Pregnant Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee reportedly attacked, dragged off a concrete porch on her stomach

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee is having an extremely difficult time since finding out she was pregnant with her second child earlier this year. In addition to the complications from being a Type 1 diabetic and pregnant, Mackenzie also broke her foot a couple of weeks ago and then announced on Facebook yesterday that she was attacked, writing, “A big women. . BIG… grabbed my hair and drugg me off a concrete porch on my stomach.”

Though details about the attack are sketchy at this point, it appears that Mackenzie was allegedly attacked by a woman named Dez (for short), who appears to be about three times the size of Mackenzie. (I’ve seen numerous photos of “Dez” and can confirm she is substantially more substantial than Mackenzie.) Mackenzie and her unborn daughter appear to be fine, and Mackenzie says Dez was jailed (at least for a while) after police were called to the scene. (I tried to find some sort of record of Dez’s arrest online but was unsuccessful.)

Though it is still unclear what caused the spat, a friend of Mackenzie’s commented (included below) that she was with Mackenzie at the time of the attack and that Mackenzie was at the house in question looking for Josh. Judging from a screen-capped text message posted by Mackenzie (also included below) it appears as though the incident may have happened at Dez’s house, which would seem to back up claims made by some Facebook commenters saying that Dez had accused Mackenzie of trespassing.

Here is a timeline of posts from Mackenzie including relevant comments:

Original post by Mackenzie on Friday at 6:27am EST:

I came face to face with the most evil, selfish, ugly hearted women today. Im talkin three of me. But God must have an amazing plan for this baby inside me cause through the bad blood sugars, stress, and tonight shes still kicking;)….. hope she has fun in jail

Comments section:

Mackenzie: I cant get that pony tail and man hand grabbing me out of my mmind. I mean was it the devil or the trunchbull . Lol with my broken foot swollen leg and half my hair gone im someohow laughng and eating our sour punch straws. Love you your the best

Commenter: What happened to you?

Mackenzie: A big women. . BIG… grabbed my hair and drugg me off a concrete porch on my stomach. But me and baby are alive and that’s all the matters. Her name was dez**** ******* I dont think I spelled I lt right

Commenter: I would have went to jail if someone did that to Tess. Man of women they would have had to deal with me, someone would have payed for that. Glad your ok and so is the baby.

Mackenzie: I would of faught back but shes like 300 pounds and evil and I have a broken foot and a baby in me.

Mackenzie: No she calld the cops on me and then beat … she thought I only would get in trouble. Of coarse I told the cops what she did. Lol.

Mackenzie: Im going to the doc I havnt felt her move but no oyher signs

Mackenzie: She needed to go in for attempted murder. To the baby

Mackenzie: Shes sick and wrong in the head so is k**** p**** anf everyone else around since k**** and k*** like to spy on me when they are blocked; )

Macknzie: Im sure she is already out of jail

[Someone asked if Dez is the sister of Mackenzie’s friend Justine]

Mackenzie: Ya they are sisters.

Justine: Ashley…you crack me up. And yes me and kenzie are friends. I was there with her…took her there to find josh and yes I stood up for her. I’m disowned by my own family…but I will always stand up for my morals and beliefs and what is right and not who is right. That’s exactly what I did..!

Mackenzie post on Friday at 6:35am:

Not to mention my order number today was 666 and if I didnt meet the devil herself tonight, I dont even wanna know how ugly and evil the real devil is….. no I think I I really did meet the devil

Mackenzie then shared this photo of an alleged text conversation between Dez and her sister prior to the attack. The text messages appears to be from just before midnight Thursday night, Mackenzie posted the photos on Facebook Friday afternoon before 3pm EST.

Text message from Mackenzie McKee's allegd attacker Dez

It’s a little hard to read, but I believe it states, “If kenzie shows up at my house I will hit a pregnant womam [sic] I don’t f***ing care.”

Mackenzie: No caption needed really? All the proof right here;) what dez sent to her sister before action took place. Ok now that people know hoe sick she is im done

Mackenzie: Shes way over 18 and a good 300 pounds lol. She already did it and went to jail fot a few hours. Id say she should have went int fot attempted murder to the baby. But o well. Karma will get her. But I posted this cause she put on her statis that she would never touch a pregnant person. So she can explain this text to people that evil girl.

