16 & Pregnant’s Felicia Cooke’s pregnant with second child

Felicia Cooke Second Baby

16 & Pregnant‘s Felicia Cooke revealed this week she’s expecting a second child.

“Really hoping for a boy this time,” she tweeted with a picture of her ultrasound.

16 & Pregnant Felicia Cooke Pregnant

The soon-to-be 21-year-old appeared on season 2b of 16 & Pregnant in 2010. During the show, she welcomed baby Genesis with her boyfriend Mauricio “Alex” Gutierrez. There was palpable tension between Felicia, Alex and Felicia’s mother on the show, but viewers didn’t learn the cause of it until Felicia explained on a 2011 “Where Are They Now?” episode that she cheated on Alex.

Felicia and Alex broke up shortly after the show, but remained in touch as Alex went to work at a barber’s shop in Dallas and Felicia worked at a children’s learning center in her nearby hometown.

Felicia Cooke Prenant Again
^ Alex and 3-year-old Genesis last summer.

They even stayed on good terms when Alex welcomed a son in 2012. (Felicia explained on Ask that she has a good relationship with the baby boy’s mother.)

Based on Felicia’s social media timeline, the teenage sweethearts were able to work through some of their trust issues within the past few months: She revealed the new baby’s father is none other than her “first love,” Alex.

Although it doesn’t seem like the second pregnancy was planned, Felicia indicated a few years back that she aimed for another pregnancy in 2013.

“yes i do plan to have more and well im on bith control right now for 3 years and after thats done i plan on having nother one,” she said on Formspring in 2010 when asked whether she planned to have more children.

The new baby is due on May 21.

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  • Guest

    STOP MAKING IT OKAY for this your kids to have BABIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEACH THEN HOW TO USE BIRTH CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Etta Samples-Bredeson


  • Erica

    this whole baby’s having baby’s thing is WAY out of control there are plenty of free birth controls so why are they not being taken advantage of?!!! Get your heads out of your as$es and go to the freaking clinic and get on the BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Person

    I’m not gonna criticize, but I just hope it works out better for those two this time!

  • yomama

    “well im on bith control right now for 3 years and after thats done i plan on having nother one,”

    ^ Do some of you people not know how to read?

  • amberc88

    has it not occured to anyone she isnt a 16 year old anymore? she is almost 21, there are MANY GOOD MOMS that have children at 21. They may not be married, but it doesnt mean the kids are any less loved or taken care of, i wish them the best.

    • Nathan

      Actually, having a child out of wedlock almost always guarantees that the child will be less loved and well taken care of. Children require 2 parents. There is only so much 1 parent can take on by themselves.

      • amberc88

        not being married, does not mean u are a single parent. some people do live together they just dont get married. and this answer is really un-educated on SO many levels, that i am actually bothered by it. are u speaking from a religious stand point or personal experience. cause im speaking from personal experience

        • Mik

          Obviously my answer is not uneducated, I clearly stated I am not married by choice. My partner and I have been together 5 years, and are very happy. Just because we didn’t sign some paper doesn’t make us any less committed. In fact, here in Canada the government recognizes us as legally married. What is bothersome is your spelling, take your own advice and get educated.

          • Kayla

            Their reply was to Nathan, not you.

      • Mik

        I am not married, by choice! My son is loved just as much as any other child. Your comment is ignorant.

      • wow

        Site your studies that children of unmarried parents are “less loved”. But only from UNBIASED, legitimate sources. (Or as you say “out of wedlock”. I’d love to read your comments about gay and lesbian parents, I’m sure that would be entertaining)

        This is such BS, I’ve known kids that had parents married for 30 years that were cold and hateful towards them until the day they died. And also kids that had single parents that were loving and wonderful or kids that had parents that *God forbid* never married that parented them wonderfully.
        With the divorce rate what it is now, how the hell does having a piece of paper make you a better parent? It’s incredibly easy to get a divorce, Nathan. You can go have 20 kids and still up and leave any day. Of course there is an ideal but to say that children born “out of wedlock” are “less loved” is just cruel. And it’s ridiculous to all of the kids that were born after “wedlock” and then treated like crap their entire lives.

      • Sara

        Ignorance at its finest!

  • anjealka

    It would be nice if she had a reason behind being on birth control for 3 years and planning another at 21, like finishing college or getting married. Just because your birth control is done doesn’t mean it is time. Just because you are 21 doesn’t ,mean it is time. It is time to have a second child when you are ready financially and emotionally. My niece was a teen mom and she got a 5 year IUD and 6 weeks after it came out pregnant again. She was still working part time at walmart, not in a stable relationship, & on welfare. At 23 she was no better of then 17. My SIL also had a 5 year IUD. She wanted to wait for a second child till she was at a better point in her career and had time to enjoy another child & pregnancy. Her kids are 9 years apart. Yes she would have liked them closer together but sometimes it does not work out that way. A lot of these teen moms have said they want a second child to be close in age or they want the opposite sex child of what they had the first time. That is not a reason to have another child.

