Scrubbing In’s Adrian Martin motivated by memory of his late brother

Nurse Adrian of Scrubbing In

While there’s been some controversy in the nursing community about the pros and cons of MTV’s Scrubbing In, premiering tonight, the returns have been nearly unanimous in regards to cast member Adrian Martin… The young man is sexy!

In an sneak-peek exclusive preview provided to Entertainment Tonight (warning – spoilers),  we are introduced to the easy-on-the-eyes nurse from San Diego, California. He’s the last to arrive to the initial gathering of 9 traveling nurses employed, and recently defended by Aya Healthcare. During his introduction he opens eyes and hearts with his explanation as to why he’s motivated to be a great nurse:

“Hello everybody, they say I’m the last one to get here. I’m a baby-nurse, I’m a year into it. There is a lot of problems in healthcare right now and my family was impacted by a lot of the gaps you see. You guys are going to find out about this, my brother just died. He ended up dying with complications from a spinal cord injury. But more importantly, it makes me passionate about what I do because I can connect with families that are having a hard time.”

Adrian added, while holding back tears, “My brother, he was my best friend. I looked up to him growing up. I wanted to be just like him. I feel like I’m more alone now than I’ve ever been.”

Srubbing In's Adrian pictured with his late brother
Adrian Martin of Scrubbing In with his late brother Leo

According to his obituary, Adrian’s brother, Leopold “Leo” Jesus Martin Jr., passed away on February 2, 2013. In a post from family friend Chuck Wagner on crowdrise, he indicates that Leo passed after a long battle and recovery from an ATV accident suffered in November of 2011. Wagner wrote, “Leo was a person full of life and the strength he showed during his fight inspired me in ways I couldn’t imagine.”

Via Adrian’s Facebook page he had shared a promotional poster for a fundraiser for his brother that was held back in September, 2012. In part it read, “Faith, love and hope. Stay strong Leo.”

Via MTV’s official site, here’s Adrian’s bio:

Adrian has heartthrob looks that seem like they don’t belong in a hospital or under scrubs. He was the ultimate SoCal beach boy until his brother passed away after spending over a year in the hospital. Adrian got to see examples of the best and worst care nurses can give. Since then, he has cut back on partying and is focusing on moving forward with his career.

Adrian Scrubbing In

Adrian realizes that becoming a traveling nurse so early in his career is extremely rare, but he wants to leave his past behind and this opportunity is the perfect excuse. But is moving 90 minutes north far enough to escape his past? Will Adrian stay focused on work or go back to his old ways?

According to the OC Register, Adrian is 26-years-old and his Scrubbing In segments were filmed at Coastal Communities Hospital in Santa Ana. Part of the show was also filmed at Western Medical Center in Santa Ana.

In the ET Tonight preview Adrian says he’s single but that it’s complicated and the OC backed that up, “Adrian had an even better add-on for a reality show: an on-again, off-again girlfriend within easy driving distance.”

Adrian of MTV's Scrubbing In

Not sure if this provides any clues into Adrian’s relationship status, but back on Valentine’s Day he participated in 103.7’s Valentine’s Day Bid on a Bachelor Auction to benefit the American Heart Association Go Red For Women Movement. As if the participants needed extra enticing, Adrian hinted that a perfect date for him would include, “Doing an outdoor activity followed by a very casual lunch in an outdoor setting. I like to enjoy this amazing weather in San Diego, and need someone to enjoy it with.”

When asked 3 words he’d use to describe himself Adrian quipped, “Bringing sexy back.”

Scrubbing In's Adrian

Tune in to MTV tonight at 10/9c to see more of Adrian Martin, the nurse with gorgeous features and the intense motivation of the memory of his beloved brother.

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