Michelle: Next time text me I be there in 2 minutes. For u girl

Mackenzie: Wish u would have. She deserve s her face smashed in. If she would have harmed my daughters I would have made sure she was harmed just as bad.

Mackenzie was able to recover enough to attend the Tulsa State Fair with her husband Josh McKee and son Gannon yesterday afternoon and the rodeo that evening. She shared a number of photos, including a collage and an awesome hay bale photo of cowtot Gannon:

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee and husband Josh McKee at the rodeo Teen Mom 3 Mackenzi McKee's son Gannon

Mackenzie: He is so perfect. Such a blessing in my life. I will love him with my whole heart forever

In addition to the physical issues Mackenzie has been suffering from over the past few months, her Facebook posts would seem to indicate her situation is taking a mental toll as well. On October 1 she posted this message on Facebook:

I will never understand why im hurting like this or going through the things im going through. I will never understand why the devil is such a powerful man that he is somehow stronger than all the prayers I pray. They say with lots of prayer comes a great reward in the end but I have none left on me

She’s also been experiencing some bad dreams, as indicated by this post from earlier in the day on October 1:

I know you have weird crazy dreams when your pregnant, and I know your hormones at this time can get the best of you, but I had a dream last night that I stabbed josh with a dull knife and buried him alive, and i also know your dreams are the last thing you think about before you go to sleep. Uhh….

On September 25 she wrote a post that seemed to foreshadow the bad dream:

Please tell me its normal to look at your husband silently but in the back of your head your totally coming up with a plan to attack him and kill him… call me crazy but I think I would if I didn’t love him

Hang in there Mackenzie! You’ve got thousands of fans rooting for you, not to mention your family, friends and your Teen Mom 3 sisters!!! If you’re reading this Mackenzie, then here are your own words from September 25 as a reminder:

Friends are very important in a girls life and I got told the day I got pregnant i would lose all my friends, so I spent lots of time praying about it and God sure blessed me with the three best friends any girl could ask for. They are all strong mature women who know more about life than partying. But they sure know what a good time is. They know what the mommy life is like. And I can actually trust them with my deepest darkest secrets. They check on me when they know life is rough and I dont know what I did to deserve them. They will be by my side through it all tell the end. Love ya girls;) Jordan Hargett Cayla Bowman Justine Enyart

Now, everybody go send some love Mackenzie’s way on Twitter!

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  • erb123

    so mckenzie knew there was a very big crazy woman after her (who has no problem hitting pregnant women) and still went to that persons house??? what is wrong with this dumb girl. YOU’RE PREGNANT, DON’T GET INTO FIGHTS. grow up!

  • Jess

    Ok so she goes somewhere she’s been threatened (not right, but why go where someone threatening you lives?) & she’s posting online before going to the doctor to check on the baby?

    I try not to judge but these girls make it hard sometimes.

  • nanaboo

    Very immature, all the way around. And why was she having to look for her husband? These kids, I swear.

  • lolololy

    Is that me or she talk like a crazy westboro Church follower, god, even if the other woman is a crazy b!tch, it’s obvious we got only half of the story. Don’t get me wrong the woman is despicable whatever the backstory is, but I hate when people come crying with blurred text message showing only half-sentence that makes the other person looks bad. And honestly, she’s dumb as a box of rock, she knew their was a crazy woman that wanted to bash her head if she trespassed and the dumbass trespass.

    • christee

      I was going to say she’s dumber’n a box of hammers, but yours is good, too. I wonder if Josh is maybe with this Dez? And what is with people trespassing and expecting nothing to happen? I’m not saying it’s right to attack a pregnant woman, but if you don’t respect yourself, your unborn baby, or someone else’s property enough to stay the hell off of it, ESPECIALLY if you know you will more than likely be attacked, then you don’t get to whine about how you got your ass handed to you. God isn’t going to save you from an angry homeowner.

  • Sweet Venom

    She was looking for Josh? Why would she think he was even there considering the threats came from someone that lived in that house! Doesn’t make sense. lol I wonder where Josh was, stupid kids and their stupid “marriage”.

    • spottedgiraffe

      He was probably simply eating at a restaurant while mackenzie went on her rampage looking for him

  • Brittany

    She disgusts me. She brings these things upon herself and then plays the victim. What were you doing at this womAn’s house?
    Also, WTF is she doing eating sour punch straws?! She’s always eating burgers, french fries, and all kinds of sugar and white breads and then she goes and cries about her diabetes. Take care of yourself and your baby, you moron!