    • Geniya

      If every single person waited until they are emotionally and finacially ready, then the human race would be extinct. There are too many idiots in this world that at no matter what age are not emotionally or financially ready. Your advice is ideal but not realistic. I am in no way promoting people in poor situations to have kids, but unfortunatly it is just human nature.

  • Tamtam

    So that dude has 3 kids now?

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    Wasn’t she the one that cheated on her child’s father right before they started filming????

  • Jessica

    Y’all are saying that she needs to be on birth control but newsflash it doesn’t always work and there are such things called condoms that the guys are supposed to wear, and not only that but she is 21 and is able to make her own decisions. Yes, teen pregnancy has gone up and many people do not agree with it but as long as these teens do all that they can to support their children there ain’t nothing you can say about it, because there are plenty of teen parents out there that are able to raise and take care of a baby better than some 30 years old. So next time y’all wanna criticize someone put yourself in their shoes!

    • Nikki

      Oh, there’s plenty that many people can say about it. Any taxpayer here can say what they please, considering the majority of teenage and young, single mothers get some type of government assistance at some point in their lives. That money doesn’t come out of thin air, so yes, we DO have a right to say things about this influx of young girls who are DUMB AS HELL and want to have sex and produce babies to save their relationships/have a plaything/insert other dumb excuse here. So she cheated on him, they broke up, he went and had another baby with someone else, and now they’re together? Yep. Sounds like they *REALLY* have it all together. And before you say a word to me, I’ve been in those shoes…and was smart enough to get my crap together and make sure I was financially and emotionally stable before expanding my family further.

      • Jessica

        No different than someone in their thirty’s or forty’s getting assistance… Nor did I say that they have it together. I don’t think teenagers should be having babies, But you can put your input in as much as you’d like, that doesn’t mean someone is going to listen to you.

  • Klyn

    So, let me get this straight – Genesis’ father had another kid last year with another girl and now he and Felicia are back together and they’re expecting another baby. That’s kind of… weird. But good luck to Felicia. I liked her episode, she seemed sweet and cared about her daughter.

  • sanoga

    Ya know, it just ticks me off that there are so many people out there that could be loving, devoted, nurturing, STABLE parents, but for whatever reason cannot conceive… and then you have TRASH like this that sneeze and wind up pregnant. It’s disgusting. These two individuals could not be any less deserving or fit for parenthood.

  • S

    To be a teen mom and to then set some random 3 year birth control end
    date, without having any other real goals or plans in life, is
    ridiculous and irresponsible. It seems like she was jealous that her
    former ex had a son with someone else when they were broken up. And now
    she got pregnant by him again and wants a son by him. I doubt the whole
    “I hope it’s a boy” is a coincidence, if he really impregnated another
    youngish girl with a son.
    Some 21-year-olds may as well be
    16-year-olds. This is just another GREAT track record for MTV and their
    “We’re trying to prevent accidental pregnancy” thing they claim.

  • clementinesalmassi321

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  • Miss-Mandy Lynn

    is he going to be a royal douche bag this pregnancy to?

  • J_me

    I was a teen mom as well, a few months after turning 16 I welcomed my son whom I love dearly. I knew being a teen mom was going to be the hardest thing I’d ever do not only for me but for my son. I waited until my son was 15 years old before having my second child, at that point I was married to an amazing man and stable in my career. At 34 I have 3 amazing children (ages 18, 3 and 1). I’m glad I waited so long to have more kids showing my son how to be responsible for your actions, work hard for everything you want in life and most importantly how bringing a life into this world is a choice not an accident. As teenagers we make decisions based solely on emotion but once your an adult you should make purposeful decisions (like having a child) taking into consideration your current life status (job/career, financial security, relationship status and the people you are currently responsible for). I hope everything works out for her.

  • cassaundra

    I’m 16 and my son is 2 months old just because someone as a baby at a young age does not mean they will be bad moms and dads…..shit happens people end up having a baby get over it its not ur life this theirs….and many of the girls from teen mom and this show have turned out as wonderful moms and dads so people need to back of her and all the rest of us teen moms!!!! Saying some of the things u people are is rude and uncalled for!!!!!! Talk shit about me having a baby go head i dont care but my son is my world i would do anything for him i changed my life for him and thats fine with me!! And many of the other teen moms r the same way!!!PEOPLE GET OVER UR SELF

  • Mimicap

    Wow….your mom must be really proud…….not.