivered their babies at three weeks before had mistakenly switched the infants.

According to Santa Cruz Sentinel, the mothers met while waiting with their daughters at a pediatric clinic in San Juan. They began discussing their suspicions with the clinic’s stories and found an interesting coincidence: The baby each woman brought home corresponded with the birth weight of the other woman’s child.

“When my baby was born by C-section, they told me straight away it was a beautiful girl weighing 3.1 kilos but when they gave her to me they said she weighed 3.8 kilos and was a breech birth,” Lorena Gerbeno told Spanish-language C5N. The other mother, Veronica Tejada, said she was the one who had a breech birth with her 3.8-kilo baby.

With their suspicions piqued, the women exchanged contact information. Lorena, a lawyer, then filed a criminal complaint and requested a DNA test to determine the girls’ maternity. The results confirmed their theories: The babies had been switched.

Both women are reportedly considering legal action against the hospital. Still, they agree the story had an impossibly happy ending.

“I spent three weeks with a baby that was not my daughter but I gave her all my love and knew that the other mom would do the same,” Lorena said shortly after reuniting with her biological daughter. “Thank god this nightmare is over.”

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  • jose

    geez. i would HATE to be in that position. like really what do you do? 3 weeks is a long time! you would already bonded with that child and that child loves you and suddenly that all changes.

    • Cadetpink

      For some reason I’m thinking the 9 mos. spent in the womb will ultimately outweigh the 3 weeks they spent bonding. I’m not trying to make light of this, but these two women were LUCKY to have found out so early on…While the beginning is important, being in the right mothers arms for the long-term will ultimately outweigh the few weeks spent in error. Also sounds like both were being good mothers/parents so doubt that there will be any need for corrective therapy due to this (which would be needed if they’d found out after the first year of the childs life… )really, how much do you remember from the 3 wk point? I dont remember a thing although there are hundreds of pictures of me being ‘mothered’ by my mother, aunts, grandparents, not to mention my uncles- I was like the family baby b/c I was the first born from 8 siblings and they all had a hand in my earliest days…

  • Heather

    Usually it happens in real life first then on tv. This time it happened on tv first then in real life.

    • Brianna

      It has actually happened many times in real life :( There was a movie a few years ago based on a true story. So scary. When I had my son in January he had an alarm on his foot that matched mine on my wrist and they had to beep together in order for the bracelet to come off. Obviously due to all these mishaps…

      • twelfthnight

        That’s a little terrifying. A great idea, but frightening that it has come to that extent. That’s why I kind of want to have kids at home, so there’s absolutely no chance I’ve been given the wrong kid!

    • anjealka

      I know an African American couple that was given a white child & it took 6 hours to figure out the confusion. The nurses at first insisted that since the bracelet and numbers matched it had to be their baby. I doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

  • Geniya

    It happened to me when I was a baby, they brought my mom a boy instead of a girl. So she knew right away it was the wrong child.

  • shebee

    Wow what if these women had never met? The thought is so scary.