  • sanoga

    Dude… for starters, Homegirl should be sitting her “high-risk-pregnancy” butt at home watching Lifetime movies and knitting socks for Mackenzie Jr. Second of all, how are her incredibly delicate blood sugar levels going to repsond to sour punch straws?! Thirdly, what is all this Devil Woman drama about?! This post was a little tl;dr, but from what I surmised, she went to a violent girl’s house looking for her fiancee? Um… what’s going on mama?!

    • Jean

      Her HUSBAND. Makes it worse.

  • Hm, evidently her husband seems to like Dez very much if Kenzie showed up there “looking for her husband.” Ew. And what the heck is it with her talking about plotting to kill him? They are so awkward on the show. He obviously cannot stand even the sound of her breathing and she is so oblivious to his seething hatred toward her, she just hugs his neck and giggles. It’s the strangest relationship I’ve ever seen.

    • shebee

      I thought I was the only one who noticed. Josh seems like he hates the sight of that air head Mackenzie. I definitely see their situation as being one of convenience Without the show, these two would just be another small town country tragedy waiting to happen.

      • Sweet Venom

        A lot of people have noticed. Those two have no passion for each other.

    • Angie

      I’m completely with you. He looks high 100% of the time and seems like he can barely stand the sight of her. After what I’ve seen of them on the show, I honestly can’t believe they actually got married.

      • M

        Oh my God, thank you, finally someone else sees it! Josh is high as hell on the show!! Even my boyfriend, who knows nothing about these shows, walked in looked at the TV and said “Wow, that kid is really, really stoned”

        • Renee L

          I’d get high too if I had to deal with her whiney ass day and night.

      • M

        Oh my God, thank you, finally someone else sees it! Josh is high as hell on the show!! Even my boyfriend, who knows nothing about these shows, walked in looked at the TV and said “Wow, that kid is really, really stoned”

    • Dawn Holley

      he should also be slapped in the head for once again getting her pregnant…..he is an absolute moron as well…where do they find these kids for this stupid show? the white trash bin?

      • KC Gro

        umm ok just found this story..I’m a little late but had to reply to this. Instead of just saying about “white trash bin” how about the black girls that are on the 16-pregnant/teen mom, no comment about “black trash bin” or are the black girls/boys Okay in your racially slurred head?

  • shebee

    Pregnant with diabetes, eating sour straws (all that dang sugar), riding around looking for Josh (why couldn’t she find him in the first place??), being attacked and beaten off of a porch, her poor grammar. How much more trashy can she get? Also was that picture taken on a school bus? Is she still in high school? This girl….

  • BLE

    It’s unreal how easy it was to find “Dez’s” full name and Facebook, and how this post kind of seemed to leave an intentional bread crumb trail to track her down.

  • Hannah

    Okay all of you are carrying on about her diabetes and trespassing and I’m not saying I disagree with you, but am I the only one who found the alarming and disturbing part of this post to be where she says she consciously thinks about attacking and killing her husband when she looks at him? Uh aren’t those the sort of things we are supposed to be alerting the police about before it becomes featured on Nancy Grace and crap like that?

    • SanJoseMama

      Exactly! And what a dumba$$ posting it online! If anything happens to her her “BF” guess who’s going to jail…smh even giving details; if he has enemies out there all they have to do is exactly what she post and they’ll think she did it.

      • anjealka

        I don’t have a facebook account & neither do my kids(our school district strongly opposes it and monitors kids who do choose to have accounts). I peek about once a month at some of my young nieces that live out of state and I can tell you their whole lives by looking at their facebooks, way too much information! Sadly I Mackenize and the other teen moms wont learn into something bad happens. I wondered to what Josh thinks of his wife(not ex-wife) posting that dream. If she really wanted to post something, why not saying being pregnant is making me have odd dreams.

      • Guest

        and this is while shes still pregnant. Just wait until postpartum….

    • Dawn Holley

      jodi arias all over again….

  • spottedgiraffe

    Why would mackenzie go looking for JOSH at Dez’s house? There’s a huge chunk of this story missing. And Dez was out of line but so was mackenzie. She was warned Dez didn’t want her on her property yet she went anyway. And the fact mackenzie has written multiple times about fantasies of killing josh is scary. Get help.

