Blake Shelton calls Westboro Baptist protesters “waterheaded dipsh*ts”


As Vince Gill recently pointed out, the endlessly protesting protesters of Westboro Baptist Church are dipsh*ts. When fellow country music star and The Voice coach Blake Shelton found out one of his shows was on their hatey-hate picket list he had some good ol’ “hate ya’ right back” fun via Twitter.

Westboro doesn’t really need a reason to hate but the one they came up with for Blake was the fact that he’s been married twice which according to their doctrine means he’s a “vulgar adulterer,” or some crap like that.

Here are some of Blake’s Twitter missiles:

“Hey WBC.. I’ve got one more sin for ya… Blow me.”

Hey @WBCSays.. This isn’t about God. It’s about me using this opportunity to make y’all look like the absolute complete dipsh*ts you are.

Hey @WBCSays.. I see the problem now! I can help! Let’s all chip in and try to get this goofy looking dipsh*t laid. The tweet referenced the image below:


“@WBCSays: Yay! I’m listening to country!! @blakeshelton converted me! I I’m gonna stop nailing my sister!!” Umm…? Thanks!!”

“It gives me peace knowing that not one of the waterheaded dipsh*ts from WBC could ever whip my ass… Ever.”

While nearly everyone agrees with his position, do you have a problem with the use of the derogatory slang “waterhead” used by Shelton during his tirade?

Top Photo: WENN

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  • Melanie

    Go Blake!

  • christee

    Waterhead, shmaterhead. I’m dying over the Napoleon Dynamite tweet.

  • Holly ItsaConspiracy Hansen

    NO PROBLEM!! After all, we’re talking about ‘people’ who are HAPPY whenever a U.S. Soldier dies!! Call them asshats whatever the hell you want to!!

  • Donna Bradley

    I agree if they have the right to protest he has the right to call them anything he wants and I as Christians we shouldn’t judge that is GODS duty not ours we are to spread his word and let it grown in a place of love not hate. They are wrong plain and simple. There are Christians who marry more than once and I know a few so whatever. I hope these extremists learn to love and not hate one day, they are more like a cult and not Christians.

    • ayyyyyyybaybay

      Psychos like the WBC make christianity look bad and make it harder for real christians who know the bible says above all; LOVE EVERYONE.

      • Brittany

        Christianity makes Christianity look bad.

    • Nathan

      “They are wrong plain and simple. There are Christians who marry more than once and I know a few so whatever.”

      There are also self-proclaimed Christians who do all sorts of things. Technically, the Bible does say that it is adultery to remarry after divorce. These guys aren’t accomplishing anything positive through their methods and I think are imbeciles, but, theologically, they are correct on that point. And, identifying certain behavior as sin is not “judging.”

  • nico

    omg I love blake Shelton 🙂

  • Regina

    What does waterhead mean???

    • christee

      Isn’t it a derogatory term for people born with water on their brains? Or just another in the vein of the idiot/moron/retarded line of insulting names.

  • Georgia Peach

    I adore Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert! Blake and Miranda are my very two favorite country artist and I stand behind them with my support!!Has everyone forgotten that God forgives ppl for their sins? Ppl make mistakes, even celebrities. The only reason we dont hear about an average persons mistakes, is bc we dont have paparazzi in our face on a daily basis! The so called “Christians” @ Westboro could look in the mirror and see tons of sins in their own dark souls. Go team BLAKE!!! 😉