  • Doubt it “doughit”

    She complains about her blood sugar and eats sour punch straws. She complains about “meeting the devil” but goes to her house after being warned she will be attacked if she does. I don’t like her. She’s an idiot and a drama queen. TM3 is horrible, unwatchable (especially her part) and I’m unable to get thru a single episode. I hope they cancel it.

  • Kenzie is a risk to the kids

    No, it’s not normal to want to kill ANYONE — but especially the father of your child. It is especially chilling that she has such vivid dreams and descriptions of doing so immediately after her conscious thoughts and writing about killing Josh. Stabbing him with a dull knife and burying him alive?! That is horrifying. She’s always seemed mentally unstable and “off” to me — and very unintelligent (stupid) — but this is very serious and demands some intervention because of the risk to the babies.

  • Agnes

    Mackenzie’s story is so chaotic it can’t be 100% true. Could someone please post this girl Dez’s facebook/twitter/something like that?

  • Murphy

    I hate this attitude in people lately. Doing dangerous and wreckless things….”She’s not SUPPOSED to beat me up so that means she won’t” that will help a lot when she’s beating you.
    This is the same attitude of the stupid kids in my neighborhood who ride their bikes in and out of traffic at night. I’m not SUPPOSED to run you over, but my vehicle can’t DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS and stop instantly when you jet out infront of me.

    • Sweet Venom


  • curious

    I agree with all of you. Question could Dez be arrested? Since Mackenzie is pregnant? Also about Josh it seems like he’s not happy.

    • Dani

      If she truly attacked Mackenzie, she could be arrested on assault and battery charges (even if Mackenzie wasn’t pregnant). Attempted murder charges are highly unlikely, more likely assault and battery on a pregnant woman.

    • Dawn Holley

      duh….ya think josh isn’t happy…..does josh have parents? why aren’t they keeping him away from her? these 2 are moron babies having babies and the “marriage” is a sham probably orchestrated by mac’s mom….they are all soooooo trashy…..

  • Kayla

    My question would be why would she go over to someones house to not only look for her husband but also why would her husband be at someones house that threatened his wife? Also where was Gannon during all of this?

    • Meg

      Ganon is never with her. Even when they take him places Mackenzie’s mom come and picks him up! So, of course they can handle another kid! :eye roll:

      • Jules

        Thank you! I felt like no one else noticed that her mom is constantly picking him up so josh and Mackenzie can do whatever they want.

        • Meg

          Now she’s decided to breastfeed the new baby until she’s 1. It’s going to be a shock to Mackenzie how much time she will have to spend with that baby!

          • Jules

            I’ll be surprised if she makes it a few months, which sounds kind of harsh but come on. Breastfeeding is hard and you have to actually spend time with your child. You have to eat correctly and it seems like Mackenzie hardly eats well enough to manage her diabetes most of the time.

            • Dani

              I’ll be astonished if she makes it past the first few weeks.

      • Dani

        Statistically she would have been less likely to get pregnant so soon after a live birth if she was actually held responsible for that child. If she truly knew the struggles and responsibilities of teen parenthood she would have been more careful to prevent subsequent pregnancies.

  • Mackenzie’sFutureStrayJacket

    Dez should be ashamed to do that to a pregnant woman but I feel bad for those children

    • IHaveNoName

      You know it’s a STRAIGHT jacket, not a stray jacket, right?

      • Mackenzie’sFutureStrait-Jacket

        Actually its strait-jacket and yes I was aware for some reason I just wanted to put stray :/ makes no sense but I had a little to much to drink lol

  • spenny120

    Really, no one’s gonna say anything about the spelling and grammatical errors? This girl seriously needs to go back to the 5th grade.

    • shebee

      I made mention to her grammar in an earlier post. She spells and talks like she obviously spent more time cheering and laying with Josh than paying attention in class. I feel so sorry for Gannon and this unborn baby.

  • Erica

    to be young and dumb….yes thats a curse put the sour punch straws down and grab an apple girl!!!

  • anjealka

    There is a reason not to have social media! What would these teen moms due without facebook & twitter. It amazes me that Mackenize has so much time on her hands, with a toddler & high risk pregnancy. I look back at the years from my pregnancy to when my kids were young and I can’t tell you what was on tv or much of what happened in the news. I was so busy all day and was happy to sleep at night. I tried to think of what the difference could be, maybe these teen moms sit their kids in front of an ipad or tv while they are fighting on facebook?

  • hmm

    Yikes. This sounds like typical trailer trash, things-you-see-on-“Cops” kinda stuff…

  • Char

    I worked with Her friend Justine and at the time she was still with her baby daddy and sleeping with our manager. -.- then her baby daddy and when found out he threatened to kill him. Supposedly he beat her. And then she got pregnNt by him again and THEN she tried going back to the other guy. So yea these girls are young, dumb, overly dramatic and immature.

    • Kara

      Josh beat Mackenzie?

      • lolololy

        No no, she’s talking about Justine !, However if you go back a few days in Justine’s feed : “What kind of man lets their wife get beat up and then helps do it. And what type of person beats up a pregnant girl, a terrible one. #Growup “ , Interesting to say the least

        • Sweet Venom

          That’s definitely suspicious!

    • Chilli

      I hope this isn’t true, no one deserves to be abused 🙁

      • Dezíree ;* вí†ch ♥

        well yeah i guess it is true, and you’re right no one deserves to be beaten up but 99.9% of these people that have commented on this are so rude and miserable with their life’s and don’t give a f u c k about what happened to her! i mean they don’t have to care for her but at least they should have some respect , especially for someone who is pregnant. it just breaks my heart to hear this about mackenzie , i love her ! :/

  • what the

    What was josh doing hiding out Dez’s house? Maybe he read the post about her dream

  • char

    That was what Dez said on her facebook.

  • char

    I’m at a loss for words right now. All I really wanna say is that there are two sides to every story. I don’t feel as if I owe anyone any explanations about what took place last night but there are some pretty serious accusations involving my name going around right now. If you know me you know that I would never “beat a pregnant girl” and if you don’t know me believe what you want. The story is being twisted and I don’t appreciate my name being thrown out there as it is right now. For the family and friends who are here for me I love and appreciate you all. Thank you.

    ^ From Dezerae’s facebook

    dont what else u could have done…if you pick a girl up and put her in her car and tell her she needs to my eyes she is a re-re..she should have left.she was asking for it once she did not leave when asked to!!!

    ^ what Justine’s mom replied.

    And Dez is a full blown LESBO so NO to whoever said she was with Josh. Lol. She’s the nicest girl you’ll meet. Gret with little kids. She’s closed to all of Justine’s family. That’s why it surprises me she would take Mckenzies side. But then again these girls want their 15 minutes of fame. Ask any of Dez friends. Ah is well liked!

  • Dani

    I find it amusing how she is posting all of this for people to feel bad for her and majority of people here aren’t falling for any of it. I was rolling my eyes this entire article. Girl needs to take care of her child, high risk pregnancy, and stop looking for trouble.

    • Renee L

      It’s sad. For everyone one of us that know she’s full of shit, an A+ drama collector, in addition to needing to take responsibility for gannon ball, there’s 10 teeny boppers who tell her how cool she is and how she and Josh are “um, like cutest couple EVERRRR!”

  • Jules

    There is clearly so much of this story missing that it’s ridiculous. What is that text message even showing? It looks like a bunch of scribbles to me. Mackenzie’s spelling and grammar are atrocious. Girl, please take an English class before your son passes you up. All she could focus on was the weight and size of the other lady, so, to me, that shows how shallow Mackenzie is. I love that she’s so religious now and tells people every chance she gets, but she clearly didn’t care too much about that when she got pregnant twice out of wedlock, three times if the miscarriage/stillbirth rumors are true. Hopefully the baby is okay, it’s not her fault. If that had happened to me my butt would have been going straight to the hospital not causing drama online.

  • er

    Her comment about how God must have an amazing plan for her baby makes me shake my head. Girl, if you were so worried about God’s amazing plans for your kid you would keep your ass away from people who have OPENLY said they want to beat you up, and eat healthier to avoid being hospitalized again. Not saying she deserved to get beat up, whoever did this is clearly an idiot too but if you don’t want drama stay away from it.

  • Julia

    Wow. I did bit initially peg her as crazy but damn. She is totally crazy!

  • Red

    I have no words for this attention starved, melodramatic little idiot. I used to think Jenelle was the only one that could make me rage with her stupidity and habitual lying(Alex coming in a close second), but this one is catching up to her.

  • CLJ

    This is the most white trash thing I have read about the Teen Moms, and that includes Amber’s prison stay and Jenelle’s 30 jail stays. If you do minimal research on Justine’s Twitter, you will also find that Josh was somehow involved in this abuse. Disgusting.

    • Jules

      I wish I hadn’t looked at her twitter. There’s so much missing from the story but if Josh helped then you’re right, it’s disgusting. Justine doesn’t seem much older than Mackenzie, if at all, and I got the impression that she has two kids and no baby daddy in the picture. She also seems like she’s more concerned with how she looks than with spending time with her kids. Is that like a thing where Mackenzie is from or is that just who she picks to spend her time with? Trashy, trashy.

    • Dawn Holley

      go josh…

  • Renee L

    I’m embarrassed for Starcasm. Why do you all act like her tween followers and feel soooo bad for poor Mackenzie! And it’s not just her, it’s all the teen moms. As journalists, aren’t you supposed to maintain a neutral stance? Did a 15 year old drinking the Kool-Aid write this?

  • Brianne

    My gosh! I’m sorry but this girl is so DUMB.

  • wtf

    Uhh all the talk about killing him is a little disturbing. If Josh was posting that stuff about her on FB I think people would react very differently. And I mean I had weird dreams when pregnant too but I think she’s dreaming of killing her husband because she seems to regularly think about it…when awake. It’s one thing to be like “Oh he makes me so mad I could kill him!” but she just seems like she has a lot of anger towards him.

    Trouble in paradise already? I really think this will end up a Leah 2.0 situation, with a new husband in a year or two. Josh couldn’t seem less interested in her and Mackenzie honestly acts like a pregnant 14 year old with a baby and a husband. If you know someone is a threat to you and you’re pregnant, I don’t know maybe stay the hell away from that situation!? Having to track down your husband at a house party, after only a few months of marriage, while pregnant is just not a good sign for the marriage.

  • Demona

    She needs to make an appointment with a mental Dr, maybe it’s pregnancy hormones, maybe pregnancy has nothing to do with it. In any case she needs to find out what’s going on but I suspect he’s cheating or doing something else she doesn’t want to tell the world so her betrayed mind is playing tricks on her. She’s sick of throwing her self at someone that’s she’s lost the love for.

  • Allie

    How about if no one has anything nice or supportive to say, you stop reading the articles online about them! She is a good mother to her son and that’s really all that matters. She has stayed with Josh because that’s what she believes is right for her son and does not want him to have a broken family even through all their problems and him being young and not being able to communicate! Some people these days still actually care about trying to stay with the parent of their children, which is how it should be! If you have God in your life it will not be easy to maintain relationships and their will be trials but if you stick with it those people will be rewarded. I wish this family the best of luck and NOT to listen to the negative comments that people have to say.

    • Demona

      God will be holding this young lady’s hand in prison while mom & the state raise her babies if she doesn’t get the real help for wanting to kill her husband. Not punch him. Not yell at him. KILL him. That’s some cray cray.

    • Dawn Holley

      are you as stupid and moronic as they are?

  • Mcdevil

    Mackenzie should be the one going to jail for attempted murder for eating sour punch straws while PREGNANT and DIABETIC. That’s no better for that baby than being dragged across a porch.

    • ThinkPink414

      @Mcdevil… Seriously, you are being judgemental about her having sour punch straws? I guess you think a piece of candy will kill a diabetic’s baby? I hate when know-nothing know-it-alls make comments like this about diabetes. Here is a quick lesson for you: an apple has 15 g of sugar in it- a package of sour punch straws has 13 g of sugar in it. Considering if she ate two pieces or a pack her glucose wouldn’t raise as much as with an apple, it is safe to say: her sour straws aren’t murdering her child.

      Her’s wasn’t caused by bad eating habits. She has to maintain her levels with medication and since she has made it to an adult without being 200lbs or having organ damage- she can handle it. Believe it or not… Diabetics can have candy occasionally. So dont be a douche.

      The concern should be with her going to a woman’s home who she knew would hit a pregnant chick: thats the area of concern.

  • Jackie Fraker

    Why is a pregnant woman going to another woman’s house looking for her husband? His ass belongs next to her. She needs to dump him and concentrate on her kids. Poor choice marrying him.

  • sarah

    Ihink they make a great couple and an adorable family just leave her alone she’s perfect